30 Best Love-Making Songs to Set a Romantic Mood, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Best Love-Making Songs to Set a Romantic Mood, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Are you looking to add passion and romance to your next intimate evening?

Look no further than our carefully curated list of the best love-making songs on YouTube!

From soulful ballads to sexy R&B tunes, these lyrics will set the perfect mood for a night of seduction and sensuality.

So dim the lights, turn up the volume, and let these love songs guide you and your partner towards an unforgettable night.

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1. “Love to Love You Baby,” by Donna Summer

“Love to Love You Baby” by Donna Summer is an iconic song synonymous with love-making.

Released in 1975, this disco hit features Summer’s sultry vocals and sensual lyrics, making it the perfect soundtrack for a romantic evening.

The song is known for its suggestive moans and breathy vocals, which have been praised and criticized over the years. However, there’s no denying the seductive tone of the song that can ignite passion in any couple.

2. “Sexxx Dreams,” by Lady Gaga

“Sexxx Dreams,” by Lady Gaga, is one of the most sensual and steamy songs to make love to.

Gaga sets the perfect mood for a passionate night with her seductive lyrics and sultry voice.

The song incorporates pop, R&B, and electronic music elements, making it a unique and alluring experience. As she sings about her desires and fantasies, you can’t help but let your imagination run wild.

The beat drops and builds up in all the right places, mirroring the intensity of intimate moments. Gaga’s vocals are filled with longing and lust, sending shivers down your spine.

3. “Good for You” by Selena Gomez feat. A$AP Rocky

“Good for You” by Selena Gomez feat. A$AP Rocky is the ultimate song to set the mood for a passionate night with your special someone.

This track’s sultry beat and seductive lyrics are sure to ignite a fiery spark between you and your partner.

Selena’s smooth vocals combined with A$AP Rocky’s rap verses create a perfect blend of sensuality and depth in the song.

4. “Adore” by Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande

“Adore” by Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande is the ultimate song to set the mood for a romantic evening.

With its intoxicating beats and sultry vocals, this track has quickly become a fan favorite for songs to make love to.

As you listen to the lyrics, you can’t help but feel swept away by the passionate and sensual energy of the song.

It’s a masterpiece that evokes feelings of desire and adoration, making it a must-have on any playlist for an intimate night with your significant other.

5. “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael

“I Want Your Sex” is a seductive and passionate song released by the iconic British artist George Michael in 1987.

It quickly became notorious for its steamy lyrics and provocative music video. Still, beyond its controversial nature, it remains a timeless piece of music that perfectly captures the intensity and longing of physical desire.

The slow beat, sensual guitar riffs, and Michael’s smooth vocals create an irresistible atmosphere that sets the tone for a romantic evening with your loved one.

6. “Pony” by Ginuwine

“Pony” by Ginuwine is the perfect song for setting a romantic and sensual mood. Its smooth beats, seductive lyrics, and soulful vocals make it the ultimate track to make love to.

The pulsating rhythm of the song creates a passionate aura that is hard to resist.

As Ginuwine sings about wanting to ride his lover like a pony, you can’t help but feel the intensity and desire in his voice.

7. “Thinkin Bout You,” by Frank Ocean

“Thinkin’ Bout You” by Frank Ocean is considered one of the ultimate songs to make love to.

Released in 2012, the song captures the raw emotional vulnerability and longing of being deeply in love.

With smooth and soulful vocals, Ocean’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of two people completely lost in each other, unable to shake off thoughts of their significant other.

The mellow beat and dreamy melody create an intimate and sensual atmosphere, perfect for setting the mood with your partner.

8. “Crying Over,” by Jessie Buckley

“Crying Over,” by Jessie Buckley, is a mesmerizing and passionate song that captures the raw intensity of love and desire.

With her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Buckley takes us through the highs and lows of a love affair.

The song’s haunting melody and emotional depth make it the perfect choice for those long, intimate nights with your partner.

