30 Top Popular Drop D Acoustic Songs (With Tabs), Youtube Lyrics

Top Popular Drop D Acoustic Songs (With Tabs), Youtube Lyrics

Are you a fan of the unique and rich sound of drop D tuning on your acoustic guitar?

Well, you’re in luck because I’ve compiled a list of the top famous drop D acoustic songs for you to learn and enjoy.

But that’s not all – I’ve also included tabs and lyrics from YouTube for each song to make it easier for you to follow along.

So grab your guitar, tune it to drop D, and let’s dive into some fantastic music!

1. Foo Fighters – Everlong

Let’s talk about the incredible acoustic version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters. As a long-time fan, I have to say that this version surpasses even the original for me.

Dave Grohl’s vocals are showcased beautifully in this stripped-down arrangement, making it a must-listen for any music lover.

While it may not be the simplest song to master on the acoustic guitar, it is definitely worth the effort as it has the power to captivate and please any audience.

Trust me. This one should be at the top of your acoustic playlist. Happy listening!

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2. Chris Cornell – Black Hole Sun

Chris Cornell was an incredible musician with a voice that was truly unique and unforgettable. His music has always been a comfort and inspiration, especially during tough times.

One song in particular that stands out is “Black Hole Sun.” Its haunting melody and powerful lyrics make it a masterpiece, deserving of its place on my all-time favorite songs list.

It is a reminder of Chris Cornell’s talent and his impact on the music industry. He will always be remembered and greatly missed. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell.

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3. Neil Young – Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon by Neil Young is undoubtedly one of the greatest songs ever written.

The simple yet captivating melody and the unique drop D tuning create a masterpiece that is a pure joy to play.

This song exudes an infectious energy that makes it impossible not to tap your foot along to the beat.

Neil Young has crafted a timeless piece that speaks to the hearts of listeners, making it a must-have in any musician’s repertoire.

Adding Harvest Moon to your playlist will bring endless hours of enjoyment, and you won’t regret it.

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4. Three Days Grace – Never Too Late

It’s no secret that playing Three Days Grace’s “Never Too Late” on acoustic guitar is a challenge.

But for anyone who can master it, I have nothing but admiration.

Adam Gontier’s vocals are mesmerizing. The raw emotion in his voice is palpable and adds to the song’s overall impact.

It’s not an easy one to learn, but the result is worth it.

So keep at it, and don’t give up – because this song is truly unique once you can play it correctly.

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5. Bullet For My Valentine – Say Goodnight

I have always been a massive fan of Bullet for My Valentine – their music has been a significant part of my life.

I remember repeatedly listening to their songs, with the heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals. What sets “Say Goodnight” apart from their other tracks is that it is one of the few acoustic songs in their discography.

The raw emotions and heartfelt lyrics instantly take me back to my emo days when this song was on a constant loop.

Despite its simplicity, this track holds a special place in my heart and continues to be one of my all-time favorites from Bullet for My Valentine.

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6. Incubus – I Miss You

I have to admit, it’s been some time since I last listened to Incubus. But there’s one song that always holds a special place in my heart – and that’s “I Miss You.”

It’s one of their best tracks and easiest to learn on the acoustic guitar. And if you’re up for a challenge, try singing along while playing – your loved ones will be impressed.

So pick up your guitar and let the melodic riffs and soulful lyrics of “I Miss You” take you on a trip down memory lane. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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7. Daughtry – Home

Undoubtedly, “Home” by Chris Daughtry is an exceptional song. The smooth flow of the melody and the high level of musicianship make it a joy to listen to.

This song is great to learn for those who play acoustic guitar, especially if you have it tuned in drop D.

And even if your guitar isn’t in drop D, I highly recommend tuning it down so you can fully appreciate and learn this incredible track.

With its friendly tone and relatable lyrics, “Home” remains one of Daughtry’s most popular and beloved songs.

So take out your guitar and get ready to experience the magic of “Home.”

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8. Paramore – Pressure

Paramore’s hit track “Pressure” has been a fan favorite since its release.

Although I wasn’t sure at first, I have come to love the acoustic version of this song. It’s interesting that only the rhythm guitar uses drop D, not the lead guitar.

So, if you plan on playing this song, keep that in mind. With its catchy melody and powerful lyrics, Pressure will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

Whether you’re looking to impress your friends or learn to play guitar, this song is a great starting point.

