Can A Podcast Be 10 Minutes? Tips For Planning Podcast Length

can a podcast be 10 minutes

The podcast content and length play important roles in the success of a show. But can a podcast be 10 minutes long? Is it too short?

Yes and no. The key is to cover all the necessary content in 10 minutes. Short podcasts can be trendy and successful if you know how to host them.

We will go through some factors that affect the length of your podcast. Let’s join us and learn how to plan your program effectively!

Can A Podcast Be 10 Minutes? 

Is a 10-minute podcast too short? Before going any further, ask yourself the following questions:

Does the episode cover all the necessary content?

If you can discuss all the critical points in ten minutes, then it’s OK to keep the episode that short.

However, if you have spent ten minutes presenting but the audience can’t get your idea, you’d better lengthen your show.

What is your objective at first? 

Some producers aim to create short podcasts. Then, busy people can conveniently play them while commuting.

The production of short-form playlists is a current podcasting trend. Short podcasts are programs with episodes ranging from one minute to about 15 minutes in length.

Short podcasts may be a fantastic way for new producers to get their feet wet in the sector and attract a fanbase.

Current podcasters can use them to try out new program ideas and provide extra content to their audience.

It’s OK to make your program short as long as you provide your audience with valuable information.

Format for short podcasts 

Can a podcast be short? Yes. And if you like this idea, you can try these formats:

  • Focus topics: Hosts spend each episode digging into a particular topic, often told as a monologue.
  • Q&As: Hosts answer questions from the audience.
  • Experimental audio: Hosts play around with the possibilities that short episodes open up.
  • Bonus content: Hosts can use short podcasts as a chance to share extra content with their audience.

How Long Should Be A Podcast? 

This question is subjective, but it is nonetheless vital. The length of your podcast differs depending on your style and topic.

By category

The longest podcasting categories are video games, music, games, hobbies, TV, films, and comedy. Each episode lasts about 50 minutes on average.

Language classes, kids & family, healthcare, education, and business are the shorter podcasting categories. The average length for one episode may be around 20 minutes or less.

By type

Solo podcasts are generally shorter, with episodes lasting approximately 10 minutes on average.

The format encourages back-and-forth conversations that result in natural content. As a result, podcasts with more than one host typically have an enormous loyal fanbase.

You’ll want to sum up the episode when it comes naturally to do so. Generally, this is after you’ve discussed all of the main points you wanted to make and are ready to finish things with an outro or conclusion.

Your listeners will quickly notice if you stretch the episode. Nobody loves filler, particularly when it’s too obvious.

For a podcast with one host, the 10 to 20 minute period is appropriate. Because there will be no peer interaction in this style, it will obviously be shorter.

If you’re worried about the length of your show before you’ve even published the first episode, attempt to figure out who you’ll be speaking to.

If you start with a 10-minute episode and keep doing so for the rest of the show, you’ll draw a crowd that enjoys this length of material.

Here’s a short rundown of standard lengths and the types of podcasts that use them.

Genre Ideal length per episode 


Q&As, extra content, focus topics, and experimental audio 10 – 15
Short stories, trending topics, and daily news 15 – 30
Interviews, storytelling, and  investigation 30 – 60
Live shows or special episodes (with more guests or digging deeper into a specific topic) > 60

How To Determine The Perfect Length For Podcasts? 

When determining the duration of your podcast, there are various aspects to consider.

We’ll explain the steps and assist you in identifying the appropriate length for your show.

Decide the publishing schedule.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to choose a publishing plan for your program. The frequency with which you distribute those episodes is the most critical element in deciding the episode length.

If you release episodes every day, the episodes must be shorter. On the other hand, a weekly show should have longer episodes.

You’ll undoubtedly lose some fans if you overload your listeners with episodes that show up frequently and are of a daunting length.

After all, people’s attention spans are shortening. It doesn’t mean you can’t have long episodes.

On the other hand, longer episodes work considerably better for your audiences if you stretch them out. They will have more time to complete one lengthy episode before checking the next one is released.

Here are some recommendations for podcast duration based on listener comments:

Publishing frequency         Ideal length per episode 


Daily 10 – 15
Every other day 10 – 20
Weekly 15 – 30
Every other week 20 – 30
Monthly > 30
Less than once a month  > 60

Consider your content 

The content of your show is another critical point to consider when assessing the length of the episode.

You can cover what you need to discuss in 15 to 30 minutes if you deliver some short ideas on happiness or inspiration.

If you’re investigating a real crime story, you will need a lot more time (the episodes may range from 90 to 140 minutes).

Finally, keep in mind this: having a clear explanation for the episode lengths. Don’t go on and on only to fill the time. Also, never do it if cutting the episodes means sacrificing valuable content.

You can learn more tips to create engaging content from the video below. It entails all important factors for a successful show, such as music, title, material.

Commit to consistency

Consistency, like any other aspect of podcasting, is important. There’s nothing more disturbing for listeners than updating the latest 30-minute episode to find out that it’s two hours long.

Once you’ve determined the duration, stick to it for each episode. However, it’s OK to extend the length if you change the format or release a special episode.

How Long Is Too Long For A Podcast? 

Since each program is different, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, the basic idea behind podcast episode durations is simple.

It’s too lengthy if you prepare 40 minutes of solid, on-topic information, yet the episode is one hour long.

It’s too short if you prepare 40 minutes of solid, on-topic information yet the episode lasts only 20 minutes.

If you are consistent and stick with your material, the episodes will probably fall into a particular length range.


The length of your show isn’t as crucial as the content. As long as you’re delivering a good presentation, don’t cut it short to hit the usual length. However, the gap in length should not be too big.

On the other hand, if you’ve already covered anything within 15 minutes, don’t fill the time with meaningless information.

There is no strict rule for the length of your episodes. Try out standard formats, read through your episode statistics, receive comments from your audience, and make changes as you go.

Thank you for reading!

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