19 Most Popular Songs About Emily, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Most Popular Songs About Emily, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Are you a fan of the name Emily? Or perhaps you know someone special with that name?

In this post, we’ll list some of the best and most memorable songs about Emily that are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Get ready to jam out and fall in love with these Most Popular Songs About Emily!

1. “Little Emily” by Kari Kimmell

“Little Emily” is a beautiful and heartfelt song written by singer-songwriter Kari Kimmell.

The lyrics tell the story of a young girl named Emily who has faced hardships and struggles but continues to shine bright and persevere.

The song captures the essence of resilience and finding strength in adversity.

Kimmell’s delicate vocals, coupled with the soft melody, create a poignant and moving tribute to anyone who has overcome obstacles in their life.

2. “Emily Harper” by Mark Wills

“Emily Harper” by Mark Wills is a heartfelt and emotional song about a young woman named Emily facing struggles and challenges.

This beautiful country ballad captures the essence of Emily’s journey, from her childhood dreams to adult realities.

The lyrics paint vivid pictures of her hopes and fears and her strength and determination to overcome any obstacles.

3. “Emily (You Break Me)” by Alex Caesar

“Emily (You Break Me)” by Alex Caesar is a heartfelt and emotional song that captures the pain and heartbreak of a failed relationship with someone named Emily.

The lyrics are poetic and raw, as they tell the story of a love that was once beautiful but now has turned into hurt and betrayal.

The song’s haunting melody adds to its powerful impact, making it impossible not to feel every emotion expressed in the lyrics.

4. “Emily” by Asia

“Emily” by Asia is a remarkable song that captures the heart and soul of listeners with its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics.

This song is dedicated to all the Emilies in the world, telling their stories of love, strength, and resilience.

The captivating vocals and enchanting music make it impossible not to be drawn into the narrative woven through the lyrics.

As you listen, you can feel yourself being transported into Emily’s world, experiencing her joys, sorrows, and everything in between.

5. “Emily” by Elton John

“Emily” by Elton John is a timeless song that captures the heart and soul of listeners with its beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics.

The song tells the story of a girl named Emily, described as having “eyes like the summer sun.”

Elton John’s soothing voice and piano accompaniment make this song a classic for any music lover.

The lyrics vividly depict Emily, from her golden hair to her carefree spirit. She brings light and warmth wherever she goes, making her irresistible to everyone around her.

6. “Sleepy Emily” by Buttercoat

Buttercoat’s “Sleepy Emily” is a delightful song about a young girl named Emily who can’t seem to stay awake.

The lyrics vividly depict this sleepy character, with lines such as “She can’t keep her eyes open, no matter how hard she tries” and “Her head starts to nod, while she sits and yawns.”

The song has a gentle and dreamy feel, perfectly capturing the essence of Emily’s drowsiness.

Buttercoat’s soft guitar strumming and soothing vocals further enhance the sleepy atmosphere of the song.

As we listen, we imagine ourselves being lulled into a peaceful slumber alongside Emily.

7. “Emily Kane” by Art Brut

“Emily Kane” by Art Brut is a delightful and upbeat song that tells the story of lead singer Eddie Argos’ first love, Emily.

The song captures young love’s emotions – from infatuation to heartbreak.

The lyrics are filled with vivid images and specific details that give a sense of nostalgia and make you feel like you’re reliving those teenage memories alongside Eddie.

He sings about every aspect of their relationship – from their first kiss to awkward conversations, creating a beautiful picture of young love.

8. “Emily, Please” by Luke Douchet

“Emily, Please” by Luke Douchet is a heartwarming song that captures the essence of love and longing.

The lyrics tell the story of a person deeply in love with someone named Emily and pleading for her to stay or come back.

The song’s tone is friendly, making it feel like a sincere conversation between two close friends. Each word is carefully crafted, portraying the raw emotions and vulnerability of the person in love.

9. “Emily’s Famous” by Girlfriend Material

“Emily’s Famous” by Girlfriend Material is a heartfelt and catchy tune that tells the story of a girl named Emily who dreams of becoming famous.

With relatable lyrics and an upbeat melody, this song captures the universal desire to achieve success and recognition.

