Does Singing Burn Calories? How Many Calories Do You Burn Singing For 1 Hour?

Does Singing Burn Calories? How Many Calories Do You Burn Singing For 1 Hour?

Singing is a beautiful way to burn calories. Good singing needs a considerable measure of stamina and expertise.

Your body utilizes the muscles to activate, support respiration, empower the voice, and create a clean, constant tone with every note you sing.

This article will discuss in detail the way singing affects your calorie burning.

Let’s read on to discover!

Does Singing Burn Calories?

Singing needs energy. It’s challenging to sing in tune if you’re not physically fit enough to control your muscles. Your abdominals contribute significantly to the support of your voice.

In general, singing burns calories in two ways as you will need the power to perform the notes correctly as well as perform enthusiastically on stage. 

Singing techniques

The singing styles and techniques affect the calories consumed a lot.

If you’re a powerful vocalist who belts out ballads, you need more power than someone who sings softly, lyrically, or in a country style.

Those who sing in a way that is similar to talking might tend to burn less. If you’re a rapper, though, you need a lot of energy.

It takes a lot of breathing and energy to sing opera. In general, opera singers burn more calories than other artists. You can try singing opera without a microphone if you want to speed up the calorie burning.

Singing is also a fantastic way to expand lung capacity and boost the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, both of which are beneficial for health.

It’s more difficult to perform high notes than it is to hit lower notes. Singing in a high tone necessitates putting more effort into breathing via the abdominal muscles. To prepare for the endeavor, you should employ your body more.


The number of calories also depends on your effort, weight, posture, and movement. You’re using more muscles as you walk around the floor. You’ll typically need more calories than when you sit.

Increasing your heart pumping is the trick to burning fat. You’ll be able to burn calories by dancing, singing, and enjoying the atmosphere.

Your heart will not have to work harder to pump blood through the body if you don’t change your posture during your performance. The metabolic rate is much lower than it would be as a result.

How Many Calories Does Singing Burn?

Singing requires energy. So how many calories do you burn singing for 1 hour? The answer is contingent on your weight, body size, singing style, and how much energy you use for your performance.

Singing burns about 130 calories per hour on average.

When you sing, you utilize the abdominal muscles to exhale and the diaphragm to inhale. The process engages muscles and increases your metabolism, and then burns calories.

Each individual is different in shape and takes varying levels of work when singing. As a result, we may burn a varied quantity of calories.

A 150-pound person can burn nearly 100 calories each hour sitting on a chair. However, they may boost this number to 150 calories or more if they walk about on stage while amusing the crowd.

Can Singing Help you Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, physically active exercises like jogging are more beneficial than singing. However, if you are persistent, singing may be considered exercise.

You won’t get the same rapid effects if you want to include singing as an exercise in a weight-loss program.

There are, though, specific exercises that you may take to strengthen your facial muscles. The exercises help you look slimmer. They also serve as a warm-up for your singing.

Extra Tips For Singing To Burn Calories Effectively

Singing is a calorie-burning process, although it is pretty slow. To speed up, you can try these tips.

Sing from diagram

If you want to burn the most calories, try singing from the diaphragm. You’ll be able to scream out notes and sing louder than normal as a result.

Focus on humming from the diaphragm so that you may include singing in your fitness routine.

If you’re unfamiliar with singing this way, it may take some practice before you can effectively perform your favorite songs. Fortunately, repetition can help you burn more calories.

The video below will help you practice singing from the diaphragm. The vocal coach explains the diaphragm and how it works in the video. She also introduces an exercise for how to sing with your diaphragm.

Use musical instrument

Consider increasing your calorie burn by playing a musical instrument. The piano is OK, while the guitar seems to consume more energy. According to studies, performing the guitar may burn up to 204 calories each hour.

Sing loudly

Your heart rate rises when you can sing loudly. You can burn more calories. However, screaming out a single song is not enough. If you would like the finest effects, you need to sing for an extended period.

Rather than performing your favorite songs, trying singing with a whole album might be beneficial. You’ll feel like you’ve put in a proper workout when the playlist is over.

Take care of yourself 

Singing is sometimes a simple and exciting method to work out. However, it may also be physically demanding. You should take note if you want to sing for a long time.

For instance, when singing, you’ll need to keep hydrated. When you watch singers perform, you’ll see that they take frequent breaks to take some water. It would help if you did the same.

It’s also crucial to know your limitations. You can stop singing if you’ve run out of air and are completely tired.

Other Unexpected Ways To Burn Calories

Aside from singing, some other activities help you burn calories. Be ready for the list because it may surprise you:

  • Laugh for ten minutes, and you can burn from 20 to 40 calories.
  • Brushing teeth for four minutes burns 15 calories.
  • Carrying a supermarket trolley along the lanes for thirty minutes burns around 100 calories. The more you load in your cart and the bigger it becomes, the more calories you expend.
  • Staying in front of the television for an hour burns approximately 65 calories.
  • You can burn about 10 calories when you smoke a cigarette.
  • Hugging someone for one hour might result in a 70-calorie burning.
  • A kiss in one minute can take 2 to 4 calories, depending on how deep it is.
  • When walking on hard soil instead of pavement, you can burn 7% more calories.
  • Walking your dog for half an hour burns about 100 calories.
  • Staying in the cold burns more calories than in the hot.
  • Chewing gum for one hour consumes 11 calories.
  • If you move instead of being motionless, you can burn up to 350 extra calories every day.
  • When you don’t get enough sleep, your body burns an excess of 161 calories.
  • Texting can use up to 40 calories each hour.

The Bottom Line

You can still burn calories while training your voice. However, singing is not a rapid way to lose weight.

If you want to optimize the effect of singing, you should sing a whole playlist loudly, try-hard notes, play a musical instrument, and dance while singing.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading.

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