Music Trends at Beonix Festival: Popular Music Genres and Styles Influence Lineup and Atmosphere of the Event 

Music Trends at Beonix Festival - Popular Music Genres and Styles Influence Lineup and Atmosphere of the Event 

True party-goers never miss a chance to visit all major music fests of the season.

It is not necessary to understand the roots of techno and other electronic music styles to perceive the true mastery of performers. Real fans feel the quality of sound with their hearts! And it is hard to argue with that.

Even at popular festivals, uncovering a true jewel among other performers is a challenge. Long waits for your best track and musician to turn into an energy-consuming experience.

Luckily, boredom at music festivals is treatable!

Why Is Beonix Number One Cyprus Fest?

The top recommendation from electronic music fans and constant party animals for the fall season is to visit the Beonix electronic music festival.

It gathers only professional, highly demanded musicians whose tracks have global fame and can make you dance for several nights non-stop.

Inspiring and positive vibes are guaranteed! Check for yourself all the proof in the last event video.

Buy your tickets to one of the hottest locations in Cyprus to rave with other fans at Limassol old winery place. Check the current lineup of Beonix and get more insights about the hosts of the future festival 2023.

Festival Concepts Inspired by Music Trends

The bases of electronic music developed at the beginning of the 20th century allowed modern DJs to evolve into something more natural yet connected with space mystery.

The magic during the sets attracts more listeners, like moths, to a flame. When a talented DJ plays the stage, this source of energy allows listeners to energize and experience new emotions uncommon in everyday life.

What about the current trends? Thanks to TikTok and other social platforms, the trends are dropping like rain. At least some major EDM influences are worth talking about.

More vocals

It is a tendency that continues growing and developing. Live vocals, or with autotune, smooth the angles of beats and make the whole sound accomplished and melodic. No doubt the musicians wish to be remarkable in their own way.

For instance, a host of the last and upcoming Beonix festival, Paul Kalkbrenner, is the one who likes to include various vocal pieces in his music mixes. However, it is a general trend in DJing now.

Melody on

Have you ever tried to hum any of the tracks created by DJs of the 2000s? Aha, you better use the drums for that. It is close to impossible to simulate such sounds because all you hear are beats and no melody.

But the era of background music with massive beats on the front has gone. And the current trend aims for more melodic and gentle sounds.

One of the top musicians, Black Coffee, realized it long ago. His music is full of burning rhythms and drive. It literally calls for dance.

Instrumental accompaniment

Combining the elements of live music with artificial sounds is not an innovation, but not many performers have done it.

In comparison to the present day, playing live instruments during sets is gaining more interest from the crowd, and such musicians as Who Made Who confirmed it at the Beonix Festival 2022.

Festival Concepts Inspired by Music Trends

Modern concepts and influences in EDM inspired the festival creators to arrange the event and establish its values and mission.

Those who wish to relax and those who desire to be transformed and move through the music will be both satisfied.

Being yourself, exploring your inner qualities, and feeling free to do as you please with respect to other people’s boundaries are one of the main concepts of the Beonix festival.

Based on the trends, Beonix creators invited only real pearls of electronic music to perform at the event. Hosting DJs follow the latest music trends to please their listeners and offer them to travel to an unknown galaxy in search of new experiences and impressions. Hear them all to find your favorite.

Beonix Cosmic Atmosphere 

Restore your life colors by traveling to Europe and visiting the Beonix festival. This September in Cyprus, you have an exclusive opportunity to listen to all the EDM masters live.

An unforgettable atmosphere of holiday, novelty, and freedom is promised. Music accompanies our everyday life and brings more joy and power to it. And a unique location of the event will only increase this impact.

See you in Limassol, ETKO, 22-24 September!

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