Top 28 Famous Songs About Monkeys, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Top Famous Songs About Monkeys

Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, or country, there’s a monkey-themed song for everyone on this list of the top popular songs about monkeys.

1. Dance Monkey By Tones And I

“Dance Monkey” by Tones and I is a song about letting go of your inhibitions and having fun.

The upbeat tempo and catchy chorus encourage listeners to move in any way they feel, using the metaphor of monkeys living it up in the jungle to explore freedom from societal expectations.

2. Monkey In Your Soul – Steely Dan

“Monkey In Your Soul” by Steely Dan is an iconic song about a monkey who has found his way into the narrator’s soul, hence the title.

The lyrics describe how this creature manages to stir up the narrator’s emotions, showing how life can sometimes be unpredictable and chaotic.

The song conveys themes of loneliness, restlessness, and insecurity. The track features an array of instruments, including guitars, bass, drums, and organ as well as smooth vocal harmonies.

3. Monkey Wrench By Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters’ “Monkey Wrench” is an upbeat rock anthem about trying to make the best of a difficult situation. The song’s lyrics are quite symbolic and may be interpreted in different ways.

In the chorus, singer Dave Grohl sings, “I’m a monkey wrench” as an analogy for accepting responsibility and taking on the difficulties that come with it, even if it causes pain.

4. “Sleepy Monkey” by Widespread Panic

“Sleepy Monkey” by Widespread Panic is a fun, lighthearted song that’s all about monkeys. The track has a reggae-inspired rhythm and uses various hilarious monkey sound effects throughout.

The lyrics are all about how having silly monkeys around can make difficult tasks easier, painting the animals in a comedic light.

It’s a catchy tune full of energy and humor, making it perfect for any situation where you need to lighten up the mood.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends or just in need of a good laugh, this song will definitely do the trick!

5. “Monkey Man” by The Rolling Stones

“Monkey Man” by The Rolling Stones is a classic rock and roll number about a misunderstood monkey man.

It tells the story of a man living on the fringes of society, searching for acceptance and companionship but unable to find it through conventional means.

The lyrics are filled with imagery of the animal kingdom, alluding to the difficulties in finding meaningful human connection when feeling like an outsider.

6. “Monkey And The Engineer” by Grateful Dead

“Monkey And The Engineer” by Grateful Dead is a classic folk tune about a monkey and an engineer traveling together on a train.

The monkey causes all kinds of mischief, making the engineer so frustrated that he doesn’t know what to do but eventually realizes that it was only playing around.

This charming story of friendship resonates with many listeners and serves as a reminder that life is too short to be taken too seriously.

The song is full of lighthearted humor, clever wordplay, and infectious melodies which make it one of the Grateful Dead’s most beloved songs about monkeys.

7. “Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys’ iconic song “Brass Monkey” is a classic song to many things, including monkeys and alcohol.

The song’s lyrics focus on the idea of partying and having a good time, using the drink Brass Monkey as a metaphor for such an experience.

It also celebrates the playfulness of monkeys and their tendency to get up to all sorts of mischief.

8. “Tweeter And The Monkey Man” by Traveling Wilburys

“Tweeter And The Monkey Man” is a song by the Traveling Wilburys about two lovers on the run from the law.

The song tells of how Tweeter, a woman with a fondness for monkeys, and the Monkey Man, who steals things to feed his pet monkey, have done wrong and must now hide.

It captures their desperate journey as they make their way across town trying to evade capture. With its story full of suspense and adventure, it’s no wonder that “Tweeter And The Monkey Man” has become one of the most beloved songs about monkeys.

9. “Monkey Man” by Toots and the Maytals

“Monkey Man” by Toots and the Maytals is a classic reggae song that tells the story of a mischievous monkey who loves to steal food.

The amusing lyrics emphasize the importance of being careful and diligent in guarding food storage against the monkey’s thieving ways.

The song has become a beloved standard for reggae fans around the world, as its groovy beat and cheerful lyrics are absolutely infectious.

The catchy rhythm and feel-good melody also make it a great choice for children, making it an ideal introduction to the reggae genre.

10. “Monkeys” by Echo and the Bunnymen

“Monkeys” by Echo and the Bunnymen is an upbeat, funk-infused rock song about primates and the wildness inherent in them.

