17 Saddest Billie Eilish Songs, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Most Saddest Billie Eilish Songs, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Hey there, fellow Billie Eilish fans!

As we all know, the talented young songstress has a knack for writing emotionally charged songs that have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

From heart-wrenching lyrics to haunting melodies, her music has a way of tapping into our deepest emotions.

So, in honor of her incredible talent and ability to evoke such raw feelings, we’ve compiled a list of the saddest Billie Eilish songs.

Get ready to dive into a world of powerful storytelling through music. Let’s begin!

1. Listen Before I Go

Listen Before I Go by Billie Eilish is often considered one of her saddest songs, and it’s not hard to see why.

With hauntingly beautiful vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics, this song captures the desperation and hopelessness in a relationship that has fallen apart.

The vulnerable vulnerability in Eilish’s voice as she sings about wanting someone to listen before she goes is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

2. Ocean Eyes

“Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish is arguably one of her saddest songs. The hauntingly beautiful lyrics combined with her melancholic vocals transport listeners to a state of deep emotion.

The song describes the overwhelming feeling of falling in love and being completely consumed by it and the fear and vulnerability that come with it.

Billie’s vocals paint a vivid picture of longing and desperation, as if she pleads for someone to see her for who she truly is behind the facade she puts up.

The soft piano melody adds to the overall somber tone of the song, making it impossible not to feel every word deeply.

3. Everything I Wanted

“Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish is an emotionally charged song that touches on mental health and the struggles of fame.

As a young artist, Billie has faced immense success and recognition, but with that comes the pressure to constantly perform and meet expectations.

In this song, she opens up about her deepest fears and insecurities, wishing to escape the intense spotlight.

The haunting lyrics and melancholic melody perfectly convey the weight of her thoughts, offering a glimpse into the vulnerable side of stardom.

With her signature ethereal vocals, Billie captures the listener’s attention and paints a picture of her inner turmoil in a raw and honest manner.

4. I Love You

“I Love You” by Billie Eilish is a powerful and dynamic ballad that captures the raw feelings of love and heartache.

You are immediately drawn into the song’s emotional journey when you hear Billie’s hauntingly beautiful voice.

The lyrics perfectly depict the intense vulnerability and fear that can come with falling in love. It’s a reminder that love can sometimes be messy, complicated, and even painful.

As the chorus hits, we are swept away by the heavy beats and melancholy melody, feeling every word as if it were our own.

5. Ilomilo

“Ilomilo” by Billie Eilish is a beautifully sad song that captures the essence of heartbreak and loneliness.

The haunting melody and sad lyrics perfectly convey the emotions of being lost in a relationship, unable to find your way back to your loved one.

Billie’s angelic voice is filled with raw emotion as she sings about feeling disconnected and abandoned, like the characters from the video game “Ilomilo.”

This song serves as a reminder that even though love can bring immense joy, it can also leave us shattered and searching for answers.

6. Bored

Billie Eilish, known for her hauntingly beautiful and emotionally charged music, has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide.

One song that stands out in this category is “Bored” – a soulful yet melancholic track that showcases Billie’s raw and emotional vocals.

The song portrays disinterest and boredom in a way that hits home for many listeners.

With lyrics like “What do you want from me? Why don’t you run from me?” and “I’m just kinda bored,” it’s evident that Billie is expressing her inner struggles through this powerful song.

As she sings about feeling lost and uninterested in life, we can’t help but feel the weight behind her words.

7. Lovely

“Lovely” by Billie Eilish is a hauntingly beautiful song that captures sadness and loneliness.

With her signature soft vocals and melancholy lyrics, Billie takes us on a journey through the dark corners of her mind, where she grapples with feelings of isolation and despair.

The delicate piano melody and subtle beats create a somber atmosphere, inviting us to feel every word she sings.

As we listen to the heartfelt expressions of pain and longing in Billie’s voice, we can’t help but be drawn into her world of heartache.