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9. Paramore – Hallelujah

Paramore has done it again with their incredibly moving and heartfelt song, “Hallelujah.”

As a band fan, I have no objections to seeing another one of their songs on any list.

This particular track is musically pleasing and beginner-friendly with its simple chord progressions. Even intermediate players will enjoy strumming along to this captivating tune.

The lyrics are powerful and evoke feelings of hope and redemption, making it easy for listeners to connect with the message behind the music.

Overall, “Hallelujah” by Paramore is a must-listen for any music lover looking for a beautifully crafted song that tugs at the heartstrings.

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10. Creed – My Own Prison

“Creed’s “My Own Prison” holds a special place in my heart as it is the standout track from their album With Arms Wide Open: A Retrospective.

It’s a shame that the band will not release a fifth album, as they mentioned. The song showcases the band’s powerful vocals and emotional lyrics, making it a fan favorite.

Despite this disappointment, “My Own Prison” and other songs from Creed will continue to hold enduring appeal for fans like myself.”

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11. Alesana – Seduction

Alesana’s Seduction is an enticing song that captures the heart and soul of its listeners.

From the seductive guitar riffs to the captivating lyrics, this song skillfully weaves a tale of temptation and desire.

As a guitarist, it took me some time to master the chords and strumming patterns in this piece, but it was well worth the effort.

The song has a unique and alluring melody that blends seamlessly with its hauntingly beautiful words.

For other guitar enthusiasts, I would say don’t be discouraged if it takes time to learn this masterpiece – just keep practicing and eventually, you’ll be able to play Seduction effortlessly on your acoustic guitar.

Trust me, it’s not as hard as it seems, so never give up on perfecting your craft!

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12. Biffy Clyro – Mountains

Biffy Clyro’s “Mountains” song evokes a sense of pride for every Scottish individual.

This remarkable piece of music is a testament to the band’s incredible talent and mastery of their craft.

You’ll be captivated by its beauty and message when you hear it. It’s a song that deserves to be heard by everyone.

So, if you have the chance, grab your acoustic guitar and try it because playing this song will surely bring joy to your heart.

Let us celebrate this gem of a song by Biffy Clyro and embrace the mountains that represent the strength and resilience of Scotland’s people.

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13. Collective Soul – Shine

I had the pleasure of experiencing Collective Soul’s iconic song “Shine” live, and it truly was an unforgettable moment.

The energy and soul put into the performance made the song even more impactful.

However, even listening to it on a simple acoustic guitar in drop D tuning is enough to capture your heart.

The combination of soothing guitar melodies and poignant lyrics is the signature of any Collective Soul masterpiece.

It’s impossible not to be captivated by this song and fall in love with its sound and message.

“Shine” will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans, both old and new, as one of Collective Soul’s greatest hits.

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14. Staind – Sober

Staind’s song Sober is a stand-out track from their album ‘The Singles 1996-2006’.

Known for their impeccable live performances, the lead guitarist brings this cover to life in a way that only he could.

With its haunting lyrics and mesmerizing drop-D acoustic song, Sober is a must-listen for any fan of Staind.

Take the time to experience this song and be captivated by its beauty.

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15. Radiohead – There There

Radiohead is undoubtedly one of the greatest bands of all time.

Their music resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level, and their song “There There” is no exception.

I can still vividly remember listening to this track every day during high school when I was feeling down.

The hauntingly beautiful melody and poignant lyrics were like a warm hug for my troubled soul.

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16. Seether – The Gift

Seether’s “The Gift” is a timeless song I can listen to repeatedly without ever getting tired of it.

This talented band has the rare ability to sound even better in person, showcasing their immense talent on each instrument.

The acoustic guitar creates a deep, captivating sound that perfectly complements Shaun Morgan’s powerful vocals.

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17. John Mayer – Vultures

John Mayer’s song “Vultures” is a masterpiece that never fails to inspire me to pick up my acoustic guitar.

As I listen to the smooth melody and soulful lyrics, I can’t help but feel the urge to strum along. Mayer’s incredible talent as a guitarist shines through in this song, and it takes real skill to be able to play it.

So, if you’re feeling up for the challenge, grab your acoustic guitar and give it a try – who knows, you might just discover a new love for playing music.

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18. Flyleaf – I’m So Sick

Flyleaf’s “I’m So Sick” is a powerful acoustic guitar song that never fails to give me goosebumps.

