Top 11 Funny Songs About Farting, Ranked, Youtube Video

Top Funny Songs About Farting

Looking for some silly songs to brighten up your day? Check out our list of funny songs about farting, and get ready to giggle.

Whether you need a good chuckle or love a good fart joke, these top funny songs about farting are sure to make you smile.

1. I’ve Got A Jar Of Your Uncles Farts Song

“I’ve Got A Jar Of Your Uncles Farts” is an irresistibly funny song about flatulence and funny farting sounds.

It’s a hilariously ridiculous tune that tells the listener: “I’ve got a jar of your uncles farts / That I collected in the park / And when I open it up wide / It fills the room with a terrible smell no one can hide.” The chorus proclaims: “You may think it’s rather gross / But I find it quite hilarious / Letting off that nasty odor, it doesn’t really bother us!”

The rest of the song is dedicated to various types of farting, from those that are loud to those that go on for a while, with increasingly silly lyrics as you go along.

Despite its crudeness, this song will surely keep you laughing all day!

2. Taco Farts by Mr Farts

“Taco Farts by Mr. Farts is a hilarious song about one of the most impolite noises imaginable.

This toe-tappin’ tune will have you in stitches as you sing along to the clever lyrics about passing gas and tearing up tacos.

Irreverent and silly, it’s sure to bring some lighthearted joy into your life. After all, everyone loves a good laugh about flatulence!

3. The Fart Song by Bob’s Burgers

The “Fart Song” by Bob’s Burgers is a hilariously witty parody of the classic love ballad, with singing cartoon burgers and toots that will bring much-needed levity to any situation.

The song tells the tale of a burger searching for true love or at least some form of satisfaction in a world where farting is the only way to show affection.

With its catchy tune and silly lyrics, this funny farting song will make you laugh and tap your feet!

4. Who Farted? By Koo Koo Kanga Roo

“Who Farted?”, the hilarious song by Koo Koo Kanga Roo, will indeed have you and your friends laughing about farts!

The lighthearted tune features silly lyrics about passing gas that will keep everyone giggling.

This goofy song is meant to be fun for kids and adults alike, so don’t be afraid to let out a hearty chuckle!

With its incredibly catchy chorus and unique sound, it’s no wonder why “Who Farted?” has become a favorite among fans of comedy music.

No matter the occasion, this funny farting song will be a hit for kids and adults!

5. Everybody Farts by Howdytoons

Everybody Farts by Howdytoons is a hilarious song that will make anyone chuckle!

The upbeat tune and silly lyrics focus on how everybody farts – from the littlest babies to the oldest grandpas.

It’s a reminder that we all share this unique, funny bodily function, which shouldn’t be shameful or embarrassing.

With its catchy chorus, Everybody Farts encourages listeners to accept everyone’s natural imperfections and embrace the humor in everyday realities.

We could all use a little lightheartedness in our lives – so why not start with a silly song about farting?

6. The Fart Song by FART MAN

FART MAN’s “The Fart Song” hilariously captures the universal truth that everyone loves to laugh at a fart joke.

This uproarious tune expertly uses clever lyrics, catchy beats, and comical sound effects to create an unforgettable ode to passing gas.

With contagious vocals and a silly music video, the song will leave you laughing!

Whether you find yourself singing in the shower or bopping your head along while walking down the street, this lighthearted tune will surely put a smile on your face whenever it comes around.

7. Everybody Farts by Ylvis

“Everybody Farts” by Ylvis is a loud song about one of humanity’s most embarrassing and least discussed topics: flatulence.

With witty and entertaining lyrics such as “When I fart, everybody doesn’t be shy / ‘Cause we all know it passeth through the sky,” this comical track celebrates passing gas without shame.

The accompanying music video features colorful characters parading around in costumes while singing, dancing, and making fart jokes.

Whether you are looking for a laugh or want to recognize the bodily function that binds us together, “Everybody Farts” will leave you with a smile.

8. My Bum It Goes (Prrrp) by koit

“My Bum It Goes (Prrrp)” by Koit is a funny and witty song about everyone’s favorite subject: farting.

