What to Wear to Pole Dancing Class

What to Wear to Pole Dancing Class

Are you ready to join the latest pole dance trend? Pole dancing is taking the scene by storm and everyone is eager to learn!

But what should you wear to pole dancing classes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

This guide has everything you need to know about dressing for pole dancing class so that you can feel comfortable and look great while learning new moves.

What to Wear to Pole Dancing Class

It’s essential to select the proper attire for pole dance classes, so you can make the most of your workouts!

As the saying goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to pole dancing.

To help you prepare for your next session, we’ve come up with 5 looks that are perfect for pole dance lessons.

Be ready to feel confident and stunning as you practice this sensuous and thrilling sport!

1. T-shirt and Shorts

Wearing a T-shirt or tank top underneath your short skirt is the most common option for women.

This way, you’ll be able to stay warm if it gets chilly on stage, and it can help keep you cool in summer when you’re dancing. Not wearing a shirt at all and undershorts would be much less comfortable!

Ensure that your t-shirt fits snugly so that you won’t have to worry about anyone catching a glimpse of your midriff if you happen to do a headstand.

2. Leggings

Wearing leggings won’t hinder your ability to grip the pole if you’re an experienced dancer who is capable of using their upper body strength to dance without relying on props.

For this reason, leggings are suitable for advanced dancers.

If you’re just starting out, keep in mind that wearing leggings limits your ability to move about, so you’ll likely have to stick to working on the ground and standing up straight.

3. Athletic Shorts and Sports Bra

Athletic shorts are designed with a combination of support and flexibility to make it easier to move around.

Even though they may not be as comfortable as some other types of shorts, they offer more support than most others on the market.

A sports bra, meanwhile, is designed for optimal performance in physical activity, breathable fabrics guarantee your chest stays cool even when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

4. Leotards

If you’re getting into pole dancing and want to make sure your clothes stay in place while executing some of those more demanding moves, monokinis, leotards and bodysuits are great clothing options!

For those of you who take dancing classes that require you to put your hands on the floor, these might not be the best choice.

5. Leg Warmers

Leg warmers provide an alternative to traditional pant legs, helping dancers achieve greater precision with their movements due to decreased skin surface and traction.

If you’re looking for more maneuverability, pull the leg warmers up over your legs. If you need more leg space, simply scrunch them down around your ankles.

Either way, a tank top or bralette paired with shorts is the perfect outfit combination for this look!

What Shorts To Wear for Pole Dancing

When looking for shorts to wear during pole dancing, it is important to choose a pair that complements both your individual style and figure.

No matter if you’re hitting the dance studio or simply honing your skills at home, it’s essential to select an option that fits and flatters your body!

Figuring out what gives you the confidence to stride with poise is the most critical step. This means finding a pair of shorts that look great and show off your legs and bottom!

When it comes to selecting shorts, it’s important to consider the coverage they provide for your legs.

The lower the thigh coverage is, the more likely you are to experience any chafing or rubbing against your skin, which can be really uncomfortable!

Make sure you opt for shorts that offer the right amount of coverage to keep you comfy and protected.

When you’re getting your groove on atop the pole or moving around, make sure to think about how underwear lines might be visible. If that’s an issue, why not put on a different pair of shorts?

What Shoes to Wear to Pole Dancing Class

Flat-soled or heel-lifting pole dancing shoes are incredibly popular in the industry. For more experienced dancers who have a well-developed set of dance moves, heel lifts can be great.

On the other hand, flat-soled shoes are perfect for those just getting started who are still honing their balance and technique.

Here are some helpful tips for finding the perfect shoe for your feet. Let’s go!

1. Lightweight

Pole dancing requires a lot of energy. If you’re wearing heavy shoes, they can cause some discomfort in your knees and ankles.

Your best option is to get a pair of specialized dance shoes that are lightweight and comfortable. Doing so will help ensure that you enjoy your workout to the fullest!

2. Supportive

Choosing the right dance shoes isn’t just about style.

You want to have enough support to make sure your feet don’t hurt during class, but also not so much that they feel constricted afterward.

To avoid any slipping off your foot while practicing or performing, look for a shoe with a closed heel and great arch support.

3. Comfortable

When selecting a pole dancing shoe, it’s important to make sure the fit is both comfortable and secure.

That way, you won’t have to worry about it slipping off your feet when you’re grooving to the music!

Additionally, everyone is different when it comes to preferring thick socks or no socks at all, make sure that whatever choice you make fits your preference.

If you’re looking to buy shoes online, be sure they fit comfortably and don’t feel too restrictive or loose. You want to be able to walk with ease without feeling like your feet or legs are getting tight.

What to Wear to First Pole Dancing Class

When getting ready for your first pole dancing class, there are a few important things to remember.

Most importantly, make sure you have the correct footwear. Shoes with good traction and support will help you stay in control when performing jumps and high footwork.

It’s important to stay cool while working out at high speeds and levels of intensity.

To do this, try wearing shorts or leggings with a light shirt or tank top underneath for sun protection. This way, you can stay cool and protected during your workout!

If you have long hair or tend to be a bit disheveled, make sure it is tied back so it won’t get in your way during class!

Can You Wear Leggings to Pole Dancing?

Yes, you can definitely wear leggings to pole dancing! Leggings are the ideal choice for pole dancing since they provide full coverage so that skin is not exposed while performing tricks or spins.

Additionally, leggings help keep your body warm and stay in place during any high-energy moves which is key when you want to avoid any unnecessary slips or wardrobe malfunctions.

What Should a Beginner Pole Dancer Wear?

As a beginner pole dancer, it is important to wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely.

The best option is usually form-fitting clothing such as capris, leggings, shorts, tank tops, or any type of fitted top.

You should also avoid wearing anything with buttons, zippers or embellishments that could catch on the pole while spinning and make it difficult to move.

It’s also wise to pull your hair back in an elastic band or bun and wear protective pads for your knees and elbows.

Lastly, be sure to wear reliable non-skid shoes (like sneakers) to ensure safe footing while performing pole tricks.

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