How Can I Promote My Podcast? Tips For All Podcasters

how can I promote my podcast

Creating a podcast seems difficult, but promoting it is even more challenging, especially if you’re not an influencer or KOL on social networks.

Many people started their recording and wondered, “How can I promote my podcast afterward?” Well, it’s not that easy to tell you in a few words.

Therefore, dive into our post and discover the helpful marketing tactics that experienced podcasters have shared.

How Can I Promote My Podcast To Reach More People?

This section will summarize seven effective ways for beginners to promote their podcasts. Read them carefully to see which one will fit you best.

Ask People To Subscribe

It sounds simple, but why not? New subscribers have a significant impact on your Apple Podcasts ranking (previously known as iTunes). Plus, the listeners’ interface automatically updates your new episodes whenever you publish them!

So before investing money in other methods, it’s best to invite your friends to subscribe to your podcast, which will benefit you in the long run.

Submit To Podcast Directories

The podcast industry has been increasingly popular over the past few years, estimated to become a 95 billion industry by 2028. It means that you and your listeners will have a variety of podcast platforms to select from.

That’s why you should submit your podcasts to as many directories as possible. Not only Apple Podcasts (the biggest player), you should focus on Spotify, Google, and other upcoming competitors. They are quickly gaining attention from listeners, giving you the chance to reach more people!

Share Reviews & Testimonials

Have you ever heard your name on your favorite show? It’s such a fantastic feeling that everybody will appreciate. Above all, this simple tactic will generate a new engagement for your show.

You can perform a Q&A segment, but in a more creative way like this! When your audiences want to ask you something, ask them to tag you on social networks so that their friends and followers can find your account and learn more.

People all love to hear their names spoken online, and they’re ready to share that episode if you mention them!

Their friends are likely to share similar interests and will be curious about your show. Other listeners may want to hear their questions read aloud (and, of course, receive an answer).

It will take some time to grow this way, but you will get more than you expect. It’s a natural and simple approach to increase engagement, grow your audience, and expand your social media channels all at once!

Create A Website

Podcast hosting services include a basic website for your podcast. But if you want to take your show to another step, you need to start a blog. It seems unnecessary, but here are the reasons:

  • It’s much easier to share your blog post than a proprietary podcast link from Apple or Google.
  • Content is king, and you need to write to express your passion (together with speaking, of course).
  • Your podcast audience could be your blog audience, but that’s not always true. There might be a chance you will reach more people by publishing both spoken and written content.
  • Own an official website to send the email (we will explain more below)

You can either display your playlist player on the general page about your podcast or include a player on individual posts. Whatever you choose, your audience can listen while browsing your site!

Check out this video to learn how to create a website.

Create An Email List

You can use an email list to notify people about new episodes, invite them to subscribe, host a giveaway, and many more. As mentioned above, you will need your own website and an email marketing service to create an email list.

Be A Guest On Another Shows

It’s always easy to get attention from those who already listen to podcasts. Becoming a specific guest on other shows with a similar audience is a fantastic way to meet new people and form new relationships.

By clicking the ‘Related’ button on the desktop of the iTunes app, you can identify shows with similar audiences to your podcasts. Then check to see which of them have your potential guests and reach out to them. Also, you can search for related shows to yours and expand your search.

Similarly, inviting special guests to your show is also a good way to increase your audience. So take the chance if possible!

You can target people on Facebook based on the sort of mobile device they’re using. That is, you can send them to Apple Podcasts directly from iOS and Google Podcasts from Android. You may also target those looking for specific types of shows using Google Ads.

For example, “best hockey podcast” receives 880 monthly searches, whereas “hockey podcast” receives 3,600. So if you want to quickly gain attention from your target audience, this must be your first option!

How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Podcast?

The podcast advertising rate varies depending on your approach. Generally, it will be a fixed charge or based on the cost-per-mile model (CPM).

If you choose a fixed rate, they often include ad placements on social media and YouTube in addition to the podcast ad. Typically, the cost of this package will be dependent on the size of the audience.