The light-hearted lyrics will have you singing along in no time, as it talks about how an excellent ol’ loud fart can improve any situation.

With its catchy beat and silly sound effects, this track will surely bring much-appreciated comic relief to any gathering with its irresistibly goofy energy.

9. I Can’t Stop Farting by The Queers

The Queers’ hilarious song “I Can’t Stop Farting” will indeed have you laughing out loud!

It’s a notoriously lighthearted ditty about flatulence with lyrics like, “My friends all say that I’m full of gas / I just can’t seem to stop / They’re snickering behind my back / But I don’t care a lot.”

The tune captures the silly nature of the subject, and its sing-along melody makes the entire experience irresistible.

With its catchy beat and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, this funny song will make you chuckle!

10. I Farted by Freakwincey

“I Farted” by Freakwincey is a hilarious song about the awkwardness and embarrassment caused by accidental farting in public.

The upbeat tune and the witty lyrics covering common farting scenarios make for an entertaining and amusing track.

Whether it’s the chorus of “Everybody heard me do a little toot / And everybody turned around and looked at me” or the lines “I thought I was alone, but that wasn’t true / There were people nearby who heard my poot-doot,”

This song captures all the emotions of an embarrassing flatulent experience with some lighthearted humor.

11. Justin Bieber Farts by The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

The Toilet Bowl Cleaners have released a hilariously witty song about the world’s favorite pop star, Justin Bieber, and his outstanding ability to make even the most serious of situations a little more lighthearted by farting.

The tune is called “Justin Bieber Farts,” it features humorous lyrics about farts being everywhere that Bieber goes, from food courts to concert halls.

It’s a great way to nod to Beliebers everywhere while having fun. Who knows? Maybe Bieber will record his own version of this funny song!


Here are questions and answers related to songs about farting.

Does everyone pass gas?

Yes, everyone passes gas. It’s simply a fact of life. While it may be embarrassing to admit, passing gas is perfectly normal and healthy.

In fact, the average person passes gas up to twenty-one times a day! That’s enough to fill a balloon or two!

So yes, everyone does pass gas – but don’t worry, you’re not alone!

What causes loud flatulence?

Flatulence, also known as passing gas, occurs when gas accumulates in your intestines and is expelled through the anus.

Flatulence can be loud or smelly, depending on your food type and how well your digestive system digests it.

Smelly gas is usually caused by certain foods that contain sulfur, such as eggs, garlic, onion, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

Eating many fiber-filled fruits and vegetables can also cause loud flatulence due to their fermentation in the large intestine.

Sometimes, hard-to-digest digest foods can produce excess gas, leading to loud flatulence.

Eating too quickly or not chewing your food thoroughly enough can also cause a build-up of air in your intestines, making your flatulence louder than usual.

Where does flatulence come from?

Flatulence, aka passing gas, is a normal and natural process for everyone.

It’s caused by bacteria’s breakdown of undigested food particles in the large intestine.

These bacteria produce gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane as they break down existing food.

As your body can’t absorb these gases, it expels them through the rectum as flatulence – hence why it often has distinctive odors!

Is it OK to not fart at all?

It’s okay to not fart at all, depending on the situation. If a large group of people surrounds you and must let out a little flatulence, perhaps holding it in is okay.

But if you’re alone and feel like letting one rip, chances are that it’s terrific to do so!

It is essential to remember that excessive gas buildup can lead to some health complications – so exercise moderation and proceed with caution!

Why do I fart silently?

I fart silently because I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.

My farts are silent but deadly. If I started making loud ones, it would be a real stinker!

After all, nobody wants to hear me unleash a nasty cloud of noxiousness.

So while it would provide plenty of amusement for my friends, they can take heart that they won’t suffer through my smelly emissions.

Instead, they can just enjoy the silent killer lurking beneath the surface, and I’ll let them live in peace!

Is it natural to fart a lot?

Farting is a natural phenomenon and absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!

Everyone farts, but some of us do it more than others. What’s normal? It depends on your diet, lifestyle, and even genetics.

If you pass gas more often than usual, it might be worth checking in with your doctor to see if something else is happening.

Otherwise, don’t worry too much. We’re all naturally gassy creatures!

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