How to Back Hook Spin Pole for Beginners – Detail Youtube Videos

How to Back Hook Spin Pole for Beginners

Learn how to master the back hook spin pole move with this beginner’s guide. Follow our step-by-step instructions and tips to nail this impressive trick!

Successful Back Hook Spin Pole for beginners

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide for a Successful Back Hook Spin.

  1. Begin by standing next to the pole and wrapping your hand and forearm around it, using a Baseball grip.
  2. Lift your outside hand, gripping the pole high above your head.
  3. Step away from the pole with your feet to create space for your body to extend fully. This will also create an opening between your top arm and the pole, allowing you to move your head back and forth without obstruction.
  4. Now, stand on your tip toes and raise your outside leg as high as possible.
  5. Slowly lean back, leading with your outside leg.
  6. As your inside knee pit touches the pole, bend both knees until your toes meet.

Common Mistakes when Perform the Back Hook Spin

Here are some tips to avoid common mistakes while spinning on a pole:

1. Losing Momentum Mid-Spin:

Ensure you maintain a firm grip on the pole and keep your knees from collapsing when bringing your toes together.

2. Not Starting with Enough Momentum:

Lift your leg high, and lead with that leg when falling backward. This motion will help you gain momentum. You may want to record yourself to ensure both feet are coming up simultaneously.

3. Too Much Momentum on Spin Pole:

Try reducing the swing to bent knees when falling back to avoid getting too much momentum. Experiment with bringing your leg down lower to reduce momentum.

Keep your grip firm and avoid collapsing your legs in the middle of the spin. The further out your body is, the slower you will spin on the pole.

How to Improving Back Hook Spin in Pole Dancing

To progress in pole dancing, it’s crucial to enhance and perfect your basic moves continuously. Below are some tips to help you improve your Back Hook Spin performance:

1. Secure Your Grip:

It’s essential to have a solid grip on the pole by using the right-hand placement and applying enough pressure. This will boost your stability and enable you to execute the spin confidently.

2. Engage Your Core:

A strong core is vital for maintaining balance and control throughout the Back Hook Spin.

Focus on engaging your abdominal muscles throughout the entire movement to improve stability and prevent unnecessary strain on your back.

3. Control Your Momentum:

Control the speed and momentum of your spin. Begin with a controlled and steady rotation, gradually increasing the speed as you become more comfortable.

This will help you maintain control and execute smooth transitions into more advanced moves.

4. Use Spotting Technique:

Spotting is a technique used in dance to prevent dizziness and maintain balance. As you spin, pick a fixed point before you and keep your eyes focused on it.

This will help you stay oriented and minimize dizziness.


Overall, the back hook spin is an impressive and stylish spinning move that anyone with a bit of practice can quickly learn!

With these helpful tips and tricks, you’ll soon have your pole dancing skills looking smooth and confident.

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