26 Popular Open D Tuning Songs (With Tabs), Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Popular Open D Tuning Songs (With Tabs), Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Are you tired of playing the same old chords and strumming patterns on your guitar?

Want to spice up your repertoire with some new tunes? Look no further!

I’ve compiled a list of the most popular songs in open D tuning, complete with easy-to-follow tabs.

Whether a beginner or an experienced player, these songs will have you jamming along in no time.

So, get ready to explore the world of open D-tuning songs. Let’s dive in!

1. Into The Mystic – Van Morrison

“Into The Mystic” by Van Morrison is a timeless classic that has captured the hearts of music lovers for generations.

Released in 1970, it remains one of Morrison’s most beloved songs and has been covered by countless artists.

What makes this song stand out is its use of the open D tuning on the guitar, which gives it a unique and ethereal sound.

This tuning, alongside Morrison’s soulful vocals and poetic lyrics, creates a sense of mysticism and transports listeners to another world.

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2. Ivy – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, a world-renowned artist known for her powerful vocals and captivating lyrics, has charmed audiences with her music for years.

In her album “Folklore,” she surprises fans by incorporating the Open D tuning in some of her songs, notably in the track “Ivy.”

This tuning has a history in folk and blues music, but Taylor’s use adds a whole new dimension to her sound.

The haunting yet beautiful melody, coupled with Taylor’s poignant storytelling, makes “Ivy” stand out among her other tracks.

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3. Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

“Big Yellow Taxi” is a beautiful and iconic song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell.

Written in 1970, it quickly became an anthem for environmentalism and social activism.

Mitchell’s unique use of open D tuning gives the song a cheerful and upbeat tone, contrasting with the lyrics criticizing the destruction of nature and urbanization.

The catchy chorus, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot,” has become a well-known phrase, highlighting the consequences of human actions on our planet.

With its simple yet powerful message, “Big Yellow Taxi” remains relevant even after five decades since its release.

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4. Matilda – Harry Styles

Matilda by Harry Styles is a song that showcases the beauty and versatility of open d tuning on guitar.

This unique tuning allows for a rich, resonant sound that perfectly complements the song’s sad lyrics.

As Harry sings about lost love and longing, his smooth vocals are accompanied by hauntingly beautiful guitar chords that capture the essence of the emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

Open d tuning adds depth and complexity to the song, making it stand out among other acoustic ballads.

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5. Shelter From The Storm – Bob Dylan

“Shelter From The Storm” is one of the iconic songs written by the legendary musician Bob Dylan.

This powerful and evocative ballad is a quintessential example of Dylan’s mastery of storytelling through music.

The song is characterized by its haunting melody and poetic lyrics that touch upon themes of love, loss, and finding solace amidst chaos.

Dylan’s use of the open D tuning on his guitar makes this song truly special, which gives it a distinct sound and adds depth to the emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

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6. Re Stacks – Bon Iver

“Re Stacks” is a beautiful and haunting song by American indie folk band Bon Iver.

It is a soulful and reflective piece that has touched the hearts of many listeners.

This song is even more remarkable because it is played in open D tuning, giving it a unique sound.

This tuning creates a rich and warm resonance, enhancing the emotional depth of the lyrics.

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7. Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes

“Helplessness Blues” by Fleet Foxes is a heartfelt and soulful song that captures the feeling of being lost and searching for meaning in life.

With its sad lyrics and beautifully layered harmonies, this track stands out as one of the most poignant songs in the open-tuning genre.

The band’s lead singer, Robin Pecknold, pours his heart and soul into each line, reflecting on his journey towards self-discovery and facing the daunting reality of growing up.

Open d tuning adds an ethereal quality to the song, creating a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly complements the introspective lyrics.

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8. Paris, Texas – Ry Cooder

Paris, Texas by Ry Cooder is a renowned instrumental piece that showcases the brilliance of open d tuning in guitar.

This intricate and soulful composition takes us on a journey through the vast landscapes of Texas, with its hauntingly beautiful melody that captures the essence of this iconic state.

The open d tuning style allows for unique chord progressions and rich harmonics, giving an ethereal quality to the music.

As one listens to this masterpiece, one can feel the sun’s warmth on one’s skin and hear the winds whispering through dry grasses in an empty desert.

