Yamaha Hs8 vs Hs7: Which one is better for you?

yamaha hs8 vs hs7

Yamaha is one of the leading manufacturers of musical instruments. Especially the speakers from this brand are very trending in the market. HS8 vs HS7 is the standout among them.

These two products look quite similar on the surface, but you will discover that each has its own strengths if you look closely.

If you are wondering which one to buy for your studio, the article will give you the answer.

Dimensions and weight

At a glance, the Yamaha HS8 and HS7 are quite similar. They are identical in style, design, and quality. But the size is not the same.

While the HS7 has a 14.4 x 12.6 x 19-inch screen and weighs 18 pounds, the HS8 looks 14 x 16 x 21 inches, somewhat larger. Because of that disparity, this speaker weighs 22 pounds.

Although its larger size, that is not a hindrance to the HS8. On the contrary, it is also an advantage for this speaker to shine in large areas.


The famous HS series has a similar design. Although the HS7 and HS8 also have a few minor differences, that’s not enough to judge which design stands out more.

The design of these two products is somewhat similar because they seem to be an improvement of the NS10, a sealed box with speaker screens and knobs. The iconic shape for most speakers today.

The NS10 has a sealed cabinet design that results in more bass output than is normal.

Realizing this imperfect point, Yamaha converted all monitors in the HS series, so the sound has improved a lot, especially the bass.

Also, because of this improvement, users will discover a few small differences between these two lines.

For example, the HS7 retains the grille that protects the NS10’s tweeter, but the HS8 does not.

Therefore, the speakers of the 7 series are somewhat safer and more stable in the long run.

Besides, the HS7 has a rather special switch design for studio monitoring.

Both products feature balanced XLR and ¼ inch TRS jacks for inputs. They also all use the same international cable. These are all common items, so you won’t have a problem using this speaker.

To turn the speaker on and off, you use the control button located on the back. Overall, there’s nothing complicated to get started with, so they make a list of easy-to-use and user-friendly products.

The volume controls are similar, so as long as you know how to use the HS7, the other machine is not a problem.

You should note that these two devices have speakers on the back, so if they are close to the wall, the sound tends to bounce back.

You can fix this by using the control switch. However, for your music enjoyment experience to be perfect, it’s better to install the speakers intelligently.

Texture quality

These two products are of the same materials, and the other textures are similar. Therefore, they are all sturdy and durable products over time.

The structural material is MDF, one of the best speaker shell materials available today. It is of real wood fibers and solid plastic, so it’s hard to beat in strength.

As a result, your speaker has greatly reduced unwanted vibrations. Thus, they become speakers that produce vivid and realistic sounds.

In addition, heavy magnets contribute to stability and durability. However, there is a small problem with this. You should not use the phone while the speaker is active.

Because the sound from the speaker will be interrupted or distorted every time the phone has an alarm.


The total gain of the HS75 is 95W, which is lower than that of the HS8, which is 120W. Therefore, to talk about the ability to create the sound of version 8 is more advantageous. However, you should keep in mind that the HS7 is more compact.

So this capacity is similar to its size. Therefore, based on the size of your room, you choose an appropriate machine.

Sound quality

It must be that the sound produced by these speakers makes people very excited. You will clearly feel each authentic and lively tone.

The HS7 has a smaller internal subwoofer size, so the frequency response is low. Therefore, soft music, lots of bass, and clear lyrics will be a good opportunity for this product to show its highlights.

For music with strong and vibrant rhythms like EDM, the HS7 is not a great choice. But if you still insist on choosing it, the solution for you is to install another subwoofer.

If you come here and you feel a bit lazy, then switch to SH8 because this device has a two-way sound reflection system.

Therefore, it does not need the support of a subwoofer to produce great sound, especially strong music still.

While it works well in large rooms, a room that’s too big can be overwhelming, so you’ll still need to add a subwoofer.

The HS8 can handle music like EDM well, but for classical music or jazz and instrumental genres, the HS7 is still a better choice. Not because the HS8 device does not do well, but simply these types of music don’t need that much bass.

In addition, the output of the HS8 will be more perfect if it is placed in a processed room.

That means you should design and adjust your room like a professional studio with good soundproofing to enjoy the music that this product brings to the fullest.

Undeniably, the HS8 has great potential, but at the same time, you have to be more careful when using this device.

Therefore, if you just want to make a small studio at home to enjoy and chill with music, then HS7 is more than enough choice.

The Price

The Yamaha HS8 has a higher output and the ability to create good bass without additional equipment.

Therefore, its selling price is somewhat higher than HS7. So, depending on your needs and budget, you can choose a suitable one.

And in case you have enough money to spend on HS8, do not hesitate because the sound it brings is really worth it.

Especially if you are a professional music producer, you should not waste your money but ignore this product.

Advantages and disadvantages

The sound produced by these two speakers is amazing. Besides, they also have many other outstanding features.

Along with that are a few limitations that manufacturers should overcome so that we will have even better products to use in the future.

#1. Advantages

Yamaha HS8

  • Output good bass notes without subwoofer
  • Solid construction, durable over time
  • Accurate and realistic sound
  • Perfect for hip hop, guitar performances, critical listening or acoustic.
  • Amplifier
  • Advanced noise reduction.

Yamaha HS7

  • Deep and tight sound output, good build quality
  • Manual frequency correction
  • Mid-range size
  • Competitive price
  • Uniform and focused sound across each spectrum

#2. Disadvantage

Yamaha HS8

  • The midrange can be affected because of the heavy focus on the bass
  • Suitable for large rooms

Yamaha HS7

  • Not the best choice for strong music
  • Need subwoofer support when used in large rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you are still wondering which one to buy. Some of the answers below will make it easier to make your choice.

1. Should I choose to buy HS8 or HS7?

These two designs are perfectly matched, so if you are trying to find the best one to buy, it will take a lot of time. Instead, define your goals and budget.

If you have a small studio and a stable speaker to make it easier for you and your music to work together, the HS7 is the logical choice.

To make it more perfect, you can add a subwoofer. At that time, this speaker can weigh all types of music. This option is also suitable for people who do not have much budget.

Those who make music professionally and have a large dedicated studio do not hesitate to own the HS8 right away. You will be fine because what you spend is completely worth it.

2. Which speaker will be more durable?

The material and texture of the two products are similar. They are from the finest materials available today.

So, it is impossible to determine which will last longer, but one thing is for sure, both are ideal for long-term use.

3. Which one is suitable for a small room at home?

With what the manufacturer favors, the HS7 is the number 1 choice for small studios. The sound is moderate and clear, very suitable for enjoying music.


It can be that the difference between the Yamaha HS8 vs HS7 is not significant. More precisely, these two products are not to compete with each other, but to increase choices for customers.

So, based on what you want, you can choose a medium or larger-size machine.

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