X-Pole X Stage vs. X Stage Lite: Detailed Comparison

X-Pole X Stage vs. X Stage Lite

Trying to decide between X-Pole X-Stage vs. X-Stage Lite? This comparison guide breaks down the differences to help you make an informed choice.

X Stage vs. X Stage Lite: Detailed Comparison

These two poles are highly durable, portable, and easy to install and transport.

They share similar features such as static and spinning modes, and are assembled in the same way, using the same floor plate and poles.

However, there are some differences between the two to consider.

The main difference between the X stage and the X stage lite is that the X stage is heavier and more stable than the X stage lite.

Additionally, the X stage boasts a taller podium than the X stage lite, but the usable pole height is shorter.

1. Weight

When comparing these two poles, weight is the main differentiating factor.

The X Stage is noticeably heavier than the X Stage Lite, with a difference of 20 pounds between them. The Lite version has been streamlined and made more compact, resulting in a leaner and more lightweight design.

Specifically, the X Stage weighs 229 lbs while the X Stage Lite is only 209 lbs.

However, both poles are still quite heavy when compared to other options available. If you expect to travel frequently with your pole, the X Stage Lite would be the more practical choice.

2. Prices

The X Stage and X Stage Lite have similar prices, typically between $780 and $900.

The final cost may vary depending on the selected finish, with brass and silicone finishes typically being more expensive than others.

3. Height

Both poles are 3 meters tall, but their base or podium height and usable pole height differ.

The X Stage has a podium height of 13 inches (320 mm), while the X Stage Lite podium is only 4 inches (110 mm).

This means that the X Stage has a usable pole height of 2.68 meters, while the X Stage Site has a usable pole height of 2.89 meters.

Both require a minimum ceiling height of 3.2 meters (10 feet 6 inches) to step up. The X Stage podium is higher, which provides a side skate.

4. Stability

Based on feedback, many individuals believe the X-stage is more stable than the X-stage lite. This could be due to the shorter podium of the X-stage lite.

Nevertheless, the X-stage lite is still sturdy and will not tip over, ensuring safety. Although it may wobble slightly, this is a common characteristic of all freestanding poles.

5. Grip

Some individuals assert that they experience less traction on the X-stage lite than the X-stage, even though both are crafted from identical materials and finish.

While this statement may not be entirely accurate, we have included it to offer you a comprehensive perspective.

6. Style and Design

I personally believe that the x stage lite has a more appealing and fashionable appearance compared to the x stage.

However, it’s important to note that the podium height of the x stage lite is shorter, which allows the performer to go lower.

This may be problematic for audience members seated farther away as they may have difficulty seeing the dancer. The X stage is highly sought after because of the elevation it offers.

On the other hand, for pole dancers, the transitions and floorwork are more effortless because of the lower height.

7. Stage Frame Cases

There is a slight contrast in their cases: the X Stage Lite has a case with only two casters, while the X Stage has three casters as it is comparatively heavier.

8. Specifications

You can find the x stage and x stage lite in 40mm and 45mm diameters.

These models are available in various finishes including Brass, Chrome, Powder Coat Black, Powder Coat Pink, Powder Coat White, Silicone Black, Silicone Pink, and Stainless Steel.

The recommended weight limit for dancers on both poles is 330 pounds. If you are overweight, we suggest checking out our guide for plus-size pole dancing for helpful tips.


Here is our comparison of the X-Pole X Stage and X Stage Lite. Both poles have similar features and performance, and they are priced the same.

However, if you plan to travel with the pole frequently, the X Stage Lite is a better option because it is lighter.

Additionally, the X Stage Lite may be more suitable for beginners due to its lower podium and easier floorwork, as well as its longer usable pole length.

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