Podcast Mono vs Stereo. Should I Record My Podcast in Mono or Stereo?

Recording Vocals Mono or Stereo. Should Vocals Be Recorded In Mono or Stereo

Should podcasts be stereo or mono? This question seems a bit difficult for a beginner.

If you also have this concern, you should not miss the article below. We will provide you with basic knowledge about recording podcasts in mono as well as stereo.

Should I record my podcast in mono or stereo?

If you record a podcast that contains music to increase the quality, you should use Stereo. However, if your podcast is only pure talk and contains no music, you can use Mono.

The choice is completely up to the individual. To be able to make the best choice, you should consider the following factors:

  • File size
  • Sound quality
  • Bandwidth
  • Download speed
  • Listeners

To better understand the difference between mono and stereo, you can watch the video now.

1. File size

Let’s say you own a smartphone with a capacity greater than 32 GB. You think that’s enough to download your favorite music.

In most cases, you are right. But, you should still take care of file size. A stereo file will always be larger than a mono file (when the same quality is used).

2. Sound quality

Stereo will provide a wider and louder sound while mono provides a more precise and clear sound.

Stereo seems more unique. However, most listeners will not realize its uniqueness. This is especially true if their podcast is almost entirely voice-over.

Even if your podcast comes with music or sound effects, mono is good enough for you.

On the other hand, in the case of your podcast is an audio drama, the stereo will play a much more important role

3. Bandwidth

For some hosting places like LibSyn and Blubrry, bandwidth is not a big issue. They offer users unlimited bandwidth for the limited storage they offer. However, bandwidth can become an issue when you host your media files with another host.

For example, you can use 2 TB bandwidth to serve stereo podcast episodes. That will cost you almost $200 with Amazon.

However, if all of those episodes are mono, you’ll only need about 1 TB. That means you can save 50% on costs.

4. Download speed

As mentioned above, a stereo file will always be larger in size than a mono file.

It is true to say that the file size will greatly affect the download speed. There doesn’t seem to be a difference at a 60 MB file. However, for larger files, you will clearly see the difference.

Users generally appreciate a podcast that downloads faster, right?

5. Listeners

Many people often wear headphones on both ears while others wear only one. Which side do you belong to?

If you listen to podcasts through one ear with headphones, you will miss out on the benefits of stereo. To get the uniqueness of stereo sound, you need to wear headphones on both ears.

Therefore, it is important for you to determine what your listening habits are.

Why is mono the right choice for most podcasts?

  • Most people are more used to mono playback than stereo.
  • Mono helps you save more storage space.
  • The file is light in size, so the file download speed is faster.

Is stereo sound louder than mono sound?

Two speakers will sound louder than one when they’re both at the same volume, that’s basic physics.

But is the mono audio signal on two speakers smaller than the stereo signal on two speakers? The short answer is no.

What are stereo and mono channels in a speaker?

The fact is that many speakers are inherently monaural sources. Having two speakers (right and left channel) that produce slightly different sounds will create stereo sound.

As a result, it gives you a more “3D” sound.

How do I know if a track is in stereo or mono?

The easiest way is to focus on how the sound comes out.

When you listen to a piece of music, focus and try to find the source of the sounds in the song.  We mean you don’t have to actually find it. All you need to do is understand how the sound(s) reach your ears.

There are two possible cases:

  • If you hear vocals and instrument sounds coming from one point, it’s mono. That means mono is a case where all the sounds are concentrated on a single point in a song mix.
  • If you hear one instrument sound in your left ear and another instrument sound in your right ear, it’s stereo. In this case, you will notice the distribution of these sounds at different points in the song mix.

How much space does a stereo podcast take up compared to a mono podcast?

When you create an audio file for a podcast, it will be in stereo (by default). Compared to the storage capacity on smartphones today, the size of the mono podcast is quite small.

That means you will download it faster.

It’s also one of the reasons it’s more popular than stereo podcasts.


Hopefully, after considering all the above five factors, you will choose the best option for podcasts. Many people have told you that it is better to record podcasts in mono.

Yes, many people will think so. But, are you among those left with stereo?

Please consider carefully and make the choice that is best for you.

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