Top 31 Best 21-Savage Songs of All Time, Ranked, Lyrics

Top Best 21-Savage Songs of All Time

Looking for the best 21-Savage songs to add to your playlist? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of his top tracks you won’t miss.

1. A lot (Feat. J. Cole)

“A Lot” by 21 Savage featuring J. Cole is a thought-provoking song that speaks to the struggles of growing up in poverty and facing difficult life choices.

The chorus, with J. Cole’s verse, is incredibly profound as they rap about being “trapped in this matrix,” plagued by systemic racism and struggling to achieve an authentic version of the American Dream that often remains out of reach for many people.

It speaks to the reality of having limited options for providing for your family or getting ahead financially, creating a cycle of poverty that can be hard to break free from.

From its powerful lyrics to thoughtful production, “A Lot” is one of 21 Savage’s best songs, delivering a message of empowerment and perseverance despite tremendous odds.

2. X (Feat. Future)

“X (Feat. Future)” by 21 Savage is an intense hip-hop track that will indeed have fans of the artist nodding along to the beat.

The song’s central theme is how having a solid sense of one’s identity can ultimately lead to greatness and success, regardless of what others think.

Collaborating with Future adds complexity and depth to the song’s message, as both artists bring unique flows and styles.

3. Immortal

“Immortal” by 21 Savage is a motivational rap song that speaks to life’s struggles and encourages those facing adversity to stay strong and never give up.

It celebrates the notion of endurance, infusing its powerful message with pride in overcoming difficult times.

With lines such as “My head up I just keep grinding/ So when they see me they be saying ‘Damn he still shining,'” “Immortal” serves as both a reminder of how far you have come and an uplifting boost to keep pushing forward.

4. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive by 21 Savage is an ode to the good life. The song celebrates the lifestyle of luxury offered by living in a beachside city, with opportunities for indulgences and pleasures.

Savage raps about designer labels, expensive cars and jewelry, and partying in Miami clubs. He captures the escapism of a wealthy lifestyle and the pursuit of pleasure without consequence or judgment.

His chorus taunts through repetition that ‘If you ain’t living on Ocean Drive, you ain’t living right!’ making it a trap anthem for anyone wanting to escape reality and enjoy what life has to offer.

5. “Lord Forgive” (2015)

“Lord Forgive” by 21 Savage is a song about being on the run and asking for forgiveness. The song speaks of regret for past misdeeds and a plea for redemption.

Though the lyrics can be interpreted in various ways, it is clear that 21 Savage is looking to start anew and enter a new chapter in his life.

6. “No Heart” (2016)

“No Heart” by 21 Savage is a song about the harsh realities of gang life.

The rapper paints a vivid picture of the struggles and dangers of being involved in street culture. He talks about broken families, violent outbursts, and making tough decisions daily.

He also touches on the sadness of losing many friends to bullets or drugs.

Despite these harsh realities, 21 Savage’s lyrics reflect hope for those living in such difficult conditions, encouraging listeners to stay strong and focused despite adversity.

7. “Savage Mode” (2016)

“Savage Mode” by 21 Savage is an ode to living your life without letting anything hinder your success.

The song talks about how nothing can prevent him from rising up and being what he wants to be, regardless of his past or the people that come against him.

The song’s chorus speaks to the power of not caring what anyone else thinks and using your ambition to fuel growth.

It emphasizes the importance of remaining self-assured and pungent throughout any obstructions, even those imposed by society’s standards.

21 Savage encourages listeners to take control of their lives and use ambition, grit, and determination to reach their goals no matter what obstacles impede them.

8. “Bank Account” (2017)

“Bank Account” by 21 Savage is a song about hustling and living a life of excess to get what you want.

The chorus talks about not caring how much money you have in your bank account and how the only thing that matters is having it when you need it. It’s a warning to live within your means and not depend on luck or money to get ahead.

The song also touches on materialism, which is essential in hip-hop culture today. 21 Savage paints a picture of flaunting riches without regard for consequence.

He raps about spending money like it’s nothing, even if it means buying jewelry at astronomical prices (“Ice so cold I could hang outside”). The message is to keep a level head and be wise with your finances because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

9. “Dead People” (2017)

“Dead People” by 21 Savage speaks to the idea that once people pass away, they are no longer held to the same standards of judgment and scrutiny as they were in life.

