DIY Pole Grip For Sweaty Hands

DIY Pole Grip For Sweaty Hands

Are sweaty hands making it difficult to maintain a firm grip on the pole? This DIY pole grip for sweaty hands will keep you in control and prevent slips or accidents during your pole dancing sessions.

1. DIY Glycerin Mix for Sweaty Hands

The most favored option is the homemade glycerin mixture, which is easy to create and can be used immediately.

Ingredients: Glycerine, Vodka, Distilled water, Spray Bottle

Here’s a simple recipe to make your own pole grip at home.

You’ll need glycerin, distilled water, and vodka in a 1:4:1 ratio. This means, for every 1 tablespoon of glycerin, use 4 tablespoons of distilled water and 1 tablespoon of vodka.

For example, if you want to mix 3 tablespoons of glycerin, you’ll need 12 tablespoons of distilled water and 3 tablespoons of vodka.

Once you have all the ingredients, mix them in a spray bottle and shake them vigorously for 2-4 minutes. Your homemade pole grip is now ready to use!

How to use DIY Pole Grip for Sweaty Hands

Here are the steps to use your DIY Glycerin Mix for Sweaty Hands:

  1.  To improve application and dispensing, I suggest using a spray bottle for the mixture. However, you can also use sealable bottle caps or depressable bottle caps.
  2. Apply the mixture to the contact areas of your pole, which include your inner and outer thighs, upper hip area, and inner elbow.
  3. While your skin absorbs the mixture, take the time to wash your hands and clean your dance pole in preparation for your new session.
  4. Once ready, hop on your dance pole and enjoy your session.
  5. After applying the mixture, remember to wash and dry your hands as it can make them slippery.

Please note that you may need to reapply the mixture occasionally, especially if you begin to lose your grip.

2. Using Shaving Cream

In my pole dancing class, some fellow dancers have shared that shaving cream can significantly improve grip on the pole.

However, I have not personally tried this method. I advise caution for those with allergies to the product or its ingredients.

While it can be effective, it’s not a guaranteed solution and should not be relied on exclusively.

3. Using Toothpaste

Some members of my pole dancing community have suggested using toothpaste to enhance pole grip.

However, I would advise against using this method for an extended period of time, particularly if you have sensitive skin, as toothpaste contains chemicals that may irritate your skin.

It may be a helpful solution in an emergency, but I do not recommend using it regularly.

Additionally, it is vital to wash your hands with mild soap and cold water after each pole dancing session.

4. Hairspray for Pole Grip

Consider using hairspray as an alternative solution. Purchase an extra hold hairspray from your local convenience store and apply a small amount to the areas of your body that make contact with the pole.

It’s essential to only spritz a moderate amount of hairspray on your palm and pole contact areas to avoid overdoing it.

After your pole dancing session, I suggest washing your hands with mild soap to remove any residue left by the hairspray.

For added convenience, you can pack wet wipes in your pole dancing bag for easy cleaning.

5. Baby Powder for Pole Grip

If you’re looking to improve dryness for your pole grip, powders may not be the best choice.

They can create a slippery surface, which can worsen your grip. However, if you choose to use powder, I suggest using baby powder in moderation.

Simply apply a small amount to your hands, rub them together, and dust off any excess powder from your palms.

This will give you enough grip without the excess powder interfering with your session.

6. Chalk for Pole Grip

A lot of people use chalk as a substitute for commercial grip aids, including many of my students.

Chalk works similarly to baby powder by absorbing moisture from your hands, which helps improve your grip on the pole.


What grip is best for sweaty hands pole dancing?

The best grip for pole dancing with sweaty hands is a dry grip.

This type of grip gives you the maximum amount of friction needed to do challenging moves, while also providing an extra layer of protection against slipping off the pole.

It can be achieved using specialized dance gloves or a combination of talcum powder and chalk, which helps absorb sweat and prevents your hands from sliding off the pole when doing spins and tricks.

With a dry grip, you can conquer even the most difficult moves safely!

What is an alternative to dry hands for pole dancing?

The best alternative to dry hands when doing pole dancing is to use gymnastic grips.

These grips come with a soft, cushioned grip that helps keep your hands firmly in place while providing much-needed comfort and cushioning, allowing you to maintain complete control of the moves.

They are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for lengthy practices.

Additionally, they can be easily adjusted according to the size and shape of your hands and their natural grip strength, ensuring comfort whether you’re spinning around or doing those tricky inverts.

Can I use baby powder as a pole grip?

No, you should not use baby powder as a pole grip.

Baby powder can be messy and difficult to apply uniformly over your body, potentially leading to slipping or sliding when pole dancing.

In addition, baby powder is not designed specifically for pole grip which means it may not provide the same level of stickiness and friction that a store-bought pole grip provides.

It’s best to invest in a product designed for this purpose so you can perform safely and confidently during your session.

Can you use hairspray as a pole grip?

Yes, you can use hairspray as a pole grip. Hairspray is designed to help keep your hair in place, but it can also improve your grip on a pole.

It provides an extra layer of protection and prevents your hands from slipping while performing tricks or routines on the pole.

While it does provide extra grip, it can make your hands feel sticky after some time and require a bit of cleaning up once you are done.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective, non-slip solution to sweaty hands during your pole dancing sessions, a DIY grip is worth trying.

With just a few materials and minimal effort, you can make your grip that will give you the extra confidence and security you need to push yourself to reach new heights in pole dancing!

So why not give it a try and have fun with it while doing something that brings you joy?

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