12 Unique Cool Cheap Guitar Wall Mounts, Best Guitar Wall Hangers

Unique Cool Cheap Guitar Wall Mounts – Best Guitar Wall Hanger

Do you love guitars? Are you looking for a perfect cool cheap guitar wall mount but you can’t be sure about the quality of what you are gonna buy?

If that’s the matter, then this article is EXACTLY for you!!!

Here you will be able to find out the best guitar wall hangers which are available on Amazon right now! Let’s get to the below list:

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Best Cheap Guitar Wall Hanger Reviews

Are you overwhelmed by thousands of guitar wall mounts available on the market? Let’s refer to the following list to choose the most suitable one.

We have compiled this list of the top unique cool cheap guitar wall mounts to help you narrow down your decision.

#1. RawRock Horizontal Guitar Hanger

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Main features:

  • REDUCE NECK STRESS: this helps to minimize the pressure on your guitar’s neck and transfer throughout the body.
  • HOME DECOR: You can show off your beautiful stringed instrument with pride to your home visitors.
  • SUITABILITY: The cool guitar wall mount is suitable for many stringed instruments like bass, violins, mandolins, ukeleles, etc. Its thickness is made up to 5 inches with specially formulated padding, which helps to prevent scratches.
  • EASY ASSEMBLE: You only need mounting screws and drywall anchors to install this hanger

As mentioned above, this guitar wall mounts sideways hanger is suitable for a variety of stringed instruments, even bass or banjo.

However, since it’s designed with a 5-inch base width, perhaps it won’t work for thinner or smaller instruments.

If you want to try with thinner guitar, you had better find a way to lean it or secure it, otherwise, it won’t be able to keep balance.

The attractive design of this product can also be taken into account as a strength. The padding and the anchors are quite sturdy and perfect to protect your instrument.

No matter how big is your room, you can easily display your beloved guitar on this fancy hanger.

#2. String Swing Guitar Holder

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Main features:

  • PROTECTIVE PADDING: helps to securely support the instrument
  • MATERIAL: durable black powder-coated steel
  • MOUNTING HARDWARE: included in the whole set
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE for right-handed or left-handed guitars

This guitar stand wall mount would be a perfect fit for narrow-body instruments. The maximum acceptable body depth is up to 2.5 inches. It can also be used for a bass guitar or lap steel, as long as you consider carefully your instrument’s size in case some adjustment is needed.

One of the reasons to invest in this hanger is that it is totally safe for nitro-finished guitars. It won’t eat into the nitro as most foams and rubbers do.

This guitar stand on the wall is a familiar product for Fender, Gibson, and Martin in their showrooms and trade shows. The only situation you should be careful of is in the event of an earthquake because nobody can ensure that it’s safe enough in that case.

#3. Orgrimmar Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

Orgrimmar Guitar Wall Mount Acoustic/Electric/Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo...

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Main features:

  • MATERIAL: made up of foam wrapped around the iron frame, this cool guitar wall mount has the ability to protect your instrument quite well. The design is extended so your guitars won’t touch the wall.
  • SAFE SPACE: helps to save space for your room
  • SUITABLE for a variety of instruments

This horizontal guitar wall mount is designed to use for most acoustic & electric guitars, violins, ukuleles, bass, banjos, and mandolins.

The opening depth from front to back is roughly 4.5″. However, if you want to apply it to a six-inch bowl mandolin, you might need to use a simple twist tie to secure it. But that’s not a big deal.

I’m sure you will love this guitar stand on the wall since it’s very easy to install. The package has included all mounting screws.

You just need to assemble everything on a musical note. Besides, the design is split, which means that you can freely adjust the angle of the guitar’s oblique hook.

This guitar horizontal wall mount really helps to save space. It’s suitable for both home and studio.

#4. String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Mount on Wall Bracket Holder

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Main features:

  • DEEP CRADLE DESIGN: prevents the guitar from being improperly placed in its hanger
  • YOKE PIVOTS to cradle the guitar’s headstock
  • Great for guitars that have a headstock with single or uneven heels

This best guitar hook is not only used for guitars but also for ukuleles, as long as the ukulele has a guitar’s head.

