Ukulele Chord Beginner Printable Chart PDF Free Download 2022

Ukulele Chords Chart Printable Pdf Free Dowload

Are you searching for the beginner ukulele chord chart pdf free download? Not sure which version is easy to follow? Don’t worry, below is the best version of the ukulele chords printable chart for you.

Ukulele Chords Printable Chart (Tuning GCEA)

Here is the ukulele chords pdf free download for ukulele lovers:

Ukulele Chord Beginner Printable pdf free download
How to read ukulele chord diagrams

In a ukulele chord chart, the circled numbers will tell you which finger of the left hand to use and which fret and string to press that finger on.

Ukulele chord: Major (happy) – minor (sad) – 7th (jazzy).

  • 1 = Using your index finger
  • 2 = Using your middle finger
  • 3 = Using your ring finger
  • 4 = Using your pinkie finger

See more detail on the video below.

Basic Ukulele Chords For Beginners

Here is the 21 basic common ukulele chord chart for beginners to learn. With these chords, you can play all most songs.

#1. Ukulele chord beginner: C / C7 / Cm

C - C7 - Cm ukulele chord beginner

#2. Ukulele beginner chord chart: D / D7 / Dm

D - D7 - Dm ukulele chord beginner

#3. Ukulele chord chart easy: E / E7 /Em

E - E7 - Em ukulele chord beginner

#4. Beginner ukulele chord sheet: F / F7 /Fm

F - F7 - Fm ukulele chord beginner

#5. Beginner ukulele chord: G / G7 /Gm

G - G7 - Gm ukulele chord beginner

#6. Ukulele chord for beginner: A / A7 / Am

A - A7 - Dm ukulele chord beginner

#7. Ukulele chord chart for beginner: B / B7 / Bm


See more detail about how to play the ukulele chord:

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