This song talks about how dead people can’t be talked down on or judged for their mistakes and shortcomings anymore. He also mentions how “they ain’t worried ’bout pain no more.”

This could symbolize either relief from the misery of life or a reminder that those who have passed can no longer feel physical pain.

His lyrics emphasize that death is something none of us can control, but it comes with a sense of freedom for those who have died because they won’t be subject to the same criticism that they faced in life.

10. Skrrt Skrrt

“Skrrt Skrrt” by 21 Savage is the best song for street life. The beat and the lyrics paint a vivid picture of the hustle, with 21 Savage detailing that he’s been around since day one.

He reflects on his journey from being a hustler to finding success in music and how, regardless of fame, nothing has changed in his lifestyle.

In addition, lines like “Every night we skrrt skrrt, diamonds dancing in the dark” further emphasize an appreciation for what money can bring him.

11. “Monster” featuring Childish Gambino (2018)

“Monster” by 21 Savage is a song about the artist’s inner struggles and journey to self-discovery.

He speaks of his struggles with depression, anxiety, and addiction as he reflects on his past and looks ahead to his future.

He admits that although these challenges have been daunting at times, they have all helped him grow as a person and pushed him to become the successful artist he is today.

12. “Runnin’” (2020)

“Runnin'” by 21 Savage is a song about the harsh realities of life, struggling to make it through, and never giving up.

The chorus talks about how if one can survive life’s trials and tribulations, they will be stronger for it in the end.

The song discusses various themes, such as family, growing up, power, wealth, dreams, and death. The lyrics powerfully convey that perseverance is vital to success in life.

13. “Mr. Right Now” featuring Drake (2020)

“Mr. Right Now” by 21-Savage is an emotionally raw tune that speaks to the struggles of navigating relationships and the all too familiar uncertainties that can come with them.

The song tackles settling for a “Mr. Right Now” instead of searching for someone who can potentially become their “Mr. Forever.”

As 21-Savage points out, this situation often arises when we feel the need to satisfy a need for connection without entirely investing in it; as he sings: “I know you want something real / But we don’t gotta go through all that shit just yet.”

Many of us have been in situations like this before, and 21-Savage captures these feelings accurately in his thoughtful lyrics and masterful delivery.

14. “Rich Flex” (2020)

The song “Rich Flex” by 21 Savage is about staying true to yourself and being wealthy enough to do what you want.

It talks about how having money doesn’t make you any better than anyone else; instead, it allows you to be more free with your choices in life.

Through its words, the song encourages listeners to put their interests first, even if it means bucking mainstream trends or going against popular opinions.

15. Rich Nigga Shit (Feat. Young Thug)

“Rich Nigga Shit” by 21 Savage is a classic trap banger that celebrates the rapper’s success and material wealth.

The song is filled with braggadocious lyrics about their luxurious lifestyle, expensive cars, jewelry, and plenty of money.

The chorus pays homage to his come-up while critiquing those who “talk about it but don’t do shit.”

21 Savage also touches on topics like mental health, using drugs to escape reality and life’s often harsh realities in his native Atlanta.

With its hard-hitting beats, no-nonsense attitude, and thoughtful rhymes, “Rich Nigga Shit” is an anthem for anyone striving for success regardless of their station in life.

16. Ball w/o You

“Ball w/o You” by 21 Savage is a dope track that talks about his struggles and how he’s succeeded without anyone else’s help.

The song is full of powerful lyrics expressing feelings of loneliness and determination. He raps about not having a father figure, being forced to do what he must survive, and how he still manages to stay above water despite everything.

It’s an inspiring piece that shows us that anything can be achieved, even if you feel like you have no one around you, with hard work and determination.

17. Glock In My Lap

“Glock In My Lap” by 21 Savage is a powerful and haunting song that chronicles his struggles growing up in the streets.

Although it is filled with intense imagery of violence and despair, ultimately, the song has an uplifting message of resilience in the face of adversity.

The chorus speaks to 21’s determination to stay alive no matter how bad things become: “I got a Glock in my lap, but I’m hoping for some peace.”

Ultimately, it serves as both a cautionary tale and an anthem of hope, reminding us that even when life appears bleak, there is always hope.