8. 6.18.18

“6.18.18” is a heart-wrenching track by the talented singer-songwriter Billie Eilish that strikes a chord with listeners through its raw emotion and sad lyrics.

The song captures the longing for someone no longer present in your life, tinged with regret and sadness.

Eilish’s haunting vocals and minimalistic production create an eerie atmosphere, perfectly reflecting the song’s somber mood.

9. Everybody Dies

“Everybody Dies” is a sad yet powerful song by the immensely talented and young artist Billie Eilish.

Her hauntingly beautiful vocals bring to life the harsh reality that no one can escape death.

The lyrics are raw and honest, capturing the inevitability of mortality in a way that leaves you with a heavy feeling in your heart.

Billie’s signature soft whispering tones and the sad melody create a perfect atmosphere for reflecting on our mortality.

10. Xanny

“Xanny” by Billie Eilish is a hauntingly beautiful song that delves into the struggles of substance abuse and addiction.

With her soft and melancholic vocals, Billie paints a vivid picture of the numbing effects of drugs and alcohol, taking the listener on an emotional journey through her lyrics.

The title itself references the prescription drug Xanax, which is often abused as a way to numb pain or escape reality.

As she sings about being surrounded by “xanny friends,” it becomes evident that Billie speaks from personal experience and uses her music to cope with her battles.

11. Halley’s Comet

“Halley’s Comet” by Billie Eilish is a hauntingly beautiful and sad song that captures the deep emotions of sadness and longing.

The lyrics paint a picture of a person who feels lost and adrift, like a comet traveling through space without direction or purpose.

As her signature soft voice sings of “silence screaming in her head,” we can’t help but feel drawn into the emotional turmoil she describes.

12. Hostage

“Hostage” by Billie Eilish is a hauntingly beautiful song that tugs at your heartstrings. It’s a melancholic track that explores the theme of being held captive by someone you love.

Through her soothing yet powerful vocals, Billie captures the feeling of being trapped in a toxic relationship and yearning for freedom.

Soft piano melodies and somber beats set the mood for this emotional journey.

As the lyrics unfold, you can feel the desperation and vulnerability in every word, as if Billie herself is pleading for release from this love that has become like a prison.

13. Six Feet Under

“Six Feet Under” by Billie Eilish is a hauntingly beautiful song that tugs at the heartstrings.

It’s a sad track, showcasing Billie’s raw and emotive vocals in all its glory.

The lyrics paint a picture of longing for someone who has passed away, with lines like “Our love is six feet under, I can’t help but wonder if the rain watered our grave.”

The slow and ethereal melody adds to the song’s overall mood, leaving listeners feeling lost and longing for something they can never have.

14. When The Party’s Over

“When The Party’s Over” is a heart-wrenching and sad song by the immensely talented Billie Eilish.

With her hauntingly beautiful vocals, she paints a picture of someone during an emotional breakdown after a wild party.

The lyrics describe feeling used and drained, with lines like “Quiet when I’m coming home and I’m on my own.”

Her voice conveys a sense of sadness and despair that resonates deeply with listeners. The minimalistic production adds to the song’s overall mood, making it feel raw and vulnerable.

15. Idontwannabeyouanymore

“Idontwannabeyouanymore” is a sad and emotional song that captures Billie Eilish’s raw vulnerability.

Her smooth vocals and haunting lyrics express her inner turmoil and conflicted feelings towards someone who has hurt her.

Eilish’s voice exudes sadness and resignation as she sings about wanting to change and escape from the toxic relationship.

The song portrays the deep emotions of heartbreak and showcases Eilish’s ability to connect with her audience through her music.

16. Male Fantasy

“Male Fantasy” by Billie Eilish is a heart-wrenching song that displays Eilish’s raw emotion and vulnerability.

This sad song delves into the complexities of relationships, specifically the societal pressure for men to fulfill certain expectations in a partnership.

Eilish’s haunting vocals and melancholic instrumentals create a somber atmosphere, amplifying the lyrics’ message.

The track conveys the struggles of living up to these constructed standards, leading to insecurity and inadequacy.

