17 Most Popular Songs That Start With the Letter Z, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Most Popular Songs That Start With the Letter Z, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Are you searching for the Most Popular Songs That Start With the Letter Z to listen to?

We have compiled a list of the most popular songs that start with the letter Z.

So turn up the volume and prepare for a journey through the alphabet with these catchy tunes that all start with Z.

1. Zooropa by U2

Zooropa by U2 is a powerful and thought-provoking song that explores living in a world dominated by media and technology.

The name “Zooropa” comes from combining the words “zoo” and “Europe,” creating a metaphor for society’s constant obsession with entertainment and superficiality.

The lyrics urge listeners to question their reliance on these distractions, as lead singer Bono sings, “It’s not a place / This country is to me a sound / Of drum and bass / You close your eyes to look around.”

The catchy melody and electronic beats add to the overall atmosphere of this song, making it both captivating and haunting.

2. “Zero The Hero” by Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath, one of rock history’s most iconic and influential bands, gave us the epic song “Zero The Hero.”

This powerful track blends heavy riffs, haunting vocals, and hard-hitting drums.

But beyond its musicality, the song holds a deeper meaning. It tells the story of a character deemed worthless by society and feels invisible.

However, as the lyrics progress, we see this person rising above their struggles and becoming a hero in their own right.

3. “Zoe Jane” by Staind

“Zoe Jane” is a heartfelt and emotional song by Staind. The lyrics talk about lead singer Aaron Lewis’ daughter, Zoe Jane, and his experience as a father.

With delicate guitar strumming and Lewis’ raw vocals, the song beautifully captures the love and bond between a parent and child.

The lyrics: “I wanna hold you protectively,” expresses the fear of losing his precious daughter in this chaotic world.

4. Zombie by The Cranberries

“Zombie” by The Cranberries is a powerful song that speaks about the violence and turmoil present in Northern Ireland during The Troubles.

The song’s lyrics were written as a tribute to two young boys who were killed in an IRA bombing in 1993, and it has become an anthem of peace and unity.

The title “Zombie” is a metaphor for the senseless killing and destruction that was taking place during this time.

5. Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie

“Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie is a dynamic and iconic song.

The song tells the story of Ziggy Stardust, a flamboyant and androgynous rockstar who rises to fame and ultimately meets his downfall.

It explores themes of self-destruction, excess, and the fleeting nature of stardom.

With its infectious guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and unique blend of rock and glam influences, “Ziggy Stardust” remains one of Bowie’s most beloved songs.

6. “Zombie Stomp” by Ozzy Osbourne

“Zombie Stomp” is a rock song by legendary musician Ozzy Osbourne.

The track was released in 1995 as part of his album Ozzmosis and has since become a fan favorite.

The lyrics tell the story of a world that has been taken over by zombies, with references to classic horror movies such as Night of the Living Dead.

However, upon closer inspection, the song can also be interpreted as a commentary on society’s mindless conformity and lack of individuality.

7. “Zoosk Girl” by Flo Rida

Flo Rida’s hit song “Zoosk Girl” is a fun and upbeat anthem that tells the story of a man who meets a special girl on the popular dating app Zoosk.

The song starts with catchy electronic beats and Flo Rida’s signature rap flow, as he describes how this “Zoosk Girl” caught his eye with her charming smile and flirty texts.

The chorus explodes with vibrant energy as Flo Rida sings about their potential chemistry and the sparks flying between them.

8. ZEZE by Kodak Black (Feat. Travis Scott & Offset)

“ZEZE” is a viral song by Kodak Black featuring Travis Scott and Offset.

Kodak Black boasts about his lavish lifestyle and expensive possessions, bragging about his diamonds and designer clothes.

Travis Scott and Offset add their verses that touch on similar topics, elevating the song’s overall message to one that celebrates materialism and excess.

9. Zeus by Eminem

“Zeus” by Eminem is a powerful and thought-provoking song that starts with the letter Z.

It showcases the legendary rapper’s raw and honest emotions as he delves into personal struggles, societal issues, and controversies surrounding his career.

The song responds to the backlash he received from some of his recent lyrics, where he unapologetically addresses his thoughts on various topics.

With hard-hitting bars and clever wordplay, Eminem effortlessly conveys the message of standing up for yourself and not letting others tear you down.

10. Zero by Chris Brown

“Zero” by Chris Brown is an upbeat and energetic song that starts with the letter Z. It’s a fun and catchy pop track with a deeper meaning.

The song’s lyrics are about returning from a toxic relationship and finding your self-worth and confidence again.

He encourages listeners to let go of anyone who brings them down and embrace their independence, singing “You’re just another X / Why you trying to hold me back? / I’m moving on to better things.”