18. Numb

“Numb” by 21 Savage is a song about struggling with trauma and feeling emotionally numb.

The song details 21 Savage’s journey from being alienated and isolated to finding the strength to confront the pain he has felt.

He speaks of being an outcast growing up, facing judgment from all sides, and having difficulty expressing himself because of the abuse he suffered.

The song captures his inner struggle as he learns to express his deepest feelings without fear or shame.

19. Red Opps

“Red Opps by 21-Savage is a song about how the American criminal justice system disproportionately targets young black people for minor offenses.

It speaks of injustice, racism, and police brutality in a straightforward and raw way. The chorus repeats the refrain, ‘All these red apps, ain’t no luck up in here.’

21-Savage paints a vivid picture of what life can be like when young people are locked up due to what many deem unjust acts.

He even goes so far as to say, ‘I know they think I’m selling dope/ But really, I just want my freedom.’ Red Opps serves as an inspiring yet sobering reminder of the injustices in our society today.

20. m y . l i f e

21 Savage’s song, “My. Life,” is an ode to the struggles and successes of his life.

He paints a vivid picture of his journey from a life of poverty and violence to becoming one of the biggest rappers in the music industry today.

The hook on this track resonates with listeners as 21 Savage declares that he doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks about him because he knows how hard he has worked to get where he is now.

He encourages people to be themselves and not give up despite obstacles they may face while striving for success.

21 Savage represents himself as a symbol of strength and dreams fulfilled, inspiring his fans worldwide with this powerful mantra: “My. Life.”

21. Dirty K

“Dirty K” by 21 Savage is an anthem about making money and daily hustle.

In this track, 21 Savage raps reflective bars about his lifestyle and the grind to remain at the top of his game.

The song has a catchy hook with lyrics such as “all I want is some dirty Ks, I just hit it from the back like what’s left of my days,” which gives you a sense of the chaotic journey he’s been on while chasing success.

22. My Choppa Hate Niggas

“My Choppa Hate Niggas” by 21 Savage is an absolute banger incorporating a motivating yet dark beat and powerful lyricism.

In the track, 21 Savage speaks on the violence and prejudice he has endured throughout his life.

He also conveys his power over both situations. While racism has negatively impacted him in many ways, he refuses to let it keep him down.

23. No Debate/Big Smoke

“No Debate/Big Smoke” is a track by 21 Savage about achieving success at any cost.

Despite what others may say, he’s unapologetic in his ambition and expresses the importance of not succumbing to defeat.

The song talks about stepping up your game to stay on top, no matter how much ‘smoke’ is created by detractors trying to bring you down.

This reflects that 21 Savage has had to overcome countless obstacles and controversies throughout his career but still made it big in the rap industry.

24. 3AM on Glenwood

“3 AM on Glenwood” by 21 Savage is a track off his 2016 project, The Slaughter Tape. In this song, the rapper reflects on life growing up in Atlanta and how it shaped him into the person he has become.

He speaks about his experiences with hustling and street violence while also reflecting back on the support system he had around him.

The emotion and power that comes with this track is undeniable. You can feel 21’s pain through the bars as he delivers each verse and chorus with energy and determination.

With “3 AM on Glenwood,” 21 Savage gives us an insight into life on the streets of Atlanta, making clear that determination in the face of adversity is vital for survival.

25. One Foot

“One Foot” by 21 Savage is an emotionally charged song that speaks to his experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts.

It opens with the line, “I done felt like my life has been a chess game/ Only ones I can trust, me and my left brain,” which speaks to his internal struggle between his conscious and unconscious minds.

The song’s chorus reflects on how he has come to terms with the less-than-ideal reality of his situation – “I just take it one foot in front of the other, yeah one step at a time.”

In this way, 21 Savage reveals that suicidal thoughts are not something he acts on; instead, he moves forward from an oppressive present toward a brighter future.

26. Dip Dip

“Dip Dip” by 21 Savage is a trap anthem that finds 21 celebrating his successes, bragging about his money and trends.

He’s showing off the life he has made for himself after all his life struggles.

The chorus talks about people wanting something from him or trying to take it away, but he’s not letting that stop him from achieving his dreams.

