Are Beats Good For Studio Recording?

are beats good for studio recording

Are Beats good for studio recording? 

The answer is no. Beats are not famous for studio recording. They have high bass and don’t have a flat frequency response. So, when you use Beats in recording, they won’t produce accurate sound. 

Why Are Beats Not Good For Studio Recording?

Below are reasons that is why they are not good for home studio recording:

#1. Beats have low durability

Beats can break easily. Because their band build is plastic, they can break without much effort. So, you shouldn’t use Beats headphones for long-term work like recording music.

#2. Beats have too much bass

Headphones for music production are those that can get the most neutral sound. But there is too much bass in Beats headphones, and they will color the mix.

Therefore, when using Beats headphones in recording, they can’t give accurate sound. Beats only suitable for certain music genres that need high basses such as hip-hop or rap.

#3. Beats quality doesn’t match the price

Beats headphones have average sound quality. However, they are rather expensive compared to other headphones of the same quality.

When buying Beats, you are mainly paying for style and celebrity endorsement. Thus, instead of buying Beats headphones, you should invest in other studio gear.

What should you consider when choosing headphones for studio recording?

When choosing headphones, you need to pay attention to the impedance.  Your headphones will work all the more successfully with great impedance coordinating. So, it’s better to choose the sort of rigging you’ll be connecting them to.

High-impedance headphones are suitable for band recording arrangement. The size of these headphones is quite large, and they also have large drivers. So, you will have to use an external amp to drive them.

What should you consider when choosing headphones for studio recording

On the other hand, you don’t need any external amp to use low-impedance headphones. These headphones will get all the power from your device. But they are more suitable for music consumers than music producers.

You should also choose headphones with a noise-isolating feature. They will prevent sound leakage when recording through a mic.

Besides, headphones need to be comfortable. As a music producer, you will have to sit for many hours with the headphones on. So, choose headphones that are comfortable for your ears and head.

Here are the main different types of headphones and their uses:

#1. Closed-back headphones

Closed-back headphones are the best headphones for studio recording. These headphones have perfect audio isolation with a closed-back design. This design allows you to hear the music fine but prevents the audio from escaping.

However, when wearing them for a long time, they can create pressure around your ear. This can lead to false bass frequencies.

Closed-back headphones

Closed-back headphones 

#2. Open-back headphones

Open-back headphones are quite similar to closed-back headphones. The main difference between them is the open ear cups of open-back headphones. The materials covering ear cups are porous or mesh-like.

This design is for a more airy and open soundstage. But it also allows sound to escape, so this is not the headphones for recording. Instead, you can use them for mixing and mastering.

Open-back headphones

Open-back headphones

#3. In-ear headphones

The design of in-ear headphones allows you to put them into your ear canal. These headphones also have a sound isolation effect. They are good for listening to music while exercising or traveling.

But you shouldn’t use in-ear headphones for studio recording. Their drives are too small for producing accurate bass levels.

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones

Final Words

In conclusion, Beats are not suitable for studio recording. If you want to use Beats headphones, only use them to check the mix.

You can consult the information we provided to choose the right headphones for music production.

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