11. “Zorro’s Ascent” by Alice Cooper

“Zorro’s Ascent” is a powerful and epic song by the legendary rock artist Alice Cooper.

The lyrics tell the story of Zorro, the brave and daring masked vigilante, as he rides through the night sky with his trusty sword.

The song captures the spirit of adventure and rebellion with its guitars and intense vocals. Alice Cooper’s unique style adds a touch of darkness to this already thrilling tale.

12. “Zero Mechanism” by The Used

“Zero Mechanism” by The Used is a punk rock anthem that explores the theme of self-realization and breaking free from societal expectations.

The lyrics describe the struggle of feeling trapped in a life where you are expected to conform and behave in a certain way.

The title refers to being stuck in a “mechanism” or system that controls your actions and thoughts, leaving little room for individuality.

13. Zack and Codeine by Post Malone

“Zack and Codeine” is a track by Post Malone, released in 2018 as part of his album “Beerbongs & Bentleys.”

The song title refers to two substances often used for their intoxicating effects – codeine, a pain-relieving drug, and Zack (a nickname for Xanax), an anti-anxiety medication.

In the lyrics, Post Malone talks about his struggles with fame and how he copes with it through using these drugs.

The dark song reflects the messy and sometimes destructive lifestyle of being a successful musician.

14. Zero by The Smashing Pumpkins

“Zero” by The Smashing Pumpkins is a powerful and energetic song that has captivated listeners since its release in 1995.

The song starts with a driving guitar riff and an intense drum beat, setting the tone for the rest of the track.

As lead singer Billy Corgan’s distinct vocals kick in, we journey through frustration, defiance, and self-empowerment themes.

The lyrics delve into feeling like an outcast and being fed up with societal norms, as the lyric exemplifies, “Emptiness is loneliness and loneliness is cleanliness.”

15. “Zen Brain” by Nada Surf

“Zen Brain” by Nada Surf is a reflective and thought-provoking song that explores the concept of mindfulness and living in the present moment.

The lyrics delve into quieting our overactive minds and simply experiencing life without judgment or attachment.

The repetition in the chorus, “I wish I had a zen brain,” emphasizes the desire for a calm and peaceful state of mind.

This song encourages listeners to let go of stress and worry and find contentment in just being.

16. Zanzibar by Billy Joel

“Zanzibar” by Billy Joel is a soulful and captivating song that tells the story of a man struggling with heartache and longing for escape.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania known for its vibrant culture and beautiful beaches.

However, as the song progresses, it becomes clear that this exotic location is just a metaphor for the protagonist’s desire to leave behind his troubled past and start anew.

17. Zendaya by Cozz (Feat, J. Cole)

“Zendaya” by Cozz featuring J. Cole is a beautifully crafted song that speaks to the struggles of staying true to oneself while navigating the ups and downs of fame and fortune.

The song is an ode to actress and singer Zendaya, who has gracefully maintained her authenticity in a world that often tries to change or mold people into something they are not.


What is the Z pop genre?

Z pop, short for “Generation Z pop,” is a relatively new genre of music that has gained popularity among the younger generation.

It is a fusion of K-pop, J-pop, and Western pop music, with catchy beats, colorful visuals, and upbeat rhythms.

The songs often feature lyrics focusing on self-expression, individuality, and empowerment, which resonate well with the Gen Z crowd.

What is Gen Z top music genre?

Gen Z, or the iGeneration, is a demographic group born between the mid-1990s and late 2000s.

This tech-savvy and socially conscious generation has a diverse taste in music.

One of the top music genres for Gen Z is hip-hop/rap, with artists like Drake, Travis Scott, and Cardi B dominating the charts.

This genre resonates with Gen Z’s love for catchy beats and meaningful lyrics that often address social issues.

Pop is another popular genre among this generation, with artists like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes leading the pack.

Pop music’s upbeat and energetic nature appeals to Gen Z’s desire for fun and positivity in their lives.

What age is Gen Z?

Gen Z, also known as the “iGeneration” or “Zoomers,” refers to individuals born in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Is Gen Z romantic?

Gen Z, the generation born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, has often been portrayed as tech-savvy and socially conscious but not particularly interested in traditional romantic relationships.

While it is true that Gen Z does place a high value on independence and individuality, they are also known for being open-minded and accepting.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of the most popular songs that start with the letter Z.

From energetic anthems to emotional ballads, these songs showcase the diverse and dynamic range of music that begins with this unique letter.

So turn up the volume and jam out to these top hits, starting with Z!

Thank you for joining us on this musical journey, and we can’t wait to see what other songs beginning with Z will become fan favorites in the future.

Keep rocking on!

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