Ukulele capo vs Guitar capo: Can I use capo guitar for the ukulele?

Ukulele capo vs Guitar capo

If you play both guitar and ukulele, you are probably wondering if you can use capo guitar for the ukulele.

So, is it worth spending the extra money to buy both a guitar capo and a ukulele capo? You will get the answer the difference between capo ukulele capo vs guitar capo in the following article.

Can you use a capo guitar for the ukulele?

The answer is yes. You can use a guitar capo for a ukulele. However, this is not recommended.

In general, it’s best to have a capo that works best for your ukulele. You can buy it or even make a capo yourself.

There are some limitations and you should really consider when using a guitar capo for the ukulele. We will discuss this in the rest of the article.

The manufacturers that design the guitar capo make sure that it works best on the guitar. Therefore, it is about the right size for a guitar.

If you use a guitar capo on the ukulele, you will find it too wide and too bulky for a ukulele. You may even have some trouble using a guitar capo for your ukulele.

In fact, capo ukulele is smaller in size. The capo ukulele will not make it difficult for you to play the ukulele. That means They make sure you feel comfortable using your instrument.

Therefore, if a seller says their capo is suitable for both guitar and ukulele, don’t believe them.

What exactly is a capo?

What exactly is a capo

Capo stands for capotasto. In Italian, capotasto means “head of the fretboard”. You can use it to clip onto the neck of the ukulele to keep all the strings in place on the same fret.

In other words, instead of using your hands, you use a capo to hold the strings on a particular fret.

Why do you need a capo ukulele?

If you want to raise the pitch of the ukulele, you will have to use a capo. Thanks to using it, you can play in different keys easily.

You will not need to use tuning pegs to tune your instrument to a higher fret. With a capo, you can raise or lower the pitch of the ukulele to match your voice.

What types of capo are there?

1. Spring loaded capo

Spring-loaded capo is very easy to use. Therefore, many people prefer this type of capo.

With its spring-driven mechanism, you can easily apply it to your ukulele.

If you like spring-loaded capo, you should choose Kyser products. For about $20, you can own a high-quality capo from this brand.

2. The C-Clamp capo

It is also a very popular capo on the market. With this capo, you can adjust the pressure applied to the rope by turning its screw. Although this capo has a simple design, it is very sturdy and reliable.

Unfortunately, it is the most expensive capo.

3. The elastic capo

The elastic capo is the most affordable capo available today. For 20 bucks, you can even buy some of these capos.

This capo is very light and easy to use. In addition, it also has a compact size.

However, they are often of poor quality. Therefore, you should spend more money to buy another capo.

4. NS Ukulele capo pro

NS Ukulele capo pro is one of the newest capos. Its material is aluminum, so it is very light and durable. Once you’ve fixed it to the neck of the ukulele, it won’t be easy to move it around the fretboard.

Will using a guitar capo for the ukulele harm my ukulele?

Absolutely not! It just adversely affects your ukulele playing experience.

Do I really need a capo for a ukulele?

You don’t have to use a capo. If you are a beginner, it is best not to use a capo. Get familiar with your instrument first!


Hopefully, this article was useful to you. In general, you can use a capo guitar for the ukulele.

However, it is wise to use a ukulele-specific capo. Most of them are affordable. You can own a high-quality capo for $20.

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