10 Fun Rude Happy Birthday Songs for Adults

Fun Rude Happy Birthday Songs for Adults

Celebrate your friend’s birthday with a twist! A collection of fun and rude happy birthday songs for adults will add a hilarious touch to any birthday celebration.

Get ready to laugh!

1. Happy Birthday (Funny Dancing)

It’s your birthday, and you know what that means!

Time to bust out some of those ridiculous dance moves, put on a ‘happy birthday’ hat, blast the music and get ready to have a wild celebration.

It’s time for “Happy Birthday (Funny Dancing),” where you can forget your worries and show off your best dance moves.

So let’s start the party with a twist cause it’s time to have fun and be ridiculous!


“Birthday (Dirty) by PJ is the perfect addition to any adult’s birthday celebration.

Its witty lyrics and upbeat melody make it a hilarious surprise when sung around the birthday person.

3. F*ck! It’s Your Birthday!

‘Happy Birthday Bitch!’ by Dirty Hollywood is a hilariously rude Happy Birthday song for adults.

This irreverent track celebrates the profane and funny side of birthdays, poking fun at all the tired cliches with its naughty lyrics and catchy beat.

It’s perfect for birthday parties that don’t take themselves too seriously, giving everyone something to laugh at as they sing along to this song.

Whether you want to give someone a memorable and unique birthday gift or just have some fun on your own, ‘Happy Birthday Bitch!’ will surely make anyone’s special day even more special!

4. Birthday Song (Dirty) by 2 Chainz ft Kanye West

“Birthday Song (Dirty) by 2 Chainz ft Kanye West is the perfect banger for adults-only birthday bash.

It’s an irreverently fun way to recognize someone special as they celebrate another year around the sun.

Perfect for boisterously singing along with friends or starting a party on the dance floor, this song won’t leave anyone short of cake.

5. Funniest Birthday Song Ever

“Funniest Birthday Song Ever” for adults is a light-hearted take on the traditional birthday song.

With its witty lyrics and cheerful tune, it’s sure to get any adult birthday celebration going!

The song jokingly pokes fun at growing older with lines like “We all know you ain’t getting younger. Your age keeps getting longer!”

It’s sure to bring smiles and laughter as everyone joins in singing, reminding the celebrant that age is only a number and life should be enjoyed.

6. Total Ghost – Happy Birthday For You Person

“Happy Birthday For You, Person!” A hilarious yet highly irreverent birthday song from Total Ghost with a definite deadpan delivery that will undoubtedly bring out the laughter.

The track prominently features spooky sound effects and vibrant piano chords juxtaposed alongside dry wit vocals to create a truly unique take on the classic Happy Birthday song.

7. Luke – Its Your Birthday

“It’s Your Birthday” by Luke is the perfect track to make adults snicker and chuckle on that particular day.

This funny tune delivers a series of zany wishes with its upbeat rhythm, including “May your enemies lose more than money!” and “Long life to you, even if it’s not easy”.

This song has plenty of wits, with lyrics like “Not all birthdays come with good news”, and “open it up, start booing if it’s from your mom.”

And don’t forget the end of the chorus: “Happy birthday! Here comes the cake!”.

This track should do the trick if you’re looking for something lighthearted to get the party started.

8. Birthday – Twista

“Birthday” by Twista is an insane, rude, and highly entertaining take on the usual Happy Birthday Song.

Featuring a slew of hilarious rhymes and witty punchlines, it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter how old they are!

9. “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars is the ultimate song for adults to celebrate birthdays.

This groovy and upbeat tune will get the party started with its catchy lyrics and feel-good beats.

Who could resist singing along to this classic dance anthem? From the funky guitar licks to Bruno Mars’ iconic vocals, this song has it all and will bring much-needed fun to any birthday celebration.

So go ahead, crank up the volume, swing those hips, and shake that booty…it’s time for an Uptown Funk kind of Birthday!

10. Cheesy Happy Birthday Dance

11. Dirty 30 (30th birthday song) by Kell Brazil


I hope this list of fun rude happy birthday songs for adults has given you some inspiration on how to make your next birthday bash a memorable one.

With these songs, your guests will be sure to have a great time and make the day special.

Have fun singing and tweaking these tunes to make them extra personal. It will create lasting memories and spark plenty of laughter!

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