From dreaming about stardom to working hard to make it happen, the lyrics draw us in and make us root for Emily.

10. “A Rose for Emily” by The Zombies

“A Rose for Emily” by The Zombies is a hauntingly beautiful song that tells the story of a woman named Emily.

The lyrics are profoundly emotional and vividly depict Emily’s life. From her youth, where she was “a child with steel blue eyes,” to her final days, where she “lay in bed and drifted slowly out of sight,” the song follows every phase of Emily’s life.

It also touches upon the town’s perception of her, as they watch in curiosity and pity as she becomes isolated in her old age.

The sad music adds to the tragedy surrounding Emily’s life.

11. “A Question for Emily Foreman” by Of Montreal

“A Question for Emily Foreman” by Of Montreal is a delightful and heartfelt song that captures the essence of young love and all its complexities.

The gentle melodies and cleverly crafted lyrics tell the story of a protagonist who is deeply fascinated with Emily Foreman, a girl whom he has been admiring from afar.

As the song unfolds, we are taken on a journey through his thoughts and feelings as he confesses his genuine emotions to her.

The playful yet sincere tone of the song perfectly captures the innocence and vulnerability of first love.

12. “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her” by Simon & Garfunkel

For those who are fans of heartfelt and tender songs, “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her” by Simon & Garfunkel is a must-listen.

Released in 1966 as part of their album “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme,” this song captivates listeners with its beautiful melody and poetic lyrics that tell the story of finding love again.

The song beautifully depicts the longing for someone – Emily – who may not be physically present but holds a special place in one’s heart.

13. “Emily Chambers” by Ocean Colour Scene

“Emily Chambers” by Ocean Colour Scene is a beautiful song that tells the story of a girl named Emily.

Written and composed by the British rock band, the song captures the essence of growing up and falling in love with someone who is seemingly unattainable.

The soft acoustic guitar and melodic vocals create an intimate atmosphere, making listeners feel like they are part of Emily’s journey.

The lyrics vividly depict Emily’s life, from her golden hair to her blue-collar background, leaving no detail spared.

14. “Emily’s Sister” by Lil Alice

“Emily’s Sister” by Lil Alice is a powerful and emotional song that tells the story of two sisters who share a deep bond.

The lyrics vividly depict their relationship, with lines like “We were always side by side, never far apart” and “We laughed, and we cried, through all of life’s highs and lows.”

15. “See Emily Play” by Pink Floyd

One of the most popular and iconic songs by the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd is “See Emily Play.”

Released in 1967, this psychedelic rock tune tells a story through its mesmerizing lyrics and catchy melody.

The song revolves around Emily, who is portrayed as a young girl with a free-spirited nature and a wild imagination.

The lyrics describe her playful adventures and whimsical personality, leading listeners into a colorful world filled with fantastical imagery.

With its dreamy soundscapes and haunting vocals, “See Emily Play” perfectly captures the essence of the 60s psychedelic era.

16. “Emily is a Ghost” by Orange TreeTrunks

“Emily is a Ghost” by Orange TreeTrunks is a hauntingly beautiful song that tells the story of a lost love fading into the afterlife.

The lyrics are poetic and full of emotion, painting a vivid picture of a ghostly presence longing to be remembered and held onto.

From the nostalgic guitar melody to the raw vocals, this song captures the essence of loss and regret in a captivating way.

It’s almost as if Emily speaks through the music, begging not to be forgotten.

17. “Emily” by Frank Sinatra

One of the most iconic songs about a woman named Emily is “Emily” by Frank Sinatra.

This timeless and romantic tune tells the story of a man deeply in love with a woman named Emily and how he longs for her to be by his side.

The lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of being head over heels for someone, with lines like “The summer nights and stars above recall your eyes so bright and tender,” painting a beautiful picture of their love.

Sinatra’s smooth voice adds to the song’s charm, making it a favorite among fans.

18. “Emily’s Secret” by Electric Four

“Emily’s Secret” by Electric Four is a captivating track that tells the intriguing story of Emily and her hidden secrets.

The catchy beat and melodic guitar riffs draw you in, but the powerful lyrics truly make this song stand out.