As you listen to Buckley’s soaring vocals, you can’t help but feel every emotion she pours into each word. This song has everything from longing and yearning to vulnerability and ecstasy.

9. “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby,” by Cigarettes After Sex

“Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” by Cigarettes After Sex is a beautifully haunting song that is perfect for creating an intimate and passionate atmosphere while making love.

The dreamy vocals and slow, sensual beat make it the ideal soundtrack for taking your time and savoring every moment with your partner.

The lyrics speak of unconditional love and the reassurance that nothing can harm you when you have someone special by your side.

The music’s calmness allows couples to connect deeper, getting lost in each other’s embrace.

10. “Set the Mood Prelude/ Until the End of Time,” by Justin Timberlake

“Set the Mood Prelude/ Until the End of Time” by Justin Timberlake is a romantic and sensual track perfect for setting the mood for love.

With smooth R&B beats and Timberlake’s soulful vocals, this song creates an intimate atmosphere, sweeping you and your partner away.

From the sensual lyrics to the seductive melody, every element of this song exudes passion and desire.

It has a slow yet steady tempo, allowing you to take your time and savor each moment with your loved one.

11. “Hotter than Hell,” by Dua Lipa

“Hotter than Hell” by Dua Lipa is one of the hottest love-making songs.

She effortlessly captures the intense passion and desire between two people with her sultry and powerful vocals.

The song’s catchy beat and seductive lyrics perfectly encapsulate the raw and fiery emotions of being in a passionate relationship.

12. “Bon Appetit,” by Katy Perry with Migos

“Bon Appetit” by Katy Perry, featuring Migos, is more than just a catchy song with a beat that makes you want to dance.

It’s an ode to the sensuality and pleasure of love making. With sultry lyrics and smooth vocals from Perry and the unique flow of Migos’ rap, this song sets the perfect mood for a passionate night in with your significant other.

It’s all about indulging in each other’s bodies and savoring every moment together.

13. “Feeling Myself” by Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj

“Feeling Myself,” by Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, is a powerhouse collaboration that exudes confidence, empowerment, and fierce sensuality.

The song celebrates self-love and the beauty of two strong women owning their sexuality.

The lyrics are seductive and playful, with both artists taking turns showcasing their rap skills while effortlessly harmonizing.

The beat is infectious and makes you want to dance, enhancing the pure joy and pleasure of loving yourself.

This song is not just about sexual satisfaction but also about embracing one’s worth and appreciating all the amazing things our bodies can do.

14. “Starving,” by Hailee Steinfeld

“Starving” by Hailee Steinfeld is more than just a catchy pop song – it’s a passionate and powerful love ballad that captures the intensity of being with someone you desire.

With her soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Steinfeld effortlessly conveys the feeling of hunger and longing in a relationship.

The raw emotion in her voice perfectly encapsulates the desperation and excitement of wanting someone so badly that you feel like you’re “starving.”

The chorus is incredibly captivating, with its simple yet impactful repetition of “I didn’t know that I was starving ’til I tasted you.”

15. “Earned It,” by The Weeknd

“Earned It,” by The Weeknd, is a sensual track that genuinely captures the essence of good lovemaking.

The smooth and sultry vocals of Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, combined with the seductive beats, create the perfect mood for an intimate experience.

The lyrics mix confidence and vulnerability, representing both partners in a consensual encounter.

With lines like “I’ma care for you, you’re my savior” and “You deserve it / The way you work it,” the song celebrates mutual pleasure and appreciation in a relationship.

16. “Die a Happy Man,” by Thomas Rhett

“Die a Happy Man,” written and performed by country singer Thomas Rhett, is more than just your average love song. It’s a soulful and heartfelt tribute to the power of true love and its ability to bring happiness to our lives.

The lyrics beautifully capture the emotions of being in love with someone and not needing anything else as long as that person is by your side.

Rhett’s smooth vocals and catchy melody create a perfect blend that makes this song an instant hit.

Everyone can relate to how he expresses his deep gratitude for his significant other and how their love has changed him for the better.

