How To Sing And Play Guitar At Same Time? Easiest Songs To Start With

how to sing and play guitar at same time

The picture of a performer playing guitar while singing is wonderful. However, you may not know that they have practiced a lot to be able to perform that way.

How to sing and play guitar at the same time? It would be best if you practiced on the guitar sections first, then progressed to your singing. 

To make things simpler, you can start with slow and simple songs. After you’ve mastered them, move to the harder ones to improve your skills.

This article will share with you some tips to sing and play guitar at the same time.

How To Sing And Play Guitar At Same Time?

Singing and playing guitar at the same time sounds hard because you don’t know where to start. With the tips below, we believe that you can make your way.

Use the metronome

When singing, you have to synchronize your hands and singing. This mission is more straightforward if you use the metronome.

You can begin with a gentle metronome rhythm and gradually increase the speed.

Play a song alone without vocals using a metronome. Ensure that you can play it backward and forward in time.

Then, add the vocals once you’ve mastered the technique.

After that, play the song with full vocals and a metronome beat numerous times. You would like the guitar sections and the lyrics to be in sync. You may practice by listening to the audio version of the song as well.

After you’ve mastered this step, try playing the song without the metronome to see how well you can do. Go back and start again if your timing is inaccurate.

The video below shows you how to use a metronome properly. The instructor does it step by step and also speeds up at the end. Practicing every day with the video can help improve your guitar skills.


If you can’t relax, you won’t be able to play the guitar and sing. Also, you’ll find yourself stressed.

Just spend a couple of minutes before picking up the guitar and breathing deeply.

If you’re having trouble relaxing before you perform, try meditation. Imagine yourself singing and playing the guitar while you meditate.

If you’re still frustrated, take a step back and think about why you’re feeling it.

Allowing your negative feelings to bring out the best of you is a bad idea. You need to keep a good attitude and focus on your performance.

Play simple songs first

It’s meaningless to attempt to sing a difficult song if you’ve never learned to sing an easy song earlier.

Make sure you begin with songs that are easy to play. Composition with two or three chords is excellent.

You’ll discover a wide variety of tracks that are both simple to sing and play. You can make a list of songs that you feel comfortable performing.

Choose ten easy songs first, then narrow your favorite down by selecting two to three easiest ones.

You may ask: “How to know if the song is easy or hard?”. The best way is to try every single song.

Before every performance, you need to practice at home first. Then, list the songs that you can sing and play guitar at the same time.

When you are on stage, perform those songs first. They help you gain more confidence to move to the harder ones.

Play songs with slow tempo first

It would help if you did not begin trying to play a new song at its full speed. Slow it down until you can handle all the guitar sections without any mistakes. Then start increasing the pace till you match the song’s full tempo.

Start to add the lyrics after you’ve got the music down. As you’re playing the music, slowly speak the words.

Don’t try to execute any of the difficult strumming sequences. Lower the tune to a simple 4/4 rhythm with all downstrokes until you have mastered the lyrics.

Once you’ve got everything down, run through it a few times at its full speed. Then, practice till you haven’t made a single mistake.

Try various keys

Everyone has their own distinctive voice. Some individuals can sing in a variety of pitches and have a wide vocal range. Many vocalists don’t have this skill.

Back to your case, you can try singing in a lower or higher key if you’re having trouble with one.

The capo can simplify things since you can move down or up the fretboard to a different spot. Utilize the capo if you’re having trouble concentrating on a song.

Also, you can experiment with different keys until you identify a vocal range that matches you.

You should practice with musical instruments as much as possible. Singing becomes easier when the music is adjustable, depending on your voice.

As a result, you don’t have to work as hard to sing on key. The capo is your most fantastic companion. Hence, utilize it as often as possible to enhance your singing.

Excel at rhythm guitar

Mastering rhythm guitar is necessary if you want to sing and play guitar at a professional level.

