Top 10 Best Budget Headphones For Classical Music Under 100

best budget headphones for classical music under 100

Love legendary symphonies and want to enhance your listening experience with dedicated headphones further? There are quite a few who share this hobby and can share with you many exciting tips.

For example, you do not need to spend too much money on a headset model. Instead, pay attention to the mid-range tones of the device, prioritizing products that do not overemphasize highs or bass.

In addition, there are a few more criteria you can use to narrow your searches, such as the design of the product, the wired or wireless connection, and the level of wearing comfort.

Fortunately, while it’s all interesting information, you don’t have to dig into all of this to get it. In this post, you have the best headphones for classical music under 100, where you can find the product that meets your needs well.

The Best Cheap Headphones For Classical Music Under 100 Reviews

Don’t let your limited budget hinder you in the selection process. Instead, check out the list below to get yourself a device with impressive quality.

#1. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X – Best for Overall

Sale Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones Black

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Key Features

With a reasonably affordable price tag, it’s hard to find a product that serves the needs of classical music with more features than the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X.

The above assertion is wholly grounded. Because this model has all the advantages you are always looking for: impressive sound quality, a lightweight, comfortable design, and a reasonable price.

Specifically, in terms of sound quality, the manufacturer has equipped the product with 55 mm drivers, paying particular attention to mid-range reproduction.

At the same time, this device also has a frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz, a sensitivity of 100 dB, Impedance of 45 ohms. All of the above parameters make the ATH-AD700X conquer even listeners the most difficult fake.

In terms of comfort, you can’t complain about the self-adjusting 3D Wing support and this headset’s lightweight, pressure-free design.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Do not put pressure on the ears.
  • Support self-adjusting 3D Wing.
  • Power handling is pretty good.
  • Anti-tangle conductor.
  • The 53mm driver reproduces the midrange quite impressively.

Is Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X worth it?

With a series of advantages above, Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X is the right choice for many different audiences. Whether you are a customer who does not want to spend too much money or a listener with high requirements in the midrange, the ATH-AD700X can satisfy you quite well.

#2. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x – Best for Endurance

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Key Features

Affordable price but stable quality and long-lasting use are all advantages you can get when choosing the Technica ATH M40x – one of the most durable products in its price range.

The manufacturer has been quite proud of the robust structure of this device. Only when experiencing users, will they understand why Audio-Technica is so confident about this product.

The ATH-M40x is durable enough to accompany you for many years to come. One of the advantages that not all products in the same price range can possess.

Not only impressive with durability, but this headset model also promises to bring you moments of immersion in classical music. The product has 40mm drivers, and the mid-range sound is commendable.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Solid structure.
  • The noise resistance is quite good.
  • Earpads are made of high-quality materials.

Is Audio-Technica ATH-M40x worth it?

Although the structure of the device inadvertently causes the disadvantage of a slightly strong clamping force, that means you have a solid, durable headset.

Therefore, if you want to own a headset model that can accompany you for a long time for less than $100, don’t miss the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x.

#3. Philips Audio Fidelio L2 – Best for Sound Reproduction

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Key Features

The Philips Audio Fidelio L2 is proud to be one of the few products under $100 that delivers studio-grade sound.

Powering the repertoire of the Philips brand are the specially designed, high-definition drivers that enhance mid-range sound.

The above equipment has helped the product meet all of Hi-Res Audio’s strict standards, thereby delivering the best symphonic music.

Not only impressive with top sound quality, but Fidelio L2 also possesses a series of other advantages that you should not miss.

They have a durable design, slight vibration and resonance, ability to cancel passive noise, good motion, intelligent remote control, and super sensitive microphone support.

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Reasons to Buy

  • High definition driver.
  • Design to reduce vibration and resonance.
  • The closed-back helps to improve the soundproofing effect.
  • The design has an extra vent for a rather impressive mid-range.
  • Meets the stringent requirements of Hi-Res Audio.

Is Philips Audio Fidelio L2 worth it?

A headset that handles classical music well will need impressive mids. And only in terms of this factor, Philips Audio Fidelio L2 is already an option that should not be missed.

At the same time, with a series of advantages related to durability and comfort, this Philips representative also quite well meets the general entertainment needs of any music fan.

