What Pays More Youtube Or Podcast? The Best Way To Monetize For Creators

what pays more youtube or podcast

With the development of technology, we are starting to have exciting entertainment platforms. Becoming a Youtuber or podcaster is a potential job.

However, it won’t be easy to focus resources on both if you are just starting out. So, what makes more money Podcast or Youtube?

The average CPM of podcasting is much higher than that of Youtube. With a podcast, you will earn $18 for pre/post-roll advertisements and $25 for mid-roll ones. On the other hand, Youtube only pays you $2 to $10 CPM.

To learn more about these two platforms, continue reading below!

What Pays More Youtube Or Podcast?

Podcasting seems to pay its creators more than the popular video platform.

The main reason is that people who watch videos don’t have the same intense level of interest and engagement as they do when they listen to podcasts. This problem is easy to understand if you compare the duration of the two platforms.

For podcasts with about 1,000 downloads, you’ll get from $43. You can increase the number by adding more sponsors throughout the program.

In contrast, the CPM that YouTube pays you will fluctuate based on the content you produce and the demand from your audience. Its price ranges from $1 to $10.

How Much Does A Podcaster Make?

Podcasters have a lot of methods to earn more revenue. The two most common of which are advertising/sponsorship or affiliate marketing.

Among them, receiving grants is the most popular. You can hear most podcasters promoting a particular brand.

Charge rates with this method range from $20 to $100 CPM. For example, if you get 150,000 downloads per episode and $20 CPM per ad, you’ll earn $3,000 per episode. If two ads charge the same, you will make double.

Affiliate selling is the next option. This method includes mentioning various services and products that, when a customer buys them through the URL you provide, you will receive a sales commission.

Depending on the product you offer, the amount will fluctuate. It will be challenging to make a profit from day one. Build a loyal and loving audience before starting a podcasting business.

How Much Does A Youtuber Make?

These YouTubers make a profit mainly from advertising. Google pays 68% of AdSense revenue. The publisher gets $68 for every $100 that the advertiser pays.

The rate that advertisers pay per view is not uniform. They will range from $0.10- $0.30. The average is $0.18 per view.

If you link this sponsor’s ad to the video, this is the amount you will receive.

For every 1,000 views, a Youtuber will receive from $3 to $5. This number is much more modest than you might think. However, if you can get more than 100,000 views per day, their revenue is also quite a lot.

Like podcasts, you won’t make money immediately with this video platform. The main point is that you need to generate quality traffic for your content.

Setting up an AdSense account is very easy, and it doesn’t take you much time.

Real success only comes with convincing numbers. When your follower count reaches 1,000,000, that’s when you will become more prosperous.

If you monetize your channel and use AdSense, with each person watching two new videos per week, you’re making around $36,000.


If you have any questions related to Youtube or podcasting, please find the answers in the section below.

Is YouTube Or Podcast Better?

The Podcast topic is particular, so it goes straight to the heart of the matter and is updated every day. On the other hand,  the content of YouTube is diverse.

The latter platform is more popular because of the flexibility and freedom that creators possess. For those looking to achieve faster, Youtube is a more viable choice.

How Many Views Do You Need On A Podcast To Make Money?

To work with advertisers, you will need an average of 5,000 to 10,000 listeners per month.

Many podcasting hosting companies have separate ad networks. Midroll is the most famous advertiser, and another popular choice is Authentic.

What Are The Advantages Of Podcasts Over YouTube?

Starting a podcasting business will give you two clear benefits:

Firstly, you will reach the audience precisely what they are looking for. As a result, people will be more open to you.

Secondly, the audience won’t need to look at the screen to hear your message. You can even upload Podcasts to Youtube to increase your reach.

Is Starting A Podcast Worth It?

The answer is yes. Starting a podcasting job can have a lot of benefits for growing your brand and business.

Make an effort to create original content (or reinvent old content). Consistency is the key to opening new doors, developing yourself, and elevating your life.

Should You Post Your Podcast On YouTube?

Uploading podcasts to the world’s largest video platform can help you double your digital footprint. Then, you have the opportunity to reach out to billions of potential audiences. It allows people to see your content anytime, anywhere.

Final Verdict

Depending on your content, we can predict the potential revenue. Audiences who listen to a 60-minute podcast are more prominent than those who only watch a 3-minute video.

However, each channel has its own unique approach. For those who love in-depth knowledge, podcasting is the optimal choice. In contrast, Youtube provides a blend of sound and image.

The key to success remains patience and quality content. Therefore, you need to try harder every day. Thank you for following this post!

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