17 Great Lil Peep Love Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Great Lil Peep Love Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

If you’re a fan of Lil Peep and his unique blend of emo rap, then get ready to swoon. Today, we’re bringing you a curated list of some of the best love songs from this talented artist.

From haunting melodies to raw lyrics, these tracks capture the essence of love in all its forms. So get ready to fall in love with the Great Lil Peep Love Songs of All Time.

1. Teen Romance

“Teen Romance” by Lil Peep is a soulful and emotionally charged love song that captures the essence of young love.

The lyrics are raw and honest, portraying the intense feelings and struggles of being in a relationship as a teenager.

Lil Peep’s smooth vocals and dreamy guitar riffs create an intoxicating atmosphere that draws the listener in.

The song beautifully encapsulates the bittersweet nature of teenage romance – from the excitement of falling in love to the heartache that comes with it.

2. Kisses In The Wind

“Kisses in the Wind” by Lil Peep is undeniably one of the best love songs he has ever created.

The lyrics are raw and heartfelt, showcasing Lil Peep’s vulnerability and passion towards his significant other.

The track starts with a dreamy guitar melody that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

As Lil Peep’s soothing vocal comes in, we are drawn into a world where love knows no boundaries or distance.

The song paints a picture of longing and yearning as if sending kisses to a loved one through the wind. This beautiful gesture symbolizes the strength of their love despite being physically apart.

3. Worlds Away

“Worlds Away” by Lil Peep is a captivating love song that showcases the late rapper’s vulnerable and emotional side.

With raw and heartfelt lyrics, he paints a picture of being lost in a toxic relationship, feeling like he’s in a different world from his partner.

The sad melody and Lil Peep’s haunting vocals only add to the intensity of this track, making it one of his best love songs.

4. Star Shopping

“Star Shopping” by Lil Peep is a fan favorite and is considered one of the best love songs.

With heartfelt lyrics and a sad beat, this track perfectly captures the raw emotions of love and heartbreak.

The song showcases Lil Peep’s vulnerable side as he sings about wanting to be with someone who has already moved on and how he can’t let go of their shared memories.

His unique voice and poetic lyrics make “Star Shopping” a standout among his other tracks.

5. Kiss

“Kiss” by Lil Peep is undoubtedly one of his best love songs that have captured the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide.

The track, released in 2017, showcases Peep’s unique blend of emo-rap and alternative rock, making it a standout in the modern music scene.

The song tells the story of two lovers who have found solace in each other’s arms, with Peep’s hauntingly beautiful vocals creating a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion.

His poignant lyrics perfectly capture the intensity and passion of young love, creating an incredibly relatable experience for listeners.

6. Me and You

“Me and You” is a popular love song by the late rapper Lil Peep.

This heartfelt track perfectly encapsulates the vulnerability and intensity of young love.

With sad lyrics and a dreamy beat, Lil Peep’s unique sound shines through as he expresses his raw emotions toward his significant other.

The song speaks of finding solace in each other’s company, even amid personal struggles and societal expectations.

It’s a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we have someone to weather the storms with us.

7. Love Letter

“Love Letter” by Lil Peep is a heart-wrenching love song that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

With his unique blend of emo rap and alternative rock, Lil Peep delivers raw and emotional lyrics that resonate with listeners deeply.

The song tells the story of a troubled relationship, with Peep pouring his heart out to his significant other through a letter.

The hauntingly beautiful melody, accompanied by Lil Peep’s soothing vocals, creates an atmosphere of melancholy and nostalgia.

8. Your Eyes

“Your Eyes” by Lil Peep is a hauntingly beautiful love song that has captivated fans worldwide.

With his signature emo-rap style, Lil Peep sings about the intense and overwhelming feeling of being in love with someone.

The lyrics are raw and honest, vividly depicting infatuation and desire. The melody is sad yet catchy, making it impossible not to feel something when you listen to it.

9. About U

“About U” is a famous love song by the late rapper and singer Lil Peep.

The song, released in 2017, showcases Peep’s unique blending of rap and emo elements to create a captivating sound.

The song’s lyrics revolve around falling deeply in love with someone and being unable to imagine a life without them.

In his signature melodic voice, Lil Peep sings about being fascinated with this person and wanting to show them how much they mean to him.

His raw emotions and vulnerability shine through in the heartfelt lyrics, making it relatable for many listeners.

10. Big City Blues

“Big City Blues” by Lil Peep is a popular love song that captures the struggles of being in a big city and feeling isolated.

With his signature emo-rap style, Lil Peep sings about feeling lost and alone in the fast-paced world of a metropolis.

The lyrics are raw and emotional, delving into themes of heartbreak, addiction, and longing for connection.

Despite the sad tone, there is an underlying message of hope as Lil Peep expresses his desire to find someone who understands him amidst the chaos of the city.

11. U Said

“U Said” by the late rapper and emo-trap Lil Peep is a profoundly emotional and honest love song that has captured the hearts of many fans.

Known for his raw and vulnerable lyrics, Lil Peep pours his heart out in this track, expressing his confusion and pain after being betrayed by someone he loved.

The hauntingly beautiful melody combined with Peep’s unique blend of rap and singing creates a melancholic yet catchy sound that draws listeners in.

He reflects on the ups and downs of the relationship, questioning whether it was all just a game to the other person.

12. Ghost Girl

“Ghost Girl” by Lil Peep is a popular love song that captures the raw emotions and vulnerability of falling in love.

The hauntingly beautiful lyrics paint a picture of a love that has been lost, with Peep’s distinct voice conveying his feelings of heartbreak and longing.

The song explores the themes of loneliness, addiction, and struggling with inner demons while being in a toxic relationship.

With its sad melody and honest lyrics, “Ghost Girl” resonates with listeners who have experienced the tumultuous nature of young love.

