17 Most Saddest The Weeknd Songs That Will Make You Cry, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Most Saddest The Weeknd Songs That Will Make You Cry, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Have you ever listened to Best The Weeknd’s songs and got lost in his hauntingly beautiful lyrics?

If yes, then this post is for you. The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, has captured our hearts with his unique R&B and pop music blend.

And while he may be famous for his upbeat tracks, there is no denying the emotional depth in Saddest The Weeknd Songs.

So get your tissues ready as we dive deep into the list of popular sad The Weeknd songs that will tug at your heartstrings.

1. The Town

“The Town” by The Weeknd is a hauntingly beautiful song that captures the pain and longing of lost love.

The slow and sad melody and The Weeknd’s signature soulful vocals create a powerful and emotional listening experience.

The lyrics tell the story of a man reminiscing about his past relationship with someone from “the town,” reflecting on their good times and his regret for letting her go.

It’s a heartbreaking depiction of the aftermath of a breakup, filled with raw vulnerability and honest emotions.

2. Same Old Song

“Same Old Song” by The Weeknd is a sad yet soulful track that captures the bittersweet emotions of heartache and longing.

The song beautifully portrays the repetitive nature of heartbreak as the artist croons about being stuck in an endless cycle of pain and regret.

With his trademark haunting vocals, The Weeknd’s lyrics are raw and honest, reflecting on a toxic relationship that he can’t seem to break free from.

This sad and heartfelt song resonates with anyone who has been through a tumultuous romance where every attempt at moving on seems futile.

3. I Was Never There (Feat. Gesaffelstein)

“I Was Never There” is a haunting and sad track by the Canadian R&B artist The Weeknd.

From the first note, the song immerses you in a somber atmosphere that perfectly captures the heartache and loneliness.

The slow-paced beat and distorted vocals add to this sad song’s eerie and emotional vibe.

As The Weeknd sings about being unable to commit to a relationship fully, one cannot help but feel his pain and despair.

4. Montreal

“Montreal” by The Weeknd is a melancholic masterpiece that captures the heartbreak and longing felt after a breakup.

The song’s haunting lyrics paint a vivid picture of a lost love, with imagery of empty streets and late-night drives through Montreal.

The soft and smooth vocals of The Weeknd blend perfectly with the subtle yet powerful beats that ebb and flow throughout the track.

“Montreal” evokes sadness and nostalgia, making it a favorite among those who have experienced heartache.

5. Until I Bleed Out

“Until I Bleed Out” is a hauntingly beautiful track by the talented artist The Weeknd.

This song captures the raw emotion of heartbreak and pain in a way that is both relatable and deeply moving.

From the sad melody to the powerful lyrics, it’s hard not to feel sad while listening to this masterpiece.

The Weeknd’s haunting vocals add another layer of depth to the song, as he sings about being consumed by his feelings until there’s nothing left but emptiness.

The use of metaphors and imagery throughout the lyrics paints a vivid picture of someone drowning in their sorrow, unable to escape their thoughts and emotions.

6. Wicked Games

“Wicked Games” by The Weeknd is a hauntingly beautiful song that showcases his raw emotion and powerful vocals.

From the very first note, you can feel the pain and sadness in his voice as he sings about a toxic and destructive relationship.

The lyrics are heart-wrenching, describing the twisted games played between two people who cannot seem to break away from each other.

7. Echoes of Silence

“Echoes of Silence” by The Weeknd is a sad and haunting song that showcases the artist’s raw emotions.

The lyrics are filled with pain and regret as The Weeknd sings about a toxic relationship that has left him feeling empty and alone.

The slow, atmospheric beat of the song perfectly captures the somber tone, making it almost impossible not to feel the weight of his vocals.

In the chorus “I’m drowning in the echoes of silence,” one can’t help but be moved by his vulnerability and sense of hopelessness.

8. As You Are

“As You Are” is a heart-wrenching song by The Weeknd that showcases his raw and emotional vocals.

This melancholic track delves into the pain and hurt of a toxic relationship.

With hauntingly beautiful lyrics, The Weeknd describes the struggles of being in love with someone who constantly demands change from him yet never fully appreciates him for who he is.

His soulful voice brings out the sadness and vulnerability of the situation, making it a relatable and touching experience for listeners.

9. Tears in the Rain

“Tears in the Rain” by The Weeknd is a melancholic masterpiece that captures the pain and heartache of lost love.

With hauntingly beautiful melodies and haunting lyrics, this song takes us through the emotional journey of someone struggling to move on from a past relationship.

The smooth and soulful vocals of The Weeknd add depth and rawness to the song, making it impossible not to feel every emotion he sings about.

From reminiscing about old memories to questioning why things had to end, “Tears in the Rain” brings out all the bittersweet feelings associated with a breakup.

10. Alone Again

“Alone Again” by The Weeknd is a melancholic masterpiece that perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness.

This sad track, released in 2020, reflects on the struggles of being alone and the emptiness that comes with it.

The Weeknd’s smooth vocals and haunting instrumentals create an emotionally charged atmosphere that draws listeners into a world of heartache and isolation.

11. The Knowing

“The Knowing” by The Weeknd is a sad and emotionally charged song that captures the essence of heartbreak and longing.

The haunting vocals and the sad melody create an immersive experience for listeners as they are drawn into the depths of the singer’s pain.

The lyrics delve into the complexities of a failed relationship, with themes of betrayal, regret, and abandonment woven throughout.

