Top 50 Most Popular Songs About Fake Friends, Youtube Lyrics, Ranked

Top Most Popular Songs About Fake Friends

Fake friends can be toxic, but music can be therapeutic. Discover the top most popular songs about fake friends and let the lyrics speak to you.

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1. Fake Friends by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

“Fake Friends” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts is a great song about friendships gone awry. It is a classic rocker that tells it like it is, with no sugar coating.

With lyrics like “you can smile and say hello/ but don’t expect me to talk back”, Joan Jett paints a vivid picture of her displeasure with phony friends who are only looking out for themselves.

The whole vibe of the song is one of caution towards those people who will talk behind your back and stab you in the back when you least expect it.

This track is definitely one for anyone looking for an empowering anthem about dealing with false friends in their lives.

2. Real Friends by Kanye West

Kanye West’s “Real Friends” is a song about the frustration and hurt felt when we’re surrounded by people who pretend to be our friends, yet don’t have any genuine care or concern for us.

The lyrics ask us to consider how many real friends we really have, as well as express the difficulties of keeping relationships alive in a society that encourages us to distance ourselves from those who truly matter.

This vulnerable and introspective track is an honest look at the damage that can be caused by fake friendships, showing the power behind meaningful connections and reminding us of the value of true companionship.

3. Backstabber by Kesha

“Backstabber” by Kesha is a song about the reality of fake friends and the betrayal that comes with it.

Through her lyrics, Kesha expresses the hurt she feels from finding out that her so-called friend was talking behind her back.

She questions why they were even considered a friend in the first place and reflects on how easy it was for them to cast aside all of their time together.

4. Fake Friends by Martinez Twins

The song ‘Fake Friends’ by Martinez Twins is an incredibly powerful message to anyone who feels they’ve been let down by a so-called friend.

It speaks of how these types of people can be a ‘glimmer of hope’ when you need them, but when the pressure is on, they will leave you high and dry.

It draws attention to how it’s hard to trust someone once they have let you down and encourages listeners not to jump back into those friendships but instead to remember that those kinds of people aren’t true friends and that real friends will always be there no matter what.

5. Backstabber by Eminem

“Backstabber” by Eminem is a song about fake friends and how they can be untrustworthy. It talks about the frustration, anger, and disappointment of being betrayed by someone close to you.

The lyrics illustrate the pain that comes with not knowing who your true friends are and feeling as though everyone around you is out for themselves.

It also addresses the issue of returning kindness to those who wronged you instead of seeking revenge or getting even with them.

6. Fake People by RYYZN

“Fake People” by RYYZN is a song about fake friends, exploring the heartbreak of betrayal and hurt caused by those who act like they care but turn out to be deceiving.

The lyrics capture the feeling of being let down and betrayed by people who used to be close, with lines such as “You would smile so sweetly in my face, pretending like you really cared.”

With its powerful message about trusting those closest to us but remaining wary of pretense and deception, “Fake People” provides a lesson for us all.

7. Case Of The Fake People By TL

“Case of the Fake People by TL, Songs For Fake Friends” is an emotionally charged track that examines the strains in relationships with people who are no longer real friends.

The song explores feelings of anger and betrayal as it talks about how seemingly genuine people can turn out to be mere acquaintances and strangers.

With haunting vocals and brooding synths, TL captures the agonizing feeling of being let down by someone close to them.

The song is a powerful reminder to be mindful of our relationships and be wary of those who we think we can trust but may not be who they appear to be.

8. Fake Friends By Domo Wilson

Domo Wilson’s song “Fake Friends” is a powerful statement about relationships and life.

The song expresses the feeling of betrayal that we can all relate to when someone we thought was our friend turns out to be nothing more than an acquaintance or even worse, an enemy.

Domo’s voice is strong and her lyrics are direct as she conveys her feelings of heartache from being betrayed.

9. Back Stabbers By The O’Jays

“Back Stabbers” by the O’Jays is a classic song for fake friends who are disloyal and will turn on you when you least expect it.