The mellow strumming and delicate plucking of strings evoke emotions of longing and nostalgia, transporting listeners to another world entirely.

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9. Call It Dreaming – Iron & Wine

“Call It Dreaming” by Iron & Wine is a beautiful and soulful song that captures the essence of dreaming and its power to bring hope and inspiration.

Set in an open D tuning, this song has a melodic and dreamy vibe that perfectly complements the lyrics, which speak of never giving up on your dreams.

The gentle strumming of the guitar and Sam Beam’s mesmerizing vocals create a sense of peace and tranquility, making it the perfect song to listen to while daydreaming or unwinding after a long day.

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10. A Life Of Illusion – Joe Walsh

“A Life of Illusion” by Joe Walsh is a timeless classic that showcases Walsh’s exceptional talent as a musician and lyricist.

The song, written in open D tuning, is a perfect blend of rock and country music that immediately grabs your attention with its catchy guitar riffs and soulful vocals.

As you listen to the lyrics, you will be taken on a journey through the mind of someone living in an illusion and struggling to discern reality from fantasy.

With poetic lines such as “Sometimes everything is exactly what it seems,” Walsh beautifully captures the complexity of human emotions and thoughts.

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11. Beautiful Things by Gungor

“Beautiful Things” by Gungor is a soulful and uplifting song that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

The guitar chords create a unique and dreamy sound that perfectly complements the heartfelt lyrics.

The song speaks of finding beauty in unexpected places and reminds us to find joy in the little things.

With its gentle melody and poetic words, “Beautiful Things” encourages listeners to embrace life’s imperfections and see the world through a new lens.

This captivating tune is musically beautiful and carries an uplifting message of hope and resilience.

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12. The Cave by Mumford and Sons

“The Cave” by Mumford and Sons is a powerful and captivating song that showcases the unique sound of open D tuning.

This alternate guitar tuning gives the song a distinct and hauntingly beautiful quality, making it stand out among other folk-rock tracks.

The haunting melody and lead singer Marcus Mumford’s raw vocals create an emotional depth that draws listeners in.

The lyrics, filled with imagery and metaphors, tell a story of struggle and the desire for escape.

With lines like “But I will hold on hope / And I won’t let you choke / On the noose around your neck,” the song speaks to themes of perseverance and finding hope in even the darkest of times.

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13. Little Martha by the Allman Brothers

“Little Martha” is a beautiful and iconic instrumental piece by the Allman Brothers, played in open D tuning.

This finger-picking masterpiece captures the essence of the band’s signature sound and has become a worldwide beloved song amongst guitar players.

The open D tuning allows for unique chord voicings and intricate melodies that evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

“Little Martha” showcases the superb musicianship of Duane Allman and expresses his love for slide guitar.

The soothing yet intricate arrangement takes listeners on a musical journey, making them feel like they are sitting on a countryside porch surrounded by nature.

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14. Dust My Broom by Elmore James

“Dust My Broom” by Elmore James is an iconic blues song often considered one of the greatest open D tuning songs.

This method of tuning, where the guitar is tuned to a chord rather than individual notes, lends itself to a distinctive and soulful sound that flawlessly compliments James’ raw vocals and slide guitar playing style.

The song has been covered countless times by artists such as Robert Johnson and Fleetwood Mac, cementing its status as a timeless classic.

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15. Barcelona by George Ezra

Barcelona by George Ezra is a lively and upbeat song that has become a fan-favorite since its release in 2014.

Open D tuning on the guitar stands out in this catchy tune, giving it a unique sound and feel.

This type of tuning involves tuning the strings to D-A-D-F#-A-D, creating a full and rich sound that adds an extra layer to the song’s overall vibe.

Open D tuning allows for easy chord transitions, making it perfect for beginner guitar players to learn and play along with.

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16. Show-biz Blues by Fleetwood Mac

“Show-biz Blues” is an electrifying classic by the legendary band Fleetwood Mac.

The song, written by guitarist and founding member Peter Green, showcases the band’s signature sound and musical style in open D tuning.

This tuning gives the guitar a unique and edgy tone that perfectly complements the raw emotions expressed in the lyrics.