Lacey’s raw and intense vocals perfectly convey the strong emotion behind this song.

I think “I’m So Sick” is a gem that deserves more recognition for its incredible energy and depth. Any music lover will find themselves captivated by this fantastic piece from Flyleaf.

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19. Chris Stapleton – Either Way

Chris Stapleton is a legendary musician known for his raw talent and soulful voice.

He has won multiple Grammy awards for his outstanding music, including the hit song Either Way.

This emotional ballad showcases Stapleton’s incredible songwriting skills and vocal range.

For aspiring guitar players, the good news is that this beautiful song can be learned easily on the acoustic guitar with the help of some simple tabs.

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20. Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down

Fall Out Boy’s hit song “Sugar We’re Going Down” has stood the test of time as a remarkable acoustic version.

With its catchy lyrics and upbeat melody, it’s no wonder this song continues to be a favorite among fans.

Its nostalgic sound will transport you back and make you want to sing along.

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21. Tyler Childers – All Yourn

If you’re a fan of acoustic guitar music, then you’ve probably heard of Tyler Childers and his song All Yourn.

And if you haven’t, let me introduce you to this masterpiece. With its simple yet captivating melody, this song is a must-learn for any guitar player.

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22. Nickelback – How You Remind Me

Nickelback has become a household name with their catchy and relatable songs.

One of their most popular hits, “How You Remind Me,” instantly became a fan favorite, resonating with people from all walks of life.

The song’s raw emotion and relatable lyrics make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to impress a crowd.

With the tabs readily available, mastering this song won’t take more than a few hours of practice.

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23. John Mayer – Your Body Is A Wonderland

In an acoustic version, John Mayer’s rendition of “Your Body is a Wonderland” is nothing short of a masterpiece.

How he plays it on a drop-D acoustic guitar is breathtaking.

This song, with its heartfelt lyrics and soothing melody, is a testament to his skill as a musician and songwriter. It’s captivating and leaves us wanting more.

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24. Biffy Clyro – As Dust Dances

Biffy Clyro has again captured our hearts with their latest song, As Dust Dances.

The band always amazes us with their incredible and moving music, and this song is no exception. They have a magic touch that turns everything they create into pure beauty.

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25. Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue

Whenever I hear Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue,” nostalgia instantly washes over me.

This song is an eternal classic, no matter which version you listen to. The acoustic rendition showcases Ryan’s voice in its purest form, sounding crisp and clear.

It takes us back to the good ol’ days filled with carefree moments and youthful exuberance.

“Ocean Avenue” is more than just a song; it’s a time machine that transports us back to our fondest memories.

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26. Jack Johnson – Home

Jack Johnson is a musician who holds a special place in my heart. His music has a way of resonating with people from all walks of life, and I am no exception.

His talent for creating beautiful melodies on his acoustic guitar knows no bounds, and it never fails to captivate me.

Johnson effortlessly weaves together meaningful lyrics that speak to the soul with each strum of the strings.

Listening to his music feels like coming home – comforting, familiar, and full of warmth.

I admire how he stays true to his laid-back style and continues producing genuine music that connects with listeners personally.

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27. Story of the Year – Until The Day I Die

The iconic band Story of the Year has given us not one but two versions of their popular song ‘Until the Day I Die.’

Both versions are exceptional in their way, but for me, the acoustic version holds a special place in my heart.

It brings out the raw emotions and vulnerability of the lyrics and allows us to connect with the singer’s soul truly.

As someone who loves playing guitar, this song is a perfect fit for those moments when you want to strum along without a care in this world.

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28. Flyleaf – All Around Me

Flyleaf’s All Around Me has always held a special place in my heart as one of my top worship songs.

Its beautiful lyrics and captivating melody make it a fantastic song to play on the acoustic guitar if you have the time to learn it properly.

This song holds a timeless quality that continues to touch people’s hearts and souls. So if you haven’t heard it yet, I highly recommend listening.

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29. You Me At Six – Stay With Me

I must say that You Me At Six’s version of Stay With Me holds a special place in my heart. The way the guitar strums along with such vibrancy and clarity, is truly enchanting to listen to.

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30. Shinedown – Save Me

Shinedown’s “Save Me” is a powerful and emotional track that showcases the band’s skill in creating hard-hitting yet beautiful music.

The acoustic guitar gives the song a raw and intimate feel, while Brent Smith’s vocals are filled with passion and depth.

