27 Greatest Chief Keef Songs of All Time, Ranked, (Youtube lyrics)

27 Greatest Chief Keef Songs of All Time, Ranked, (Youtube lyrics)

If you are a fan of Chief Keef’s music, you are probably always wondering what his greatest songs of all time are.

Well, look no further! In this blog post, I will list the greatest Chief Keef songs of all time for your listening pleasure.

So put on your headphones, and let’s start exploring some of Chief Keef’s finest work!

1. Tony Montana Flow

“Tony Montana Flow” by Chief Keef is an upbeat rap song highlighting the Chicago artist’s infamous “drill” sound.

The song is about ambition, living like a king, and staying focused on your goals.

On top of that, he reminds listeners always to stay focused on their dreams and strive to reach their highest potential.

2. Yes Sir

“Yes Sir” by Chief Keef is an uplifting track about seizing the moment and taking charge of your life.

The song reflects a metamorphosis in Chief Keef’s life as he looks back and sees how far he has come.

He reminds us that you can achieve anything if you keep pushing forward, no matter what’s happening around you or your challenges.

3. War

Chief Keef’s “War” is a hard-hitting track that addresses personal struggles and the violence in his Chicago neighborhood.

In the song, he raps: “We try not to settle for less/When I’m fed up/I go get some bread, and then I come back with my Beretta.”

Keef’s lyrics make him one of rap’s most controversial figures due to their streetwise attitude and unsavory language.

4. Chief So

Chief So by Chief Keef speaks to his success in rap.

In the song, he brags about his accomplishments and how people must show him respect.

He emphasizes how no one can stop him, regardless of what they say or do, and that he will always remain on top.

The single is an ode to the Chicago rapper’s street-savvy attitude and confidence.

5. Love No Thotties

“Love No Thotties” by Chief Keef is an iconic trap banger based on classic 808s and hi-hats.

The song expresses the rapper’s appreciation for a woman who has higher standards than the “thotty” lifestyle, and he’s ready to give her all his love in return.

6. I Don’t Like (feat. Lil Reese)

Chief Keef’s powerful track, “I Don’t Like (feat. Lil Reese)”, quickly established itself as one of his best songs released in 2011.

With its hard-hitting beats and gritty rhymes, it paints a picture of life in the city: the joys of youth mixed with the struggles brought about by violence.

7. Laughin’ To The Bank

“Laughin’ To The Bank” by Chief Keef is a classic trap anthem, with heavy 808s and rolling hi-hats, that speaks to the come-up.

The track glorifies the hustle of getting money and flexing on haters. It’s an infectious song that makes it hard for the listener to deny feeling their inner “plug.”

8. No Tomorrow

‘No Tomorrow’ by Chief Keef is one of the rapper’s most iconic and popular songs.

Listeners are taken on a reflective journey through the artist’s vulnerability and emotions in response to the violence he faced growing up in Chicago.

9. Kay Kay

“Kay Kay” by Chief Keef is an intense rap song that tackles the theme of trying to escape a dangerous lifestyle of drugs and violence.

The song reflects on the consequences of bad choices, often leading to devastating losses and poor life outcomes.

10. 3Hunna

“3Hunna” by Chief Keef is an unforgettable classic. This song speaks to Chicago’s South Side’s gritty side of life.

With its catchy hook and hard-hitting bass, “3Hunna” is anthemic for fans of real hip-hop music.

11. Kobe

“Kobe” by Chief Keef is an upbeat and inspirational song about success and perseverance.

The title pays tribute to the basketball legend Kobe Bryant, with lyrics that draw parallels between the two.

The track encourages listeners to “go hard” like Kobe did in his career and reach for their greatness.

12. Finally Rich

“Finally Rich” by Chief Keef is a track off his studio album of the same name, released in 2012.

It is an upbeat rap song with empowering lyrics about wealth and success.

13. Save That Shit

“Save That Shit” by Chief Keef is an excellent track encouraging people to do whatever it takes to stay on the right path.

The song speaks about not getting caught up in street life.

It emphasizes that saving money, building up business connections, and keeping your options open rather than wasting time trying to get fast cash through crime or other shady means is better.

14. Ballin

“Ballin” by Chief Keef is a great song that perfectly captures Keef’s music’s realness, swagger, and ambition.

The track sees him rap about his come-up and journey to success. He talks about everything he has been able to get for himself in life: money, cars, and women.

15. Citgo

“Citgo” by Chief Keef is an excellent song about staying humble despite the riches and success of being a famous rapper.

The track starts with Keef proclaiming, “All these bitches wanna see me fall, I just smile,” which speaks to his ability to stay positive while dealing with overwhelming pressure.

16. Earned It

“Earned It” by Chief Keef is a great track that speaks to the hustle and grind needed to succeed.

The song talks about putting in the hard work, dedication, and commitment required to make money and live on your terms.

17. Diamonds

“Diamonds” by Chief Keef is an upbeat, fun, and catchy song about striving for success and luxury.

Through witty lyrics, Chief Keef talks about diamonds as a symbol of his ultimate goal: achieving wealth and recognition.

He emphasizes the importance of working hard to accomplish his dreams.

18. Understand Me

“Understand Me” by Chief Keef is a song about putting yourself out there and hoping the people around you will understand.

He talks about needing recognition from those around him to ensure he’s on the right track and his efforts are being appreciated.

The chorus is catchy and motivational, encouraging listeners to keep pushing despite whatever obstacles they may face.