The body of the instrument may lean against the wall or have a small distance from the wall, but it doesn’t have any bad effect.

The woodblock is made of real hardwood, which might be one of the reasons why people love it. The screws and anchors are also have high quality. You will never be afraid of leaving some marks or scratches on your guitar. You can even slightly adjust the hanging part to fit the neck of your instrument.

In general, this wall mount is a perfect choice for a specialized music room or even a living room.

#5. Hardwood Black Walnut Wall Mount Holder

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Main features:

  • FIT all string instruments
  • ROTATABLE DESIGN: Yoke pivots to cradle the instrument headstock
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to assemble and install, all you need is a screwdriver to drill a hole

This product really “kills many birds with one stone”. It seems to fit everything: acoustic/electric/classical guitars, Bass Folk Ukulele, Violin Mandolin Banjo, and even more.

With only around $19.99, you can already get a premium quality cheap guitar mount on wall. It is made of real hardwood black walnut base, strong metal steel, and soft silicone rubber, so there’s no need to worry about scratches.

The rotative design helps to fit different shaped headstocks and its rubber ring will support adjusting the width of the guitar neck.

This hanger is suitable for display in instrument shops, studios, schools, homes, and even live performances. It’s really worth investing in.

#6. Bikoney Guitar Holder Wall Mount

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Main features:

  • MULTIFUNCTION GUITAR HOOK: helps to display accessories
  • STURDY MATERIAL: 100% solid wood and process with the torched finish, feature a rustic style and distressed texture

The list of the best guitar wall hanger cannot be completed without this lovely design. It will definitely bring about a retro style to your room. This would be an extremely perfect home & office decoration for every art lover.

Unlike other normal guitar wall mounts, this hanger even provides spaces to show other guitar accessories, such as guitar pick, straps, tuner, guitar capos, and so on.

It also includes 3 hooks for guitar straps and medals, which makes your room become more tidy and beautiful. You will never regret purchasing this one for your instruments.

#7. Guitar Hanger – Guitar hook – Guitar mount on wall

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Main features:

  • SOFT PADDING: brings more security, avoid leaving imprint
  • VALUABLE FULL PACK: 4 Guitar Pick, 1 Picks holder, 2 Guitar hanger
  • PERFECT DISPLAY like a piece of art

This product fits a variety of instruments from a 5 string bass to a Violin. However, if you wanna use it for your ukulele, you should consider it again because the ukulele’s neck may be too small.

The greatest point about this is its price. A lot of people purchased it because it’s a very cheap guitar mount on wall compared to other similar types, and it can accomplish exactly what it’s designed to do.

The hanger is also easy to install and won’t take you much time. So you just need 10 mins to finish the installation and let it make your guitar outstanding.

#8. TopStage Wall Mount

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Main features:

  • BLACK NEOPRENE RUBBER TUBING: protect guitar necks and finishes

This guitar racks for wall that is very sturdy wall mount to hold all types of guitars including acoustic, bass, and electric guitars.

The soft neoprene rubber tubing is perfect for protecting your instruments. This product is truly ideal for guitarists to put together a rack for the music room.

If you are looking for a hanger with a plain look, you will surely be interested in this item. You can also move the rack or take it down whenever you want.

The price may also be a bright point. You can get it for around $20, much cheaper than other hangers on the market.

#9. Ohuhu Guitar Hanger

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Main features:

  • SOFT PADDING SLEEVE: Safe for your instrument’s finish
  • ADJUSTABLE STOPPER: Display wide or narrow body instruments

If you want to treat your guitar as a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, you must look through this wall mount guitar. It has the ability to fit both wide and narrow-body instruments.

You can use it for almost every instrument like guitars, bass, violins, mandolins, ukeleles, and more.

This guitar holder wall mount is designed to be installed quickly and easily. Mounting screws and drywall anchors are already included in the pack, you just need a screwdriver to finish assembling.