As for CPM, they will charge a fixed price for every 1,000 listens of an episode. There are several factors that influence the cost of an ad spot, including:

  • Ad length
  • Size of the podcast audience
  • Timing
  • Niche

In general, the more subscribers and listeners a podcast has, the more they charge for advertising.

For example, AdvertiserCast published the average rates based on data from 3,000 podcasts. The CPM (cost per 1,000 listeners) for a 30-second ad and 60-second ad are around $18 and $25, respectively.

So, if you expect to reach 10,000 listeners and only need a 30-second ad, you’ll pay around $180. Similarly, the estimated cost for the same target but a longer ad of 60 seconds is $250.

With AdvertiserCast, Podchaser’s has nearly the same average rates for ad spots. You’ll pay around $15 CPM for a pre-roll ad spot that lasts 25 seconds.

A 60-second mid-roll ad will cost you twice as much, while a 25-second post-roll ad will cost about $10 CPM.

Podchaser also provides average ad costs for podcasts with a large number of listeners. Specifically, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000 for an ad on a podcast with 100,000 listens.

Because there are no fixed rates, the podcaster and the advertising business must reach an agreement on the rate. You can use the mentioned average ad rates as guidelines if you’re a brand or a podcaster.

According to growth marketing consultancies, you should run your podcast ads for 7-10 weeks. So don’t be concerned if you don’t see results in the first weeks. The majority of conversions can take two weeks and up to five weeks for all to become fully realized.

How To Promote Your Podcast On Social Media?

Social media has been developing surprisingly over the last decades, and you should be wondering how to promote your podcasts on these potential platforms? Check out our tips below!

Use Hashtags

Hashtags have been no longer unfamiliar to social network users these days. Especially if you promote your podcasts on Twitter and Instagram, you cannot miss out on the hashtags, which will help reach more target audiences.

You can find general hashtags to gain attention from the majority and specific branded hashtags to build your community. Of course, it’s best to combine them. During the show, you can ask your audience to share posts using the hashtag.

Use Sound Bites And Create Video

Audiograms are a popular method to share short videos from your show with your audience. As a podcaster, you must have a lot of audio content.

Simply convert them into videos with animation, then post them on your social media. You can consider Wavve, Headliner, Simplecast, Buzzsprout, or Overcast. These platforms allow you to create video clips and share them with ease.

Alternatively, you can use the behind-the-scenes content of your show or record short videos of you and your guests.

You can even hold a live stream to promote your new episode or do a Q&A segment, too. This way, your audience will have a more special impression of your brand and promote your podcast efficiently.

Do A Giveaway Or Contest

Do a giveaway to gain more audience, why not? After they subscribe, you can simply ask them to take a screenshot and tag you on Instagram or Twitter. It’s an easy way to earn more subscribers to your show.

Keep in mind that the items you give away should be related to your show so that you can attract the right people (for example, give away a microphone for podcast hosting).

Create A Schedule

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by social media, so create a wise schedule that you can easily follow to stay on top of it.

Mondays are for new episodes, Tuesdays are for your favorite quotes from the latest episode, Wednesdays are for personal shares, Thursdays are for Q&A, and Fridays are for older episodes and evergreen content.

This simple schedule can help you quickly fill up your calendar for the entire month. You don’t have to worry about what to post and when to post anymore!

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Podcasts?

You must now have a better understanding of how to promote your podcasts on social media. But which platform will you choose to focus on?

Well, the perfect social media platform must be the one your listeners use! Consider which one your audiences are using before launching your podcast.

For the young generation, you should go for Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. But if your target is senior leaders, it’s best to choose Linkedin.

You can also ask them directly to know which is their favorite platform. This way, you won’t waste time posting updates that your audiences will not see.

You should concentrate on one or two platforms, optimizing your efforts and ensuring that you reach your target audience.


Our blog post has just provided you with some valuable tips for promoting your podcast from scratch. There are multiple ways to get started, from paid ads and social media platforms to natural methods like giving a giveaway.

Whatever you go for, you should draw up clear-cut plans for your work. Promoting a podcast can go a long way, but you all deserve it. Good luck!

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