It’s a timely reminder of how important it is to choose your friends wisely, as you never know when they might stab you in the back for their own gain.

10. Fake People By Kandi

Kandi’s song, “Fake People” is a great song to the struggles of dealing with friendships of convenience and relationships built on a false sense of loyalty.

The lyrics reflect her own experiences, as she reflects on the warnings from those in her life who saw through the lies and deceit.

Her words stand as a reminder that not all relationships are genuine, and there is no substitute for true friendship.

11. Fake Friend By Popcaan

Popcaan’s song “Fake Friend” is an infectious track that speaks to the struggles many faces when confronted with disingenuous relationships.

Through Popcaan’s emotionally charged lyrics, listeners can relate to the pain of being used and betrayed by people they once trusted.

The message is ultimately one of strength; reminding listeners that it’s ok to recognize these false friendships and walk away from them unscathed.

12. If I’m Being Honest By Anna Clendening

“If I’m Being Honest” by Anna Clendening is an emotional song about bad friendships, exploring the sad reality of losing a best friend and all the hurtful memories that come with it.

The lyrics are filled with pain and sorrow, as she speaks about how the person she used to be so close to has now become a stranger.

Despite her former friendship having gone wrong, she still longs for the connection they once shared.

13. Smiling Faces Sometimes By The Undisputed Truth

The song “Smiling Faces Sometimes” by The Undisputed Truth is a classic example of a bad friendship anthem.

It tells the story of a person who has been betrayed and lied to by those closest to them, leading them to realize that their so-called friends are not who they appear to be.

The lyrics reveal heartache and pain as the narrator sings about how deceivingly sweet people can be, yet often have ulterior motives for their actions.

14. Fake By Lauv & Conan Gray

Fake by Lauv and Conan Gray is a song about the hardships of having a bad friend. It questions why people stay in relationships that they know are unhealthy and why they don’t just leave.

Fake highlights how draining it can be to be in a friendship where one person always feels like they have to give more than the other, creating an unbalanced relationship.

15. Fake Bitches by Ashley Kutcher

“Fake Bitches” by Ashley Kutcher is a powerful song about the effects of bad friendships and how they can lead to feeling isolated, lonely, and unheard.

The inspiring chorus encourages listeners to stand strong in the face of toxic people, urging them to recognize their own value and remember that real friends stick by your side no matter what happens.

The song speaks from the heart and paints a vivid picture of how it feels when someone pretends to be something they’re not.

It’s a stark reminder that we shouldn’t let anyone drag us down with false promises and lies.

16. I Lost a Friend by FINNEAS

“I Lost a Friend” by FINNEAS is a song that reflects on the pain of losing someone close to you.

It speaks of how friendships often change without warning and it captures the feeling of heartache that comes when these changes occur.

The song’s melancholic melodies, realistic lyrics, and poignant vocals express how an individual can feel lost without their friend.

17. Thank You by Simple Plan

“Thank You” by Simple Plan is a song about fake friendship, exploring the feeling of disappointment when you realize that someone wasn’t really your friend.

It speaks to the disillusionment and sense of betrayal one feels after discovering someone’s true motivations and intentions.

The lyrics touch on how it can be difficult to find reliable friends that will truly support you, no matter what.

18. Dead To Me by Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis’ “Dead To Me” is a powerful track about friendship and betrayal. The song conveys the feelings of hurt, frustration, and anger that come with realizing your friend has let you down.

Uchis’s passionate vocal delivery heightens the emotion of the lyrics as she contemplates cutting ties with her friend for good.

Through “Dead To Me,” Uchis addresses the complexity of reconciling with a fake friend while still protecting oneself.

19. New Friends by Maty Noyes

“New Friends” by Maty Noyes is a song about fake friendship and how one should not be so gullible to trust new people too quickly.

The song warns us to be wary of those who try to get into our lives claiming they care, but in reality, they don’t have our best interests at heart.