The raw vulnerability in The Weeknd’s voice distinctly portrays the depth of his emotions, making it a powerful and relatable track for anyone who has experienced heartache.

12. The Birds

“The Birds” by The Weeknd is a compelling and sad song that captures the essence of heartbreak and longing.

With his haunting vocals and poignant lyrics, The Weeknd paints a vivid picture of a broken relationship filled with empty promises and unfulfilled desires.

Birds are used as a metaphor to represent the fleeting nature of love and how it can easily slip away, leaving one feeling lost and alone.

The song’s slow tempo and somber tone perfectly convey the sadness of letting go of someone you once held dear.

It is a song that tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you with raw emotion.

13. Privilege

“Privilege” by The Weeknd is a heart-wrenching and emotional song that beautifully captures the pain and sadness of a failed relationship.

Opening with melancholy piano chords, The Weeknd’s smooth vocals draw us into a breakup story.

He reflects on his mistakes and acknowledges how he took advantage of his partner’s unwavering love and loyalty.

As the song progresses, we can feel the raw emotions behind every lyric as he questions if his ex-lover will ever forgive him for hurting them.

14. Valerie

“Valerie” by The Weeknd is a song that truly captures the essence of heartbreak.

With his signature sorrowful vocals, The Weeknd paints a vivid picture of losing someone he loved and the pain that comes with it.

The lyrics are raw and honest, showcasing his vulnerability as he reminisces on their shared memories.

As the haunting instrumental builds up in the background, you can feel the intensity of his emotions escalating with each beat.

It’s a sad journey through love and loss, with heartfelt lines like “Now I’m wishing you’d come back to me” and “Nothing else matters when you’re not around.”

15. Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)

“Till Dawn” by The Weeknd is a hauntingly beautiful song that captures the essence of sadness and heartbreak.

It tells the story of a person struggling to move on from a broken relationship, clinging onto memories and unable to let go.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone lost and alone, wandering through the night for solace.

The gentle melody and The Weeknd’s smooth and soulful vocals add to the song’s melancholy tone.

16. Call Out My Name

“Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd is a powerful and emotionally charged song that encapsulates the pain and hurt caused by a failed relationship.

The haunting lyrics in the singer’s signature soulful vocals express a deep longing and desperation for an old love.

The song’s melancholy tone is further heightened by the slow, almost mournful beat that carries it from start to finish.

This heart-wrenching ballad delves into the raw emotions of heartbreak, betrayal, and acceptance that come with letting go of someone you once loved.

17. After Hours

“After Hours” by The Weeknd is a captivating track that takes listeners on a dark and twisted journey through the artist’s mind.

Released in 2020, this song showcases The Weeknd’s signature blend of R&B and pop, while also infusing elements of alternative and electronic music.

The lyrics dive deep into themes of pain, regret, and loneliness as The Weeknd sings about his struggles with fame and relationships.

About The Weeknd

The Weeknd, named Abel Tesfaye, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer.

He gained popularity in 2010 when he anonymously uploaded several songs to YouTube under “The Weeknd.”

His unique blend of R&B and dark pop has captured audiences worldwide, making him one of the most successful artists in recent years.

The Weeknd’s music often explores themes of love, sex, and drugs, drawing from his personal experiences and struggles.

He has collaborated with numerous artists such as Daft Punk, Beyoncé, and Future, earning him multiple Grammy nominations and several chart-topping hits.

Despite his immense success, The Weeknd remains humble and genuine, often using his platform to raise awareness for social issues.

Fans admire him for his musical talent, authenticity, and passion for creating meaningful music.

The Weeknd pushes boundaries with each album release and solidifies his place in the music industry as a true artist.


What is The Weeknd’s least popular song?

With hit songs like “Blinding Lights” and “Can’t Feel My Face,” it’s hard to imagine The Weeknd having the least popular song.

However, if we chose one that doesn’t receive as much recognition as his other works, it would be “Love To Lay” from his 2016 album Starboy.

Despite its catchy beat and smooth vocals, the song didn’t quite make it onto the charts or gain much attention compared to his other tracks.

What songs did The Weeknd write by himself?

Some of his most notable solo works include “Can’t Feel My Face,” “The Hills,” “Starboy,” and “Blinding Lights.”

These chart-topping hits showcase The Weeknd’s exceptional vocals and his ability to craft addictive and memorable melodies.

What is The Weeknd’s main genre?

His music has been widely recognized for its unique sound and style, but his main genre can be described as a blend of R&B, pop, and alternative music.

Why is The Weeknd so good?

His music has captivated and enchanted audiences all over the world. But what exactly makes him so good?

Firstly, his unique and captivating voice sets him apart from other artists.

His smooth and soulful vocals have a wide range that can hit high notes effortlessly while also being able to convey deep emotions.

Secondly, The Weeknd’s lyrics are raw and honest, often drawing from his experiences and struggles.

This authenticity resonates with listeners and makes them feel connected to his music more deeply.

Another reason for his success is his ability to experiment with different genres, such as R&B, pop, and even electronic music, without compromising quality.


The Weeknd has captured our hearts with his emotionally charged and raw music.

From heartbreak to loneliness, he has a way of conveying deep emotions that resonate with us all.

These sad songs remind us of the power of music to connect us and make us feel less alone in our struggles.

Whether you’re going through a tough time or simply in need of a good cry, these songs are sure to touch your soul and leave you feeling both sad and comforted at the same time.

So grab some tissues and listen to these heartbreaking tracks from The Weeknd – but don’t forget to appreciate the beauty in his pain.

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