Top 15 Great Fun Songs About Frogs For Kids, Ranked, Youtube Video

Great Fun Songs About Frogs For Kids

Looking for some great fun songs about frogs for kids? Look no further! This list has everything from silly tunes to educational songs that will have your little ones hopping with joy.

Get ready to sing and dance with these great fun songs about frogs for kids! From catchy melodies to hilarious lyrics, these tunes will surely be a hit with your little ones.

1. Mr. Frog

Mr. Frog is a fun song about frogs, perfect for getting the kids singing and hopping along!

With its catchy chorus of “ribbit, ribbit” and easy-to-sing verses describing frogs’ lives, this song will surely bring some smiles.

From ponds to hops and croaks, Mr. Frog takes us on an adventure through amphibian life, teaching us why they are unique while staying lighthearted and entertaining.

Whether you’re just looking for something to break up a long day or putting together a showstopping recital performance, Mr. Frog is guaranteed to be a hit with audiences young and old.

2. Little Green Frog

The “Little Green Frog” is a fun song about frogs for kids that will make even the most reluctant learner smile.

It’s an infectious tune with lively music and animated lyrics that tell the story of a little green frog who hops around making many new friends.

Kids will love singing along as they learn how frogs live and play in their natural habitat, from swimming in ponds to hopping in tall grass.

With clever rhymes and colorful images, the “Little Green Frog” will provide hours of entertainment while teaching valuable facts about nature.

3. Five Little Speckled Frogs

“Five Little Speckled Frogs” is a lovely and witty song about frogs for kids that has been delighting children for many years.

It tells the story of five speckled frogs who each decided to take a leap, but on their way down, they heard a loud “croak!” which scared them all back up again.

The catchy tune follows as the frogs continue jumping in and out of the pool until only one is left.

The fun lyrics and playful rhythm make it an enjoyable song, with kids hopping along with the frogs!

4. Frog Went A-Courtin’

“Frog Went A-Courtin’ is a fun song about frogs for kids. It tells the story of a Frog who goes out looking for a mate and his journey to find true love.

Along the way, he meets a variety of other animals, including mice, ducks, moles, and foxes – all with amusing consequences!

The song is full of humorous rhymes and rhythm that make it an enjoyable experience for kids to sing along to as well as adults.

With its catchy beat, this classic tune will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face!

5. Who Let the Frog Out

“Who Let the Frog Out? It’s the ultimate question for every toddler and young child in town!

Kids of all ages will love singing about frogs to this fun song, featuring a catchy tune and humorous lyrics about these adorable amphibians.

From hopping around green ponds to croaking at night, this toe-tapping song celebrates all that makes frogs unique – and will have kids jumping up and down with joy!”

6. Baby Frog

“Baby Frog” is a fun and catchy song for kids that will have the little ones hopping along in no time!

It teaches children about frogs, their habitats, and all the different things they do daily.

With its bouncy beat and humorous lyrics, Baby Frog is a surefire way to entertain and educate kids while making them smile!

So don’t be surprised if you hear your little ones singing about these amphibians with glee any day now!

7. Five Little Speckled Frogs

“Five little speckled frogs were sitting on a speckled log, enjoying the sun and having a good time hopping about.

They sang their own whimsical song as they spent their days lounging in the warm summer breeze.

Five little speckled frogs sittin’ on a speckled log, eating the most delicious flies out of the blue sky above!

What fun it must have been for these spotted friends to share such a fantastic day together!

And we can all join in on their charming tune: one jumped into the pool, which was nice and cool.

Then there came another one, which made two…and so on – be sure to keep counting until you get back up to five!”

8. “This Frog” by Same Street

“This Frog” by Same Street is a fun and witty song about frogs for kids.

With an upbeat tune and lively lyrics, it’s sure to get the little ones hopping!

The song follows the story of a curious frog who journeys to explore its surroundings.

Along the way, it encounters some delightful animal friends, such as snakes, beavers, and moose, who make it even more fun.

Kids will love singing along as this frog travels about all its adventures on land and in water.

It’s a great way to introduce children to different kinds of animals while inspiring them to explore their environment!

9. Froggy Afternoon

“Froggy Afternoon” is a delightful and witty song about frogs, perfect for keeping kids entertained!

With its catchy lyrics and peppy tune, this froggy-themed song will have you and the little ones singing along in no time.

It’s an exciting journey through a frog’s life, taking us from lily pads to fly-catching adventures in ponds.

From leaping through muddy puddles to croaking with friends, it will surely be an enjoyable afternoon for everyone!

10. Knee Deep

“Knee Deep” is a fun and upbeat song about frogs for kids.

With catchy lyrics that kids can sing along to, this cheerful tune tells the story of a frog who loves to jump and play all day.