13. Right Here (Feat. Horsehead)

“Right Here” is a captivating love song by the talented artist Lil Peep that has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide.

It’s a famous track from his album “Hellboy” and showcases Lil Peep’s unique blend of emo rap and alternative rock.

The song tells a story of unrequited love, with Lil Peep pouring his heart out to someone who doesn’t seem to reciprocate his feelings.

His raw and emotional lyrics, combined with his hauntingly beautiful vocals, create a powerful and relatable experience for listeners.

14. Prove My Love

“Prove My Love” by Lil Peep is a famous love song that captures the deep and vulnerable feelings of being in love.

With his unique blend of emo, hip hop, and alternative rock sound, Lil Peep delivers heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners.

The song speaks about the fear and uncertainty of falling in love and the desire to prove oneself worthy of their partner’s affection.

Throughout the track, Lil Peep’s raw emotion shines through as he sings about wanting to be there for his loved one and expressing his devotion despite any challenges they may face.

15. Tears

“Tears” by Lil Peep is a popular love song that has captured the hearts of many fans.

With his unique style and raw lyrics, Lil Peep expresses the pain and vulnerability of being in love.

The song delves into the complexities of relationships and how emotions can often become overwhelming.

From the haunting beat to Lil Peep’s heartfelt vocals, “Tears” is a deeply emotional track that resonates with listeners.

It’s a reminder that even though love can bring us joy, it can also bring us tears.

16. Give U The Moon

“Give U The Moon” by Lil Peep is a beautiful love song that captures the essence of pure and unconditional affection.

It’s a heartfelt tribute to the one you hold closest to your heart, where every lyric conveys an overwhelming sense of devotion.

Lil Peep’s vocals are soothing and vulnerable, making it impossible not to feel the raw emotion behind his vocals.

The song talks about going above and beyond for your significant other, promising to give them everything they desire, even if it means reaching for the stars.

This track stands out because of its simplicity and honesty, reminding us that true love doesn’t need grand gestures or material possessions.

Instead, it’s all about being there for each other through thick and thin, and “Give U The Moon” beautifully encapsulates this idea.

17. Sex (Last Nite)

“Sex (Last Nite)” by Lil Peep is a phenomenal love song that captures the essence of raw emotion and passion.

It’s a track that speaks volumes about the intensity and depth of Lil Peep’s feelings towards his significant other.

The lyrics are vulnerable and honest, making it relatable to anyone who has ever been in love.

The beat and melody add an irresistible allure to the song, making it impossible not to nod along and feel the pulse of the music.

It blends hip-hop and emo-rap perfectly, highlighting Lil Peep’s unique style and sound.

About Lil Peep

Lil Peep, also known as Gustav Elijah Åhr, was a talented American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

He emerged on the music scene 2014 with his debut mixtape “Lil Peep; Part One.”

His unique blend of emo and hip-hop music quickly gained him a dedicated fan base.

Lil Peep’s raw and emotional lyrics touched the hearts of his listeners as he openly shared his struggles with mental health, heartbreak, and drug abuse in his music.

He continued to grow in popularity with hits like “Benz Truck” and “Save That Shit”.

Unfortunately, Lil Peep’s life was cut short at the young age of 21 due to an accidental overdose.

Despite his untimely passing, his legacy lives on through his music and his impact on countless fans worldwide.


What song made Lil Peep famous?

The song that made Lil Peep famous was “Awful Things,” featuring Lil Tracy.

This track, released in 2017, showcased Lil Peep’s unique emo and hip-hop music blend. It perfectly encapsulated his style with its emotional lyrics and melancholic melody.

The song gained widespread popularity and became one of his biggest hits, reaching number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Why is Lil Peep so unique?

Lil Peep was a rapper and singer-songwriter who captivated the music industry with his unique style and sound.

His music was a blend of emo rap, punk rock, and trap, making him stand out from other artists in the industry.

He used his struggles and emotions to create raw and honest lyrics that resonated with millions of fans worldwide.

What set Lil Peep apart was his ability to combine different genres while staying true to himself effortlessly.

His unconventional fashion sense, which often included heavy eyeliner and brightly colored hair, added to his distinctive image.

What was Lil Peep’s first song?

His first song, “High School,” was released in 2014 on his SoundCloud page under Lil Peep.

The track showcased his raw and emotional lyrics and a melodic rap flow, setting the foundation for his signature sound.

Why did Lil Peep choose the name Lil Peep?

Many fans have wondered about the reasoning behind his stage name, “Lil Peep.”

In interviews, Lil Peep revealed that he chose this moniker as a nod to his childhood nickname by his mother – Peep.

This endearing nickname was inspired by how he would always peek out from under the covers as a child.

Additionally, Lil Peep also saw the name as a representation of being young and vulnerable but still having something unique to offer the world.

With this name, he wanted to break stereotypes and show that it’s okay to be different.

At what age did Lil Peep start making music?

His love for music began when he was just a teenager, as he started writing and recording his songs at fourteen.

He drew inspiration from genres such as hip-hop, emo, and punk to create his unique sound.

Even before gaining recognition in the mainstream music industry, Lil Peep released several mixtapes and EPs on SoundCloud.

It wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles in 2015 that his career took off and gained a substantial following online.


Lil Peep was known for his unique and raw expression of emotions through his music, mainly concerning matters of love.

This list of great Lil Peep love songs showcases some of the artist’s most heartfelt and relatable tracks that have resonated with fans worldwide.

Whether you’re going through a breakup or want to feel connected to someone who understands your feelings, these songs will surely strike a chord with you.

So sit back, turn up the volume, and let Lil Peep’s music take you on an emotional journey through love.

Remember, through his music, he may be gone, but his legacy will always live on. Rest In Peace, Lil Peep.

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