Top 51 Good Beat Drop Songs, Ranked

Good Beat Drop Songs

If you’re looking for upbeat and energizing music, check out our list of the best good beat drop songs! Let go & enjoy some great tunes.

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#1. Great Best Bass Drops In Songs

Don’t miss out on the latest greatest bass drops in songs, listen now and enjoy the energy-filled vibe they bring to your music!

1. “Cannibal” by Kesha

“Cannibal” by Kesha is an addictive pop jam whose bass drops are ready to make you groove. The song’s infectious energy comes from its heavy bass and Kesha’s offbeat lyrical delivery.

Every time the chorus drops, the bass hits with a force that will have you dancing and singing along in no time. “Cannibal” is definitely one of the best songs for its bass-pulsing moments!

2. “Levels” by Avicii

The hit song “Levels” by Avicii is known for its iconic and memorable bass drop. The melodic up-and-down-wave pattern combined with a deep and powerful bass sound creates a dramatic and energizing effect, sure to get any dance floor moving.

For many fans of electronic music, “Levels” is considered to be one of the best bass drops in songs.

3. “Boom Boom Pow” by The Black Eyed Peas

Released in 2009, “Boom Boom Pow” was one of the most popular songs released by The Black Eyed Peas.

With its catchy beat and sing-along chorus, it quickly gained popularity and topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 12 consecutive weeks.

The infectious tune is driven by a low energetic bassline and is characterized by wild bass drops that make it a great party anthem. It’s one of the best bass drops in songs ever!

4. “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” by Queen

“We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” by Queen is a classic rock anthem that features one of the best bass drops in music history.

The song starts off with its iconic “we will, we will rock you” chant before transitioning into an explosive crescendo featuring an unforgettable guitar solo and amazing bass drops.

This song is still a fan favorite at live concerts and remains one of Queen’s most popular tunes.

5. “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris, & Grey

An electronic-pop song released in 2018, “The Middle” by the collaboration of Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey has become a hit among bass lovers.

Notable for its ecstatic energy and passionate sound, it features an intense drop with infectious bass lines that make this song one of the best tracks of all time to serve as a source of bass drops.

6. “This Is What You Came For” (feat. Rihanna) by Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris’ hit song, “This Is What You Came For” featuring Rihanna is a certified banger with an excellent beat drop.

The catchy pop melody and Rihanna’s unique vocals blend seamlessly with the powerful and energetic beats that make this record perfect for a night out or to simply bump in your car.

7. “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J

LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” is an iconic hip-hop song with a strong beat and memorable hook. It has been sampled countless times and its beat drop is guaranteed to get people out of their seats and dancing.

Whether you’re throwing a party or just want some good background music, this track will definitely do the trick!

8. “I Love It” (feat. Kanye West) by Lil Pump

The hit single “I Love It” by Lil Pump featuring Kanye West is sure to get your blood pumping with its infectious beat and energy-filled drop.

The song offers listeners an experience they won’t forget, perfect for getting you revved up and ready to move. Whether you’re looking for a party starter or something to get you motivated in the gym, “I Love It” is the perfect song

9. “Gonna Make You Sweat” (Everybody Dance Now) by C+C Music Factory

Released in 1990, “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory is an iconic good beat drop song.

The uplifting lyrics combined with it’s catchy beats make this a go-to tune for any dance floor. This upbeat 90s anthem’s popularity has stood the test of time and remains a great party song today.

10. “Till I Collapse” (feat. Nate Dogg) by Eminem

“Till I Collapse” by Eminem featuring Nate Dogg is an iconic hip-hop and rap track that has stood the test of time.

With its classic beat drop, timeless flow, and memorable lines, it’s no wonder why this song is still one of the best party bangers out there, even over a decade after its release.

11. “Pon de Replay” by Rihanna

“Pon de Replay” by Rihanna is a great song for any beat drop lover. It has a bouncy rhythm and a catchy hook, making it perfect for dancing.

The song’s feel-good vibes make you want to get up and move your body! Plus, there’s bound to be some nostalgia – the song was released in 2005!

