17 Most Popular Saddest 70s Songs, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Most Popular saddest song of the 70s, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Welcome music lovers to a trip down memory lane filled with nostalgia and melancholy.

The 1970s was an era of disco, rock, and soulful ballads that captured the hearts of many.

However, among all the upbeat tunes and groovy beats, some tear-jerking songs never failed to tug at our heartstrings.

So get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as we look at the sad 70s songs that will make you reminisce about lost loves and moments gone by.

1. You’re So Vain by Carly Simon

“You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon is a classic 70s song filled with emotion and melancholy. It captures the heartache and bitterness of unrequited love, making it the ultimate sad song of that era.

The lyrics are sharp and thought-provoking as they tell the story of a woman who falls for a man who is vain and self-absorbed, leaving her heartbroken.

2. It’s Too Late by Carole King

“It’s Too Late” by Carole King is a timeless ballad from the 70’s that has captured the hearts of listeners for decades.

This sad yet beautiful song is often regarded as one of the saddest songs from that era.

King’s emotional vocals and poignant lyrics tell a heart-wrenching story of a relationship that has ended.

With lines like “Something inside has died and I can’t hide, And I just can’t fake it,” the song captures the experience of heartbreak in its rawest form.

The simple yet powerful lyrics strike an emotional chord with listeners and make them relive their painful memories.

3.  Diary by Bread

“Diary by Bread ” is a sad 70s song with a lot of meaning in its lyrics.

The song tells the story of someone reflecting on their past and reminiscing about all the happy moments they shared with a loved one.

However, as time passes, they realize that those moments are now just memories and their loved one is no longer with them.

The song’s tone is sad yet hopeful, encouraging listeners to appreciate the present moment and cherish their loved ones while they still can.

4. Rainy Days and Mondays by The Carpenters

“Rainy Days and Mondays” by The Carpenters is a sad yet relatable song about the emotional toll a gloomy day and the start of the workweek can have on someone.

Released in 1971, during the height of their career, this ballad captures the essence of sadness and loneliness through its beautifully crafted lyrics.

The song talks about how these dismal days can make one feel downhearted, unmotivated, and yearning for someone to comfort them.

5. Kiss and Say Goodbye by The Manhattans

“Kiss and Say Goodbye” by The Manhattans is a classic sad song from the 70s that has become an anthem for heartbreak and moving on.

The song depicts a man who knows his relationship is ending, but instead of fighting for it, he says goodbye with one final kiss.

The lyrics are bittersweet as they express the pain of letting go of someone you love and the understanding that it’s for the best.

6. Rocket Man by Elton John

“Rocket Man” by Elton John is often described as one of the sad songs of the 70s.

It tells the story of a fictional astronaut who is isolated and miserable in space, longing for his family back on Earth.

The lyrics are profoundly emotional and paint a vivid picture of someone who feels disconnected from the world around them.

However, despite its sad tone, the music also has a sense of hope and determination that resonates with listeners.

7. Bell Bottom Blues by Derek & The Dominos

“Bell Bottom Blues” by Derek & The Dominos is considered one of the sad songs of the 70s.

Eric Clapton wrote this emotional ballad reflecting his heartbreak and longing for his ex-girlfriend.

The lyrics are filled with raw emotions and paint a picture of someone struggling to cope with the pain of losing love.

With lines like “I’d gladly do it because I don’t want to fade away,” Clapton captures the desperation and vulnerability that comes with a broken heart.

8. Piano Man by  Billy Joel

“Piano Man” is a timeless classic from the 70s that continues to capture hearts and souls through its poignant lyrics and soulful melody.

This song, written and performed by the legendary Billy Joel, has become an anthem for anyone who has ever felt lost or lonely in a crowded room.

It tells the story of a piano player in a bar who observes the different people who come in every night seeking solace from their troubles.

9. Goodbye Girl by David Gates

“Goodbye Girl” by David Gates is a heartfelt ballad that captures the essence of heartbreak and moving on in the 70s.

This sad and melancholy song tells the story of a man saying farewell to the girl he loves, who has left him behind.

The lyrics speak of nostalgia and bittersweet memories as the man struggles with their separation.

The calming melody and soothing vocals of David Gates add to the emotional depth of this song, making it a classic hit that continues to resonate with listeners even today.

10. The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young

“The Needle and the Damage Done” is a hauntingly beautiful song from the 70s written by legendary musician Neil Young.

It serves as a powerful commentary on the destructive grip of drug addiction during that era.

The song is filled with sadness and regret as Young sings about the inevitable destruction that comes with addiction, leaving listeners with a heavy heart.

11. Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin

“Cat’s in the Cradle” is a timeless song from the 70s that has touched the hearts of millions with its poignant lyrics and emotional melody.

Written and sung by Harry Chapin, it tells the story of a father who is too busy with work to spend time with his son.

As the years go by, he realizes that his son has grown up to be just like him, always busy and unable to make time for their relationship.

The song reminds parents to prioritize spending quality time with their children before it’s too late.

12. Life On Mars by David Bowie

“Life On Mars” by David Bowie is a sad and iconic song from the 70s that resonates with listeners today.

From the haunting piano melody to Bowie’s unique vocals, this song captures the feeling of isolation and longing for something more.

