What’s the Difference Between Thinline Acoustic Guitar vs Regular Guitar?

What's the Difference Between Thinline Acoustic Guitar vs Regular Guitar

Acoustic guitar is a popular instrument and produces great sounds. Music players always want to create richer new sounds. As a result, they created an acoustic guitar with a thinner body.

What’s the difference between thinline acoustic guitar vs regular guitar? Follow us in this article to find the answer!

What’s the difference between thinline acoustic guitar vs regular?

The short answer for you:

  • Thinline acoustic guitars have thinner bodies than conventional acoustic guitars.
  • The sound of an acoustic guitar is also rich and has a brighter and softer tone than conventional acoustics.
  • Thinline acoustic guitars are easier to play and control than conventional acoustic guitars.

As musicians research and create two different types of instruments, they are bound to have their differences. Thinline acoustic guitar and regular too! From their shape to their timbre, there are differences.

It is the reason that the sound of the guitar is getting richer and richer.  For more accurate comments and a better understanding of this difference. Stay tuned for our next posts!

What is an acoustic and thinline acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars are extremely popular guitars on the market. It seems familiar to everyone and appears in many different tracks.

There are many different definitions of an acoustic guitar. But in essence, an acoustic guitar is an instrument that doesn’t need any electronics to amplify the sound.

What is an acoustic and thinline acoustic guitar

You can set the mic close to the instrument (but not attached to the instrument). That makes the sound louder but still called an acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitar’s ability to sound is due to the vibration of the strings. And the resonance throughout the body, the body, plays through the sound holes. So the sound is loud enough to be heard.

The sound of the acoustic is resonant, sharp, and long. They are suitable for most music genres but popular in modern music and accompaniment.

Thinline acoustic guitar

Thinline acoustic guitar is actually an acoustic guitar. But it has a thinner and lighter body. So the sound is also a bit different from a regular guitar.

A slim-barrel guitar has all the same features as a regular guitar. Its advantage is compact, easy to hug when playing. It feels more like holding an electric guitar.

Thinline acoustic guitar is a guitar that gives players a comfortable feeling. Because when you play it, use it, you won’t have any problems with it.

Thinline acoustic is user-friendly. It’s lightweight and you won’t find it difficult to use it in any environment. In addition, it has a unique design and makes it comfortable for users.

Difference between acoustic guitar and thinline acoustic guitar

Different in shape

Needless to say, the point that makes the difference between these two types of guitar is the body. Ordinary acoustic guitars have large bodies, and they are quite large and a bit bulky. On the other hand, thinline acoustic is the opposite. And its body is much thinner than that of a regular guitar.

You can see the difference between a Dreadnought and a Parlor acoustic guitar. Parlor is a thinline acoustic guitar and it has an incredibly thin body.

It is because of the thickness and thinness of the body that leads to many different problems between them.

Different in sound

The shape and size of a guitar body affect the sound they produce. A guitar with a deep or thick body will sound more powerful than a thin one. The width of the body also creates a deeper and louder sound.

The waist position and its width change the way the vibrato moves around inside the guitar.

Because thinline acoustic guitars have a narrower body than conventional acoustic guitars. So they will produce a smaller and more novel sound.

When playing the sound out of an amp or a large stereo with a thin-barrel guitar, the sound will not have any depth (bass). In contrast, a regular acoustic guitar has more bass.

However, thanks to the thin body, the howling sound or the sound resonated by the bass will be significantly less than that of a regular guitar.

For artists using thin barrels in the studio are different ideas. Because the sound quality of the thin barrel line creates sharp, bright tones. It will be able to create unique and new musical works.

Easy to use

Ordinary acoustic guitar when we hug and play will have a little difficulty. If someone has a slightly fat belly, it will be more difficult to control when holding the piano.

This gives the thinline acoustic guitar an advantage. Players can comfortably hold the guitar and play and become much more comfortable.

The thinline acoustic guitar makes it easier for performers on stage to see the neck. It’s also easier to create masterful solos and has a faster pace when performing.

One great thing about an acoustic thinline is compatibility. People of all ages and abilities can play it. You can play it in two different ways. It’s normal to play without an amplifier and select an audio amplifier with a mic.

If you love to travel or are on the go, thinline acoustic is a great choice for you. Because it’s compact, you can put it in the trunk of a small car. Then, when moving the plane, it will also be compact and cost less than a regular guitar.


Thinline acoustic guitar vs regular has many differences. But they make great sounds and melodies. You should try experimenting with both of these guitars to feel the difference.

Hopefully, through our sharing, you will have a more accurate view of it!

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