How To Sell Podcast Advertising? 5 Ultimate Steps To Fulfill An Order

how to sell podcast advertising

One technique to monetize a podcast is to sell advertising. If you haven’t already launched an online show, choose a subject to draw a significant audience.

You may run a fast search in an iTunes library to determine whether a subject you’d want to cover for your online show has the following. If there is a market for that niche, make the most awesome content you can for it.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the highest-paid podcasters and show you how to sell podcast advertising. From best advertising tactics to advertising costs and networks, you’ll find all you need to know about podcast advertising.

How To Sell Advertising On Your Podcast manually?

Fifty-four percent of listeners are more inclined to consider businesses they hear promoted on podcasts.

However, rather than chasing a sponsor straight immediately when launching a new online show, concentrate on growing your audience first. Attracting advertising will come as a result of building a loyal audience.

Using popular services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts to distribute your online show may help you reach a larger audience. These sites give marketing tools and resources and make tiny podcasts more accessible.

Advertisers are frequently more interested in the size of the audience, which is usually measured in downloads each episode. The audience demography, the sort of presentation, and audience involvement are all taken into account.

Before approaching advertisers, we suggest that podcasts have at least ten episodes released with a minimum of 5,000 listeners each episode.

Make sure your first concern is keeping loyal to your podcast’s identity when determining what commercials to incorporate into your program. Working with companies that sync with your messaging is a no-no.

To avoid seeming overly scripted, advertisers in host-read commercials frequently supply essential talking points and let the host fill in the remainder of the speech.

You may need to read verbatim some portions, such as a legal disclaimer. If the sponsorship involves an endorsement, the brand would generally provide the host a product sample to talk openly about their experience.

Make sure your expectations are realistic—it takes time and work to build an audience, acquire their trust, and attract advertising.

When you’re ready to explore sponsorships, you may either join an ad network’s marketplace or contact businesses on your own.

Even if you don’t have your online show, you may supplement your income by selling ads for other podcasts independently or via an agency.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to instruct you to sell ads:

Add Your Podcast Listing

You may list your business for free on a brokerage site, and it includes thorough information about your online show. There must be a minimum of 200 people in the audience in those shows.

Select Host-Read Ad Spots To Sell

Select the inventory of host-read ads that you want to sell. Choose from a variety of popular 30/60 second host-read ad spots, as well as other options.

Set Ad Cost

You set your ad spaces’ prices. The system will help you by providing suggested values based on industry norms.

Approve or Deny Ad Buys

You will decide which marketers you want to deal with. You have the first right to accept or decline an advertiser’s ad request when they place one with you.

Order Fulfillment

Online ad sites may easily manage orders. Advertisers will provide you with details regarding their commercial, such as talking points, intended broadcast dates, and a promo code, ad creator, or vanity URL to mention, among other things.

How to Monetize Your Podcast with Programmatic Ads?

Starting to monetize your online show using programmatic advertising is a terrific way to get started. All you have to do is opt-in, and money will begin to flow into your account without you having to record a single advertisement.

When To Start It?

To properly monetize your podcast, you must first build a trusted connection with your audience and engage them.

That’s why, before you start running advertisements on your podcast, you should focus on providing high-quality material and expanding your following.

Before you can opt into revenue services, you must have 500 downloads of each episode.

How Does It Work?

All podcasts with 500 or more weekly downloads may have programmatic advertisements enabled. Brands may bid at scale on a certain number of downloads using the programmatic ad marketplace.

The platform will analyze how many available ad blocks are when listeners download your show, allowing advertisers to dynamically place their advertising depending on your program’s content and opted-in categories.

How Much Do Podcasts Get Paid For Ads?

Many top podcasts make over $1 million each year but don’t expect to start generating considerable money straight away.

The amount of money you get from online show advertising depends on three factors: episode CPM, the number of episodes produced each month, and the number of episode downloads.

As a general rule, you may start charging for advertising space on your program if your subscriber numbers reach at least 5,000 every episode.

If you combine ad space with affiliate sales, podcasting can generate a significant amount of revenue.

The typical CPM rates for regular, host-read pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertising are below. The term “cost per mille” refers to the expense of an advertisement every 1,000 listens.