So if you’re looking for a fun and uplifting beat drop track, “Pon de Replay” is a great choice.

12. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake is a great beat drop song. It’s an upbeat, energetic pop song that captures the feel-good vibes of summer and encourages listeners to dance and sing along.

The catchy hook and chorus complement Justin’s smooth vocals for an unforgettable listening experience!

13. “TSUNAMI” by Borgeous & DVBBS

“TSUNAMI” by DJ duo Borgeous & DVBBS is an EDM song known for its thrilling beat drop that will get anybody on the dance floor.

The infectious and energetic track will have listeners groove to the music without a doubt. With its impressive production, this track surely packs a punch and is suitable for any party setting.

14. “Don’t Let Me Down” (Illenium Remix) by The Chainsmokers

“Don’t Let Me Down” (Illenium Remix) by The Chainsmokers is a track known for its powerful, bass-heavy drop that will have your heart racing.

This remixed version of the popular Chainsmokers’ song is one of the best examples of a song where the bass drop creates an intense and energizing atmosphere.

15. “Bangarang” by Skrillex

“Bangarang” by Skrillex is characterized by the sudden, intense ‘drop’ in the bass line. This song, like many of Skrillex’s other tracks, is popular amongst EDM fans and features elements of Dubstep and Trap music.

The sudden dynamic change creates a sense of energy and anticipation that makes “Bangarang” as exciting to listen to as it is danceable.

16. “Till It Hurts” by Yellow Claw ft. Ayden

“Till It Hurts” by Yellow Claw ft. Ayden is a song where the bass drops, immediately bringing listeners into its dynamic rhythm to start the party.

The intensity and spellbinding beat are sure to get any party going, and the ultimate drop will ensure that everyone feels the song’s energy!

17. “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MO

”Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MO is a one-of-a-kind song. Its unique sound relies on its heavy bass drop, which has become a go-to element in bass-heavy genres in EDM such as dubstep and trap music.

The song’s booming beat accompanied by its luscious chords will have you dancing all night long!

18. “Raise Your Weapon” by deadmau5

“Raise Your Weapon” by deadmau5 is a perfect example of one of today’s popular songs with a drop in the bass.

The beat drops shortly after the introduction lyrics, creating an intense and energetic atmosphere. This track has become a staple at electronic dance music festivals and clubs around the globe.

19. “Alone” by Alan Walker

“Alone” by Alan Walker is an electronic song with a deep and heavy bassline that drops throughout the chorus.

It follows the trend of EDM songs in which the bass drops dramatically to create an intense and exciting sound. This drop has become popular with EDM producers and DJs, who use it to help create unique and memorable tracks.

20. “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled

“All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled is one of the best bass drop songs of all time.

Featuring popular rap artists T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross, the track has an infectious beat with deep bass and epic drops that make it impossible to resist dancing.

The combination of powerful voices makes this song an undeniable classic.

21. “Easy Go” by Grandtheft & Delaney Jane

“Easy Go” by Grandtheft & Delaney Jane is an infectious dance track whose bass drop is one of the best of all time.

Catchy synth riffs, powerful beats, and vibrant vocal performances from Delaney Jane accompany this intense bass drop to create a song that will stick with you on the dance floor.

22. “Eyes on Fire” (Zeds Dead Remix) by Blue Foundation

“Eyes on Fire” (Zeds Dead Remix) by Blue Foundation is one of the best bass drop songs, featuring a dark and intense remix of the original tune.

It features heavy basslines, stunning melodies, and captivating soaring synths that create an unforgettable atmosphere. This song is perfect for any EDM fan who loves to get their heart pumping with a massive bass drop.

23. “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO Featuring GoonRock

“Party Rock Anthem” written and recorded by the American duo LMFAO Featuring GoonRock is touted as one of the best bass drop songs.

The track was released in 2011, and gained worldwide popularity with its catchy lyrics, contagious beats, and exciting drop scenes.

And of course, not to forget the head-bobbing bass drop that makes it all come together! This song is sure to get everyone up and moving!