The song talks about the challenges and struggles of being in show business, with lines like “I stare into space with my memories forever,” capturing the loneliness and longing of life on the road.

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17. Like Crying by Fleetwood Mac

“Like Crying” is a soul-stirring song by the iconic British-American band Fleetwood Mac.

What makes it stand out among its other hit songs is its use of open D tuning, a unique and unconventional guitar tuning often used in blues and folk music.

This tuning gives the song a raw and emotional sound that perfectly complements the heart-wrenching lyrics.

The haunting vocals of Stevie Nicks and the melancholic guitar riffs and steady drum beats create a powerful atmosphere that transports listeners to another world.

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18. The Gardener by The Tallest Man on Earth

“The Gardener” by The Tallest Man on Earth is a captivating song that showcases the artist’s talent for storytelling through his powerful lyrics and unique open D tuning style.

This Swedish singer-songwriter, also known as Kristian Matsson, takes listeners on a journey through vivid imagery and metaphors as he sings about the struggles and beauty of life.

With his solid vocals and skillful guitar playing, The Tallest Man on Earth captures the essence of folk music in this song.

With each strum of his guitar and word sung, you can’t help but be captivated by the story unfolding before you.

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19. Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is known for his lyrical and musical genius, and one of his most beloved songs is “Buckets of Rain.”

This beautiful song is played in open D tuning, which adds to the song’s emotional depth and unique sound.

Open D tuning, also called “vestapol” or “D A D F# A C#,” creates a full and rich sound by lowering the three bass strings while leaving the treble strings unchanged.

The result is a distinct and hauntingly beautiful sound that perfectly complements Dylan’s heartfelt lyrics. “Buckets of Rain” is just one example of Dylan’s masterful use of open D tuning in his music.

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20. Open Your Eyes by Alter Bridge

“Open Your Eyes” is a powerful and uplifting rock ballad by the American rock band Alter Bridge.

The song is known for its catchy guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and emotional lyrics that encourage listeners to open their eyes and see the world differently.

What sets this song apart from other rock ballads is its use of open D tuning on the guitar, which gives it a unique and rich sound.

This tuning allows for more intricate chord progressions and adds depth to the song’s overall feel.

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21. Late July by Shakey Graves

“Late July” by Shakey Graves is a beautiful and haunting song that showcases the artist’s skillful use of open D tuning.

This unique tuning, where the guitar strings are tuned to D-A-D-F#-A-D, creates a mesmerizing sound that perfectly complements the song’s sad lyrics.

The lower bass notes in this tuning create a deep and rich sound, while the higher strings hint at twang and brightness.

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22. Simple Twist Of Fate by Bob Dylan

ple Twist Of Fate” is a timeless masterpiece by the legendary Bob Dylan.

This melancholy tune is played in open D tuning, which gives it a distinct and haunting sound.

The song tells the story of a failed love affair and the bitter realization that a simple twist of fate led to its demise.

Dylan’s raw and soulful vocals and his brilliant guitar playing in open D tuning create an emotional depth that resonates with listeners decades after its release.

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23. Lovestain by Jose Gonzalez

“Lovestain” by Jose Gonzalez is a beautiful and haunting song that showcases the talent of this Swedish-Argentinian indie folk singer.

The song is played in open D tuning, which adds to its unique and ethereal sound.

The gentle strumming of the guitar strings creates a dreamy atmosphere, while Gonzalez’s smooth vocals weave in and out of the melody.

This song captures the universal experience of heartbreak in a poetic and captivating way. As with many of Gonzalez’s songs, melancholy and a sense of hope shines through.

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24. She Talks To Angels by The Black Crowes

“She Talks To Angels” is a timeless classic by The Black Crowes that continues to captivate audiences with its raw and emotional lyrics.

Written in open D tuning, the song has a unique sound that sets it apart from other ballads.

The haunting melody and melancholic guitar riffs perfectly complement the lead singer’s soulful voice as he tells the story of a woman who turns to drugs and false companionship to escape her troubles.

The lyrics vividly depict her inner turmoil and solace in talking to angels.

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25. Even Flow by Pearl Jam

“Even Flow” is a timeless classic by the iconic American rock band Pearl Jam, released as a single from their debut album “Ten” in 1992.