The chorus swells with dreamy synths promising to take listeners on a safari through the jungle of soundscapes they’ve crafted while still maintaining an overall feeling of joy and frivolity throughout the track.

11. “Too Much Monkey Business” by Chuck Berry

“Too Much Monkey Business” by Chuck Berry is a classic rock and roll hit released in 1956.

It is an infectious, up-tempo number that tells the story of a man who wants to break away from his mundane life and have some fun.

The lyrics detail how every day he has to deal with “too much monkey business”, including the stresses of work, family, and the like.

Although he wishes for something different, he knows there is no escape from the monotony of everyday life.

12. “Punish The Monkey” by Mark Knopfler

“Punish The Monkey” by Mark Knopfler is a lively and comedic folk-rock song with an engaging, upbeat melody.

It tells the story of a man’s attempt to put an end to the monkey stealing his belongings, he even goes so far as to punish it!

The lyrics are clever and witty, full of puns and innuendos that give the track a lighthearted yet playful feel.

Knopfler’s distinct fingerpicking style complements this atmosphere perfectly, creating an infectious energy that will have you tapping your feet along in no time.

13. “Part Man, Part Monkey” by Bruce Springsteen

“Part Man, Part Monkey” by Bruce Springsteen is a song that explores the concept of an internal conflict between one’s identity as both human and animal.

The song follows the narrator as he expresses his ambivalence toward his inner struggle and questions who he really is.

The lyrics touch on themes of conformity, alienation, and insecurity which are all emotions humans often experience when trying to find their place in the world around them.

14. “Monkey” by Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte’s song “Monkey” is a classic Caribbean tune about a mischievous monkey who causes trouble in the village he lives in.

The lively rhythm and cheerful melody make it a fun and catchy song that kids love to listen to.

In the song, the monkey eats up all the villagers’ food, steals their belongings, and generally makes a nuisance of himself until they eventually banish him from the village.

15. “Monkey On My Back” by Aerosmith

“Monkey On My Back” by Aerosmith is a hard-hitting rock song that speaks of the struggles and woes of life.

The lyrics tell the story of someone facing addiction, with the troubles and guilt of it figuratively being like a monkey on his back.

16. “You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)” by The Dickies

“You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)” by The Dickies is an upbeat punk rock song about a man who’s been driven crazy by his girlfriend, described as a “big gorilla”.

It’s filled with humorous lyrics and creative sound effects to simulate monkey chatter, creating a fun and lighthearted atmosphere despite the subject material.

17. “Dance Monkey” by Magic!

“Dance Monkey” by Magic! is a song that uses the theme of monkeys to craft an upbeat dance tune.

A catchy beat and addictive hook set the tone for this chart-topping single, which has become a global sensation since its release in 2015.

18. “Lab Monkey” by Alice In Chains

“Lab Monkey” by Alice In Chains is a heavy metal song with hard-hitting drums and guitar riffs. The song delves into the desire to live in freedom, away from the constraints of the modern world.

The lyrics discuss the struggles of being caged up ‘like some lab monkey’ and longing for a place ‘where there’s no space to roam’.

19. “Me And My Monkey” by Robbie Williams

“Me and My Monkey” by Robbie Williams is an upbeat, light-hearted pop-rock track that tells the story of a love affair between Williams and his monkey.

The lyrics are wistful in tone but ultimately positive, even if it’s just him and his monkey, they’re still living life to its fullest.

20. “Monkey Riches” by Animal Collective

“Monkey Riches” by Animal Collective is an upbeat, lively track that celebrates the riches found within the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

The lyrics tell of a curious troupe of monkeys searching for hidden treasures among the lush green foliage.

The whimsical melodies and playful soundscapes are reminiscent of a tropical paradise, while the singers’ soul-stirring harmonies convey a sense of joy and wonder.

21. “Monkey To The Moon” by The Coral

“Monkey To The Moon” by The Coral is an upbeat and jaunty tune that tells the story of a brave little monkey who dreams of being the first monkey to travel to the moon.

With its catchy chorus highlighting the importance of never giving up on big dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem, this song really captures the power of imagination and creativity.

22. “The Hartlepool Monkey” by The Teesside Fettlers

The Teesside Fettlers’ song “The Hartlepool Monkey” recounts the legend of a French monkey, who was found washed up on the shores of Hartlepool after surviving a shipwreck.