19. Nobody (feat. Kanye West)

“Nobody (feat. Kanye West)” by Chief Keef is an excellent song about living in the fast lane and not caring what anyone else has to say.

Throughout the track, Chief Keef expresses his disdain for those who try to put him down and uses braggadocious lines like “They thought I wouldn’t make it far/ Then I hit the moon with the stars” to emphasize his disregard for their opinions.

20. Superheroes (feat. A$AP Rocky)

“Superheroes (feat. A$AP Rocky)” by Chief Keef is an upbeat, party-inspired anthem about living like a superhero and taking risks to reach success.

Chief Keef and A$AP Rocky show off their impressive rapping skills in the track as they trade verses about wanting to be larger than life, comparing themselves to legendary comic book heroes.

21. Can You Be My Friend

“Can You Be My Friend” by Chief Keef is a smooth, melodic hip-hop track about Keef expressing his desire to form meaningful connections with others and find someone he can open up to.

With uplifting lyrics, the song conveys a sense of vulnerability as it speaks of loneliness and wanting to have someone special in his life.

22. Love Sosa

“Love Sosa” by Chief Keef is an uplifting trap anthem with a sense of nostalgia.

The song is about falling for someone special and reflecting on how it feels to be in love.

It speaks to the smooth groove of the beat, with cleverly crafted lyrics exploring the nature of love and relationships.

23. The Talk

“The Talk” by Chief Keef is a song that speaks to the struggles of life.

By combining a hard hip-hop beat with sad lyrics, he speaks about the harsh realities of everyday life and how one can make it through it all.

The track is self-reflective and introspective, drawing on Chief Keef’s experiences to speak to listeners discreetly.

24. Hate Bein’ Sober

“Hate Bein’ Sober” by Chief Keef is an anthem about partying hard to forget the pains of everyday life.

The track expresses a sense of desperation as Chief Keef demands more drinks to numb his pain.

It’s a loud, lively rap song encouraging listeners to raise their glasses and “forget about it till tomorrow.”

25. Faneto

“Faneto” by Chief Keef is an excellent song with braggadocious lyrics and hard-hitting bars.

Released in December 2014, it quickly became one of Chief Keef’s most beloved tracks.

The song showcases Chief Keef’s bravado and energy, vividly portraying his perspective as an up-and-coming Chicago superstar.

26. Hallelujah

“Hallelujah” by Chief Keef is a genuinely inspirational song. The lyrics explore themes of faith, resilience, and hope in adversity.

Through this track, Chief Keef encourages listeners to believe in themselves, regardless of their circumstances.

27. Uh Uh (Feat. Playboi Carti)

“Uh Uh (Feat. Playboi Carti)” by Chief Keef is an upbeat hip-hop track celebrating the guys’ hard knocks and success.

It’s a collaboration between two of the hottest names in rap: Chief Keef and Playboi Carti.

The song focuses on their missions to secure financial success and stay focused on what matters most: money, material possessions, and celebrating being alive.


What was Chief Keef’s biggest hit?

Chief Keef’s biggest hit was “I Don’t Like,” featuring Lil Reese.

Released in March 2012, it became an instant hit with its simple and infectious hook, strong bass beat, and visceral lyrics.

With its powerful message and infectious beats, “I Don’t Like” quickly became a favorite among hip-hop fans worldwide.

What is Chief Keef’s most streamed song?

Chief Keef’s most streamed song is “Love Sosa,” an energetic hip-hop track with infectious beats and engrossing lyrical flourishes.

What was Chief Keef’s first hit song?

Chief Keef’s first hit song was “I Don’t Like”. The single was released in 2012 and quickly gained traction due to its unique sound.

Why is Chief Keef so famous?

Chief Keef is one of our most famous rap artists due to his unique style and sound.

His music is powerful, often intense, and diverse, incorporating many sounds into a cohesive whole.

This gives him a natural edge over other rap artists, and it helps to explain why he has become so popular.

His lyrics often speak to issues that young people face today, such as violence, poverty, and injustice, making them even more relatable.

Chief Keef has achieved fantastic success in music videos and on social media sites like YouTube and Twitter.

All these factors have helped create a wide fanbase for Chief Keef and have contributed to his fame.

Is Chief Keef successful?

Chief Keef is a highly successful rapper, singer, and songwriter who has experienced great success in the music industry.

He is most famous for his single “I Don’t Like” and countless other projects and collaborations.

He’s had several top-charting hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and achieved critical acclaim and commercial success.

Is Chief Keef rich?

Chief Keef, also known as Keith Cozart, is an American rapper from the south side of Chicago.

He has been active in the music industry since 2011 and has released multiple albums and singles.

He’s become known for his distinct sound and is considered one of the pioneers of contemporary rap.

Given his successful career, it’s not surprising that people often wonder if Chief Keef is rich.

The answer to this question appears to vary depending on who you ask, but overall, he has earned considerable money throughout his career in the music industry.

While exact figures are not available, he is estimated to have a net worth of around 5 million dollars, which could undoubtedly be considered wealthy by many people’s standards.


In conclusion, Chief Keef has had many great songs throughout his career.

From bangers like “Love Sosa” and “I Don’t Like” to classic tunes like “Faneto” and “Bang.”

This list of Chief Keef’s greatest songs provides an all-encompassing look at some of the most famous music from one of hip-hop’s biggest names.

I hope this list helps you find your favorite Chief Keef tunes and gives you new listening options!


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