Single Chain vs. Double Chain Kick Pedal: Can You Spot These Differences?

Single Chain vs. Double Chain Kick Pedal - Can You Spot These Differences

Today, you and we will learn about the main difference between single chain vs double chain kick pedals. In the end, you will know what suits you best. So let’s read!

Single Chain vs. Double Chain Kick Pedal: Comparison Table

The chain-drive pedal is the most popular when it comes to Kick Pedal Drive.

As its name suggests, it uses a chain combined with the cam of the pedal to transfer your foot’s motion into the beater’s motion.

Chains have the benefits of being stable in size and flexible in the shape, meaning they do not stretch. The chain-drive pedal comes with two designs: single- and double-chain designs.

Single and double chain-drive drum pedals are the most prevalent in the industry. But what is the difference between the two?

The Single Chain Pedal

The Double Chain Pedal

  • Operate with a single chain connecting the beater with your footboard.
  • Operate with two (double) chains.
  • Cheaper.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Easy to find.
  • More popular.
  • Stronger and more durable.
  • More comfortable to use.
  • Deliver more footboard stability.
  • Great for metal, rock, and similar genres.
  • More fragile.
  • Less durable and less effective.
  • Chains are easier to break.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Tend to make you feel heavy under your feet.

Single Chain vs. Double Chain Kick Pedal: What Is the Main Difference?


Single or double-chain kick pedals are the most popular in the drum industry, mainly because they are available at low prices.

These pedals are named double or single as they operate with two (double) chains or a single chain connecting the beater and your footboard.


  • The Single Chain

The single chain is the cheapest option available when it comes to the kick pedal.

It is typically built with the least amount of materials and doesn’t require much effort and time to craft.

Also, the single chain pedal is a bit quicker. It features fewer points of contact, resulting in less friction.

So it’s very popular when players need more speed and prefer the “chain feel.”

Just because the single chain pedals tend to be cheaper doesn’t mean that they are lower models.

The price difference is mainly down to the production cost rather than the model’s toolkit itself.

  • The Double Chain

The double chain kick pedal is considered more popular than its single counterpart. It is typically more durable and delivers more footboard stability with less or no “side to side” friction.

The double drum pedals are also commonly associated with Metal music genres since they often combine a lot of fast double bass drum patterns and grooves.

The double pedal feature a second ‘slave’ pedal attached to a second beater through the drive shaft.

So you can play your bass drum with both feet with two separate pedals simultaneously. As a result, you can make some exciting bass drum patterns.


  • The Single Chain

The single-chain pedal tends to be quite flimsy and is typically not considered the pedal for professionals.

It is easy to find this type of beginner to intermediate offering or the lightweight pedal that is designed to offer you a more classic feel and look.

Also, you may see and feel a bit of side-to-side movement with your footboard, which may decrease the pedal’s responsiveness.

  • The Double Chain

Although the double chain kick pedal is durable, there is a chance that the chain will wear out over time.

Also, it can be a bit more complicated to set up your double chain pedal.

This type usually requires a higher level of drumming. So if you’re new to drumming, it’s wise to get used to a single chain pedal first!

These pedals also tend to make you feel a bit heavy under your feet. However, this extra weight may give you more force.

Single Chain vs. Double Chain Kick Pedal: Which Is For You?

The answer should depend mostly on your playing style, the music you intend to play, and your current drumming ability.

Generally, the double chain may deliver a little more lateral stability, while its single counterpart will often feel more agile and slightly lighter. But there are only subtleties.

The choice should be based on your preferences. Since everyone has different needs, I believe you should not rely too much on advice on the internet.

Instead, it is best to take the time to go to your local drum shop or guitar center and play every pedal they have to offer.

Then you will know what works best for you. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” right?

The double chain is excellent for me, and I usually use it 80% of the time.

On the double chain, you can expect more power, durability, and speed on your throw. It is suitable for rock and especially metal.

In addition, the more significant popularity of the double chain kick pedal is also related to several factors, including more forward control or the ability to withstand the pressure of playing harder.

Although single chains are a bit faster, they lack the durability and stability of heavy use. As a result, they tend to be more suitable for beginners, while professional players often avoid them.

Additionally, single chains are most common on entry-level pedals or less expensive models.


Is Drum Double Pedal  Necessary?

There will be some tempo that you cannot achieve. No matter how fast you are, physics is working against you. That’s when the double chain pedal comes in handy. This type will make it much easier to get the sound you desire.

What Is a Double Kick Drum Pedal?

The double pedals operate with two (double) chains connecting the beater and your footboard.

Do I Need Double Kick Pedals?

The answer depends on your playing style, the music you intend to play, and your current drumming ability. These pedals tend to outperform their single counterparts.

However, this type tends to be more expensive and suitable for experienced drummers. So if you’re a beginner and need an entry-level model, you should consider the single chain pedal.

Are All Kick Pedals the Same?

The short answer is no. The kick pedal comes in various types, including:

  • Chain-drive Pedal (includes single chain and double chain kick pedals).
  • Direct-drive Pedal.
  • Belt-drive Pedal.

Is Chain Drive or Direct Drive Better?

While every drummer you talk to will have a different opinion, it’s essential to know that the “better” option is always the one that works best for you.

So, you will need to try each one, adjust, feel and make your own decision.

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