Can You Use A GoPro For Podcast? Ultimate Guides Of Recording GoPro 

can you use a gopro for podcast

Many podcasters want to record their talk episodes for promotion on Youtube. They can consider many options, and GoPro is one of them.

Can you use a GoPro for recording podcasts? Yes, you absolutely can. The GoPro is the perfect choice for beginners, thanks to its price and ease of use.

While this device still has limitations, like using an external microphone and poor battery life, it’s still a solid choice.

Let’s read this article to learn more about the device’s features and how to use it!

Can You Use A GoPro For Podcast?

Yes, you can absolutely use GoPros to record podcasts. Newbies can, in fact, benefit quite a bit from this device.

GoPros are incredibly affordable. Their recorded image quality is decent, and the sound is usable.

Contrary to popular belief, GoPro doesn’t just have fisheye or ultra-wide-angle modes. Depending on the footage, you can tweak the profile more closely.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using GoPro

If you are already convinced of the idea of ​​using GoPros to record in podcasts, take a look at its outstanding features. This product has the advantage of being suitable for simple recording.


The starting point of a GoPro camera is the action camera, but it has excellent advantages for podcasting.

Compact Size

Compact size is the first advantage of this device. Cameras are packed so that you can take them anywhere.

The touch screen also makes it easier to control and manage the camera. The steady sensitivity makes GoPros the perfect device for regular podcasting.

Good picture quality

Some modern GoPro models allow users to record videos in 4K and 5.3K resolutions. The wide-angle lens of up to 155 degrees easily captures the complete picture of everyone on a large table.

The 27.7-inch screen size makes framing photos and playing back videos easier.

The Mode Voice Command

You won’t need to move much to get your camera up and running as they come with voice commands. When recording is complete, you can issue a shutdown command.

Wireless Transfer

GoPro cameras also impress with their breakneck wireless transmission speeds. However, you will need to charge the device during this process.

Data transfer allows you to bring all your resources to a mobile device. It also allows uploading data to the cloud for storage.


Besides the benefits that GoPro possesses, you should also pay attention to the disadvantages of this device.

Audio Quality

The sound quality of the device is only temporarily acceptable. If you want crisper and more dynamic sound, consider buying an external microphone.

Short Battery Life

The GoPro’s battery life isn’t good enough for long sessions, either. Even so, you can still charge the device with the USB adapter while in use.

How Do You Use GoPro For Podcasts?

After learning about GoPro’s features, we will refer to using them. The necessary tools that you need to prepare to include:

  • A GoPro. We recommend GoPro Hero 9 or GoPro Hero 10.
  • An SD card.
  • A lapel microphone.
  • A USB power bank with two type-C cables.
  • A small LED light.

Step 1: First, you need to set the configuration and image quality accordingly. Standard levels are 4K resolutions, ISO 100, 24fps, and solid colors.

The fixed aperture of this device is f/2.8. Sit about 50cm away from the camera for the best image quality.

Step 2: Next, use the available LEDs to adjust the light level like room temperature. It will bring a pleasant feeling to the user.

Step 3: After that, take the tripod device to mount the camera and fix them. It helps to create a stable surface and easy height adjustment.

Step 4: Use USB Type-C cables to connect the camera to the lapel microphone and power bank. You have finished setting up,

Step 5: Finally, press the button to start the camera. The camera will start recording, and you are good to go.


What Type Of Camera Should You Use For A Podcast?

In fact, you can use any available webcam or phone camera to record. However, the quality of the video you post should be the highest.

You can use these types of cameras for vlogging. The minimum condition is that they can record video in 1080p quality.

Another issue is the duration of use. DSLR cameras cannot record for a long time because of the risk of burning the camera sensor or being out of memory space.

The convenient option for you is digital or video cameras that support long durations. You can also use more cameras to capture different angles.

Is GoPro Good For Streaming?

Yes, it is. The most significant advantage you can get when using a GoPro to record podcasting is beautiful image quality.

GoPros can provide vivid footage and a balance between light and color. It is also compact for easy carrying anywhere.

How Many Cameras Do You Need For A Podcast?

You’ll need three cameras to set up recording equipment for a podcast episode fully.

A camera will focus on recording the host, while a device will turn towards the guest. It would help if you also had a video recorder to capture the entire conversation.

Should You Film Your Podcast?

Yes, you should. Recording allows you to add short segments to share, such as behind-the-scenes content.

These videos bring new perspectives to your channel. It would be an exciting marketing method to attract potential audiences.

Another benefit is that you can show your show live.

Check out the video below for more stories and tips around recording podcasting.


Hopefully, our article has introduced podcasters to a high-quality recording device at an affordable price. If you know how to use it properly, this device will bring many benefits.

Do not forget to share this article if you find it interesting and valuable!

Happy recording!

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