31 Top Greatest Metal Love Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Top Greatest Metal Love Songs of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Love knows no bounds, and neither does heavy metal. Join us as we dive into the world of love and music, showcasing the top greatest metal love songs of all time.

Whether you’re a die-hard metalhead or simply a hopeless romantic, these anthems will make your heart beat faster and your head bang harder.

So get ready to rock out with some of the most passionate and powerful songs ever written.

1. AC/DC – Let Me Put My Love Into You

AC/DC’s classic hit “Let Me Put My Love Into You” is arguably one of the greatest metal love songs ever written.

From its electrifying guitar riffs to its raw and passionate lyrics, this track captures the essence of true rock and roll romance.

The band’s signature sound, combined with lead singer Bon Scott’s gritty vocals, creates a powerful and seductive atmosphere that makes it impossible not to sway along.

2. Steel Panther – If you Really Really Love Me

If you’re a fan of 80s heavy metal, then you’ve probably heard of Steel Panther and their hit song “If You Really Really Love Me.”

This track is a tribute to the classic metal ballads of the past and a hilarious parody that pokes fun at the over-the-top romanticism often found in those songs.

It’s a perfect blend of catchy riffs, powerful vocals, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics that will have you singing along and laughing simultaneously.

3. Helix – Heavy Metal Love

“Helix – Heavy Metal Love” is an iconic and timeless heavy metal love song that has captured the hearts of metal fans for decades.

The song, released in 1985 by the Canadian band Helix, is a powerful and passionate tribute to the intense emotions of love within heavy metal music.

With its hard-hitting guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, “Heavy Metal Love” exemplifies everything that makes heavy metal such a beloved genre.

4. Motörhead – Love Me Forever

Motörhead’s “Love Me Forever” is often considered to be one of the greatest metal love songs of all time. Released in 1991, it showcases a softer side to the band known for their hard-hitting rock and roll anthems.

Lead singer Lemmy Kilmister’s gritty vocals add depth and emotion to the lyrics, making it a standout track in their discography.

The verses speak of longing and vulnerability, while the chorus expresses an intense desire for eternal love.

5. Cradle of Filth – The Death of Love

Cradle of Filth’s “The Death of Love” is not your typical love song. It is a metal masterpiece that combines powerful vocals, haunting melodies, and intense guitar riffs to tell a dark tale of love and loss.

The lyrics vividly depict a tormented relationship filled with passion, betrayal, and, ultimately, death.

The band’s frontman, Dani Filth, delivers his signature growls and screams with an emotional depth that perfectly captures the pain and desperation of the song’s characters.

6. Judas Priest – Love Zone

Judas Priest’s “Love Zone” is often hailed as one of the best metal love songs ever created.

This powerful ballad, released in 1986 as part of their album “Turbo,” showcases the band’s versatility and ability to infuse emotion into their heavy sound.

The song starts off with a slow and melodic guitar riff that sets the mood for the heartfelt lyrics to follow.

Lead singer Rob Halford’s vocal range shines through as he sings about the intense passion and devotion in a romantic relationship.

7. No Stranger To Love by Black Sabbath

“No Stranger To Love” by Black Sabbath is a true masterpiece and arguably one of the best metal love songs.

From its hauntingly beautiful guitar riffs to the soulful vocals of Ronnie James Dio, this song uniquely captures the essence of love and darkness.

The lyrics are poetic yet relatable, as they portray the struggles and sacrifices one makes in the name of love.

It’s a perfect blend of heavy metal and heartfelt emotions that can make anyone fall in love with it instantly.

8. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots

“Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots is undeniably one of the best metal love songs of all time.

Released in 1994, this song beautifully captures the essence of a long-distance relationship and the struggles it brings.

The melodic guitar riffs combined with Scott Weiland’s powerful vocals create an emotional and heartfelt experience for listeners.

The lyrics speak of longing, devotion, and the desire to hold onto love despite being miles apart.

9. Black by Pearl Jam

“Black” by Pearl Jam is undoubtedly one of the best metal love songs.

With its raw and emotional lyrics coupled with the powerful vocals of lead singer Eddie Vedder, this song captures the complexities and nuances of love in a way that is both relatable and haunting.

The deep guitar riffs and intense drum beats add to the song’s intensity, perfectly conveying the feeling of being consumed by love.

This song is special because it delves into the darker side of love, exploring themes like heartbreak, loss, and longing.

10. Thank You by Led Zeppelin

“Thank You” by Led Zeppelin is a powerful and dynamic love song that has stood the test of time as one of the best metal love songs ever written.

The combination of Robert Plant’s haunting vocals and Jimmy Page’s masterful guitar work creates a mesmerizing and heartfelt tribute to a loved one.