24. “Afterdark” by Myrne Featuring Aviella

“Afterdark” by Myrne Featuring Aviella is undeniably one of the best bass drop songs out there.

The melodic, yet powerful beat is guaranteed to make any listener’s head bob and feet tap! This infectious tune blends a light R&B-inspired melody with an intense bassline that will have everyone in the room dancing.

25. “Not yet” by Veorra

Veorra’s song “Not yet” is a popular bass-driven track that delivers an epic beat drop.

With its catchy electronic melody, thunderous percussion section, and heavy bass elements, the song provides an exciting listen for those who love a good bass drop in their music.

Perfect for the club or other gathering of people, Veorra’s song “Not yet” is one of the best bass drop songs out there.

26. “Antidote” by Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party

If you’re looking for an incredible bass drop song, “Antidote” by Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party should be at the top of your list.

This high-energy track features a pulsating beat and a memorable chorus that builds to an irresistible Bass Drop. Perfect for any electronic dance music fan, this song will have you dancing from start to finish!

27. “Rockstar” by Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage

“Rockstar” by Post Malone and 21 Savage is one of the most well-known and popular songs due to its iconic beat drop.

It has been praised by fans for its powerful and intense reverberating sound which makes it an instant favorite.

The explosive energy provided by the song’s hard-hitting bass and strong lyrical content is sure to make any listener feel empowered!

28. “Mammoth” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

“Mammoth” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike is one of the best beat drop songs out there.

This energetic track is sure to get your energy levels up and keep you moving! With its driving electronic elements, powerful bass, and thrilling build-ups, this song is guaranteed to deliver a satisfying and exhilarating beat-drop experience.

So if you’re looking for some of the best and most exciting EDM music around, look no further than “Mammoth” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

29. “Gold” by Adventure Club Featuring Yuna

“Gold” by EDM duo Adventure Club is a sensational club banger featuring vocalist Yuna. This powerful piece of music builds from an enthralling start to an intense drop made up of creative beats and sound effects.

The trumpet-based melodies will get any crowd pumped and the enticing, attention-grabbing melody has made this track become one of the best beat-drop songs out there!

30. “Under Control” by Calvin Harris & Alesso, Featuring Hurts

“Under Control” by Calvin Harris & Alesso, Featuring Hurts is one of the best beat drop songs.

This song has an iconic and powerful instrumental beat which builds up to a massive dance drop that will get you moving. With soulful vocals from Hurts, this track is guaranteed to keep you grooving!

31. “In For The Kill (Skream Remix)” by La Roux

“In For The Kill (Skream Remix)” by La Roux is a great beat-drop song. It’s a remix of the original track by La Roux and uses a driving bass, bright synths and distorted percussion sounds to create an energetic dance party anthem.

The big beat drops are sure to get any crowd moving, making this song perfect for any party playlist!

#2. Famous Best Beat Drop Song

Find your new favorite tracks with this amazing array of good beat-drop songs. Let us help you expand your music library today!

1. “Bass Head” by Bassnectar

“Bass Head” by Bassnectar is a great beat drop song that has been recommended for any fan of electronic dance music.

The track features mixtures of hip-hop influences and synth-bass lines to create an euphoric sound. The track is also known for its powerful breakdowns, which create a hard hitting drop with just enough reverb to give it a warm feeling.

2. “Tremor” by Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

“Tremor”, an EDM track by acclaimed Dutch DJs Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, is renowned for its powerful beat drop.

Combining Martin Garrix’s unique take on modern Electronic Dance Music with the energy of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, this song is sure to get you grooving!

3. “Get Low” by DJ Snake

“Get Low” is a popular track by DJ Snake that does not disappoint when it comes to the beat drop! Fans of EDM, hip-hop, and dance music flock to this song for its intense energy and contagious rhythm.

The perfect blend of deep bass and lively electronic elements come together to create an incredibly memorable moment in the song – you won’t want to miss the beat drop!

4. “Power Glove” by Knife Party

“Power Glove” by Knife Party is an intense and unrelenting electro-house track with a thunderous beat drop that will have you dancing all night.

