19 Most Popular Best 311 Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Most Popular Best 311 Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

We’re taking a trip down memory lane and diving into the best of the best when it comes to 311 songs.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering their music, this list will have you nodding and singing along.

311 has delivered hits over three decades, from upbeat anthems to heartfelt ballads. So let’s turn up the volume and relive some of the greatest songs in 311’s impressive discography.

Get ready to jam out and reminisce with the top best 311 songs of all time!

1. Whiskey and Wine

“Whiskey and Wine” by 311 is a fan-favorite song that beautifully blends elements of alternative rock, reggae, and rap music.

It tells the story of a person struggling with their inner demons and turning to alcohol as an escape.

The lyrics are thought-provoking and relatable, highlighting the destructive nature of self-medication.

However, the upbeat melody and catchy chorus give the song a sense of hopefulness.

Using whiskey and wine as symbols adds depth to the song’s meaning – representing different forms of indulgence and numbing pain.

2. Self Esteem

“Self Esteem” by 311 is a powerful and thought-provoking song that tackles the complex topic of self-worth and how relationships can affect it.

This alternative rock anthem, released in 1994, explores the destructive effects of a toxic relationship on one’s self-esteem.

The lyrics tell the story of a person struggling to find their sense of worth as their partner constantly puts them down and makes them feel inadequate.

This song reminds us that our self-esteem should not rely on others’ opinions or treatment of us but instead on self-love and confidence.

3. Don’t Tread On Me

“Don’t Tread On Me” is a powerful and energetic rock band 311 song.

It was released in 2005 as part of their eighth album of the same name.

This track showcases 311’s signature blend of rock, reggae, and hip-hop elements, which has earned them a dedicated fan base over the years.

The song’s title is derived from the iconic phrase “Don’t Tread On Me” on the Gadsden flag, symbolizing American patriotism and liberty.

4. Beautiful Disaster

“Beautiful Disaster” by 311 is a rock-infused anthem that has captivated listeners since its release in 2001.

The song has an upbeat tempo and catchy guitar riffs that perfectly complement lead singer Nick Hexum’s smooth vocals.

Despite the song’s energetic sound, the lyrics tell a story of inner turmoil and the struggle to balance chaos and tranquility.

“Beautiful Disaster” references the paradoxical nature of life – how something chaotic and destructive can also be seen as beautiful.

5. Love Song

“Love Song” by 311 is a classic alternative rock anthem that captures the essence of falling deeply in love.

Released in 2004, it has become one of 311’s most popular and beloved songs.

The track starts with a mesmerizing guitar riff, followed by lead singer Nick Hexum’s smooth vocals declaring his unconditional love for someone special.

The lyrics are poetic yet relatable as they describe the intense emotions and overwhelming feeling of being completely infatuated with someone.

The band’s signature blend of reggae, rock, and rap adds layers to the song, making it catchy and irresistible to sing along to.

6. I’ll Be Here Awhile

“I’ll Be Here Awhile” by 311 is one of the best songs. Released in 2001, it quickly became a fan favorite due to its catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

The song talks about staying true to oneself and being there for others no matter what happens.

It reflects on the importance of staying strong during tough times and not giving up, as time will eventually improve everything.

7. Champagne

“Champagne” by 311 is a lively and upbeat song that perfectly captures the essence of celebrating life’s little moments with friends and loved ones.

With its catchy reggae-inspired beat, funky guitar riffs, and smooth vocals by lead singer Nick Hexum and rapper SA Martinez, this song will have you dancing and singing along in no time.

The lyrics encourage listeners to let go of their worries and stresses, even for a little while, and enjoy the company of good friends over a glass of champagne.

8. Don’t Stay Home

“Don’t Stay Home” is a popular song by American rock band 311, known for their unique blend of reggae, rock, and rap.

The song was released as a single from their album “Transistor” in 1997 and quickly became a fan favorite.

The upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics make it impossible to resist dancing along.

The meaning behind the song speaks to the urge to break free from routine and explore the world outside our comfort zones.

9. Space and Time

“Space and Time” by 311 is a popular song that explores the concepts of space and time through its lyrics.

The song talks about how these two elements are constantly moving and changing but also emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment.

The band uses a friendly tone to convey their message, encouraging listeners to appreciate the here and now while realizing that the universe is vast and unpredictable.

10. Reggae Got Soul

“Reggae Got Soul” is a popular American rock band 311 song. Known for their fusion of reggae, rock, and rap, this song embodies the essence of their unique sound.

The title itself speaks volumes about the message behind the song, as it highlights the influence of reggae music on the band’s soulful energy and mindset.

With catchy riffs, funky basslines, and upbeat rhythms, “Reggae Got Soul” is an infectious tune that makes you want to groove.

The lyrics encourage listeners to let go of their worries and get lost in the music, reminding us that reggae can uplift our spirits and unite people.

11. All Mixed Up

“All Mixed Up” is a popular song known for its unique blend of reggae, rap, and rock music.

The song’s lyrics reflect the band’s message of unity and positivity as they sing about navigating through life’s ups and downs and embracing change.

With catchy guitar riffs and energetic vocals from lead singer Nick Hexum, “All Mixed Up” became an instant fan favorite upon its release in 1996.

The song’s meaning encourages listeners to embrace their differences and not be afraid to mix things up in their personal lives and the world around them.

