Spanish guitar vs Acoustic guitar: What are the differences between them?

Spanish guitar vs Acoustic guitar: What are the differences between them

If you want to learn guitar, the first thing you need to do is choose a guitar to learn. There are many types of guitars, but at first glance, they are no different.

In fact, each type of guitar has its own differences in structure, sound, and play. In this article, we will clarify the difference between spanish guitar vs acoustic guitar.

What is the Spanish guitar?

The Spanish guitar is actually an acoustic guitar. It uses nylon strings to play traditional Spanish music. Players often pluck the Spanish guitar with their fingernails instead of with the strum.

What is the Spanish guitar

Using your fingernail to pluck the guitar will produce a stronger and more resonant sound. Spanish guitar players often sit and put the instrument on their feet. This is a comfortable position to play.

Spain is famous for its tradition of making high-quality guitars. Small guitar factories in Spain make a lot of good guitars that are inexpensive. Most of the herds originating from Spain are quite good quality.

The price of the guitar is not too high but it is quite meticulous and careful. Spanish manufacturers do not lose the tonal character of each guitar. So guitars from here are very popular with music players.

What is the acoustic guitar?

The acoustic guitar is also known as the vocal accompaniment guitar. This musical instrument is suitable for vocal accompaniment.

acoustic guitar

The sound of an acoustic guitar when played is even and resonant. Acoustic guitar with metal strings.

The type of string that provides a resonant sound suitable for singing and chord accompaniment. Acoustic guitar strings are wound on a small upright iron core shaft of the neck.

In the current musical instrument market, Acoustic guitars are quite diverse under many different brands.

We can mention some famous brands such as: Yamaha, Fender, Martin, Gibson, Ovation, Taylor, etc.

Acoustic guitars of these brands are guaranteed in terms of quality as well as requirements. These brands always receive the trust of music lovers.

What are the differences between Spanish guitar vs acoustic guitar?

Spanish guitar and acoustic guitar look similar. Many people cannot tell the two apart. But there are many differences between the Spanish guitar and the acoustic guitar.

Spanish guitar

How does the sound?

The function of the Spanish guitar is almost the same as that of other guitars. But the sound emanating from the Spanish guitar is softer and sweeter.

Players can change the timbre in just one note with skillful right-hand technique. At the same time the vibrato, slides and slurs on the left give the Spanish guitar a lyrical touch.

The front of the spanish guitar sounds great with strings like a soundboard. The top of the guitar creates vibrations that have a strong impact on the resulting sound.

Spanish guitars with spruce tops will produce a clear and bright sound. Meanwhile, the sound of a guitar with a cedar top is less clear.

When you pluck an acoustic guitar string, the vibration moves down the strings into the body of the guitar. The vibration is reflected around the inside of the body and exits through the sound hole.

If the string is plucked strongly, the vibration will increase creating a louder sound through the sound hole.

A guitar with a deep and thick body will produce a much louder and more resonant sound than a Spanish guitar.

Some acoustic guitars have a defect in the back of the guitar. This defect makes the sound less bright with a thinner tone.

It can also reduce low tones. The acoustic guitar’s solid wood paneling will make the sound crisper but more tonal. The thickness of the soundboard will also affect the tone and volume of the acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitars with a deep and thick body will produce a much louder and more resonant sound than a Spanish guitar

Guitar string

Unlike acoustic guitars, Spanish guitars have nylon strings. That’s why the neck of a spanish guitar is weaker than that of an acoustic guitar.

The strength of the Spanish guitar is also less than that of the acoustic guitar.

Thanks to nylon strings, Spanish guitars require less force than acoustic guitars. Meanwhile, acoustic guitars have metal strings.

It requires a metal rod to fit into the neck. In contrast, this metal bar is not found in acoustic guitars.

How to play guitar

Spanish guitar players often sit and use their fingers to pluck. The Spanish guitar is considered a solo instrument, so it requires players to follow the rules.

It is more suited to playing written music than improvising. Meanwhile, the artist uses an acoustic guitar for accompaniment or ensemble. That is why the Spanish guitar is suitable for the music of this country.

Guitars are suitable for Latin and folk styles while acoustic guitars are in a more vibrant style


Should you choose a spanish guitar or an acoustic guitar?

Can’t give an answer to choose one over the other. Choosing a Spanish guitar or an acoustic guitar depends on each person’s taste and style.

If you love traditional music with a gentle sound, you should choose Spanish guitar. An acoustic guitar will be the best choice if you use it to accompany modern music with a vibrant and dynamic style.

Spanish guitar vs acoustic guitar: which is more expensive?

Both acoustic guitars and spanish guitars come in different varieties depending on size and material.

Therefore, it is not possible to determine which is more expensive. Depending on your age, you should choose a guitar that is the right size for your body.

Spanish guitar vs acoustic guitar: Which type is suitable for beginners?

In fact, the Spanish guitar is also a type of classical guitar. Nylon strings will be easier to play and help you to reduce hand pain.

For those with short fingers, they will find the Spanish neck quite wide. However, we recommend that you choose a guitar to learn depending on the type of music you want to play.

If you want to play pop rock then you should learn acoustic guitar. If you want to play in a Latin or folk style, you should choose a Spanish guitar.

Above is the difference between spanish guitar and acoustic guitar.

Hopefully this information will help you distinguish these two types of herds. We will choose the type that is right for you.

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