It’s a powerful reminder that even when it doesn’t feel like it, we always have the right to protect ourselves from any potential harm, no matter how kind or understanding someone may seem at first.

20. Now, Now by St. Vincent

“Now, Now” by St. Vincent talks about the feeling of fake friendships. It speaks to how friends sometimes make us feel like we don’t matter and our experiences are invalidated or pushed aside.

The song expresses a sense of isolation, where one person is trying to find out who they really are through self-reflection when friends can’t be there for them in their time of need.

21. Fake Friends by Gucci Mane

Fake Friends by Gucci Mane is a powerful and thought-provoking song about the pain of dealing with shallow friendships.

With its upbeat tempo and rhythm, he conveys his message of betrayal in such a way that is both reflective and relatable to those who have experienced fake friendships.

The lyrics describe how quickly these relationships end when you are no longer useful or relevant, exposing the harsh truth behind these surface-level relationships.

22. Friend of Mine by Lily Allen

“Friend of Mine” by Lily Allen is an anthem for anyone who’s been betrayed by a supposed friend.

The song starts off with a light synth melody that builds to a high-energy chorus, as it exposes the harsh reality behind fake friendships.

The lyrics echo sentiments and experiences many have had in relationships that were once close but ultimately turn out to be shallow and insincere.

23. Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish

“Therefore I Am” by Billie Eilish is a song about recognizing the insincerity of “fake friends”.

The lyrics express her realization that some people are not genuine in their connections with her, and she confronts them by declaring “Therefore I Am”.

24. Tell Me How by Paramore

‘Tell Me How’ by Paramore is a song about the pain of fake friendships. The lyrics suggest that despite good times, the bond between two people is based on lies and deceit.

She conveys the idea that no matter what has been done in the past, nothing can last forever and eventually everything will come apart at some point.

With plenty of emotion in her voice, she expresses her inner turmoil by asking how this relationship will end.

25. Fake Friends by Billy Bueffer

Billy Bueffer’s song “Fake Friends” is an uplifting yet honest look at how fake friends can take a toll on one’s mental health.

The track features a unique blend of EDM and acoustic guitar sounds, with lyrics that express the feeling of being taken advantage of by so-called friends who are only looking out for their own interests.

26. Reckless Love by Bleachers

“Reckless Love by Bleachers is a song about the pain of having fake friends, and how it can be hard to learn to move on and trust again.

The chorus sings “I’m so tired of reckless love, but nobody can tell me why/Easy come, easy go, no one really knows,” expressing the struggle to make sense of a situation with few answers.

The lyrics focus on how it feels to be betrayed and disappointed without understanding why something happened, while also holding onto hope despite the hurt experienced.

27. People You Know by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s “People You Know” is an incredibly relatable song about fake friends.

The lyrics paint a picture of how it feels to be in a friendship that’s full of disappointment, miscommunication, and manipulation.

She sings about people who seem to have one face in public, but another behind closed doors, those who don’t have her best interests at heart, and those who take advantage of her kindness.

It’s a song that speaks to the experiences of many people and serves as a powerful reminder to always trust your gut when it comes to relationships.

28. Mi Nuh Trust People By Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel’s song ‘Mi Nuh Trust People’ speaks to a common theme of mistrust between friends.

The upbeat reggae track features dark, cautionary lyrics that speak to the pain experienced when trust is betrayed by those close to us.

29. Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift is a powerful song about the pain of being betrayed by someone you trusted.

The lyrics reflect on how one’s trust has been betrayed and the resulting feelings of anger, hurt, and betrayal that comes with it.

Swift expresses her feelings in a bitter tone, calling out those responsible for the heartache and resentment.

She also highlights how she has changed as a result of this experience, vowing to never make the same mistake again and warning that looking back at what led to this situation won’t lead to any good.

30. Fake Friends by PS1 ft. Alex Hosking

“Fake Friends” by PS1 ft. Alex Hosking is a song about friendships gone wrong and the fake people who can make all the promises in the world but never be there when times get tough.