#4. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x – Best for Portability

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Key Features

Want to carry your special headphones with you on the go so you can enjoy your favorite music at any time? Choose Audio-Technica ATH-M30x now because you will surely be satisfied with its portability.

The ATH-M30x has significantly improved when it can be folded, helping to save maximum space for those who are often on the go.

Besides, the durable construction of the product will also be the ideal choice to withstand all impacts during the journey.

But you want to accompany this representative from Audio-Technica for portability and outstanding sound quality.

It can be that you can hardly complain about the detail, especially in the mid-range sounds. Besides, even in noisy environments, you can still immerse yourself in your favorite music, thanks to the ATH-M30x’s effective passive sound isolation.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Solid, durable construction.
  • 40mm driver.
  • Passive sound insulation is quite good.
  • The mid-range sharpness is quite commendable.
  • Convenient to carry on the go.

Is Audio-Technica ATH-M30x worth it?

If you are a frequent traveler and want to be able to enjoy your favorite classical music during your trip, don’t forget to choose the Audio-Technica ATH-M30x.

#5. Edifier H880 – Best for Audiophiles

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About the product

Audiophiles have always had pretty high standards for the sound quality of headphones. However, even the more discerning audiophile can’t complain about the Edifier H880’s price range quality.

This headset model possesses advanced sound processing technology, which helps to deliver highly detailed and vivid music.

The name Edifier also possesses many other advantages that any listener, from classical music lovers in particular to audio enthusiasts in general, is looking for.

One of those advantages is the ability to adjust by convenient remote control. In addition, the manufacturer also provides two additional audio cables that are very convenient for connection.

Last but not least, the product has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort, even if you wear the device for many hours continuously.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Fashion Designer.
  • It can be folded easily.

Is Edifier H880 worth it?

Pleasing even the most demanding listeners is not an easy task. However, the Edifier H880 has completed this task, providing the best audio experiences in its price range.

#6. Sony MDR7506 – Best for Long Term Use

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Key Features

Immersed in classical music is a beautiful experience, and you will want to prolong the moment. Yet, your experience will not be perfect if your choice of headphones is a product that is not too comfortable to use for a long time.

But you can altogether avoid the mistake if you choose the Sony MDR7506.

Making this model comfortable is the lightweight, ergonomic design and soft earmuffs that have appeared in professional studios.

With the best headphones for classical music, the product needs to possess more advantages than comfort. Understanding this problem, Sony has brought a series of other impressive benefits.

Some of the product’s strengths that you can’t help but consider are PET diaphragms, high-performance neodymium magnets, rugged design, and compact storage.

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Reasons to Buy

  • PET diaphragm.
  • High-performance neodymium magnet.
  • Foldable, quite convenient to carry on the go.
  • Ergonomic design.

Is Sony MDR7506 worth it?

Don’t let the discomfort of using uncomfortable products mar the enjoyment of your favorite music. Instead, choose the Sony MDR7506, the best cheap headphones for classical music that can maintain comfort for many hours of continuous use.

#7. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro – Best for Professionals

Sale Sennheiser Professional HD 280 PRO Over-Ear Monitoring Headphones,Black

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Key Features

As the name suggests, right from the design step, the manufacturer has developed Sennheiser HD 280 Pro as a device dedicated to environments that require high professionalism, such as recording studios.

With the series of advantages, it would be remiss if your list of best headphones for classical music under 100 lacks the name of this Sennheiser brand.

First, it is impossible not to mention the great comfort that the product brings.

With an overall weight of fewer than 300 grams and a dynamic and comfortable design, you will surely fall in love with this headset from the first time you use it.

Next, because it’s a studio-grade headset, it’s almost impossible to complain about the sound quality that the product brings.

With an impedance of 64 oHm, a sound pressure of 113 dB, a frequency response of 8 to 25.00 Hz, and a host of other technologies, the HD 280 Pro can completely reproduce all sounds with mids well.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Soft ear cushions.
  • Sound reproduction is quite good.
  • Effective noise reduction.
  • Suitable for various needs

Is Sennheiser HD 280 Pro worth it?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be interested in these headphones: superb comfort, studio-grade sound quality, accessible price point, ease of use, connectivity, and more.