17. I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men

“I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men is a classic love-making song that never fails to set the mood.

The smooth and soulful vocals of the group, accompanied by a romantic and sensual melody, make this track the perfect soundtrack for a night of passion.

The lyrics are all about wanting to please and satisfy your partner, promising to do anything they desire to show them true love.

This song is about physical intimacy, emotional connection, and vulnerability.

18. “Fever” by Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee’s “Fever” epitomizes a good love-making song with its sultry and captivating lyrics.

The infectious beat and Peggy Lee’s smooth vocals create the perfect ambiance for a passionate encounter.

As she sings about catching “fire,” listeners cannot help but get swept away in the heat of the moment.

The use of clever metaphors and alluring imagery adds to the seductive nature of the song, making it impossible to resist.

With each crescendo, Peggy Lee takes us on a journey of desire and longing, igniting a fire that can only be extinguished by giving in to our primal instincts.

19. Doin’ It by LL Cool J

“Doin’ It” by LL Cool J is the perfect song to set the mood for a steamy night with your significant other.

With smooth, seductive lyrics and a catchy beat, this track has become an iconic love-making anthem.

LL Cool J’s rapping style is sultry and confident, adding to the overall sensuality of the song.

The lyrics describe the intense passion between two people, encouraging listeners to let go and indulge in their desires.

The song’s production is also top-notch, creating a seamless blend of R&B and hip-hop that will have you moving your body in all the right ways.

20. Sex Talk by Megan Thee Stallion

“Sex Talk” by Megan Thee Stallion is the ultimate love-making song to get you in the mood for some passionate moments.

With her confident and bold demeanor, Megan encourages women to communicate their desires and take control of their own sexual experiences.

The steamy and sensual lyrics depict two lovers exploring each other’s bodies without holding back.

Whether discussing different positions or using explicit language to describe pleasure, Megan leaves no room for shyness or taboo.

21. Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye

“Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye is undoubtedly one of the best love-making songs of all time.

With its smooth and seductive melody, unmistakable vocals, and passionate lyrics, it has been a staple in romantic playlists for decades.

The song exudes a sense of intimacy and desire, making it perfect for setting the mood with your significant other.

From the iconic opening lyrics: “I’ve been really trying, baby / Trying to hold back this feeling for so long” to the sensual chorus encouraging us to “let’s get it on,” every word and note in this song oozes with sensuality.

22. Sex with Me by Rihanna

Regarding songs about lovemaking, “Sex with Me” by Rihanna is definitely at the top of the list.

The sultry and seductive tone of the song perfectly captures the intense passion and desire that comes with an intimate encounter.

Rihanna’s signature smooth vocals and a catchy beat make for the ultimate love-making anthem.

The lyrics, which are both playful and provocative, add an extra layer of sensuality to the song.

With lines like “Sex with me so amazing,” it’s hard not to get lost in the fantasy that Rihanna creates in this song.

23. Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones

“Pull Up To The Bumper” by Grace Jones is the ultimate love-making song that sets the perfect mood for a steamy night with your significant other.

Released in 1981, this disco/funk track has an irresistible groove that will make you want to move and sway with its pulsating beat.

Jones’ seductive vocals add to the overall sensuality of the song as she sings about pulling up to her lover’s bumper, implying a sexual encounter.

The lyrics are cleverly playful and suggestive, elevating the song to a new level of intimacy. As one of Grace Jones’ signature hits, “Pull Up To The Bumper” has stood the test of time and remains a classic choice for couples looking for a passionate soundtrack during intimate moments.

24. “Criminal,” by Fiona Apple

“Criminal” by Fiona Apple is a mesmerizing and seductive love-making song that captures two lovers’ raw, intense passion.

The soulful voice of Fiona Apple, combined with the smooth, sultry beat, creates a perfect backdrop for an intimate moment.

It’s a beautiful depiction of two completely lost in each other, giving in to their carnal desires without hesitation or regret.

25. “Nice and Slow,” by Usher

“Nice and Slow,” by Usher, is a timeless love song that has become an anthem for couples worldwide.

