Can Classical Guitar Be Used As Acoustic?

Can Classical Guitar Be Used As Acoustic

Can classical guitar be used as an acoustic? Yes, a classical guitar can be used as an acoustic.

Any guitar except electric guitars can be used to play acoustic songs. But classical and acoustic guitars still have differences. You can consider the differences before buying a guitar.

What are the differences between classical and acoustic guitar?

In some respects, you can consider a classical guitar as an acoustic guitar. Classical guitars and Acoustic guitars are the two most common non-electric guitars.

They are quite similar in some senses. There are distinctions between them that you need to know.

What are the differences between classical and acoustic guitar

#1. Headstock 

The headstock is the first thing to distinguish between classical and acoustic guitar.

The headstock of a classical guitar has 2 grooves with horizontal plastic tuning pegs. Meanwhile, the headstock of an acoustic guitar has vertical metal tuning pegs.

#2. String

Another difference between classical and acoustic guitars is the string type. Classical guitars use nylon strings whereas acoustic guitars use steel strings.

Nylon strings are soft, elastic, and thicker.

Steel strings are stiff and thinner. The string tension of classical guitar strings is also smaller than that of steel strings in acoustic guitars.

#3. Neck size

The nylon strings of classical guitars are thicker than the steel strings of acoustic guitars. So the neck of classical guitars is larger than that of acoustic guitar.

This will ensure the standard gap between strings.

#4. Bridge

The bridge is also one of the differences between classical and acoustic guitars. On acoustic guitars, the bridge has pins to hold ball-end steel strings.

But on classical guitars, nylon strings are wound and tied around the bridge.

#5. Produced sounds

Another important difference between a classical guitar and an acoustic guitar is the sounds they make. Classical guitars use nylon strings, so they make mellow, soft, and warm tones.

Meanwhile, because of the steel strings, acoustic guitars produce metallic and bright sounds.

Which should you choose: classical or acoustic guitars?

This depends on many factors: time playing, favorite music genres, etc.

If you are a beginner in playing guitar, a classical guitar will be more “friendly”. The nylon strings are softer and easier to twang than steel strings.

Thus, they will not make your finger hurt even when you practice for a long time. That is also the reason why children usually choose classical guitars.

Moreover, you should choose a classical guitar if you like folk or flamenco music. The nylon strings with mellow and softer sounds are more suitable for these music genres.

Which should you choose: classical or acoustic guitars

When buying a classical guitar, remember to choose a full-size guitar. There are many small-size classical guitars with nylon strings, but they may not meet the standards.

If you learn to play guitar with these small-size guitars, the notes may not be right.

And when you switch to a full-size guitar or a steel-string one, you will not master it. So, starting with a full-size guitar is a better choice.

If you are an advanced guitarist, or even a beginner but don’t mind finger hurt, acoustic guitars are for you.

To start playing guitar with a steel-string acoustic guitar is quite difficult. But once you master an acoustic guitar, you will quickly adapt to other guitars.

Acoustic guitars are also suitable for people who like rock, pop, or jazz music. The metallic and bright sounds from steel-string acoustic guitars can highlight the features of these kinds of music.

In which cases can you use a classical guitar as an acoustic?

It is best to play the right songs with the right guitar. But if you want to try something new, it is possible.

Generally, you can play acoustic songs with a classical guitar. The tone may seem a bit different, but it is not much of an issue.

There are acoustic rockers that often use classical guitar, such as Willie Nelson. One of his favorite guitars is a nylon string one which he named “Trigger”.

However, you should not use an acoustic guitar to play flamenco or classical music. The bright and twangy tone of steel strings doesn’t fit well with the vibe of these music genres.

Final Words

So, you know that you can use a classical guitar as an acoustic. Besides, we have shown you the differences between acoustic and classical guitars.

We believe that this information can help you make the right choice when buying a guitar. Hope you have nice songs with your favorite guitar!

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