The lyrics paint a picture of a bleak world where everything is fake, and nothing is real, leaving one wondering if there is any hope for a better life on another planet.

13. King of Nothing by Seals and Crofts

“King of Nothing” by Seals and Crofts is a heart-wrenching ballad that tugs at the strings of our emotions.

Released in the 1970s, it was a time when music reflected the cultural and social changes happening in society.

This song beautifully captures the feelings of emptiness and loneliness experienced by many individuals during this era.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone who has lost everything and is left with nothing but his thoughts and regrets.

With hauntingly beautiful harmonies, Seals and Crofts deliver a powerful message about the consequences of chasing material possessions and neglecting what truly matters – love, relationships, and happiness.

14. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

“Immigrant Song” is an influential and iconic song from the 70s by the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin.

The song’s sad tone captures immigrants’ struggles and hardships in a new and unfamiliar land.

It speaks to the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and longing for home that many immigrants experience. The lyrics vividly depict someone starting a new life in a foreign country.

15. Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

“Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac is a timeless classic from the 1970s.

The sad tune, with its haunting lyrics and mesmerizing melody, tells the story of a lost love and the lingering pain it leaves behind.

It explores the bittersweet feelings of longing for someone no longer there, reminiscing about what once was, and wondering what could have been.

16. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan

“Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” is a sad tune from the 1973 self-titled album by Bob Dylan.

The lyrics and melodies are simple yet powerful, making it a timeless classic that resonates with listeners even after several decades.

It tells the story of a person on their deathbed, pleading for mercy and hoping to reach the gates of heaven.

The raw emotion in Dylan’s voice captures the pain and fear of facing mortality while conveying a sense of acceptance and peace.

17. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd is a poignant and emotional song that has remained popular since its release in the 1970s.

This melancholic track tells the story of longing for someone who is no longer around, physically or emotionally.

The lyrics speak of a deep feeling of emptiness and nostalgia as the singer reminisces about shared experiences and times gone by.

The gentle guitar intro sets the tone for this haunting melody, further enhanced by David Gilmour’s soulful vocals.


What music is associated with the 70s?

This period is known for its diverse musical styles, including disco, funk, hard rock, and soft rock.

Social and political movements such as the Civil Rights and Vietnam War heavily influenced the music scene.

Artists like David Bowie, Donna Summer, Led Zeppelin, and ABBA dominated the music charts.

Disco became popular with its upbeat rhythms and danceable tunes, while bands like Queen and Pink Floyd created epic rock anthems.

The 70s also saw the rise of singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, who wrote heartfelt lyrics over acoustic guitar melodies.

What made 70s music unique?

One of the reasons that made 70s music stand out was its diversity and experimentation.

It was a time when different genres coexisted, from disco to rock, funk to soul, creating a melting pot of musical influences.

Artists were unafraid to push boundaries and take risks, resulting in groundbreaking albums and songs that continue to be iconic.

Additionally, technological advancements in the recording industry allowed for new sounds and production techniques, adding another layer of uniqueness to the music of this era.

The lyrics also reflected the social and political climate of the time, addressing issues such as war, the civil rights movement, and environmental concerns.

Furthermore, fashion played a significant role in defining 70s music, with flamboyant outfits and hairstyles becoming synonymous with many artists.

Why is 70s music still popular?

The 70s were a decade filled with an eclectic mix of musical styles, ranging from disco and funk to rock and roll.

This diversity in music is one of the main reasons 70s music remains popular today.

The songs from this era hold a special place in people’s hearts as they evoke nostalgia and transport them back to a time filled with carefree vibes and memorable moments.

Additionally, the lyrics of 70s songs often touched upon important political and social issues, making them resonate with listeners even decades later.

The iconic artists of the 70s, such as Queen, ABBA, and Fleetwood Mac, continue to be celebrated for their timeless music that has stood the test of time.

Furthermore, many modern artists have been influenced by the sounds of the 70s and incorporate elements of it into their music, keeping the era’s influence alive in contemporary music.

Is the 70s more disco or hippie?

The 70s is often associated with disco and hippie culture, making it a decade of vibrant energy and freedom.

There is still some debate on whether the 70s was more disco or hippie.

On the one hand, disco music dominated the airwaves and dance floors during the era with its lively beats and flashy fashion choices.

It was a time of glitz and glamour, where people would dress up in sequin jumpsuits and frequent glamorous clubs to dance the night away.

On the other hand, the hippie movement also significantly influenced the 70s.

The iconic peace signs, tie-dye clothing, and bohemian lifestyle became popular.

The hippies embraced free love, individualism, and a back-to-nature mentality that represented their rejection of traditional values.

So, while disco may have been more prominent in mainstream culture, there’s no denying the lasting impact of the hippie movement on fashion, music, and society as a whole during this vibrant decade.


While the 1970s may be remembered as a decade of disco and upbeat pop hits, it produced some truly sad and passionate songs.

From heartfelt ballads to soulful rock tunes, the list of sad 70s songs encapsulates the range of emotions felt during that time.

These songs continue to resonate with us today, reminding us that sadness is a universal feeling and that even in our lowest moments, we can find solace in music.


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