Therefore, if you love classical music or are simply looking for a product that can provide a professional experience, you will love the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.

#8. Sennheiser HD 400S – Best for Smart Design

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Key Features

Another name from the Sennheiser. If the HD 280 Pro model impresses with professionalism, the most significant advantage of the HD 400S is intelligence.

This product is the most innovative device in the segment when it comes to owning a remote control feature with just one button.

Besides, the design of this headset also won a lot of praise because you can fold the headband quickly and neatly.

Finally, the intelligence of the HD 400S is also in a range of sound processing technologies that Sennheiser provides, such as the ability to reduce background noise and bass response.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Clear sound.
  • Smart remote control.
  • The easy fold design.
  • Fit, comfortable.

Is Sennheiser HD 400S worth it?

With intelligent technologies and precise German processing, there is no doubt that the HD 400S is the first choice for any listener looking for convenience, intelligence, and ease of control.

#9. Sony WHCH710N – Best for Noise Cancellation

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear...

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Key Features

Not under any conditions, you can own a space quiet enough to be immersed in classical music. In this case, you will need headphones with impressive soundproofing capabilities like the Sony WHCH710N.

For under $100, you can still get noise-proof products, but most of them are noise-proof through the sealed headband and soundproof design.

But with Sony, you’ll experience intelligent noise cancellation – Dual Noise Sensing Technology that automatically cancels out environmental noise.

Besides improving sound quality, Sony also equips this product with a series of other commendable advantages such as impressive battery life, one-touch wireless streaming, and voice assistant control.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Smart noise cancellation.
  • 30mm driver.
  • Comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Battery life is up to 35 hours.
  • Support fast charging technology.

Is Sony WHCH710N worth it?

With a host of the above advantages, especially active noise cancellation technology, the Sony WHCH710N is one of the ideal choices to immerse yourself in your favorite music, even in noisy environments.

#10. Tascam TH-200X Studio – Best for Versatility

Sale Tascam TH-200X Studio Headphones

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Key Features

TH-200X is a headset model with many advantages and is loved by many users.

First, the product feels quite comfortable to wear. Because of the flexible fit, lightweight, and durability of the case, you will not feel uncomfortable wearing the Tascam for a long time.

Next, you will be surprised at this headset model’s quality and realistic sound.

Making the above successful is the 40mm magnet driver and a series of unique processing technologies. As a result, you will own a product that is quite perfect in terms of sound, even conquering the most demanding listeners.

Last but not least, this representative from Tascam also has a high degree of compatibility. With the included adapter, you can ultimately connect the TH-200X Studio to any audio device, from products for entertainment needs to other devices dedicated to recording and replaying created sound.


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Reasons to Buy

  • High-quality stainless steel frame.
  • 40mm neodymium driver.
  • Active probe.
  • Clear, honest sound.

Is Tascam TH-200X Studio worth it?

Despite being labeled “Studio” and possessing a series of high-end features that make it quite suitable for professional audio recording and mixing jobs.

These best budget headphones for classical music from Tascam are still the best choice. A considerable choice for everyday use by any classical music fan.


Below here is common questions and answers about the best budget headphones for classical music.

#1. Are wired headphones better?

Wired headphones can deliver better sound quality because of their superior data processing capabilities than wireless products.

#2. Should I buy wired or wireless earphones?

The answer depends on your needs and preferences.

For example, if you have a high demand for sound quality, a wired analog device will make you more satisfied.

However, if you are looking for a highly portable product that can be readily available while working out, you need to consider wireless options.

#3. Are wired headphones safer?

Wireless headphones use a Bluetooth connection, so there is no risk of harmful radiation effects on health.

#4. What type of headphones is safest?

Noise-canceling headphones are the safest device, especially if you listen to music in noisy areas like public places.

Are headphones harmful for ears?

If you wear the device for a long time or play music at an excessive volume, the headphones may cause severe damage to your hearing.


Choosing music devices is not an easy challenge because each individual has a different taste in sound. The challenge is more difficult when you need to balance the features you want to own with the modest cost you want to spend.

Hopefully, the above sharing has been detailed and valuable enough for you to solve the above problem well, thereby choosing the best headphones for classical music under 100. Thank you for reading!

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