Top 9 Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Female Hands

Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Female Hands Review

Choosing the best acoustic guitar for small female hands is essential to play comfortably. This article will help you find the one that suits your requirements.

We will introduce the best acoustic guitars for female players with small hands. All of them are true for ease of playability and lightweight neck thickness to ensure that they will fit well for you.

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The fight to find the best acoustic guitar for small female hands is genuine. It often seems as though guitars aren’t designed for those who don’t have large hands.

But there’s good news: no matter what size hands you have, there’s a guitar out there for you.

Features of the Best Acoustic Guitar for Small Female Hands

In this guide, we’ll show you what to look for before buying a guitar that meets your needs.

#1. Size 

Concert, Parlor, 00, and 000 are only a few of the smaller-bodied acoustics available. When you sit down with the guitar in your lap, you’ll be able to tell if it’s too heavy almost immediately.

#2. Body 

A small-sized body guitar would be more convenient to play and wear if you have smaller hands. Three-fourth size, parlor, and concert acoustic guitars are some of the smaller acoustic guitars available.

#3. Neck

The better it is to grasp and hang on to a shorter neck. C forms are best for players who have tiny hands. The neck forms like D, U, and V are thicker and chunkier, making it more difficult for thin female fingers to operate.

Top 9 Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Female Hands Picks

Let’s check out our list of recommendations for acoustic guitars for female players.

#1. Fender CC-60S Black Guitar – Best Overall

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This CD-60S All-Mahogany from Fender is one of their most affordable Classic Design guitars. The tone is perfect, the action is low, and the feel is smooth but not too slick. It’s easy-to-play neck profile is ideal for young players as well.

The bass notes are high and established, but the lows aren’t as boomy as some dreads. Fingerpickers will benefit from the bright top end. Although the 43mm nut diameter can be a little tight for fingerstyle, smaller hands may appreciate it.


  • Rolled Walnut fretboard
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Harmonious tones
  • Perfect out-of-the-box setup


  • High-gloss Mahogany

#2. Yamaha FS820 Small Body – Best for Tiny Figure

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The Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Guitar is the best when it comes to improving the simplicity of playability of a guitar. The guitar’s body is thinner than normal, with just the right amount of curves.

That’s why the guitar fits comfortably in your hands and is simple to play. Since it creates a rich sound and is comfortable, you can play with it for hours.

The top is sturdy, complete with mahogany ends. This indicates the sound resonates well, allowing you to distinguish excellent tones.

The scalloped bracing arrangement guarantees a genuine, durable, and complete tone. This guitar is appropriate for beginner to advanced guitarists. It is easy to play due to its narrow body and spine, and it is ideal for a broad variety of playing techniques.


  • Very comfortable to play with
  • Rich and clear sound
  • Suitable for many playing styles


  • Small size is not for everyone

#3. Fender FA-235E Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Best for Beginner Players

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This is the best acoustic guitar for a female beginner. In budget-range guitars, all-laminate wood construction is popular. It makes a good tone but is not in the same league as a single piece of wood.

This equipment is made of Mahogany and has a simple “C’ shape that’s ideal for a young player. The hardware is excellent, and the TUSQ nut from GraphTech is made of a high-pressure created polymer, a step up from regular plastic. The Keystone style on Pearloid inlays is a sweet touch.


  • Excellent construction has given the price
  • C shape neck suitable for beginners


  • Sounds less pleasant when amplified

#4. Ibanez AEG50 Black Electric Guitar – Best Electric Guitar

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This guitar with a single-cut body sounds powerful and balanced, amplified or via a PA system. It features a mahogany body with spruce tops, as well as classic strong and sunburst finishes. The attached accessories are Ibanez preamps with onboard tuners and high-quality Fishman Sonicore pickups.


  • The single-cut body gives excellent sound
  • Cool design


  • Laminate back and sides

#5. Yamaha APX600 BL Thin Body Guitar – Best for Young Player

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The body is made of three-ply Eastern Mahogany and has the same tonal characteristics and appearance as regular Mahogany. For added versatility, there is a Yamaha pickup system, including a battery-powered preamp. A 3-band EQ, speed, a mid-range frequency scale, and a digital tuner are included.

It’s easier to play with a shorter, thinner type body, particularly if you’re a beginner or a young player. Despite its slender body and cutaway shape, this instrument packs a lot of low-end punch.


  • Clear and well-balanced tone
  • Easy access to higher frets


  • Not suitable for players with bigger hands

#6. Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar – Best for Budget

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This guitar is Fender’s entry into the budget parlor guitar market. The fretboard, like most acoustics, is rosewood, with a mahogany neck to fit the body.