The song is instantly recognizable with its distinct opening riff and powerful vocals from lead singer Eddie Vedder.

What makes this song even more remarkable is its use of Open D tuning on the guitar, giving it a unique and haunting sound that perfectly complements the emotional lyrics.

Unsurprisingly, “Even Flow” has been a fan favorite for decades, with its dynamic shifts between soft verses and explosive choruses capturing the essence of grunge music.

The song’s popularity is also credited to its relatable lyrics about homelessness and poverty, making it not just another rock hit but a socially conscious anthem.

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26. Shake Your Money Maker by James Elmore


“Shake Your Money Maker” is a classic blues song written and recorded by the legendary blues artist James Elmore.

It was initially released in 1961 and has since become a staple in blues music.

This tuning D allows for unique chord structures and creates a rich, full-bodied sound instantly recognizable to blues enthusiasts.

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What is open D tuning good for?

Open D tuning is a popular and versatile guitar tuning with many benefits for musicians of all levels.

This particular tuning, also known as “D sus4,” involves tuning the strings to a D major chord, resulting in a bright and resonant sound.

One of the main advantages of open D tuning is its ability to create rich and full-sounding chords with just one finger.

This makes it an ideal option for beginners or those who struggle with traditional standard tuning.

Additionally, open D tuning allows easy access to slide guitar playing, as sliding from one fret to another creates a new set of chords and unique sounds.

It is also commonly used in folk and blues music due to its warm and earthy tone, which adds depth and emotion to these genres.

What guitarists use open D tuning?

Open D tuning is a popular and versatile guitar tuning used by various guitarists across different genres.

Some notable names include Keith Richards, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, and David Gilmour.

Many blues artists like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters favored this tuning for its rich and full sound.

In the rock scene, famous Open D guitarists include Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, and Kurt Cobain.

The unique sound created by this tuning allows for richer chord voicings and more creative soloing options.

It’s not limited to specific genres either – artists like Paul Simon and Eddie Vedder have used open D on their acoustic guitars for folk-inspired songs.

Is Open D tuning easy?

Open D tuning is a popular alternative guitar tuning that produces a beautiful, full sound.

It is called “open D” because it involves tuning the guitar to a D major chord when strummed with all strings open.

Many people wonder if this tuning is easy to learn and play, and the answer is yes!

Open D tuning only requires adjusting three strings, making it simpler than other alternate tunings.

Plus, since the open strings create a major chord, it eliminates the need to finger chords on every string.

This makes it perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a fresh sound without learning complex fingerings.

With just a little practice, mastering open D tuning can add depth and richness to your playing experience.

So don’t be intimidated by this alternate tuning – try it and see how easy and fun it can be!

Can you play normal chords in open D?

Yes, you can play normal chords in open D tuning!

Open D is a popular alternate tuning for guitar that is achieved by tuning the strings to D-A-D-F#-A-D.

This creates a rich, resonant sound that works well with fingerpicking and slide guitar playing.

Despite the different tuning, the basic chord shapes remain the same in open D – the only difference is that they will produce different chords than what you are used to in standard tuning.

For example, an open D chord shape will now produce a G major chord instead of a D major chord.

However, once you get familiar with the new chord shapes and sounds, you can easily adapt your normal chords to this tuning and create unique and beautiful music.

Is D standard tuning good?

In my personal opinion, D standard tuning can be considered a good tuning choice for guitar players.

First and foremost, it offers a unique and rich sound different from the more commonly used E standard tuning.

It allows for lower and deeper notes to be played, giving the overall sound a fuller and darker tone.

This makes it perfect for genres like heavy metal and rock but also lends well to folk and blues music.

Additionally, D standard tuning is quite versatile as it can be easily modified to other alternate tunings, such as drop D or open D without much effort.


I hope this list of popular open D tuning songs has introduced you to some great new music to play on your guitar.

From classic rock to modern indie, there are many options for every skill level and musical taste.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this unique tuning and make it your own.

Whether you’re looking for a challenge or want to mix up your usual repertoire, these songs will inspire and entertain.

So grab your guitar, tune it to open D, and let the music flow! Happy playing!

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