The lyrics, filled with gratitude and adoration, are delivered with raw passion and sincerity. It’s a rare blend of heavy sound and emotional depth that truly showcases Led Zeppelin’s musical genius.

The slow tempo, coupled with the dynamic shifts in the song, adds to its intensity and captures the listener’s attention from start to finish.

11. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

“Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica is known as one of the best metal love songs of all time.

This iconic ballad, released in 1991, showcases the band’s softer side while still maintaining their signature heavy sound.

The lyrics describe a deep and passionate love that transcends any external factors or judgments.

With its haunting melody and emotional vocals, this song has captured the hearts of fans worldwide and remains a staple in Metallica’s live performances.

12. Jambi by Tool

“Jambi” by the American rock band Tool is widely considered one of the best metal love songs ever.

The song, released in 2006 as part of their album “10,000 Days”, is a masterpiece that beautifully balances heavy instrumentals and soul-stirring lyrics.

It tells the story of a person yearning for their lover’s return as their absence physically and emotionally consumes them.

The haunting vocals of frontman Maynard James Keenan, accompanied by intricate guitar riffs and powerful drum beats, evoke a sense of longing and desperation for love.

The captivating metaphors in the lyrics add depth to the song, making it relatable to anyone who has experienced heartbreak or longed for someone special.

13. Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

“Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N’ Roses is not just your average metal love song.

It’s a powerful ballad that captures the raw and intense emotions of love.

From the iconic guitar riff to Axl Rose’s passionate vocals, this song has stood the test of time and is one of the most beloved songs in rock history.

The lyrics are filled with heartfelt declarations of devotion, while the music showcases both the tender and heavy sides of love.

14. Love Song by Tesla

“Love Song” by Tesla is a popular metal love song that has captured the hearts of many listeners.

The powerful and heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by the band’s signature heavy guitar riffs, make it a perfect choice for anyone looking to express their deep feelings for someone special.

The passionate vocals of Jeff Keith add an extra layer of emotion to the song, making it resonate with lovers all around the world.

15. Song #3 by Stone Sour

“Song #3” by Stone Sour is a popular metal love song that has captured the hearts of many with its powerful lyrics and captivating melody.

Lead singer Corey Taylor’s raw and emotional vocals bring life to the song, while the heavy riffs and pounding drums create an intense yet melodic backdrop.

The song speaks about overcoming struggles in a relationship and finding strength in each other’s love, making it relatable to many listeners.

16. Everlong by Foo Fighters

“Everlong” by Foo Fighters is a popular metal love song that has captured the hearts of listeners all over the world.

Released in 1997, it quickly became a fan favorite due to its powerful lyrics and catchy melody.

The song tells a story of longing and devotion, with lead singer Dave Grohl pouring his heart out as he sings about a love transcending time and distance.

The energetic guitar riffs and drum beats perfectly complement the emotional vocals, making it impossible not to get swept away by the song’s intensity.

17. Hold On To My Heart by W.A.S.P.

“Hold On To My Heart” is a popular metal love song by the American heavy metal band W.A.S.P.

Released in 1992, this heartfelt ballad showcases the softer side of the hard-hitting band.

With emotional lyrics and a haunting melody, it tells the story of a person struggling to hold on to their love amidst the challenges and hardships of life.

The lead vocalist Blackie Lawless’s powerful yet vulnerable voice adds depth and intensity to the song, making it relatable to anyone who has experienced a tumultuous relationship.

18. I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

“I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith is a popular metal love song that has captured the hearts of millions.

With its powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and epic guitar riffs, it is no surprise that this song has become an anthem for couples in love.

The band’s frontman, Steven Tyler, pours his soul into the song as he sings about not wanting to miss a single moment with his loved one. The captivating melody and emotional delivery make this track impossible to forget.

19. Promises by Megadeth

“Promises” is a highly beloved metal love song by the famous band Megadeth.

The powerful and emotive lyrics, combined with the band’s signature heavy riffs and intense vocals, make this song an absolute favorite among fans of the genre.

The song tells the story of a person desperately trying to keep their promises to their significant other, despite overwhelming obstacles and challenges.

It speaks to the struggles and sacrifices one makes for love, making it relatable and poignant for listeners.

20. I Won’t Forget You by Poison

Won’t Forget You” by the American rock band Poison is one of the most iconic metal love songs that has stood the test of time.

From its hauntingly beautiful guitar riffs to Bret Michaels’ powerful vocals, this song captures the emotions of a heartbroken lover who can’t seem to forget their past love.

The lyrics are poetic and relatable, making it a fan favorite at live performances even decades after its release in 1987.

This song’s raw passion and vulnerability make it stand out in a genre often associated with aggression and rebellion.

21. I Believe In a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

“I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness is a popular metal love song that has captured the hearts of listeners around the world.

