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21 Top Greatest Garth Brooks Love Songs For Weddings

Are you looking for the perfect Garth Brooks song to play at your wedding?

This post will cover the greatest Garth Brooks love songs, perfect for your special day.

So, let’s explore the top greatest Garth Brooks love songs for weddings!

1. Love Will Always Win

“Love Will Always Win” by Garth Brooks is a beautiful song about the power and strength of love.

Its meaningful lyrics speak of how love will conquer all difficulties that life throws at us, no matter how tough.

The chorus features an uplifting melody that reflects this unconditional feeling: “Love will always win, it’s never giving in / Even in the face of the darkest night.”

It’s the perfect love song for any special occasion, such as weddings, where it can remind couples to keep on fighting for their relationship and not to give up no matter what.

2. Two of a Kind, Workin’ On a Full House

“Two of a Kind, Workin’ On a Full House” by Garth Brooks is a romantic love song about two people in love working to build a life together.

It speaks of the determination each has to become one team and how they will be better together no matter what comes their way.

The chorus captures this sentiment perfectly with the lyrics, “We might not be royalty, but we’ll sure have our little fate, and who knows what tomorrow brings?

3. Stronger Than Me

“Stronger Than Me” by Garth Brooks is a beautiful and meaningful love song that captures the power of genuine affection.

The lyrics offer an honest perspective on how two different people can come together in a relationship and how it can make them both stronger.

This makes it perfect for weddings, reminding couples of the strength they have when they are together.

4. Mom

“Mom” by Garth Brooks is a significant love song for a wedding.

Its touching lyrics touch on the legacy of mothers and how their love, strength, and guidance have helped to shape our lives.

The chorus is mighty with its line, “She never left me alone/She was always there to guide me home,” which speaks volumes about the power of a mother’s love.

With this tender ballad sure to pull at your heartstrings, it will make any wedding day even more special.

5. Wrapped Up in You

“Wrapped Up in You” by Garth Brooks is the perfect love song for a wedding.

With meaningful lyrics, this romantic tune speaks volumes about two people who have become so intertwined that nothing else in their lives matters but each other.

The chorus sums it up perfectly: “The sun can’t shine as bright without you here by my side. There’s no mountain high enough to keep me from your love. I’m wrapped up in you.”

As those unique words play out in a beautiful melody, couples getting married can take comfort in knowing they share an unshakable bond of trust and dedication that will last a lifetime.

6. Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)

“Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)” by Garth Brooks is a beautiful and meaningful love song that speaks of an unwavering loyalty and commitment between two people.

The lyrics depict a pure, unconditional love that will last through all time and space, echoing the sentiment of a thousand-year vow made in marriage.

This upbeat country tune reflects the joy of loving someone selflessly and always.

With lines like “We got something you don’t never have to doubt / I ain’t gonna stop ’til the sun goes down,” it’s easy to feel the promise of true love radiating from this song.

7. The Fever

Garth Brooks’ “The Fever” is a beautiful love song about the power of everlasting connection.

The lyrics tell the story of two souls in love and how they have an unending bond that transcends time and space.

With delicate words like “she tries to fight the fever burning inside her soul,” Garth Brooks captures the intensity of the passionate yet fragile bond between two people in love.

8. She’s Every Woman

Garth Brooks’ hit song “She’s Every Woman” is a beautiful love song perfect for a wedding.

The lyrics talk about the extraordinary qualities possessed by one woman and how she has changed him for the better.

It’s an uplifting song full of emotion and provides an inspiring message of real love that will surely touch everyone listening.

9. Every Now and Then

“Every Now and Then” by Garth Brooks is a beautiful love song that’s perfect for a wedding.

With meaningful lyrics like “Life will change, the world will shift, but our hearts will stay in this moment forever,” it captures the true beauty of love and commitment.

The melody is lighthearted and cheerful with an upbeat beat, making it an ideal addition to any wedding ceremony or reception celebration.