The lyrics are fittingly melancholic, painting a picture of a person whose trust was taken for granted, and who had to face betrayal and disappointment.

31. I’ll Still Destroy You by The National

“I’ll Still Destroy You” by The National is a dark yet poetic song about fake friends and how they can be betrayed even after all the hurt and pain they’ve caused.

The listener can feel the tension as Matt Berninger croons the line “And when I say goodbye, don’t worry I still destroy you.”

32. Real Friends by Ye

“Real Friends” by Ye is a song about fake friends, and how they can be difficult to distinguish.

The track highlights the idea of people who are only around when it’s convenient for them and don’t offer any real support.

Ye warns not to trust anyone too quickly because there are a lot more fair-weather friends around than genuine ones.

33. The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler by All-Time Low

“The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler” by All-Time Low is an upbeat and catchy anthem about the dangers of fake friends.

The song begs the listener to be wary of those who appear to be friendly but are only looking out for themselves.

It’s a cautionary tale that warns us not to trust too easily when it comes to our relationships.

34. Liability by Lorde

“Liability” by Lorde is a poignant song about the difficulty of maintaining friendships in modern society.

The lyrics evoke feelings of loneliness and betrayal, as Lorde sings of how she realizes that even those closest to her can still be pretentious and hurtful.

She questions her own self-worth throughout, aware that she’s allowed herself to become vulnerable to their false sense of friendship.

35. Fake Love by Drake

“Fake Love” by Drake is a powerful song about the harsh realities of fake friendships.

The lyrics focus on how difficult it can be to trust someone, and how two-faced people often make promises they can’t keep.

36. Bitches These Days by Olivia O’Brien

“Bitches These Days” by Olivia O’Brien is a song about fake friends and how far they are willing to go to get what they want.

The lyrics of the song talk about how people use others for their own gain and never think twice about it.

She speaks from experience when she says that these fake friend types don’t care who they hurt in order to reach their goals.

37. Bad Blood by Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift

“Bad Blood” by Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift is a song about fake friends, and it speaks to the difficulty of dealing with someone who pretends to care only to turn around and hurt you.

The lyrics tell the story of a friendship that went sour when one friend betrayed the other’s trust.

38. Fake Friends by Bazanji

“Fake Friends” by Bazanji is a song that speaks to the reality of having these types of people in life and how they can have a negative effect.

The lyrics lament the fact that there are those who will come into our lives, only to turn around and leave without any warning or reason.

They might pretend to care or be supportive, but ultimately their words cannot be trusted and it can be hard to tell them apart from true friends.

39. Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

“Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani is a song about fake friends who constantly put you down and never have your back.

In the song, Gwen encourages her listeners to ignore these types of people and stay confident in themselves, singing “I ain’t no Hollaback Girl, I ain’t gonna take it no more”.

40. Rival by LANCO

Lanco’s “Rival” is a song about fake friends and the struggles of dealing with them.

The song tells the story of someone who has been betrayed and abandoned by their so-called friends, questioning why they allowed it to happen.

41. All My Friends Are Fake by Tate McRae

“All My Friends Are Fake” by Tate McRae is a song about the harsh reality of having friends that are fake.

It speaks about how, despite our best efforts for them to stay true and loyal, sometimes it just isn’t enough.

The song also expresses the sense of betrayal when you learn the truth and remind us that we need to be careful who we trust and where we put our hearts.

42. Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves

Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves is a song about having the courage to be true to oneself, even when it means going against what others may think.

The song’s central message is that one should be able to follow their own path and make decisions without worrying about what other people will think.

43. Homecoming Queen? by Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini’s song ‘Homecoming Queen?’ is all about fake friends and the struggles that come with them.

The narrator realizes her so-called friend has been using her for what she can offer, and that she’s not really for her.

She expresses how betrayed and hurt she feels, singing lyrics like “I should’ve been the one to tell ya / You just don’t do friends like that / you take and take ’til I ain’t nothing left of me.”

44. Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

“Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi is a song about the pain of being betrayed by someone you trusted and thought was your friend.

The lyrics are full of heartache, as Capaldi expresses how he felt so betrayed and brokenhearted when his “friend” left him behind.

45. Lunchbox Friends by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez’s song “Lunchbox Friends” is a powerful anthem about the realities of fake friends.

It depicts the feeling of being betrayed by someone you trusted, with its lyrics about how one’s lunchbox friends were never truly loyal.

The chorus conveys the idea that “sharing food isn’t enough when your loyalty is gone.”

This song has a powerful message for anyone who has ever been hurt by supposedly good friends and serves as a reminder to be careful who we trust in life.

46. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner

“Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner is a song about fake friends who can never really understand you.

It talks about how hard it is to find someone who genuinely cares, and how it can be so hard to make relationships that last.

47.  Fake Friends by Sigrid

“Fake Friends” by Sigrid is a song that speaks to the reality of false companionship.

The lyrics explore how it feels to have someone in your life that you think is a true friend, only to find out they are not who they appear to be.

The song conveys Sigrid’s feelings of anger, sadness, and betrayal through her powerful vocals and driving beat.

She sings about feeling betrayed, having trust taken away, and being used for convenience when it is convenient for them.

48. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

“The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World is a song about the trials and tribulations of growing up, from fake friends to dealing with the pressures of life.

It talks about how even though it might be hard sometimes to stay in the middle, it’s better than giving in to peer pressure or trying to fit in with people who won’t accept you for who you are.

The lyrics discuss how life is not always easy but that it’s important to trust yourself, take your own path, and remain true despite the challenges that come along.

49. My Ex’s Best Friend by Machine Gun Kelly

“My Ex’s Best Friend” by Machine Gun Kelly is a powerful and emotional song about the pain that can come when you find out your ex has moved on and is now best friends with someone else.

It conveys a heavy sense of abandonment, jealousy, and betrayal as the singer turns his thoughts to all the time he spent with his ex, only for her to move on without him.

The heart-wrenching lyrics capture the raw feelings of being betrayed by someone you thought you knew so well.

50. NEVER GONNA LIKE YOU by Bea Miller and Snakehips

“Never Gonna Like You” by Bea Miller and Snakehips is a poignant song about the pain of having fake friends.

The lyrics tell an all too familiar story of how one can be fooled into trusting someone, only to be betrayed in the end.

The strong beats and haunting vocals powerfully express the frustration and anger felt at being deceived.

51. Real Friends by Camila Cabello

“Real Friends” by Camila Cabello is a powerful song about the sorrow of losing genuine connections with people who used to be close friends.

The lyrics discuss how fake friends put on “masks” and are only around when they need something, while real friends remain loyal in both good times and bad.

Cabello paints a vivid picture of the damage done by such betrayal, highlighting feelings of loneliness, heartbreak, and longing for true connection.

52. F.F.F. by Bebe Rexha (feat. G-Eazy)

“F.F.F” by Bebe Rexha (feat. G-Eazy) is a song about fake friends, which speaks to the feeling of betrayal and loneliness when discovering those you trusted and put your faith in were never true friends after all.

This song captures the emotions of disappointment, wishing for them to still be loyal and understanding, but knowing in the end that their loyalties lie elsewhere.

53. Fix You Up by Tegan and Sara

“Fix You Up” by Tegan and Sara is a song about fake friends who are more like frenemies.

The track speaks of people who seem to be there for you when you need them, but then take advantage of your trust by talking behind your back and doing the opposite of what they say.

54. Say It to My Face by Madison Beer

Say It to My Face by Madison Beer is a song about fake friends, and how they can be more dangerous than true enemies.

The song speaks of the feeling of betrayal when someone lies to your face and uses you for their own selfish motives.

It is a stark reminder that sometimes people who pretend to be close may not have your best interests in mind, and it’s important to trust your gut instinct and take some time out from those toxic relationships.

