Drum Amp Vs Keyboard Amp: Which One Should I Go?

drum amp vs keyboard amp

What is the main difference between a drum amp vs keyboard amp? Read the complete and detailed comparison below to distinguish the two and pick one.

#1. Drum Amp Vs Keyboard Amp: Comparison Table

Drum amplifiers 

Keyboard amplifiers 

  • Amplify the sound of electronic drums
  • Mix input audio signals, amplify and push through speakers
Designed for
  • Electronic Drums
  • Suitable for a variety of musical instruments
  • Optimized for the wide frequency range of electronic drums
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Less compatibility with a frequency range
  • May not be strong enough for bass

#2. What Is The Difference Between Drum Amp Vs Keyboard Amp?

You can use a keyboard ampere instead of your drum ampere. However, these two devices will yield different results. The reason lies in a series of fundamental differences below:


Drum amplifiers are usually preamplifiers. This addition is intended to enhance the signal of an electronic instrument, converting this almost inaudible signal into a robust audio signal.

The keyboard ampere does not include a preamp. Instead, every key on this unit has a built-in preamp. As a result, the original audio signal is already quite strong without any reinforcement before reaching the speakers.

Frequency range

Some of today’s drum amplifiers are not full-range but only focus on the low and mid frequencies. The frequency range of a drum amplifier will typically be between 40 Hz and 1kHZ.

In some cases, you may have trouble with the device being unable to play all the frequencies in an audio signal.

Meanwhile, the keyboard amplifier is more flexible. The device has bass reflex ports and a tweeter. The above combination has helped the keyboard amplifier reproduce sounds at low frequencies and work with the high range.

Sound quality

Most keyboard amplifier models aim to minimize distortion, ensuring sound accuracy.

The strong point of this device is to enhance the sound, ensuring high sharpness and accuracy. However, you won’t be able to modify the frequency band or perform similar operations to improve your performance.

In contrast, a drum amplifier can clean up the sound of an instrument and add color to the sound.

You can also modify the frequency range, adding distortion instead of simply reproducing the sound as a keyboard one can.

#3. Drum Amp Vs Keyboard Amp: Which One Should I Go For?

While both effectively amplify the sound, in some cases, using a drum amplifier will provide an ideal experience and vice versa.

If you can’t determine the type of equipment that best suits the nature of your work, here is some information you can refer to

Drum amp

Compared to keyboard amplifiers, bass amplifiers have a higher power rating.

This device can make low frequency sound louder, while keyboard amps are not strong enough for bass.

So in cases where you need to create a loud, explosive sound, drum amplifiers will be the right choice. In particular, if you want to perform live on stage, ensure the support device you choose has large enough speakers.

If you’re training with an amplifier band, this amp will provide more benefits than any other powered equipment.

In this case, the sound coming from your drums should be loud enough to compete with other fairly loud noise instruments.

This device also supports adjusting and adding color to the sound quite well.

Keyboard amp

If you play music in small spaces, a model plugs directly into the instrument, saving a lot of space and setup time.

As a result, this device often appears in-home practice spaces such as practice rooms and home studios.

You can also use the device during music performances at cafes and small-scale street festivals.

This device is also an ideal choice if you own a variety of musical instruments, as these amps have a reasonably wide frequency range.

This device can reproduce sound efficiently from bass and electric guitar to organ or piano.

In the end, if you value your audio’s precision and distortion-free sound, this device won’t let you down.

#4. FAQs

Can I use a keyboard amp for electronic drums?

You can use an amp for your electronic drums because this has a fairly broad frequency range, including the ability to reproduce the bass of an electronic drum.

The device is also quite affordable and has excellent compactness and portability.

If you expect this amplifier to reproduce strong bass, you will likely be disappointed. This device is not the ideal choice in large-scale performances.

Can you play electronic drums through a guitar amp?

You can use a guitar amp on your electronic drum kit. In most cases, guitar amplifiers can reproduce the sound in the low octaves of the drums.

Sometimes, a guitar amp is not the best choice. If you don’t understand the settings for the best sound range, for example, you’ll have difficulty balancing your guitar amplifier and electronic drums.

In addition, if the cone vibrates excessively, you must stop the setup from protecting the instrument and the instrument.

How many watts do you need for a keyboard amp?

If you need a device for home use with small band rehearsals, 50 to 75 watts of power should be more than enough.

If you want to play music in large-scale performances, make sure your equipment has a capacity of 200 to 300 watts capacity.

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