It’s quite sturdy and you can grab your guitar at any time to play whenever your inspiration comes. The color is also very nice, which may be a good decoration for your room!

#10. Hercules Mountable Acoustic Guitar Wall Hanger

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Main features:

  • AUTO GRIP SYSTEM YOKE: help to securely hold your instrument
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOAM completely covers the yoke

This cool guitar wall mount has an attractive wood base, which is suitable for home or studio mounting.

The guitar wall rack can rotate automatically for different shaped guitars and basses, so you don’t need to worry too much.

A lot of people are extremely satisfied with the quality of construction. You would love how the two locking tabs lock into place automatically when inserting the neck into the holder.

Toggle anchors are also THE BEST solution for drywall and are rated to hold very heavy loads.

#11. Neboic guitar mount on wall

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Main features:


Many people think this is the best guitar wall hanger ever because its lock is totally automatic.

It can lock your guitar automatically when putting the guitar neck on the arm, and automatically released when lifting your guitar.

The installation is also easy. The hook can be installed in a few steps on the concrete or wooden walls. The guitar holder is made from high-quality rubber, so there wouldn’t be any scratches.

The guitar stand load capacity is from 1 to 15 kg, so you can use it for acoustic, electrical, classical, or bass.

#12. Hard Wood Guitar Wall Hanger, Guitar Hook Stand Accessories

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Main features:

  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: real hardwood wall mounting base, silicone ring
  • DURABLE GUITAR HANGER with two strong arms and a new inverted screw for more stability

This guitar wall rack is a perfect fit for many 6 string instruments such as guitars, bass, violins, mandolins, ukuleles, and more. You will totally feel secure to put your precious instrument on this high-quality product.

The wall mount is adjustable to fit every instrument, so you don’t need to worry about your guitar size.

People usually like this hanger so much because it has a classic appearance and stylish lettering, bringing about an elegant atmosphere for your room.

#13. RockJam Guitar Hanger for Acoustic and Electric Guitars

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Main features:


This hanger fits guitars at all sizes. Its auto-lock design is one of its upgraded points. Everyone should like it because of the convenience it brings about.

Besides, the hanger is easy to install, you just need to directly screw it into walls to hang it anywhere. It really helps to save a lot of space!

Is It OK To Hang the Guitar On Wall?

In my opinion, YES.

A lot of people might think that putting a guitar in a case can protect it for a long time. But that’s not true. Even when you use a guitar case, slight warping can still happen.

On the other hand, a wall mount helps to keep the neck straight, and even protects your guitar from humidity and temperature change.

Humidity & climate can lead to negative effects on your beloved acoustic tones. If you possess a really expensive instrument, you may not want that to happen.

best guitar wall hanger

Some people will feel too lazy to do drilling or they think it’s gonna damage their wall. But everything is easier than you expect.

Just use good quality screws, and make sure it’s a nice tight fit, then the guitar hanger should be ready. If you buy a well-designed wall mount, it can even become a home decoration.

Last but not least, hanging guitars on the wall can make you play more often. You can grab your beloved guitar and play a song at any time, whenever you have inspiration.

It’s totally different from pulling the case out, unsnapping the latches, tuning up, and then returning everything to its proper place. All those steps would make you lazier to pull out the guitar!

How Do You Hang Guitars On The Wall?

If you own a small room, a guitar hanger will help to save space. The wall stud is not 100% required. There are options such as drywall anchors and toggle bolts that will hold the weight of most guitars just fine.

However, you should bear in mind that most of the time, you are highly recommended to find a stud since drywall is not strong enough to secure your guitar.

cool guitar wall mount

Normally, a guitar mount on the wall will fit almost all instruments. Just in some special cases, like Teles, which has a narrow headstock, might not fit every hanger.

Note: if any of your guitars have nitro finishes, you’ll want to put something between the neck and the foam on the hanger.

Now that you have known so much about the hanger wall mount for guitar and recommended types on Amazon, let’s go find something for your own!

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