Its smooth and sultry melody, mixed with Usher’s smooth vocals, makes it the perfect soundtrack for a night of passionate lovemaking.

The lyrics are seductive and romantic, expressing the deep desire to take things slow and savor every moment with your partner.

The song captures the intense emotions and anticipation of building up to an intimate experience with someone you truly love.

26. “Sign of the Times,” by Harry Styles

“Sign of the Times” by former One Direction member Harry Styles is a powerful and heartfelt ballad that captures the essence of lovemaking.

From its haunting melody to its heartfelt lyrics, this song evokes raw emotion and vulnerability. Styles’ unique vocals add depth and intensity, drawing listeners in with every verse.

The lyrics speak of living in the present moment and cherishing every second with a loved one, perfectly encapsulating the passion and intensity surrounding a special moment between two people.

27. “Falling Slowly,” by Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova

“Falling Slowly” is a beautiful and heartfelt love song by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

This enchanting track has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide with its soulful lyrics and soothing melody.

The acoustic guitar strumming and delicate piano notes create a tender and intimate atmosphere, making it the perfect soundtrack for a romantic evening.

The raw vocals of Hansard and Irglova complement each other perfectly, conveying the emotions of two lovers falling in love slowly but surely.

28. “I Put a Spell on You,” by Nina Simone

“I Put a Spell on You,” by Nina Simone, is widely recognized as one of the best love-making songs ever.

This iconic jazz and blues hit, originally released in 1964, has remained popular for decades due to Simone’s powerful vocals and soulful delivery.

The song captures the intense emotions of being deeply in love and wanting to cast a spell on your partner to keep them by your side forever.

With its sultry rhythm and seductive lyrics, “I Put a Spell on You” sets the perfect mood for an intimate evening with someone special.

Nina Simone’s raw talent and passion shine through in every note, making this track a timeless classic that never fails to ignite passion and desire.

29. “Rump Shaker,” by Wreckx-N-Effect

“Rump Shaker” by Wreckx-N-Effect is undeniably one of the best love-making songs.

From its smooth, seductive beats to the suggestive lyrics, this song is perfect for setting the mood and getting lost in passion with your significant other.

The opening lyric: “All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom / And shake ya rump,” immediately sets the tone for a playful and sensual experience.

The catchy chorus and lively rap verses add an element of fun and playfulness to the song, making it perfect for letting loose and enjoying yourself with your partner.

This classic 90s R&B track has stood the test of time and continues to be a go-to choice for many couples looking to add spice to their love life.

30. “Shallow,” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

“Shallow,” released in 2018 as a part of the soundtrack for the movie “A Star is Born,” has quickly become one of the best love-making songs loved by fans and critics alike.

The powerful ballad, performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, captures the raw emotions and vulnerability of falling in love.

With soulful vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics, this song transports listeners into an intimate and passionate moment between two lovers.

The chemistry between Gaga and Cooper is palpable, adding to the track’s authenticity.

The slow guitar strums and building piano melody heighten the song’s intensity, making it perfect for setting a romantic mood.


What makes a song seductive?

A seductive song has the power to captivate and enthrall the listener.

It often evokes feelings of desire, passion, and sensuality. But what exactly makes a song seductive?

Firstly, the melody and rhythm can instantly grab your attention and draw you in.

A smooth, sultry tune combined with a steady beat sets the mood for something alluring and just out of reach.

Secondly, the lyrics play a crucial role in making a song seductive.

The words must be carefully chosen to convey an irresistible message of love or lust. They should be poetic and sensual, weaving a story that ignites imagination.

And lastly, the vocals bring everything together. They must convey raw emotion and effortlessly glide over the music like silk.

Can songs turn you on?

Music has an incredible power to evoke emotions and stimulate various senses.

While certain songs can make us feel happy, sad, or nostalgic, it is also believed that some songs can turn us on.

This phenomenon of feeling aroused by music is not uncommon and has been studied by scientists and researchers alike.