10. The River

“The River” by Garth Brooks is the perfect love song for a wedding.

Its meaningful lyrics capture the true essence of what it means to be in love – from taking risks and making promises to sharing laughs and making mistakes.

The romantic message shines through with its catchy melody, encouraging commitment and celebrating a partnership of two souls coming together.

11. That Summer

“That Summer” by Garth Brooks is a timeless and touching love song, perfect for a wedding.

Touching lyrics express the beauty of unexpected love with simple words that honor the power of genuine emotion.

The chorus vividly shows how special two souls can be when brought together.

Each new line brings you closer to its message: “When I first saw you standing in the moonlight / I knew this was something more than just right / But it took that summer for me to see / That what we had between us finally would always be.”

12. Shameless

The hit Garth Brooks song, “Shameless,” is a beautiful and meaningful love song perfect for weddings.

Its country-pop feel and mid-tempo beat make it perfect to play at any celebration.

Whether you’re listening to it for your wedding or enjoying its romantic melodies, “Shameless” will surely make you swoon.

13. Friends in Low Places

“Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks is a classic country song about the importance of friendships and the strength of having people who are there for you through thick and thin.

The lyrics evoke nostalgia for simpler times, recounting past happy memories while also celebrating the unwavering support from those closest to us.

14. The Dance

“The Dance” by Garth Brooks is a song with meaningful lyrics that perfectly captures love and relationship emotions.

This heartfelt love song speaks of life’s chances and choices, using vivid imagery to encourage us to take the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Initially released in 1990, this timeless hit has become an anthem for those celebrating their wedding day or any day where two hearts come together.

15. If Tomorrow Never Comes

“The Dance” by Garth Brooks is a timeless love song, perfect for weddings or for listening to with the one you love.

The lyrics are beautiful and meaningful, encapsulating a treasured life moment that makes us feel alive and hopeful.

The iconic chorus soars with Brooks’ gentle vocals expressing his gratitude and awe: “Oh, I’m glad I got to see this world, a miracle of sorts; I’m glad I got to be a part of the dance.”

16. To Make You Feel My Love

“To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks is a significant and romantic love song.

Its sweeping lyrics convey the true depth of love, and it’s a perfect choice for any wedding.

The song speaks about how making someone feel loved through simple gestures is possible no matter what circumstance arises.

17. We Belong To Each Other

“We Belong To Each Other” by Garth Brooks is a beautiful love song perfect for any wedding.

Its heartfelt lyrics capture the deep connection two people can have and how their love is unbreakable.

The chorus repeats, “We belong to each other,” creating an emotional depth and conveying the immense feeling of being one unit with someone.

This song will make you feel like you are in the middle of your romantic movie scene as it speaks to the true beauty of true, pure, unconditional love.

18. Unanswered Prayers

“Unanswered Prayers” by Garth Brooks is an incredibly touching song, perfect for a wedding.

The lyrics tell the story of looking back fondly on things that didn’t turn out as planned and how now you are thankful it wasn’t meant to be.

It speaks of how sometimes the dreams we desperately want don’t come true, and our unanswered prayers lead us toward a better path in life.

19. Ain’t Goin Down

“Ain’t Goin Down” by Garth Brooks is a heartfelt romance song perfect for any wedding.

The meaningful lyrics reflect the intensity of love between two people, as evidenced in lines such as “Ain’t going down ’til the sun comes up, Ain’t going down ’til we see the light, Ain’t goin down never sell my soul, Ain’t gonna break this heart of mine.”

It’s a beautiful track and will undoubtedly make a fantastic addition to any couple’s special day — whether they are just getting married or celebrating years together.

20. Callin’ Baton Rouge

“Callin’ Baton Rouge” by Garth Brooks is a beautiful love song that captures the feeling of wanting to be with someone you love, no matter how far away they may be.

