5 Practical Tips To Film The BEST Slow Motion Video For Vloggers

Practical Tips To Film The BEST Slow Motion Video For Vloggers

I must admit that thanks to the advance in camera tech, filming becomes easier than ever before.

Yeah, today anyone can become a vlogger, a YouTuber easily with a camera and a good microphone such as a lavalier mic, vlogging microphone.

However, not everyone knows all the right keys to slow-motion footage in vlogs.

So in this post, we’re going to unveil tips for shooting the best slow-motion video.

Wielding slow-motion footage properly in your videos is crucial. It can help you increase the emotional impact, slow down or enhancing the key movements, and make your vlogs more creative and stabilizable.

And, the good news is filming a slow-motion video is not that hard. Let’s start!

#1. Be Flexible With The Frame Rate 

Virtually, you can not record a good slow-motion video with a camera at 24fps. It requires at least 50fps – 60 fps, or possibly 120fps in your camera setting.

As far as I know, iPhone 6 even can record at 720/240fps. So amazing, huh?

Normally, shooting at the highest frame rate possible is common advice for anyone who wants to have a slow-motion masterpiece.

Still, there is an exception when the high frame rate video (240fps) might not fit your specific project because of its extreme look. So let adjust the camera frame rates function purposefully.

It’s also highly recommended to use the NTSC format (30-60-120fps) instead of PAL (25-50-100 fps) to take advantage of the higher frame rates of NTSC.

#2. Smartly Adjust Shutter Speed And Choosing Sensor

If you don’t want your slow-motion video to be laggy and blurred, be careful with the shutter speed when setting your camera.

Shooting at higher frame rates means that your camera will need a faster shutter speed. As a result, it requires a larger aperture in order for the sensor can pick up more light (the maximum aperture is 1.4).

Tips To Film The BEST Slow Motion Video For Vloggers

A good rule of thumb, the shutter speed should be set at twice the frame rate.

For instance, I often use 1/50-second shutter speed for shooting at 24 fps, and 1/240-second shutter speed for 120 fps.

#3. Make Sure-Light Is Set up Properly

The most common difficulty that vloggers have to face when shooting slow-motion videos is the lack of light.

As I said above, when you filming slow-motion videos, both the frame rate and the shutter speed increase.

Therefore, we will need more light than usual.

So the question is: How much light is enough for the best slow-motion video?

In fact, it depends on your project. If you are shooting vlogs outside in the daylight, it’s not a big deal. But you will need set up a light kit carefully for your interior slow-motion footage or shots in the night.

In addition, the fluorescent light and some other light types will create a flicker effect to your video when you are filming at higher frame rates.

This seems to be okay in a normal video but it will be suck in your slow-motion video, so be careful!

#4. Properly Wield Softwares In Post-production

It’s a common mistake of many vloggers when editing slow-motion video that they think changing the speed duration of the videos is enough.

Nope, although the final product is still a slow-motion video, it’s not truly slow-mo footage.

Slow down the video that way will cause laggy and blur motion.

The key to editing your slow-motion video is modifying it with Interpret Footage function in Premiere Pro.

Once again, bear in mind that slowing down your footage with the “speed/duration” function will make it suck.

#5. Adding Music If Needed

Last but not least, the sound certainly plays an important part in any vlog.

And you should consider adding music to your slow-motion video because you might surprise at how greater it will be.

I still remember some vlogs on YouTube impressing me a lot with funny scenes when the character is in an embarrassing situation and the sad music raised up.

Yeah, while people tend to choose funny music backgrounds for funny shots, it means that there is not a common recipe for all videos. How to use music in your slow-motion video, depends on your delicate.

Although the title is “Tips to film the best slow motion for vloggers”, this is true for any filmmaker. Hope this helps and happy shooting!

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