This energetic and upbeat track showcases the band’s unique blend of heavy metal riffs and catchy pop hooks, making it impossible not to sing along.

The lyrics speak of a passionate love that knows no bounds and can overcome any obstacle.

22. More Than Words by Extreme

“More Than Words” by the band Extreme is a popular metal love song that has captured the hearts of listeners all over the world since its release in 1990.

The song’s raw and emotional lyrics and acoustic guitars create a beautiful and powerful ballad that resonates with anyone who has ever been in love.

It speaks to the importance of actions over words, urging us to show our love through deeds rather than just saying it.

23. Is This Love by Whitesnake

“Is This Love” by Whitesnake is undeniably one of the most popular metal love songs of all time.

Released in 1987, it quickly became a hit and remains a well-loved classic.

The powerful vocals of lead singer David Coverdale, soulful guitar riffs, and emotional lyrics make this song a timeless anthem for love.

24. I’ll Follow You by Shinedown

“I’ll Follow You” by Shinedown is an emotionally charged metal love song that has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide.

The track, released in 2012, quickly became a fan favorite and solidified its spot as one of Shinedown’s most popular songs.

The track perfectly blends heavy guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and heartfelt lyrics that speak to the depths of true love and devotion.

Lead singer Brent Smith’s vocals are raw and passionate, conveying every emotion in a way that makes listeners feel connected to the song on a personal level.

25. Love Walks In by Van Halen

“Love Walks In” by Van Halen is a popular metal love song that has touched the hearts of millions since its release in 1986.

The song starts off with a captivating guitar riff, followed by lead singer Sammy Hagar’s powerful yet soulful vocals that express the feelings of falling deeply in love and the impact it has on one’s life.

The lyrics beautifully capture the euphoria and magic of being in love, with lines like “she comes to me with a thousand smiles, she gives to me free”, portraying the overwhelming joy and happiness that can come from being in a loving relationship.

26. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns by Mother Love Bone

“Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns” is an iconic metal love song that perfectly encapsulates Mother Love Bone’s raw and emotional style.

Released in 1990, this powerful ballad showcases lead singer Andrew Wood’s haunting vocals and poetic lyrics.

The song tells the tragic tale of a young woman named Chloe who struggles with addiction and eventually dies from an overdose, represented by the “crown of thorns” she wears.

The sad melody and intense guitar riffs evoke a sense of longing and heartache, making it a favorite among alternative metal fans.

17. Love Reign Down by Black Label Society

“Love Reign Down” is an iconic metal love song by the American band Black Label Society.

With its powerful lyrics and soulful melody, the song has captured the hearts of metal fans worldwide.

The band’s frontman, Zakk Wylde, delivers a passionate vocal performance that perfectly expresses the raw emotions of being in love.

The guitar riffs and solos are intense and beautifully crafted, adding to the song’s overall impact.

“Love Reign Down” is a perfect balance of heavy metal energy and heartfelt emotion, making it a popular choice for couples to include in their wedding playlists.

28. Warmness On the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold

“Warmness On the Soul” is a powerful and emotional love song by the popular metal band Avenged Sevenfold.

The song quickly became a fan favorite for its raw and heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by hauntingly beautiful guitar riffs and vocals.

The band masterfully combines elements of metal with romanticism to create a unique sound that captures the essence of true love.

The lyrics speak of a love that warms the soul, bringing comfort and peace in times of struggle. It’s a testament to the unbreakable bond between two people and their unwavering devotion to each other.

29. I Remember You by Skid Row

“I Remember You” is a classic metal love song by American rock band Skid Row, released in 1989.

This power ballad has stood the test of time and remains one of the genre’s most popular songs.

The heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and epic guitar riffs give it a timeless appeal that still resonates with audiences today.

The track tells a story of lost love and longing for someone who was once an essential part of your life.

It captures the emotions and memories that come flooding back when you see or hear from them again.

30. Love Buzz by Nirvana

“Love Buzz” by Nirvana is a beloved metal love song that has captivated listeners for decades.

This iconic track perfectly captures the raw and intense feeling of being in love, with Kurt Cobain’s haunting vocals and the heavy guitar riffs creating an electrifying atmosphere.

The lyrics evoke a sense of obsession and longing, making it relatable to anyone who has experienced the rollercoaster of emotions that come with falling in love.

What sets “Love Buzz” apart from other metal songs is its ability to seamlessly blend soft melodies with powerful instrumentals, creating a perfect balance between chaos and tenderness.

31. Love You to Death by Type O Negative

“Love You to Death” by Type O Negative is a popular metal love song that captures the intensity and passion of one’s love for another.

The song perfectly blends gothic rock and heavy metal, creating a unique sound that showcases the band’s signature style.

The lyrics are a poetic declaration of undying love, with dark and romantic imagery that draws listeners in. Peter Steele’s deep and haunting vocals add to the melancholy yet powerful tone of the song.