With heartfelt lyrics like ” Callin’ out for somethin’ I can’t even name” and “I’m just gone and prayin’ I don’t forget how good we had it all,” this song will have you feeling all the feels of long-distance love.

21. Ask Me How I Know

“Ask Me How I Know” by Garth Brooks is a significant love song, perfect to use for weddings.

This beautiful and heartfelt track talks about being so sure about a life-long commitment between two people that they don’t even need to ask questions.

The lyrics talk about how love has been found and how it will last forever.

About Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks, a famous country music artist, was born and raised in Oklahoma.

In the early 1990s, he rose to success as a songwriter and recording artist, dominating country radio with numerous hits. Brooks has sold millions of records worldwide and continues to sell out arenas.

In the early 2000s, Brooks took a break from country music to raise his daughters. Once his children were grown, he resumed touring.

He has since been awarded the CMA Entertainer of the Year title several times, including in 2019. This makes Brooks the record holder for the award.

In 2020, Garth Brooks announced that he would embark on a stadium tour of the largest venues in the world.

As a songwriter, Garth Brooks has contributed many songs to the celebrated landscape of country music.

Most of Brooks’ songs are love ballads that can be played at weddings. These songs will feature commitment, trust, and lifelong devotion themes.


Why is Garth Brooks so popular?

Garth Brooks is one of the most popular country music artists ever, and it’s easy to see why.

His unique style of mixing traditional country twang with a contemporary and sometimes rock-influenced sound has been a hit with audiences worldwide.

He also has an engaging stage presence that captures his audience with every performance. He has crafted memorable songs that touch on love, loss, heartache, and reminiscing about growing up.

Will Garth Brooks ever be on Spotify?

This could be due to his preference for physical media such as CDs, or it could be that the artists he collaborates with aren’t comfortable with streaming services.

Regardless of the reason, there have been rumors that Garth will someday join Spotify, and fans are hopeful that this will happen soon!

In an industry where streaming dominates music sales and consumption, having access to Garth’s catalog would open up new possibilities for fans.

Why is Garth Brooks on Pandora but not Spotify?

Garth Brooks is arguably one of the greatest country music artists of all time, and his music is beloved by many.

However, he isn’t available on Spotify because he doesn’t believe that streaming services offer a fair royalty rate to artists.

Therefore, streaming Garth Brooks’ music on Spotify would not generate the income he believes he deserves for his work.

This is why you’ll only be able to find Garth Brooks’ music on Pandora, where the artist receives royalties directly from the platform.

Is Garth Brooks on Spotify or Apple Music?

YES. Garth Brooks is one of the most famous artists of all time and is available on both Spotify and Apple Music.

Both platforms offer up-to-date playlists of his greatest hits and exclusive releases from the country superstar.

Why did Garth Brooks stop playing music?

Garth Brooks retired from the music industry in 2001 due to personal reasons.

He wanted to spend more time with his family, especially with his three daughters, who were growing up.

He felt he could no longer give them the attention they deserved while touring and making albums simultaneously.

Why did Garth Brooks leave Apple Music?

Garth Brooks left Apple Music in 2020 due to a difference of opinion.

It was reported that the country music legend disagreed with their streaming strategy, which included reducing audio quality and excluding select covers from his catalog.

He voiced his complaints publicly when he announced his departure on Twitter, saying, “Apple’s decision to make my music available to their customer base without compensating me is unacceptable.”

Did Garth Brooks sell more than Michael Jackson?

No, Garth Brooks has not sold more albums than Michael Jackson.

While Garth Brooks is the best-selling solo artist of all time in the US, with 148 million records sold, this number is still much smaller than the estimated 360 million to 500 million records that Michael Jackson is believed to have sold worldwide over his career.


I hope this list of Garth Brooks love songs gave you some great ideas for your wedding playlist!

Whether you’re going for a classic country feel or something more modern, there’s no doubt that Garth Brook’s hits will make your special day even better.

Have fun and enjoy the music!

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