Why Do So Many People Have A Podcast? All That You Need To Know

why does everyone have a podcast

Podcasts are gradually becoming a trend and attracting an increasing number of listeners. The concerning question is, why do so many people have a podcast?

This platform can bring users more benefits. It helps lighten the mood, provide useful information, build an instant community, and other uses.

This article gives you a comprehensive look at the issues associated with this platform. Please scroll down and find them out in no time!

What Is A Podcast?

Podcasts act as a giant recording hub, which provides listeners with the shows and blogs they’re looking for. Podcasts present all of their productions as audio episodes.

This platform brings many benefits to the listeners (relieves stress, provides useful knowledge, etc.). In addition, it is a perfect idea to socialize with the people you care about on the platform.

Why Do So Many People Have A Podcast?

There’s no denying that podcasting is becoming trending and popular with people all over the world. Many people wonder, why does this platform attract such a large number of users?

Don’t let you wait any longer. Scroll down and discover five features that make many people have podcasts.

Easy To Success

Most smart devices (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so on) include podcasts built into the list of apps. In case there is a lack, all you need to do is go to Google and search for “Podcast”, then enjoy the world of this platform.

In case the Internet is not available for listening to the whole episode, do not worry. You can also download episodes to your smart device and enjoy them at any convenient time.

Free To Listen

Curious about how many podcast episodes the platform can offer?

The answer is over 45 million, and this number is growing! That means you will find any topic you are interested in with just the search box and a few clicks.

The topics of podcasts are diverse and rich in content value. It includes cases, political news bulletins, or even business tips and tricks that you shouldn’t miss.

Besides, you can access most podcast platforms without any extra cost. These characteristics have made podcasting so popular as a medium for learning and entertainment.

Multi-Task Friendly

Episodes of this platform are often very long, even up to several hours. It makes many people wonder whether pursuing a hobby of listening to podcasting will waste too much of their time.

The answer will surprise you- Podcasts are great for intermingling with other tasks. It means you can work and enjoy your podcast simultaneously without worrying about your work results being affected while still absorbing what the episode conveys.

If you have no idea when to listen to podcasts, cooking, driving, and doing housework are the best times.

Build Intimacy

Many people take advantage of this platform to have moments of chatting about episode issues with friends and relatives. Such a good opportunity to strengthen a good relationship with people!

Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to learn more about podcasters.

Through the tone and way of conversation, it is not too difficult to recognize the mood and the thoughts and feelings of the podcasters.

Create An Instant Community

The podcast community is getting bigger and bigger in terms of both the number of users and the quality of the product.

The downloads of this platform are increasing at a great rate. Podcasters are also increasingly caring about the quality of the episodes they are working on.

Podcasters focus on sharing thoughts and experiences, and stories that we have gone through in life. In contrast, listeners interact and even become podcasters.

It has made human-to-human interaction stronger, creating a larger and more instant community than ever before.


Why Does Everyone Have A Podcast?

In the era of information technology development, people are busy studying and working without time to relax. So, pursuing a favorable hobby like listening to podcasts became more and more mainstream.

You can enjoy shows anywhere (in the car, at home, or at work) and even multitask while listening to podcasts. Listening to music or programs on this platform will also dispel fatigue after a hard-working day.

That’s why many people have a podcast on their smart devices, and this number is still growing at a dizzying rate.

Is Podcasting Oversaturated?

This platform is a great means of gathering information. But it’s these benefits that sometimes oversaturate it, making the data-gathering process more difficult than ever.

For example, if you are looking for a podcast that provides information (such as industry knowledge or current affairs), you will likely be faced with more than 200 choices. Choose carefully, or you will end up wasting your time with a bunch of worthless episodes.

Major apps (like Spotify and Apple Music) have recognized this problem and prevented it. Specifically, they imposed some algorithms to recommend more popular shows and down the remaining episodes.

What Do You Need To Create A Podcast?

Are you interested in becoming a pro podcaster but have no idea what to prepare? Check out the steps in the process below and start your passion!

  • Identify the theme you are trying to build. Then it’s time to give it a catchy name.
  • Create content carefully, taking care of sound and voice.
  • Design the podcast’s cover in an eye-catching and artistic way. If you have no aptitude in this area, using apps like Canva or PowerPoint will be a smart choice.
  • Search for music to play during product introduction and end
  • Choose a recording device, carefully check the microphone in your device
  • Record and edit the sound to suit your needs
  • Finally, submit your product to Apple Podcasts (iTunes). That’s how you finish your production like a true podcaster.

Final Verdict

This article provides you with useful information on the topic “why do so many people have a podcast?“. We hope you have now got your answer about it and all related problems.

This platform in the coming years will certainly continue to grow and become a healthy community. So, join and enjoy its exciting episodes right away.

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