Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar: What Is The Best Guitar For A Beginner?

Acoustic Guitar vs Electric Guitar for Beginners

Deciding to learn guitar will bring many new and exciting experiences for you. What kind of guitar should you start with?

The two most popular types of guitar today are acoustic and electric guitars. Acoustic guitar and electric guitar for beginners: Which should you choose?

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Which guitar to choose between acoustic guitar and electric guitar for beginners?

There is no exact answer to this question. However, to get off to a good start, you should choose a guitar that matches the music you love.

There are also some useful tips.

  • Acoustic guitar for beginners gives a rough start. But players will have a bright future with the ability to play every other guitar.
  • If you start with an electric guitar, everything becomes simpler at the beginning. But you will have to spend a lot of money on equipment and electric guitar.

There are mixed opinions about whether to start with an acoustic or electric guitar. Many people consider the acoustic guitar to be the best place to start.

acoustic guitar vs electric guitar for beginners

Although they are difficult to play and cause pain in the hand, calluses will form quickly. Hard strings also help players train their hands.

Others have the opposite opinion. Electric guitars with softer strings can help players quickly get used to it. It is also easier to play than an acoustic guitar.

However, what matters to the final decision is your preference. If you love and are passionate about the acoustic or electric guitar, you will still do well no matter how difficult it is. Passion will motivate you to practice and become better.

So, pick a guitar that you love the tone of!

What is an acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar has penetrated many different musical genres besides being great soloists. Acoustic has also integrated very harmoniously with other musical instruments.

The original acoustic guitar was a lightweight, non-electrical instrument. The materials to make them are usually mainly from wood. As a result, they are easy to carry on the go.

Why should beginners choose an acoustic guitar

Manufacturers often use metal to make acoustic guitar strings. Specifically copper, steel, iron, … or nylon wire. Nylon strings are core fibers made from nylon, with some strings coated with a metallic sheath.

When the acoustic guitar appeared in orchestras, it often fitted it with magnetic sensors to amplify the sound (called a pick-up or EQ).

Acoustic guitars today use many different types of pick-ups. As a result, musicians can easily adjust the volume and quality of the guitar.

Acoustic guitars are capable of performing in many other genres of music. For example, children’s music accompaniment to acoustic singing, country music, jazz music…

Pros for beginners

  • Simple tool attachment, just a tuner and strings
  • Suitable for many different genres of music
  • Strength training of fingers
  • Low-cost option

Cons for beginners

Strings are tight and hard to control, causing pain in hand (although this will change for the better after a while)

The Player can’t play rock music and some other variable-sounding music.

What is an electric guitar?

An electric guitar is a guitar that uses a pickup to convert string vibrations into electrical impulses. The most popular guitar pickup uses the principle of direct electromagnetic induction.

The signals that the electric guitar produces are too weak to be output to the speakers. Therefore, it is amplified before giving out.

Why should beginners choose an electric guitar

Since the output of an electric guitar is an electrical signal,  it can easily change this signal. Electric guitars use electronic circuits to add “effects” to the sound.

It has evolved into a stringed instrument capable of creating a multitude of different sounds and styles.

Electric guitars have been an important factor in the development of rock and roll music. It is also an important factor in many other genres of music.

Pros for beginners

  • The strings are softer and easier to play than an acoustic. Fingers also don’t hurt much after playing
  • Indispensable instrument in rock music nhạc
  • There are strange and diverse soundboards
  • There are many interesting innovations

Cons for beginners

  • Requires many accessories such as charging cable and power cord
  • Not suitable for many acoustic and folk styles
  • It takes more time to make the fingers stronger
  • It has a high price

Why should beginners choose an acoustic guitar?

According to many people today, the acoustic guitar is really the right instrument for those who want to start learning guitar. Because they have some of the following characteristics:

1. Cost savings

This is one of the factors that strongly influenced the decision to start with the guitar. Maybe you love the electric guitar more. But they cost a lot of money. So in addition to buying an electric guitar, you also have the accompanying tools.

Repair costs when they have problems are not cheap. If you don’t fix it, you can’t play, but it will cost a lot of money if you fix it.

Acoustic guitar is simpler, you only need a single guitar to start playing. Also, it has no electronics, so repair and replacement is easy.

2. More promising in the future

Needless to say, acoustic guitar strings are really tight. For a beginner, it will be painful and difficult to control. However, calluses will soon appear after a while. After that, you will no longer feel pain when plucking.

To control the strings, the player needs to use a lot of force in the fingers. This gives you more power and better control over other guitars.

In fact, once you know how to play an acoustic guitar, you can play almost any other guitar. Your control over the sound will also get better.

Although it is difficult at first, everything will be easy later on.

3. High mobility and accessibility

Acoustic guitars do not contain electronics, so they are light in weight. It also doesn’t have a lot of equipment attached. So you can take your acoustic with you wherever you go.

You also don’t need to use an audio amplifier to play them still.

Acoustic guitars are also the most popular guitars on the market. Therefore, it is very easy for you to find information about it. You can also ask for more tips and skills from someone who has played acoustics.

Why should beginners choose an electric guitar?

Electric guitars can be easier to play than acoustic guitars. Many people agree with this opinion. They are not wrong! The electric guitar actually has easier points for beginners:

1. Easy to play

Electric guitars have thin and light strings. They are softer and easier to handle than acoustic metal strings. So beginners can control them when they are just starting.

Players do not need to use too much effort with soft guitars. It also cannot cause pain to the player’s hand. Many people like this advantage of electric guitar because everyone is afraid of pain.

The electric guitar also contains a diffuser. As a result, you can play with a louder sound without much finger pressure.

2. Volume control

The magic of electric guitars is the volume control. Thanks to the electronic sound diffuser, you can choose any sound level with electric.

Playing the guitar in the middle of a crowd of people. Or playing guitar with a sound only you hear is easy to do. The player’s problem is just knowing how to adjust the audio controls.

3. New, diverse sound

The sound from the electric guitar is really special. It has variation across parts of the body, resulting in very different sound variations.

Thanks to that special sound, the electric guitar became the symbol of rock music. So you can’t ignore electric guitar if you love rock.


In this article, we have shared with you about acoustic guitar vs electric guitar for beginners. The final decision depends on your passions and preferences.

The guitar is a wonderful instrument, try to learn to play it well!

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