The song encourages children to pretend they are the frog, hopping along with him as he croaks his way from lily pad to lily pad.

From jumping in the water to singing in the sun, this jolly tune celebrates the joy of being a kid!

11. Glub Glub Went The Little Green Frog

“Glub glub went the little green frog with a croak and a hop. He leaped off the log!

Kids love to sing along to this fun song about frogs. It’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face as they cozy up around the campfire.

Whether for counting or singing about lily pads, this humorous tune is an enjoyable way for kids to learn about their amphibious friends!”

12. I Have a Little Frog

“I Have a Little Frog” is an infectious, witty song about frogs that will make any kid smile!

This toe-tapping tune follows the adventures of a bit of frog who hops along singing his favorite songs.

Kids will love singing along as they follow him through marshlands, lily pads, and even dessert cacti!

With playful lyrics and catchy rhythms, this bouncy, catchy song is perfect for all ages looking for fun.

13. Crazy Frog

The Crazy Frog is a fun, wacky song that will have kids hopping and dancing along to its memorable melody.

This catchy tune tells the tale of an adventurous frog who loves to explore the world in wild and funny ways.

With its bouncy rhythm and cute lyrics, this song will surely make everyone smile.

Kids will love singing along to the chorus as they leap around with their friends, trying to imitate their favorite amphibian’s moves.

So let the Crazy Frog entertain your little ones and join in on the silliness!

14. Caribbean Amphibian

“Caribbean Amphibian – Song About Frogs For Kids” is a catchy and witty song that will have your kids hopping along!

Its fun Caribbean rhythm is the perfect way to introduce children to the fascinating world of amphibians.

Step into this musical journey and discover how frogs live in marshy and wetland habitats, their unique calls, and some of the biodiversity that makes up these vibrant ecosystems.

Suitable for all ages, this lively tune will indeed have your feet tapping and your little ones singing along in no time!

15. Frog Song

“Frog Song” is a fun and witty song that children of all ages can enjoy.

The lyrics give life to the characters, creating an energizing rhythm that excites kids.

In the song, frogs croak their way through a day of chasing bugs, splashing in the pond, and enjoying life!

It’s a great reminder for children to be active and playful while appreciating the joys of nature.

The catchy chorus has them singing along as they proudly proclaim, “We are frogs!” a surefire way to have your little ones feeling like champions.


Here are some questions and answers related to Songs About Frogs For Kids.

What is the nursery rhyme about 5 frogs?

This fun little nursery rhyme tells the tale of 5 amphibious friends who decide to go for a swim.

“Five green and speckled frogs sat on a speckled log, eating some delicious bugs.

One jumped into the pool, where it was nice and cool, then there were four green and speckled frogs!”

Each verse continues as one frog jumps into the water until none are left. This silly poem will make children smile as they learn about frogs while singing along.

What are the rhymes about frogs for toddlers?

Rhymes about frogs for toddlers are an excellent way to introduce young children to a fascinating creature in a fun and interactive way.

These rhymes provide an opportunity to help children learn about frogs while also developing crucial early language skills.

The simple words and rhythms of the rhymes, combined with playful actions that involve hopping like a frog, can make learning enjoyable and allow children to practice their speaking abilities.

Through these rhymes, toddlers can learn different facts about frogs, such as their color, how they move, where they live, and why they might croak.

Rhymes about frogs for toddlers are a great and fun way to help little minds explore the world around them.

Who sings five little speckled frogs?

The classic nursery rhyme “Five Little Speckled Frogs” has been sung by countless artists over the years, often with their own interpretation.

Most notably, the song was recorded in a version by English singer Rolf Harris in 1968, as well as a version released by The Countdown Kids in 2004.

Both versions have become popular among preschoolers and children’s music fans alike.

In addition, it has been performed by legends such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, as well as popular contemporary acts like Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani.

Regardless of the artist or time, this timeless heritage piece will remain alive for generations to come!

What do five frogs in one well mean?

The idiom “five frogs in one well” refers to a situation where no matter how hard you try, there is too much competition to stand out or progress.

It’s like when five frogs are placed into a well that is too small for them all. None of them can escape, so they are all stuck.

This analogy refers to situations where no matter what someone does, they may never rise above the number of others trying for the same outcome or goal.

In this case, looking elsewhere for an opportunity or finding another way around is wise since the competition could be too great.

What song do frogs make?

Frogs make a variety of songs, depending on the type of frog. Most frogs croak or “ribbit.” They make a low-pitched “gruff” sound that we can hear over short distances.

Some frogs, like the spring peeper, are known for making high-pitched chirps or trills.

Other species, such as green treefrogs, produce gentle calls and clicks to attract mates.

Generally speaking, most frog songs are quite soothing and create a relaxing atmosphere in their environment.

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