The local villagers, not knowing what a monkey was or where it had come from, assumed that it must have been a French spy, so they put him on trial and sentenced him to hang.

The story is embodied in this cheeky folk song and serves as an example of how past generations used humorous songs such as this to share historic tales.

23. Shake That Monkey By Too Short

Too Short’s “Shake That Monkey” is a classic rap song from the 90s that emphasizes the importance of having fun.

The song’s catchy hook says, “Don’t stop, shake that monkey/Keep on dancin’ to this funky/Let your body go/Cutting and grooving as you know”.

The song also contains amusing lyrics about dancing monkeys and partying hard, making it an instant hit with hip-hop fans all over the world.

23. Monkey By George Michael

George Michael’s song “Monkey” is an upbeat, fun pop tune that celebrates the freedom and joy of living life to its fullest.

The catchy chorus has become an anthem for those who choose to enjoy life without worrying about others’ opinions.

Though it’s easy to hear the playful groove and danceable beats, there’s a deeper message hidden in the lyrics asking us to appreciate what we have rather than worry about what we don’t.

25. Monkey Suit By Bruno Mali (Feat. Rick Ross)

“Monkey Suit By Bruno Mali feat. Rick Ross is a rap song that celebrates the power of one’s unique style and individuality.

The chorus tells listeners to “put on your monkey suit, dress it up just for you,” urging them to embrace who they are without fear or judgment.

26. “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide, Except For Me And My Monkey” by The Beatles

“Everybody’s Got Something To Hide, Except For Me And My Monkey” by The Beatles is a classic song from the band’s self-titled 1968 album, “The White Album”.

The cleverly humorous lyrics have made this one of the most beloved songs among Beatles fans and it continues to be one of their most enduringly popular songs.

27. “Shock The Monkey” by Peter Gabriel

“Shock The Monkey” by Peter Gabriel is a classic song from the early 1980s. It tells a story about a man’s inner conflict between his mental and emotional state, eventually erupting into chaos.

The song utilizes a highly symbolic metaphor of an animal as it personifies various conflicting aspects of the protagonist.

28. “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Pixies

“Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Pixies is a surreal punk rock song that was released in 1989 as part of the band’s second album, “Doolittle”.

The lyrics address some of the most pressing issues at the time such as pollution, global warming, and world hunger, as well as societal ills such as racism and materialism.


Here are faqs related to monkey songs.

What is the story of the song Me and My Monkey?

“Me and My Monkey” by Robbie Williams. It tells the story of a man and his pet monkey who go on adventures together, travel around the world, cause mayhem in casinos, and still find time to buy banana splits.

The song paints a picture of two unlikely friends having countless mischievous escapades that create moments of joy amidst all their worldly worries.

Despite having a few chaotic encounters with trouble along the way, the man and his monkey ultimately remain inseparable throughout their journey.

What is monkey music?

Monkey Music is a style of music created by, or inspired by primates. It typically includes rhythmic instrumentation, vocalization, and percussion and often has a tribal sound.

Monkey Music is traditionally performed in an informal setting, with people and their pets joining in on the fun.

Its popularity has been increasing due to its infectious beats and the ease at which one can pick up playing it.

It’s not uncommon for monkey music to be part of a larger genre that also contains elements of folk music, rock n’ roll, jazz, and other forms of popular music.

Why is it called monkey?

The term ‘monkey’ is believed to have originated from the African word ‘mokĩle’, which translates to “(little) forest dweller”.

The name reflects the creature’s habits of living and moving quickly through trees in jungles, forests, and other natural habitats.

Other theories also indicate that the term emerged from early British sailors who likened mischievous sailors to monkeys due to their tendency to play tricks, steal and cause trouble.

Additionally, some believe that the name was derived from a dialect of English spoken by African slaves in America ‘munke’, which meant ‘wild child’ over time and colloquial usage, this was mistakenly pronounced as ‘monkey’.

Can monkeys recognize music?

Yes, according to a study published in the journal Current Biology, monkeys can recognize melodies and differentiate between them.

The study found that monkeys were able to distinguish between two different melodies, even when they were played in different keys.


The songs about monkeys we’ve discussed are a testament to our fascination with these intelligent creatures.

So take some time to enjoy these songs and celebrate those amazing primates!

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