It’s a song that captures the struggles of feeling lost and alone but also offers hope and strength to keep pushing forward.

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Did Nirvana use drop D?

YES. It is well-known among music enthusiasts that Nirvana, one of the most iconic bands of all time, often uses drop-D tuning in their songs.

Drop D refers to the process of tuning the guitar’s lowest string down a whole step from E to D.

This gives the guitar a heavier and deeper sound, which Kurt Cobain used extensively in his songwriting.

Some of Nirvana’s biggest hits, like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Come As You Are,” are known for their heavy riffs using drop D tuning.

What guitarists use drop D?

Many guitarists across various genres have incorporated the technique of drop D tuning into their playing style.

This involves tuning the lowest string, typically an E, down to a D.

This change in tuning allows for a deeper and more resonant sound, giving guitarists a wider range of creative possibilities.

Some notable guitarists who frequently use Drop D include Eddie Van Halen, Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains, and Ben Howard.

Other artists such as Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, and John Mayer have also incorporated this tuning into their music.

What Nirvana songs use drop D?

Nirvana, one of the most influential rock bands of the 90s, has a vast repertoire of songs that have made their mark in music history.

When it comes to tuning, many Nirvana songs use drop D tuning, also known as DADGBE.

This alternate tuning involves dropping the low E string down to a D note, giving the guitar a heavier and raw sound.

Some notable Nirvana songs that make use of drop D include “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “In Bloom,” “Come As You Are,” and “Heart-Shaped Box.”

Why is drop D tuning so popular?

Drop D tuning is a famous guitar tuning among musicians, both beginners and professionals.

  1. Its popularity is the ease with which one can play power chords by barring one finger across the bottom three strings.
  2. This provides a fuller sound and enables guitarists to create a heavier, more robust tone without learning complicated chord shapes.
  3. Drop D also allows for easier transitions between open chords and power chords, making it perfect for rock, metal, and other heavy genres of music.
  4. Another advantage of drop D tuning is the ability to play complex riffs with just one finger on the lower strings, expanding the guitarist’s musical possibilities.
  5. With its simple yet effective structure, drop D tuning has become widely used in many popular songs and is an essential skill for any aspiring guitarist to have under their belt.

It’s no surprise that this versatile tuning continues to be a favorite amongst guitarists worldwide.

Who popularized drop D?

Tony Iommi is credited as the pioneer who popularized drop D tuning.

Drop D tuning, also known as drop tuning, is a famous guitar tuning in which the lowest string on a standard six-string guitar is tuned down one whole step to D.

This unique sound has been used by many musicians throughout history and has become synonymous with certain genres of music, such as heavy metal, rock, and blues.

However, it was not until the late 1960s that this tuning really gained popularity when English guitarist Tony Iommi started using it in Black Sabbath’s songs.

His powerful riffs and dark sound captivated audiences worldwide and influenced countless musicians to adopt the drop D tuning in their own music.

Is drop D the best tuning?

Drop D tuning is a popular alternative for guitar players, where the lowest string, typically tuned to E, is instead dropped to a D.

This creates a lower and heavier sound, making it ideal for rock and metal genres.

However, whether it is the “best” tuning is subjective and ultimately depends on personal preference and the style of music one plays.

Some argue that drop D allows easier power chords and adds depth to single-note riffs. Others may prefer standard tuning or other variations like open tunings.

What are the disadvantages of drop D tuning?

Drop D tuning, also known as dropped D tuning, is a popular alternative tuning method for guitars.

While it has become a favorite among many musicians for its ability to create deep and heavy sounds, some disadvantages come with using this tuning.

1. Playing chords in drop D can be challenging as it requires different finger positioning than standard tuning. This may take some time and practice to get used to.

2. Drop D can limit the versatility of the instrument as not all songs or styles may sound good in this tuning.

3. Using Drop D tuning may cause strings to break more easily due to the increased tension on the low string.

4. It can be challenging to switch back and forth between standard and drop D tunings during performances, especially in live settings where time is limited.


Drop D tuning is a versatile and fun way to spice up your acoustic guitar playing.

With these top popular songs and accompanying tabs and lyrics on YouTube, you can easily learn and master the technique.

Remember to keep practicing and have fun as you explore this unique tuning.

I hope this post has inspired you to try out some new songs and continue expanding your musical skills. Happy strumming!

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