It is said that some aspects of music, such as rhythm, melody, and lyrics, can activate our brain’s pleasure centers and trigger a physical response in our bodies.

This can lead to an increase in heart rate and body temperature and even cause tingling sensations.

Moreover, the type of music we listen to can also play a role in turning us on.

Slow and sensual tunes with seductive lyrics are likelier to have this effect than fast-paced songs.

However, it’s important to note that everyone’s reaction to music is subjective, and what may turn one person on might not have the same effect on another.

How do you arouse a man in 40?

As men age, their sexual desires and needs may change. However, plenty of ways exist to arouse a man in his forties and keep the fire burning in the bedroom.

First and foremost, communication is critical.

Talk to your partner about what turns them on and what they enjoy.

This will help you understand their preferences and build intimacy between the two of you.

Experiment with different techniques and positions to find what works best for you.

Don’t be afraid to try something new or introduce role-playing into your sex life.

Another way to arouse a man in his forties is by focusing on physical touch, such as gentle caresses, kisses, and massaging erogenous zones.

Keep things spontaneous by surprising him with unexpected displays of affection throughout the day.

What music is the most stimulating?

When it comes to stimulating music, there are many factors to consider.

I think the most stimulating music can evoke strong emotions and create a sense of energy within the listener.

This can vary from person to person, as we all have different tastes and preferences. However, genres such as rock, electronic dance music, and hip-hop often have a high energy and intensity that can be incredibly stimulating.

Music with complex compositions or unusual sounds can also be quite stimulating as it challenges our brains to process and understand what we hear.

On the other hand, some may find classical or instrumental music the most stimulating due to its ability to transport listeners into different worlds with its melodies and harmonies.

Why do girls like romantic songs?

Girls have always had a special place in their hearts for romantic songs.

There’s something about the gentle melody and touching lyrics that captures their emotions like no other genre.

These songs embody the innocence, passion, and vulnerability of love, which resonates with girls on a deep level.

They often swoon over the sweet gestures and declarations of love in romantic songs.

It gives them a sense of hope and makes them believe in the existence of true love.

Moreover, these songs offer an escape from reality, allowing girls to indulge in their fantasies without judgment.

The powerful emotions portrayed in romantic songs also help them connect with their feelings, making it easier to express themselves and communicate with others.

Do love songs make you fall in love?

Love songs have a way of capturing our hearts and making us feel all kinds of emotions. They can be soothing, exciting, nostalgic, or even heart-wrenching.

But do they have the power to make us fall in love?

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

Love songs can undoubtedly evoke love and passion, but they alone cannot make us fall in love with someone.

Falling in love requires a deeper connection and understanding between two people, which cannot be achieved by just listening to a song.

However, love songs can catalyze those already falling in love or help build stronger bonds between partners by reminding them of their love for each other.

How can I romance my girlfriend deeply?

Romancing your girlfriend deeply requires effort, thoughtfulness, and a deep understanding of her likes and dislikes.

First and foremost, making her feel loved and appreciated daily is essential.

Small gestures like leaving her love notes or surprising her with her favorite snack or flowers can show your love for her.

Plan romantic dates that cater to her interests and create special memories together.

Show interest in what she loves by engaging in activities with her or planning surprises around her hobbies.

Try to understand her feelings and listen to what she has to say. Being attentive and supportive will strengthen the bond between you two.

It is also essential to express your love through words and actions. Never underestimate the power of “I love you.”

Keep the spark alive by being spontaneous, creating new experiences together, and showering her with affection regularly.


Music is a powerful tool to enhance intimacy and set a romantic mood with your partner.

With these best love-making songs and their heartfelt lyrics, you can create a sensual and passionate atmosphere that will deepen your connection and leave lasting memories.

Whether you prefer old classics or modern hits, there are plenty of options on YouTube to help you find the perfect soundtrack for your intimate moments.

So go ahead, dim the lights, press play, and let the music guide you on a journey of love and pleasure. Happy listening!

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