12. Come Original

“Come Original” is a popular song. Released in 1999 as the lead single of their album “Soundsystem”, this song quickly became a fan favorite and continues to be one of the band’s most iconic tracks.

The lyrics of “Come Original” promote individuality and authenticity, urging listeners to stay true to themselves instead of conforming to societal norms.

The song also showcases a unique blend of reggae, rock, and rap elements that have become synonymous with 311’s signature sound.

13. Good Feeling

“Good Feeling” by 311 is an exceptionally upbeat and feel-good song that has become a fan favorite since its release in 2011.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful, encouraging listeners to let go of their worries and enjoy the present moment.

The song’s meaning is all about embracing positivity and living life to the fullest.

It reminds us that despite difficulties or challenges, there is always something to be grateful for and a reason to have a good feeling.

14. Sunset in July

“Sunset in July” by 311 is a great song that captures the essence of a summer evening with its upbeat and infectious melody.

The lyrics vividly depict watching the sunset in July when the sky is filled with orange, pink, and purple hues.

The vocals on this track are smooth yet powerful, perfectly complementing the laid-back instrumentation.

The song emphasizes living in the moment and appreciating life’s simple pleasures.

15. Amber

“Amber” by 311 is a great song that captures listeners with its smooth reggae-inspired beats and catchy chorus.

The lyrics tell the story of a person mesmerized by their love interest, comparing them to the color amber, representing warmth and glowing beauty.

This song has a deeper meaning as it talks about being drawn to someone’s essence and wanting to hold onto that feeling forever.

The use of metaphors and imagery adds an extra layer of depth to the lyrics, making it relatable to anyone who has experienced intense feelings for another person.

16. Down

“Down” by 311 is a great song that has captivated listeners since its release in 2001. The lyrics vividly depict someone feeling lost and down, struggling to find their way back up.

It’s a relatable theme that resonates with many people, making the song even more powerful.

But beyond its catchy melodies and irresistible rhythm, “Down” also carries a more profound meaning – one of resilience and hope.

17. Too Much To Think

“Too Much To Think” by 311 is a great song that showcases the band’s signature blend of reggae, punk, and alternative rock.

The upbeat tempo and catchy guitar riffs create an uplifting atmosphere, while the thought-provoking lyrics add depth to the song.

The band sings about feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with thoughts, ultimately realizing that sometimes it’s best to let go and live in the present moment.

This message resonates with many as we often find ourselves consumed by our thoughts and worries.

18. Friday Afternoon

“Friday Afternoon” by 311 is a great song that perfectly captures the excitement and energy of the end of the workweek.

With its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, it’s impossible not to tap your foot or sing along. This song has become an anthem for many eagerly anticipating the weekend ahead.

The lyrics are relatable as they describe counting the hours until Friday afternoon when everyone can let loose and have fun.

19. Use of Time

The song “Use of Time” by 311 is an excellent example of thought-provoking lyrics and an upbeat sound. The song talks about the value of time and how it should be used wisely.

The lyrics remind us that time is precious and that we must maximize every moment. It encourages listeners to stay focused on their goals and not let distractions get in the way.

The band’s unique blend of reggae, rap, and rock creates a catchy tune that will stick with you long after the song ends.

About 311 (band)

311 is an American rock band formed in 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska.

The band consists of five members: Nick Hexum (lead vocals and guitar), SA Martinez (vocals and DJ), Tim Mahoney (guitar), Aaron “P-Nut” Wills (bass), and Chad Sexton (drums).

The name of the band, 311, comes from the police code for indecent exposure in their hometown of Omaha.

Their music style is a unique blend of alternative rock, reggae, funk, and rap, earning them a devoted fan base.

They have released thirteen studio albums and sold over 9 million records worldwide. The band is known for their energetic live performances and the positive vibes they bring to their fans.


What was 311 first album?

311’s first album, “Music,” was released in 1993 and is considered a breakthrough project for the band. It was recorded in just one month and showcased their unique blend of rock, reggae, funk, and rap influences.

The album features hits such as “Do You Right” and “Visit” that are still fan favorites.

When was 311 popular?

311 rose popular in the early 1990s, particularly in the United States.

With their unique blend of reggae, punk rock, and rap, they quickly gained a devoted fanbase and were considered pioneers of the alternative rock scene.

Their breakthrough album “Music,” released in 1993, with chart-topping hits like “Down” and “All Mixed Up,” solidified their place in mainstream music.

Is 311 a rock band?

Well, the answer is yes! 311 is an alternative rock band formed in Omaha, Nebraska in 1988.

The band has five members – Nick Hexum (lead vocals and guitar), SA Martinez (vocals and turntables), Chad Sexton (drums), Tim Mahoney (lead guitar), and P-Nut (bass).

Is 311 a reggae?

The answer is that No. 311 is not considered a reggae band.

While their music has reggae-influence elements, it cannot be boxed into one specific genre.

311’s unique sound incorporates rock, rap, funk, and reggae elements to create their own style.


Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering 311’s music, we hope this list has given you some nostalgia and introduced you to some new favorite songs.

From their early ska-punk tracks to their reggae-infused hits, 311 has continuously delivered high-energy, feel-good music that resonates with fans worldwide.

So go ahead and turn up the volume, sing along at the top of your lungs, and let these timeless tunes by 311 brighten up your day.

Thank you for joining us on this musical journey, and don’t forget to check out their other amazing songs as well. Stay groovy!


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