Does Playing Guitar Burn Calories? How Many Calories Does Singing And Playing Guitar Burn?

Does Playing Guitar Burn Calories? How Many Calories Does Singing And Playing Guitar Burn

According to many reliable sources, playing guitar is also a way to lose weight. So, does playing guitar burn calories?

Yes, you can burn some calories by playing the guitar. For an hour strumming, the number of calories burned is 140 if you play while sitting.

If you stand to play, this number will increase to 200 calories. Also, the more movements you make, the more calories get torched. 

Let’s learn more about the unexpected advantages of playing guitar!

Does Playing Guitar Burn Calories?

Playing guitar brings you many benefits, including burning calories. The number of calories burned will vary depending on your position when playing guitar.

Below are details on the calorie-burning effects of playing guitar in different positions. You will find helpful information for the benefit of playing guitar.

In sitting position

Playing guitar in a sitting position will burn fewer calories than other positions.

You will lose about 140 calories if you practice guitar for an hour while sitting down. This amount is not significant, but it’s as good for your health as a diet.

So, though you only stay on the couch playing for guitar all day, you can still keep your fitness.

In standing position

Standing to play guitar will help you burn about 50% more calories than sitting.

It means an hour of standing performance will help you consume 200 calories.

To reach this consumption, you may have to walk for an hour or 3 miles. So, playing guitar while standing is an alternative to having gym or running.

On the stage

You can raise the amount of burned calories by combining playing guitar with other activities. So, how many calories does singing and playing guitar burn?

Singing for an hour will take you about 136 calories. So, by singing while playing guitar, you can torch more than 300 calories per hour.

You will consume more energy when doing multiple activities at the same time.

Thus, a performance including playing guitar, singing, and dancing will maximize calorie consumption. Such a performance in 2 hours will equal the full workout session.

Other Advantages Of Playing Guitar

You will get a lot more benefits from playing guitar than burning calories. This activity will bring music to your life and make it more beautiful. Let’s see how playing guitar is beneficial for you.

Enhance your memory

The University of Zurich has some studies about the effect of playing instruments. They proved that playing instruments like guitars positively influences your brain.

When playing guitar, you will have to remember the chords and music patterns.

So, the memory power will have a workout and get strengthened. Playing guitar also reduces the risk of memory loss in old age.

If you are weak at memorizing, you can learn to play guitar and feel the improvement.

You can watch this video to know more about the effect of playing instruments on your brain. The video is the analysis of Anita Collins about the changes in the brain when a person plays an instrument.

Help you concentrate better

To have a perfect guitar performance, you need a high concentration. Otherwise, you may make a wrong chord or put your finger in the wrong position.

After a long time practicing guitar, you will get used to focusing. Thus, you can also concentrate better on doing other things.

Reduce stress level

When you focus on strumming a tune with your guitar, music is all in your mind. You will feel relaxed when playing and listening to your favorite songs.

A study conducted in 2005 proved that playing guitar helps reduce stress much better than reading books or magazines. This activity has an effect as mental therapy to separate you and your busy mind.

Whenever you are in a bad mood, grab your guitar and play some tunes you love. Music will help you escape from the tension. Then, you will gain energy to cope with the tough life.

Help you get through the sadness

Scientists also cited that playing guitar stimulates your body to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that helps you feel good and get through sadness.

So, when you feel sorrowful after a traumatic event, strumming some tunes can help boost your mood.

Express your feelings

Sometimes, we can’t express our emotions by words or actions. But how you play music can tell others your true feelings. Many artists have created excellent emotional music that reflects their mood at that time.

Playing guitar is an effective way to show what you can’t say. In this way, you will find it easier to communicate with others.

Stimulate your creativity

We all have hidden creativity, and playing guitar is a way to stimulate it. This activity can relax your brain and make it work more effectively afterward.

So, when you get stuck with ideas at work or about something in life, playing guitar can help.

Increase your confidence

If you can play guitar, it’s a kind of talent that you can show others. Receiving compliments from audiences will develop the pride of your talent over time.

Guitar performances can enhance your self-esteem and become more confident. You will no longer feel shy when you have to speak in front of a crowd.

Improve your multitasking ability

Playing guitar requires you to have good hand-eye coordination. You will need to read the music patterns and chords and express them by plucking the strings. Therefore, playing guitar can improve your multitasking ability.

Make your arms and fingers stronger

Another physical health benefit of playing guitar is strengthening your arms and fingers. Some acoustic guitars are relatively heavy, and you need strong arms to handle them well.

Besides, guitars often have metal strings, and they can hurt your finger at first.

After playing for a while, your fingers and wrists will become stronger and more flexible. But don’t rush to force your hands to exercise too much. They need some time to get used to the strings and movements.

Improve your cardiovascular health

Researchers in the Netherlands found that playing guitar for 1.5 hours every day can help lower your blood pressure. So, you can improve the health of your heart and avoid many cardiovascular diseases.

Make new friends and relationships

It’s a fact that guitarists often have a strange charm. Therefore, by playing guitar, you can grab the attention of someone you want to make friends with.

Besides, you will have a chance to meet and enlarge your relationship with other guitar lovers. Sharing the same interest will bring people closer to each other.

By playing guitar, you can have the best friends and relationships ever.

Final Words

Hopefully, through this article, you are clear about the effect of playing guitar on burning calories. Playing guitar not only keeps you in shape but also brings many physical and mental benefits.

If you haven’t played guitar before, it’s worth giving a try. After going through the initial difficulties, you will realize the amazing advantages of this activity.

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