The CP-60S is capable of producing high-quality music. The bass is punchy, while the treble end is crisp. Although the lack of electronics is a drawback, you’ll find that this guitar performs admirably.


  • The solid top provides a warm note
  • Rolled fretboard


  • Lack of electronics

#7. Ibanez AEG70 Acoustic – Best with Built-in Tuner

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Thanks to the built-in pickup and preamp setup, it’s ready to play right out of the box. There’s also a built-in tuner so you can sound your best at all times. Plus, since it’s strung with Ibanez coated guitar strings, which stay “fresh” longer than uncoated strings, you’ll be able to hear a better tone for a long time before having to re-string.

It’s tough to top the value in this Ibanez AEG70 acoustic-electric guitar, which comes with a satin-finished neck for a sleek, easy playing sound.


  • Warranty extends the life of the equipment


  • B and G strings don’t remain in tune for long

#8. Breedlove 6 String Electric Guitar – Best for Design

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It’s a very easy guitar to play, even though it’s a smaller guitar than normal ones. The tone is amazingly even, the bass is almost as pronounced as the treble, and the neck is excellent.

The abalone rosette contrasts beautifully with the cedar top. Even beginners can use the electronics right out of the case. You will be astounded at how resonated and clear the sound is.


  • Easy to play right out of the box
  • High-quality sound


  • Down tune does not distinguish between sharps and flats

#9. Fender CC-60SCE Acoustic Guitar – Best for Multi-style

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This cutaway acoustic guitar allows convenient access to the upper register. The top is made of solid spruce, and the back and sides are made of Mahogany. It has a preamp, which adds depth and volume control to the mix.

Furthermore, it responds well to every acoustic playing style. Thanks to its body structure, this guitar is the best for fingerpicking.


  • Great sound
  • Solid top
  • Excellent electronics


  • Strings need frequent replace

Common Mistakes When Buying First Acoustic Guitar

When buying an acoustic guitar, you should avoid some mistakes below:

  1. Choosing the wrong size of acoustic guitar: If your hand is small, the slimmer neck and thinner body guitar are suited for you.
  2. Choosing acoustic guitar based on brand: Guitar’s brand is important however, you should consider the sounding and the look of an acoustic guitar.
  3. Choosing a guitar based on price: Budget is the most important factor when an instrument. For the first beginner acoustic guitar, the price range of $200 – $300 is a good investment.

What To Look For When Buying A Guitar For Smaller Hands?

  1. Good budget: A good guitar for learning to play for years to come that must have around $200.
  2. Guitar size: Concert shape, slimmer neck, and thinner body are best suited for small hands.
  3. Sound and the look: A beautiful guitar with a well-balanced tone and sound are a priority choice.
  4. Brand’s guitar: Famous brands such as Fender, Yamaha, Breedlove, Ibanez,.. always have good craftsmanship, beautiful look, nice sound, however, they have high-priced.

FAQ for Buying Acoustic Guitars For Small Female Hands

Below, I summed up the various FAQs when buying a good acoustic guitar for beginners and newbies.

#1. Can I play acoustic guitar with small hands?

Yes! The small hand persons can play acoustic guitar very well.

There are many types of good-quality acoustic guitars for small hands that you can buy such as Washburn Heritage Series HG12S, Fender FA-235E, Breedlove Discovery Concertina CE.

#2. What is a good size guitar for a smaller woman’s hands?

Concert size is best suited for smaller woman hands. The ¾ size is another good size for women traveling.

#3. How much should I spend on my first guitar?

$200 – $500 is a good range for a quality guitar. Below $100 is just garbage guitar with bad sound and poor craftsmanship.

#4. What is the best size of a guitar for small hands?

A concert size with a slim neck is the best size for small hands. Here is some good-quality acoustic guitar for your consideration: Fender FA-235E, Breedlove Discovery Concertina CE, Ibanez AEG62, Fender CC-60S.

#5. What’s the difference between guitars for small hands and guitars for children?

  • Most guitars for children have small sizes: ¼ size, ½ size, ¾ size.
  • Most guitars for small hands have a concert shape and slimmer neck for easy playing.

#6. Can people with small hands play full-size guitars?

Yes, they can. The full-size guitars deliver a full deep tone. There are so many full-size guitars with a slimmer neck that is the best choice for smaller person hands.


That is all my recommendations and review about the best acoustic guitars for small female hands.

Overall, buying a beautiful guitar, with a well-balanced sound, and good quality craftsmanship will inspire and allow you to play comfortably for years to years.

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