This relentless banger contains pulsating synths, driving basslines, and an explosion of sound that will definitely get you moving. So don your power glove, hit play, and get ready to rage!

5. “Doomsday” by Nero

Released in 2011, Nero’s “Doomsday” is one of the group’s most well-known songs. The song features an energetic build-up paired with a powerful drop for an unforgettable listening experience.

With its great beat drop and intense drum & bass, “Doomsday” is the perfect song for getting amped up and rocking out to.

6. “Flashlight” by R3HAB ft. Deorro

“Flashlight” is a song by Dutch DJ, R3HAB and American electro house producer, Deorro. It is known for its popular beat drop which will undoubtedly get you dancing.

Perfect for nights out, this powerful track can make any crowd come alive!

7. “Bounce” by Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Snoop Dogg

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Snoop Dogg’s upbeat track “Bounce” features an infectious beat drop that will have your feet tapping and energy levels soaring!

This perfect collaboration of EDM beats and hip go from Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Snoop Dogg is sure to get any crowd bouncing to its infectious rhythms.

8. “Animals” by Martin Garrix

Released in 2013, “Animals” by Martin Garrix has become a timeless classic in the EDM scene.

The track’s great beat drop makes it one of the best dance songs of all time and is a surefire crowd-pleaser whenever played.

The song reached number 1 on the UK Singles Chart and also topped music charts around Europe and worldwide.

9. “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake & Lil Jon

“Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake & Lil Jon is a club banger known for its great beat drop.

The song features both the classic DJ sound mixed with the fiery energy of hip-hop artist, Lil Jon, making it one of the most popular bumping songs.

10. “Surface” By Aero Chord

Aero Chord, popular for his electro music, has released a great beat-dropping track, called “Surface”. The catchy and groovy song features unique and interesting sound effects that are sure to have you grooving and dancing!

With an amazing drop and an overall bass-heavy vibe, this track is one of Aero Chord’s best bangers.

11. “Sandstorm” by Darude

“Sandstorm” by Finnish producer Darude is an iconic electronic music track with a great beat drop that captures the energy of the dancefloor.

It was released in 1999 and quickly became one of the most popular house tracks of all time. Even today, it’s guaranteed to get any party started!

12. “Turn Up The Speakers” by Afrojack & Martin Garrix

If you’re a fan of good beat drops, then “Turn Up The Speakers” by Afrojack & Martin Garrix is definitely the song for you.

This high-energy track is sure to get your feet pounding the floor and hands in the air as soon as the drop hits.

Jam to intense beats, epic synths, and powerful vocals that will have you singing along for hours!

13. “Cinema” by Skrillex Featuring Benny Benassi

“Cinema” by Skrillex Featuring Benny Benassi is a popular song known for its high-energy beat and powerful drop.

Featuring some of the best EDM artists in the business, this track brings together an unbeatable combination of hard-hitting bass lines and intense synth melodies.

Fans looking for a song with an unforgettable climax will love this track!

14. “Murda” by Snavs & Fabian Mazur

If you’re looking for a good beat drop song, look no further than Snavs & Fabian Mazur’s “Murda”! This hard-hitting future bounce track is sure to get any dancefloor going with its heavy bassline and frenetic energy.

With its mesmerizing synth leads, lush pads, and epic breakdowns, this song is sure to give your crowd an unforgettable experience!

15. “Get Low” by Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

“Get Low” is a hit single by American EDM producer Dillon Francis in collaboration with French DJ and producer DJ Snake.

Featuring a catchy beat drop, the song was instantly embraced by fans of the electronic music genre upon its 2014 release.

The thumping beats and lyrical rap flow throughout the track create an upbeat and intense atmosphere that elevates you to the dancefloor.

16. “Propaganda” by DJ Snake

Released in 2016, “Propaganda” is an EDM song by French producer DJ Snake. This pumping and intense track feature a driving beat with DJ Snake’s own raspy vocal chants that pave the way for a hard and heavy climax, an all-in head-banging beat drop.

An energetic and aggressive trap sound that raises the energy level of any dance floor.

17. “Sunlight” by Modestep

“Sunlight” by British dubstep band Modestep is a song characterized by its colorful and heavy bass drops.