The song is about not giving up despite obstacles and persevering through it all.

27. Don’t Come Out The House

“Don’t Come Out The House” by 21-Savage is a reflective song about the struggles of life and the difficulties faced by those living in poverty and difficult circumstances.

The lyrics are both cautionary and cautioning, warning listeners to be careful of their surroundings while acknowledging the difficulties of having limited options and resources.

The song acknowledges the role of fate or destiny, with 21-Savage proclaiming, “ain’t no way out for me no matter where I go,” as a reminder that some people have limited options for making a better life for themselves.

28. Air It Out

“Air It Out” by 21 Savage is a track that documents his grinding journey from the bottom to the top.

In the song, he explains how he stayed humble and dedicated to the music despite facing adversity from some of his peers. He emphasizes the importance of remembering where you come from, no matter how successful you become.

With melodic, thumping bass lines and airy, animated vocalization, 21 Savage illustrates his life story with hard-hitting bars like “every day I’m in this studio/Money callin’ for me like ‘pick up the phone'” that drive home the song’s ambition-ridden message.

29. Spiral

“Spiral” by 21 Savage is a song about how life has its ups and downs, and it can be hard to stay on track.

The lyrics talk about how the rapper has gone through his struggles and is now trying to find his way back from them.

The song’s chorus perfectly captures this idea: “Caught up in a spiral, tryin’ to stay afloat / I’m tryin’ to make a difference but only so much I can do.”

21 Savage beautifully captures that feeling of trying your hardest but feeling like you ca unable to make any progress. Ultimately, he’s looking for a way out of the spiral before it drags him down.

30. Twenty1

“Twenty1” by 21 Savage is an emotionally-charged song that explores the struggles of growing up in a chaotic environment.

He raps about how his upbringing has made him challenging, yet he still hopes to make it out to something better.

He talks about his journey from a young age to where he is now and how nothing guarantees success or stability.

21 Savage’s lyrics offer an inspiring message, one which will hopefully resonate with listeners all around the world.

31. Picky

“Picky” by 21 Savage is a track about being selective in romantic and platonic relationships. The rapper documents his experiences of trying to find someone he can trust and be with.

He brags about having a high standard and discerning taste regarding who he chooses to keep in his circle. He shows that only some understand why he’s so selective.

He also says that many people are too quick to get into a relationship without knowing who they’re getting involved with, which he tries to avoid doing himself.


Is 21 Savage a one-hit wonder?

No, 21 Savage is not a one-hit wonder.

Having released five studio albums since 2015, he’s gained success through hits such as “Bank Account” and “Rockstar” (featuring Post Malone), which have both reached number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

Furthermore, 21 Savage has collaborated with many of the industry’s premiere artists, such as Drake and Cardi B, while receiving multiple Grammy nods.

What is 21 Savage music about?

21 Savage’s music is an expressive, passionate blend of hip-hop and trap rap.

His lyrics explore the struggle for survival, poverty, depression, violence in urban areas, racism, and coming up in ‘the hood.’

21 Savage’s music is characterized by its dark sound and themes, often about his experiences dealing with danger, loss, and hardships.

He also touches on more important topics, such as police brutality and systemic oppression against people of color.

Regardless of the subject matter or tone, 21 Savage’s music always has a unique style that reflects his gritty Atlanta upbringing.

What is the beat of 21 Savage?

1 Savage is a rapper and record producer from Atlanta, Georgia. Gritty street tales and dark production characterize his music style.

21 Savage’s beat is heavily influenced by classic Southern trap sounds with hard-hitting drums, minimal melodic elements, and repetitive vocal samples.

He has also been known to incorporate other genres such as hip-hop, rap, R&B, trap blues, and alternative into his work.

21 Savage’s beats are often intense and feature heavy 808 bass drums and triplet hi-hat rhythms. His beats have been praised for their ability to captivate listeners through their eeriness and power.

Has 21 Savage ever had a #1 hit?

As of 2021, 21 Savage has not had a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

However, he has had several successful singles that have charted in the top 10, including “Rockstar” with Post Malone and “X” with Metro Boomin.

Did Savage go number 1?

Yes, Savage by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Beyonce went to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 2020, making it the first collaboration between the two artists to reach the top spot.

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