17. Bury A Friend

“Bury A Friend” by Billie Eilish is a hauntingly beautiful song that delves into the darker side of our minds.

With its eerie beat and chilling lyrics, it’s no surprise that many have labeled it as one of her “sad songs.”

The song tells the story of someone who feels like they are trapped in their mind, unable to escape from their inner demons.

It speaks about feeling isolated and misunderstood, wanting to hide those negative thoughts and feelings.

Billie’s breathy vocals add an extra layer of emotion to the already powerful lyrics, making the listener feel every ounce of pain and loneliness in her words.

About Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a young and incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and musician from Los Angeles, California.

At 19 years old, she has taken the music industry by storm with her unique style and hauntingly beautiful voice.

She first gained recognition in 2016 when she released her single “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud, which quickly went viral.

Since then, Billie has been breaking records and winning multiple prestigious awards for her music, including five Grammy Awards in 2020.

Her songs often touch upon dark themes such as mental health, relationships, and personal struggles, making her lyrics relatable to many listeners.

Along with her brother Finneas O’Connell, who collaborates with her on most of her tracks, Billie has created a niche in the world of alternative-pop music.

Despite all her success, Billie stays true to herself and amazes fans with her raw talent and authenticity.


What song did Billie Eilish cry to?

One of the most emotional songs that Billie Eilish has cried to is “When the Party’s Over.”

This song touches on themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and vulnerability, all feelings Billie has been open and transparent about in her music.

As she sings about wanting to leave a toxic relationship but feeling stuck, her hauntingly beautiful vocals, combined with the melancholic instrumentals, make for a heartbreaking moment.

Why does Billie Eilish rarely smile?

Many have wondered why she rarely smiles publicly and during performances.

This could be attributed to the persona she has created through her music and image.

Billie’s lyrics often touch upon dark themes such as depression, anxiety, and heartbreak, which may reflect her struggles.

In addition, at the young age of 18, she has achieved immense success and fame worldwide, which can also come with its own set of challenges and pressures.

Moreover, as an artist who values authenticity and honesty, Billie may express herself without conforming to societal expectations of constantly smiling or appearing happy.

Why does Billie Eilish have lazy eyes?

There has been a lot of speculation about why Billie Eilish has lazy eyes.

Some have suggested that it results from her genetics, while others think it could be due to certain medical conditions.

However, the truth is that only Billie knows the real reason behind her lazy eyes. It’s a part of who she is and does not define her as an artist or a person.

In fact, many fans appreciate her unique look and find it endearing.

What matters most is that Billie continues creating incredible music and inspiring fans worldwide with her talent and authenticity.

What do Billie Eilish’s eyes have?

Billie Eilish, the talented singer-songwriter and Grammy award winner, has captivated audiences with her unique style and music.

One of the most striking features of her appearance is undoubtedly her eyes.

Her piercing blue-green eyes have been a topic of fascination for many fans.

Besides their stunning color, Billie’s eyes also possess an intense gaze that conveys a wide range of emotions.

They reflect the rawness and vulnerability in her music, showcasing her confident and bold personality.

Billie’s eyes seem to draw us in with every song and performance and hold us captive.

Whether on stage or in music videos, her gaze commands attention and adds an undeniable depth to her artistry.

One can’t help but wonder what secrets lie behind those bright blue-green orbs as they watch Billie perform.

Her eyes truly are a true reflection of her persona – mesmerizing, mysterious, and unforgettable.


While every Billie Eilish song holds its own unique emotion and meaning, these songs mentioned in our list of saddest Billie Eilish songs genuinely showcase the depth and complexity of her artistry.

Each song allows listeners to delve into their emotions and experiences, from haunting melodies to raw and vulnerable lyrics.

Whether you’re going through a hard time or want to appreciate the beauty in sadness, listen to these songs for a bittersweet journey with Billie Eilish’s music.

Thank you for reading our list, and we hope it brought you closer to understanding the heart and soul behind Billie’s incredible talent.

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