55. Fair Trade By Drake

Drake’s song about fake friends, “Fair Trade” is a ray of light for anyone going through a difficult time in life.

The track speaks to the idea that no matter how hard it may seem, anyone can find strength within themselves to make it through, as long as they remain true to who they are and don’t fall victim to the pressures of society.

Drake candidly sings about his own experiences with fake friends and how he was able to take control of his life by recognizing that not everyone has good intentions.


Below are questions and answers related to songs about fake friends

What can you say about a fake friend?

A fake friend can be described as someone who puts on a false front and masks their true intentions, motives, desires and feelings in order to manipulate or exploit another person.

Such friends cannot be trusted because they have no real loyalty and may desert you when needed.

They will often gossip behind your back or use information you shared in confidence against you.

Fake friends may also flatter you so that they can potentially benefit from the friendship later. In short, a fake friend is an enemy in disguise.

How do you deal with fake best friends?

Dealing with fake best friends can be a difficult and hurtful experience.

  • Firstly, it is important to recognize that you are not alone in this experience. This can help you to find strength and courage in the face of this difficult situation.
  • Secondly, take some time for yourself to reflect on how your relationship has evolved over time, were there any warning signs that your friend wasn’t who they claimed to be?
  • Thirdly, it is important to look after yourself by spending time with people who genuinely care about and appreciate you.

Finally, try not to dwell on the past or blame yourself instead focus on taking positive steps into the future and learning from this experience.

How to make jealous fake friends?

There is no surefire way to make jealous fake friends.

However, there are some things you can do to make them feel less secure in your friendship, such as establishing boundaries, avoiding comparisons and gossip, celebrating others’ successes instead of envying them and spending more time with genuine friends.

What to do when a friend hurts you?

It’s important to communicate with your friend and express how their actions made you feel.

Try to understand their perspective and listen to their side of the story. If necessary, take some time apart to process your emotions and decide if the friendship is worth salvaging.

Remember to prioritize your own well-being and surround yourself with supportive people.

How do you deal with two-faced friends?

Dealing with two-faced friends can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that their behavior is a reflection of them, not you.

It’s important to set boundaries and communicate openly with them about how their behavior makes you feel.

If the situation becomes toxic or unbearable, it may be necessary to distance yourself from the friendship.

What to do when a friend starts ignoring you?

It’s important to first try to communicate with your friend and see if there is a reason for their behavior.

If they continue to ignore you, it may be time to take a step back and focus on other relationships or activities.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes friendships naturally fade or change, and it’s okay to let go and move on.

Should you unfriend fake friends?

It ultimately depends on your personal values and priorities. If you value authenticity and genuine connections, then unfriending fake friends may be the right choice for you.

However, if you prioritize maintaining a large social network or avoiding conflict, then keeping fake friends on your social media may be a better option.

Should I leave my fake friends?

If your friends constantly put you down, talk behind your back, or only hang out with you when it’s convenient for them, it may be time to reevaluate the friendship.

Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people is important for your mental health and well-being.

Is it OK to cut off fake friends?

Experts say that it is perfectly fine to cut off fake friends, as they can be toxic and draining to your mental health.

It is important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people who genuinely care about you.

However, it is important to handle the situation with grace and respect and to communicate your feelings honestly and calmly.

When should a friendship end?

There is no one answer to this question as every friendship is unique.

However, some signs that it may be time to end a friendship include feeling drained or unhappy after spending time with the person, consistently feeling disrespected or unsupported, or if the friendship has become toxic or abusive.

It’s important to trust your instincts and prioritize your own well-being in any relationship.


Fake friends can be a difficult challenge to confront. Most of us have experienced some form of betrayal or disappointment caused by a so-called friend.

The songs listed above demonstrate how common this pain is and how we all desire genuine, trustworthy relationships in our lives.

Although painful and heartbreaking, it’s important to recognize the signs of a fake friend before they do more damage, and hopefully, these songs help you find strength and understanding to know that you’re not alone.

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