You should be able to play chords and sing songs throughout all twelve keys. You must be able to play chord progressions with ease.

You’ll need to know the major and minor 7th. These are the tunes present in most popular songs.

You won’t be too much of a vocalist if you can’t handle the rhythm guitar. Try simple genres like blues first. Your goal is closer if you know how to play the blues.

The blues have a basic chord structure, and singing isn’t challenging. Begin with that and broaden as you gain more experience. Singing and playing country, pop, or rock is effortless then.

Try visual aids

Before you try singing along to the music, you need to break your song into different parts. Then, practice mastering the guitar sections in the song. You can easily do it with the assistance of visual aids.

Some applications will interpret music notation for you. You will find it easier to memorize the song.

To identify when to switch, you need to put the chords above the lyrics. It’s essential to have a seamless transition between the chords.

When it comes to learning songs, the software may be a huge help. Please take advantage of technology to aid your learning since it might save you a lot of time.

Take some vocal lessons

Vocal training is necessary for guitarists. Singing is not a natural talent for everyone. You can learn how to sing if you don’t already know-how.

You probably aren’t the best vocalist in the world, but you’ll be good. Many guitarists who sing may not have the most remarkable voice, but it suits their music.

A competent vocal coach can teach you the foundations. If you try to do it yourself, you’ll make mistakes that the instructor will correct.

Usually, a vocal instructor who also plays guitar, but any decent teacher would do. Find a qualified teacher to help you enhance your singing talents if you’re having difficulty.

Record your singing

It would be best to check your singing before combining it with the track.

You can record your voice. Try to sing in tune and in time. Then, check the record to figure out where you did well and where you should improve.

Then, add the guitar when you’ve got a nice voice track recorded.

Finally, check that both tracks are in sync and everything is on time. Making a video of yourself will help you become a better guitarist and vocalist.

Top Easy Songs To Sing And Play Guitar At The Same Time

If you don’t know which songs to choose from, this list can help. The list consists of easy songs that you will feel comfortable starting with. They are also catchy for everyone to sing along to.

#1. Changes by XXXTentacion

“Changes” is an emotional guitar song. The singer expresses his dissatisfaction with the changes in his romance.

This song is a sweet tune with only three chords and an excellent slow beat. It can be a good start for your performance.

#2. Sunday Best by Surfaces

The song will lift your spirits no matter how down you’re feeling. It’s a bright pick-me-up medicine that comes with a funny video.

This tune also has three chords, but it is somewhat more complex. You ought to dust off your guitar pick and start playing along with the fast-paced music.

#3. Crazy In Love by Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s early single, “Crazy in Love,” includes simple chords and excellent subtle chord changes. As a result, it’s the ideal easy guitar tune to learn.

Switching from G to Em, then shifting to D, is a good exercise for every beginner. All you have to do now is play the music.

#4. Dance Monkey by Tones and I

“Dance Monkey” fits nicely as a guitar tune, despite the chords being performed on the piano.

You’ll need four simple chords played in the same order all through the song. Try to sing along with these simple changes once you’ve learned them.

#5. Attention by Charlie Puth

This song with four simple chords is an excellent tune to practice. Begin by playing along with the chord changes to get a feel for them. Then, employ the mute tool to focus on the guitar portion.

Also, examine your ability to mimic the strumming pattern. Then unmute the rest of the guitars and join in.

#6. Let Me Down Slowly by Alec Benjamin

Once you’ve learned the four chords, this heartbreaking song about a love ending is simple to play. Throughout the music, the chord changes, and the beat stays consistent.

This song is really emotional because of the lines “let me down.” It would be best to focus on the lyrics to deliver the whole meaning of the song.

The Bottom Line

Singing is not easy. Now, when you want to sing and play on guitar, the task becomes more challenging.

Fortunately, these skills can get better over time as long as you practice hard on them. Your reward is the spotlight on every stage you perform.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for following this post!

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