Laden with light synths and ethereal melodies, the track oozes dreamy vibes while highlighting the unique sound design of dubstep music.

With its bouncy beat and energizing lyrics, “Sunlight” is certain to get any dancefloor grooving!

18. “Gold Dust” (Flux Pavilion Remix) by DJ Fresh

“Gold Dust” (Flux Pavilion Remix) is an infectious beat drop song by British DJ, DJ Fresh. It’s a bass power anthem with a thunderous beat that makes you want to move your feet.

With the robust electronic sound and catchy melody, this track will have you ready to hit the dance floor!

19. “Sierra Leone” by Mt Eden20. “In For The Kill (Skream Remix)” by La Roux

“Sierra Leone” by Mt Eden20 is an electronic and dubstep song that takes on a more mellowed out, yet still ambient vibe.

For a more upbeat sound, check out La Roux’s Skream Remix of “In For The Kill”. This remix features bouncy synths and a heart-pumping beat drop sure to get you up on your feet.

20. “Core” by RL Grime

“Core” by infamous EDM producer, RL Grime, is an absolute banger, from the intense buildup to the explosive beat drop, this song will get you on your feet and dancing.

With hard-hitting bass lines and powerful synths, this track is sure to liven up any party.


Now, here are some faqs about the best beat drop song:

What is a beat-drop song mean?

A beat drop is a term used in music to describe the moment when a sudden and intense drum beat kicks in. It usually occurs at the climax of a track, leading into a chorus or bridge section.

Beat drops can serve to increase energy and excitement, often resulting in an adrenaline rush for listeners.

A “beat drop” is an abrupt transition from one part of a song to another, usually featuring powerful and loud bass.

The beat drop is used to create energy and excitement during the song, often accompanied by a vocal sample or another sound effect. The beat drop can also be referred to as “the drop,” “the turnup,” or “the switch.”

Why is it called beat drop?

Beat drop is a term used in music production to refer to the dropping of a beat into a song or track. This usually involves either adding a new beat or rhythm pattern or taking out a part of an existing one.

It goes by other names such as the “bone-shake”, but beat drop remains the most common term used by producers and DJs.

Which songs have the best beat drops?

From hip-hop bangers to EDM anthems, there are a lot of great songs out there that have awesome beat drops. Some popular examples include:

  1. “Finesse” by Bruno Mars and Cardi B,
  2. “Started from the Bottom” by Drake,
  3. “In da Club” by 50 Cent,
  4. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

What song has the best bass drop?

Some popular songs with epic bass drops include:

  1. “Rango” by Hybrid Minds,
  2. “Elevate” by Skrillex and Diplo,
  3. “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia,
  4. “Stroboscopic Artefacts” by Luciano.

What rap song has the best beat drop?

The rap songs that have the best beat drops include:

  1. “Enzo” by Offset and 21 Savage,
  2. “Bickenhead” by Cardi B,
  3. “Power” by Kanye West,
  4. “Drop That #NaeNae” by Silento,
  5. “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar,
  6. “XO Tour Llif3” by Lil Uzi Vert,
  7. “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott,
  8. “Money In The Grave” by Drake.

Which song has the highest beat?

The fastest songs are usually those that feature electronic music, such as Drum and Bass or EDM.
Examples of some popular songs with very high BPMs include:

  1. “Footrocker” by Miike Snow (183 BPM),
  2. “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi (188 BPM),
  3. “Breakn’ a Sweat” by Skrillex (155 BPM).

Is chorus same as drop?

No, chorus and drop are not the same. A chorus is the part of the song which is often repeated, usually towards the end of the song.

A drop is a sudden and dramatic shift in dynamics or tempo that adds emphasis to a particular section or musical phrase.

How do you make a beat drop harder?

To make a beat drop harder, you’ll need to focus on three key areas: adding more bass elements, layering sounds, and controlling the release of sounds.

Different types of processing such as limiting and EQing can also help you make your beats sound more powerful.

Mixing a professional-sounding drum kit is also important if you want to create harder drops.

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