  • CPM for a podcast pre-roll ad: You may expect a $15 CPM for a 15-25 second pre-roll ad piece. A pre-roll ad on an online show with 100,000 listeners will set you back around $1,500.
  • Podcast CPM for mid-roll ads: You may expect a $30 CPM for a 30-60 second mid-roll ad piece. A pre-roll ad on an online show with 100,000 listeners will cost about $3,000 to buy.
  • Podcast CPM for Post-Roll Ads: You may expect a $10 CPM for a 15-25 second post-roll (also known as an “end-roll”) ad piece. A pre-roll ad on a podcast with 100,000 listeners will cost about $1,000.

How To Monetize Your Podcast Without Podcast Advertising?

There are more methods to profit from podcasting:

Affiliate Marketing

When a presenter mentions a product on their show, they offer a unique URL, which typically includes a discount for the audience. When listeners use that code to purchase, the online show receives a portion of the proceeds.

The product determines the quantity of money you might be able to make. Amazon items are the most popular affiliate products.

You might, however, approach businesses you admire and ask them to pay you a commission per sale if you promote their product or service on your program.

If your podcast has 10,000 downloads each episode, you may expect to earn between $500 and $900 in affiliate sales every episode.

Merchandise Sales

Podcasts with a loyal following might supplement their revenue by selling branded items or selling tickets to live gigs or events.

Premium Subscriptions

Instead of commercials, some podcasts ask listeners to subscribe to the program or charge a fee to provide their audience access to ad-free material.


Listeners may pay in exchange for incentives like unique material or early access to episodes via crowdfunding sites like Patreon.

Monetizing Expertise

Hosting an online show is an excellent method to demonstrate your knowledge of a particular topic. Become a public speaker or design a course to monetize your expertise.

You may also market your skills as a consultant, producer, or mentor to budding podcasters.

 Listener Donations

It’s effectively a pay-what-you-want approach to pricing. The material will remain free, but there will be an opportunity to profit from your goodwill if you find value in it.

Make Your Content Multi-Purpose

Most podcast monetization techniques have thus far depended on at least some listeners listening in. This content repurposing approach may make you money even if no one ever listens to your program.

You take the knowledge from your episodes and transform it into additional goods, like books or courses.

Publish Your Show on YouTube

Although not all podcasters agree with this method, it’s such a short and straightforward operation even a few incremental listeners would be beneficial. It’s another search engine and channel where people may find your stuff.

You never know where your next greatest admirer may appear! You may use the built-in advertising program on YouTube to monetize your channel and make roughly $500 per month in passive revenue.

Charge Your Visitors

Charging your interviews is an intriguing way to monetize your online show.

Still, it seems that doing so without having your program come off as a feature-length advertisement will be difficult.

The video below adds a few more ways to monetize your podcast:


How much does Joe Rogan earn each podcast?

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of Rogan’s most notable projects. Every episode pays him $100,000.

How much does it cost to advertise on Spotify?

A $250 budget is the bare minimum for a marketing campaign.

Spotify advertisements, like those on Facebook and Google, use behind-the-scenes bidding. The price of your ads will fluctuate based on the competition for your audience.

Can you make a living off a podcast?

It takes time to make money from the medium. You’ll need to cultivate a devoted, engaged audience eager to purchase what you’re offering, both literally and metaphorically.

Does Apple podcast pay?

Each payment cycle, you’ll get 70% of the subscription fee, less any applicable taxes, with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions.

Your net revenue grows to 85 percent of the subscription fee, less applicable taxes, and once a subscriber has paid for one year of service.

How do Google podcasts make money?

Google Podcasts is used as a loss leader to attract users. It offers a lower-cost product to entice customers into a store or online business.

Making a product a loss leader aims to encourage people to buy more lucrative things while in the store, or in this instance, on the platform.


Advertising may be a significant source of cash for your online show. Focusing on expanding your audience is the first step in acquiring sponsors.

If you still wonder “how to sell podcast advertising,” you may begin with large platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

As an advertiser, you must research and identify your ideal consumer to personalize your advertising to their requirements.

Your message will resonate with your audience and turn them into devoted consumers and followers if you care about them and their problems.

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