Each verse teaches us more about Emily and her mysterious ways, leaving us wondering what she’s keeping locked away inside.

The lead singer’s passionate vocals add more emotion to the compelling lyrics.

19. “Merry Christmas Emily” by Cracker

“Merry Christmas Emily” by Cracker is a heartwarming song that spreads the joy and spirit of the holiday season.

The song’s lyrics beautifully tell the story of Emily, a particular person the songwriter wants to wish a jolly Christmas.

The song captures the essence of love, friendship, and appreciation for those we hold dear during this festive time of year.

The catchy tune and upbeat rhythm add to the overall cheerful tone of the song, making it impossible not to sing along.


What rock songs have Emily in the title?

List some of the best rock songs out there with Emily in their titles:

“Emily” by San Fermin, this song is a beautiful mix of indie and orchestral sounds that will captivate you from start to finish.

  1. “Dear Emily” by Green River Ordinance tells the tale of a heartfelt love letter written to this beloved name.
  2. “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her” by Simon & Garfunkel is a classic hit that will tug at your heartstrings with its poetic lyrics and soft guitar melodies.
  3. “Emily” by From First To Last
  4. “Emily Kane” by Art Brut
  5. “Emily’s Song” by The Moody Blues

What is the story behind Emily by James Arthur?

The story behind “Emily” by James Arthur is about love, loss, and moving on.

The song was written in memory of a former flame named Emily, with whom Arthur had shared a deep connection.

The lyrics reflect his sadness and longing after their relationship ended, with lines such as “I still see your face in every crowd” and “You’re the light that never goes out.”

What does Emily mean in Greek?

In Greek, the name Emily means “industrious” or “striving.”

It is derived from the Greek word “amelos”, which translates to “rival.” This hints at the solid and competitive nature associated with the name Emily.

The name also has roots in Latin, believed to have originated from the name Aemilia, meaning “effort” or “strive.”

Not only does Emily have a rich and powerful meaning in Greek, but it also carries a sense of determination and hard work.

Those named Emily are often known for their ambition and tenacity in pursuing their goals. Emily is a beautiful and meaningful name that embodies strength, perseverance, and success.

Is Emma short for Emily?

Emma and Emily are two of the most famous names for girls. They have a similar sound, and both start with the letter “E,” which often leads people to wonder if they are somehow related or interchangeable.

However, despite their similarities, Emma is not short for Emily. While Emma is derived from the Germanic name “Erma” meaning “whole” or “universal,” Emily comes from the Latin name “Aemilia” meaning “rival.”

Both names have different origins and meanings, making them unique.

It is easy to see why there may be confusion between these two names, but it’s important to remember that just because two names sound alike does not mean they are connected.

Is Emily a white name?

There is no simple answer to whether Emily is a white name.

While historically, it may have been more commonly used by people of European descent, the name has become increasingly popular and diverse in recent years.

There are countless Emilys from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities who bear the name with pride and individuality.

It’s essential to recognize that names hold significance for individuals and can often be influenced by cultural traditions or family heritage rather than solely based on racial categories.

Is Emily a powerful name?

Emily is undoubtedly a beautiful and classic name, but opinions may differ regarding strength and power.

Some may argue that the gentle sound of “Emily” does not convey a sense of power.

However, I believe that strength and power come in all forms, and Emily holds her own as a powerful name.

This name derives from the Latin “Aemulus,” which means rival or emulating, indicating determination and competitive spirit.

Moreover, many inspiring women have carried this name gracefully and confidently throughout history, earning their rightful place in society.

The famous poet Emily Dickinson and activist Emily Pankhurst are just a few examples of the strong women who embody this name’s essence.

Additionally, Emily has consistently ranked high on charts for popular baby names worldwide, showcasing its widespread popularity and influence.


For those looking for a playlist filled with heartfelt songs about Emily, we hope this post has given you some great options to add to your music library.

If you’re an Emily yourself or have a unique Emily, these songs will surely capture this beautiful name’s essence.

So turn up the volume and enjoy these captivating Songs About Emily. Cheers to all the Emilys out there!

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