Why do I love metal music?

I love metal music because of its raw, powerful, and intense sound.

From the thunderous drums to the shredding guitar riffs, every element in metal exudes an unmatched energy.

The lyrics often tackle deep and meaningful themes such as societal issues, personal struggles, and even fantasy worlds, making it more than just a genre of music but a form of self-expression.

The aggressive vocals and chaotic instrumentals let me release pent-up emotions and embrace my inner strength.

Metal concerts are also an unforgettable experience with an electrifying atmosphere and engaging crowd, creating a sense of unity among fans.

It’s not just about the music for me but also the surrounding community and culture.

No other type of music makes me feel as alive and connected as metal does. It’s bold, unapologetic, and always pushing boundaries – qualities that I deeply admire.

In short, metal music speaks to my soul in ways no other genre can match.

Did Black Sabbath have any love songs?

Yes, Black Sabbath did have love songs in their repertoire.

While the heavy metal band is primarily known for their dark and ominous music, they also had a softer side showcased through their romantic tracks.

One notable example is “Changes,” a heartfelt ballad that speaks of acceptance and growth in a relationship.

Another popular love song by Black Sabbath is “She’s Gone,” which explores the pain of losing a loved one.

Is it OK to like metal music?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking metal music! Music preferences are entirely subjective, and enjoying a particular genre over others is perfectly normal.

Metal music has a unique sound and style that can appeal to many people.

Plus, a whole community of metal fans share the same passion for this type of music.

So, if you love headbanging to loud guitar riffs and intense vocals, then embrace your love for metal music!

Let go of any social stigma or judgments, and enjoy the music that makes you happy.

Is heavy metal still popular?

Heavy metal has been a popular genre of music for decades, with its loud and aggressive sound captivating the hearts of many.

But in recent years, some may wonder if heavy metal is still as popular as it once was.

The answer is a resounding yes.

While it may not necessarily dominate mainstream music charts, heavy metal continues to have a strong presence in the music industry and a worldwide dedicated fan base.

There has been a resurgence of interest in the genre in recent years, with new bands emerging and older ones still maintaining popularity.

Why is metal music misunderstood?

Metal music is often misunderstood by people unfamiliar with the genre.

One of the main reasons for this is the aggressive sound and appearance of metal bands, which can be off-putting to some.

However, many fail to recognize that metal music holds deep meaning for its fans.

The lyrics often tackle important issues such as social injustice, mental health, and personal struggles, providing a cathartic outlet for listeners.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, metal musicians are highly skilled in their craft and utilize complex musical techniques in their compositions.

Unfortunately, these nuances are often overlooked due to preconceived notions about metal being solely “loud noise.”

Additionally, metal has faced criticism and negative stereotypes from mainstream media and society, leading to further misunderstanding and stigmatization of the genre.

In reality, metal music is a diverse and inclusive community that offers a sense of belonging for those who may not feel understood elsewhere.

Which country listens to metal most?

Metal music is a genre that has gained immense popularity worldwide, but there are certain countries where this type of music is listened to and appreciated more than others.

According to surveys and studies, Finland is the country that listens to metal the most.

This may come as a surprise to many, but it’s true! The Finnish people have a strong connection with metal music as it reflects their culture and way of life.

They have produced some of the biggest bands in the genre, such as Children of Bodom, Nightwish, and HIM.

Metal concerts in Finland attract huge crowds, and dedicated metal festivals are held yearly.

Sweden also deserves a mention as it is home to numerous popular metal bands like In Flames and Opeth.

Where is heavy metal banned?

Heavy metal music is a genre that has seen its fair share of controversy and censorship.

While it may have loyal fans and a thriving subculture, there are countries where this type of music is completely banned or restricted.

Several Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, prohibit the production and distribution of heavy metal due to its association with Western culture and perceived vulgar lyrics.

Additionally, some Asian countries like Malaysia and China have strict regulations on live performances and album sales for heavy metal bands.

On the other hand, there are also places like Cuba and North Korea where the government entirely prohibits heavy metal.

So, if you’re planning to rock out to your favorite heavy metal tunes, make sure you do your research beforehand to avoid any legal issues!


The world of metal music has given us some incredibly powerful and moving love songs that have stood the test of time.

These songs perfectly encapsulate love’s raw emotions and intensity, bringing them to life through their electrifying riffs and unforgettable lyrics.

From the soul-stirring ballads to the headbanging anthems, these greatest metal love songs are a testament to the genre’s versatility and ability to touch our hearts unexpectedly.

So whether you’re looking for a romantic serenade or an intense expression of passion, these top metal love songs will ignite your senses and leave you wanting more.

Let these timeless classics be a reminder that even within the seemingly dark and aggressive world of metal, there is room for tenderness and love.


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