Rosewood Acoustic Guitars

Rosewood Acoustic Guitars

Renowned for their warm and rich tonality, rosewood acoustic guitars are loved in the world of musical instruments.

The dense and oily nature of rosewood contributes to the distinct tone and prolonged sustain these guitars are celebrated for. Musicians across genres favor rosewood guitars for their exceptional sound quality.

Beyond their sonic qualities, these instruments frequently showcase intricate inlays and exquisite finishes, adding a visual allure to their impressive musical attributes.

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a beginner, opting for a rosewood acoustic guitar is an investment that is guaranteed to last!

Why Look For Rosewood Body Acoustic Guitars?

Rosewood is highly sought after for acoustic guitars, especially in dreadnought styles. Its popularity can be linked to its appealing appearance and unique tonal qualities, producing a deep, sophisticated sound that attracts many musicians.

Despite being more expensive than other tonewoods, rosewood remains unmatched in its distinctive tonality.

For performing musicians, especially in ensembles with mandolin, violin, or banjo, rosewood acoustic guitars offer an excellent balance between aesthetics and sound, ensuring a robust and resonant performance.

Top 7 Rosewood Acoustic Guitars

Rosewood is a sought-after tonewood known for its rich, deep sound and stunning appearance.

Regarding acoustic guitars, rosewood is often the go-to choice for musicians looking for a warm and balanced tone.

If you’re in the market for a new acoustic guitar, below are significant options that feature rosewood in their construction.

1. Zager ZAD900CE

The Zager ZAD900CE is a pinnacle in acoustic guitar craftsmanship, blending premium materials and cutting-edge technology. Boasting a full-size dreadnought design with a solid Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back, the guitar creates a rich, resonant sound that only deepens with age.

Denny Zager’s attention to detail is evident in the unique bracing system, allowing for a half-millimeter extra movement in the face, enhancing both projection and power.

The Fishman AURA Sound Imaging system, recognized as the highest-rated in the USA, amplifies the sonic experience.

Furthermore, the ZAD900CE from Zager’s Pro Series outshines its peers with features designed for optimal playability.

It has hand-laid abalone and pearl inlay, a thin finish, and aged wood. These contribute to a guitar that plays easier and sounds more powerful.

2. Taylor GS Mini Rosewood

The Taylor GS Mini, despite being small,  is an instrument that produces a rich and full sound courtesy of the Sitka Spruce top and laminated Indian Rosewood back and sides. The ebony fretboard ensures a smooth playing experience.

It comes packaged with a gig bag, making transporting this guitar effortless. Whether you’re just starting your musical journey or are a seasoned player, the Taylor GS Mini Rosewood is an ideal choice for musicians on the move who refuse to compromise on sound quality.

3. Takamine GD20 Dreadnought Acoustic

The Takamine GD20 Dreadnought is a top-tier instrument featuring a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides.

Its slim satin-finish mahogany neck and 12″-radius rosewood fingerboard ensure a comfortable playing experience. It has a pinless rosewood bridge with a split-saddle design that enhances intonation and facilitates easy string changes.

Combining a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides produces a warm, rich tone with added depth and resonance.

The guitar’s slim neck and rosewood fingerboard make navigating and playing various chords and melodies effortless. The Takamine GD20 Dreadnought impresses with its high-quality construction and rich, well-rounded sound.

4. Martin OMJM John Mayer

The Martin OMJM John Mayer Guitar is a distinctive orchestra model crafted with precision from the finest materials. Featuring Engelmann spruce and East Indian rosewood, this guitar produces a well-balanced tone. Notable design elements include a simple dovetail neck joint, scalloped X-Bracing, standard tapered neck, and nickel open gear tuners.

Beyond Martin’s globally recognized iconic tone, this guitar provides a pleasurable playing experience for musicians of all levels. Whether you’re into rock, country, folk, bluegrass, or jazz, the Martin OMJM John Mayer Guitar offers a natural and enjoyable playing experience that resonates with musicians.

5. Fender Redondo Mini

The Fender Redondo Mini is a compact and portable steel-string acoustic guitar designed for musicians on the move. Its exclusive Redondo Mini body shape and ½ body size make it perfect for on-the-go playing.

Combining a spruce top with scalloped “X” bracing and mahogany back and sides produces a rich, well-balanced sound.

It has a nato neck, a slim-taper “C”-shaped profile, and a walnut fingerboard and bridge. With a 22 ¾” scale length, the Fender Redondo Mini caters to players with smaller hands or those just starting their musical journey. Its 6-in-line headstock adds a visually appealing touch.

6. Yamaha FGX830C Acoustic-Electric

The Yamaha FGX830C Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a versatile and high-quality instrument suitable for beginners and experienced players.

Its solid Sitka Spruce top, rosewood back, and sides contribute to a rich and balanced tone, while the rosewood fingerboard and bridge ensure a smooth and comfortable playing experience.

The diecast tuners provide precise and stable tuning, and the System 66 pickup system with a 3-band EQ allows for fine-tuning your sound.

The adjustable truss rod also enables easy customization of the guitar’s neck to match your playing style. Whether you’re strumming chords or fingerpicking, the Yamaha FGX830C Guitar excels in delivering exceptional sound.

7. Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium

The Taylor 214ce Grand Auditorium is a versatile steel-string acoustic guitar designed to cater to musicians of all skill levels and musical preferences. Boasting a solid Sitka spruce top and layered Indian rosewood back and sides, the guitar delivers a well-balanced tone characterized by vibrant highs and warm lows.

Featuring a Venetian cutaway ensures easy access to higher frets, enhancing playability. The addition of ES2 electronics allows for amplified performances, while a robust padded gig bag ensures convenient transport.

The neck and heel, crafted from tropical mahogany and a West African ebony fretboard, contribute to the guitar’s durability.


Although rosewood guitars are rare these days, we hope we were able to give you some top-notch options.

These guitars look stunning and deliver great quality and a clear, snappy sound. They are truly awesome instruments, showcasing craftsmanship and excellence, making them ideal for guitarists of all skill levels!


Is Rosewood good for acoustic guitars?

Yes, rosewood is popular for its fuller low end and brighter treble. Dreadnought or Grand Auditorium models with rosewood are recognized for their traditional acoustic sound.

Which is better, mahogany or rosewood?

The choice depends on preferences and playing style. Mahogany suits chord strummers and ballad singers with its fuller and more subtle sound, while rosewood is favored by fingerstyle and lead guitarists for its wide tonal range and ability to cut through the mix.

What are the benefits of a rosewood guitar?

Rosewood guitars offer a comfortable playing experience with a smooth, tactile surface. The porous and oily nature of rosewood makes it easy to play for extended periods, prioritizing comfort and playability.

Why are rosewood guitars expensive?

Rosewood is costly due to its scarcity. Overexploitation of rosewood trees for instruments, furniture, and oil has limited resources, increasing prices. The combination of high demand and limited supply contributes to the expense of rosewood guitars.

Why is rosewood sought after?

Rosewood is highly sought after for its versatility as a tonewood in musical instruments, luxurious furniture, and rosewood oil. Despite being endangered due to overexploitation, its unique tonal characteristics and limited availability contribute to its high demand.

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